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Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola, vaccines, immunity and you - A 5D perspective

     Welcome back to another installment of 5D Times.  Today I would like to focus on health and wellness as so much has been brought forward with the news' lurid fascination with the latest Ebola outbreak.  Many wonder if it will lead to a global pandemic, especially since it has arrived in my home state of Texas USA via a West Africa visitor several weeks ago.  I say you are more likely to get hit by a bolt of lightning than contract this disease, as serious as it is.  One must keep in mind that the health care and social systems of the USA and Europe far exceed what is available in the part of Africa where this disease is in pandemic.

     Researching for this article I wanted to know what is a virus exactly?  Many of us know that there are few treatments for viral infections.  For example when someone gets the flu they're advised to take rest and stay hydrated until it passes.  Similarly, this is much of the same treatment for Ebola.  Anti-viral drugs are said to be forthcoming, although it's likely they'll not be needed except in Africa.  Viruses are considered something that straddles the definition of life because they are not cellular in nature.  They consist of pieces of RNA/DNA that are surrounded by a protein shell.  The way the reproduce is they invade a cellular form of life and basically hijack the cell's functions to make new copies of itself and then continue on until the host either recovers by building up immunity or dies from being overwhelmed by the virus.  You can see a diagram of it below:

     Viruses exist throughout the Earth's ecosystems.  There are literally millions of types and only about 5000 have been identified in the last century we've been studying them.  Some scientists believe that they may pre-date the existence of cellular life.  They are extremely small, approximately 1/100th the size of a bacteria, and can only be seen with an electron microscope!  The vast majority of viruses pose no threat to human health and we encounter them every day of our lives, so they're nothing to fear!

     I was thinking how amusing it is that when we here of something "going viral" on the internet we assume that's a good thing, yet when our computer "gets a virus" that's problematic.  Like it or not, while we're in a human body we are going to have to contend with the world of viruses.  We know that conscientious practice of cleanliness and avoiding contact with ill people are good ways of not becoming ill.  What else do we do to stay healthy, what about vaccines?

     There is no doubt that the introduction of several vaccines has improved the health and well-being of millions of people.  The diseases of polio and smallpox have been virtually wiped out.  Many childhood diseases have been kept in check by immunizing a large percentage of the school age population.  A term "herd immunity" is given by scientists to this effect if inoculating many people to inhibit the spread of disease.  Most of us have been vaccinated numerous times, usually early in life.  It is also quite popular these days to visit a "travel medicine" doctor to get inoculations before travelling to areas of the world that have different diseases then in the place you live.

      Given that vaccines have benefited humanity, we now have perhaps gotten too much of a good thing.  For example in the 1970's there were 7 vaccines listed on the the childhood immunization schedule.  As of 2014 there are 15 on the list.  Has the world become twice as dangerous for disease?  The chart below will show you that perhaps not!

     As you can see, diseases like measles, mumps and rubella were relatively common in the 1960's yet have all but disappeared in current time.  This does not mean that these diseases couldn't reappear at some point in the future, however the likelihood of this happening is small.  Yes, people will still die of diseases they could have been protected from via vaccination but it is impossible to protect every person.  In fact there have been outbreaks of measles in 1989-90 in the USA and 2008-11 in France that sickened several thousands and resulted in 100's of deaths.

     People have been questioning the use of vaccines since they've been invented.  There were significant protests against smallpox vaccination in England in the 1880's.  This theme of people questioning vaccination is again returning as modern day parents grapple with what the best course of action is for caring for their children.  Vaccines are suspected in the massive increase in autism over the last 20 years, although no direct correlation has been made between them.  It is possible for a completely un-vaccinated person to lead a normal and healthy life, however if that person were to be present to an outbreak of disease they would have a high risk of contracting it.  If you would like to learn more about the history of vaccination I recommend visiting for extensive history on the subject.  Collaborate with your health care professionals to find the path that works best for you.

     What is the future of immunity?  We live in a world that is constantly changing and our bodies are "perfectly imperfect" allowing us to experience many challenges through our lives.  What would be the point of if we came to life with a perfect, incorruptible body?  We wouldn't learn very much because there wouldn't be a need to, correct?  That being said, we are in the 5th dimension and we are moving into change and transformation of our experience on Earth.  Several years ago when I was consulting with my non-physical advisers  during the H1N1 virus scare I had asked them about the possibility of just raising one's vibration to not be able to be affected by the virus.  They corrected me by saying that instead one should focus their attention on raising the vibration of their immune system.  How do we do that?

     It is difficult to lead a happy life with poor health, as many can attest.  Some health conditions are unavoidable and sometimes soul's choose to take on serious health challenges and learning and teaching tools for themselves and others.  However, most negative health conditions can be avoided through conscientious care of oneself.
     There are approximately 50 trillion cells in each of our bodies.  We are each like a world unto ourselves!  These cells work best when given healthy food, clean water and positive feelings from you, the captain of the ship!  We are only beginning to scratch the surface of the self-healing abilities of our bodies and we only have a dim understanding of the many processes that go on around the clock to keep us walking around on planet Earth.  We have an immune system that is really astounding and it regularly protects us from all sorts of things that would disrupt the healthy function of our bodies.  A strong immune system is key to fighting off disease.  All of the people who have survived Ebola have actually developed anti-bodies to it because of their immune system.  Quite amazing!

Here are some tips to raise the vibration of your immune system:

1)   8 hours of sound sleep a night.  Sleep is one of the best healing times we have in our day.

2)  A whole foods, mostly plant based diet.   2/3 of the antibiotics used in the USA is used in animal feed (Chicken, beef, pork, etc.).  Doctors are now finding many people developing bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics.  They believe that a large part of this is from secondary consumption of meat from these animals.  If you eat meat, find free-range hormone free animals if you can.  Also, support health by consuming organic produce whenever possible.  We absorb too much pesticide and herbicide residue from crops grown conventionally and this puts an extra load on our liver to detoxify ourselves.

3) Get out into Nature.  Most of us can benefit from getting away from cities and into nature.  It truly heals!  Don't just satisfy yourself by looking at pictures of nature online or on TV.  Take a trip to a park and spend a pleasant day outdoors.  This is especially important during the fall/winter months when most of us get too little sunlight on our bodies.  Even 15 minutes of sunshine a day will boost your vitamin D levels, an important part of your health!

4) Learn about holistic approaches to health.  Our ancestors knew a lot about the healing properties of plants, such as the use of essential oils to promote health and well being.  Connect to these communities of people and learn from them.  There are all sorts of free resources available.  Detoxification is also very helpful.  You can find many resources through naturopathic practitioners in this area.  If you are over 40 you may want to consider doing a thorough cleanse every spring and fall.

And finally,

5) Send love to yourself!  I know this sounds woo-woo but you can truly direct healing energy to yourself.  Place your hands on your body and send feelings of love and appreciation to your organs for all of the hard work they do.  Dr. Emoto, who recently passed away, demonstrated this beautifully with water.  I highly recommend you study his book if you need more info.  A second way to send love to yourself is to sit quietly, either in your home or outdoors.  Imagine the crown of your head opening up to receive healing energies into your body.  Do this regularly and you will notice a difference.  Either of these techniques are ways you can demonstrate to yourself that you are willing to use etheric energy that is available to everyone to consciously incorporate a relationship with this important part of you.  This is truly a 5D technique.  Play with it, have fun and be healed!

     I hope that this article serves to reduce fears people have about health and viruses.  Wellness is vital for each of us to experience all we can out of life.  Practice conscientious living and you will activate your higher guidance that will assist you to stay in wellness.  To health and happiness!



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