Thursday, June 23, 2022

Some things you need to know now

         Now that we are at the mid-year point I thought it would be helpful to give my perspective on what is happening and what we might expect, or not, going forward.  We are all going forward, even if it appears that we are standing still or going backwards.  This is the illusion.  I think that many of us sense that something has changed since the Covid pandemic, but we are having trouble identifying what it is.  Let's take a look at things and see if we can enlighten the process of life now, shall we?

     The recent pandemic, which is finally coming to an end point, has changed a lot of things.  First, it got the attention of everyone on the planet, a rare occurrence.  Second, it has relieved millions of their bodies.  Third, it has disrupted economic activities across the globe, causing challenging conditions for billions of people, whether it be shortages of goods, high prices or even the ability to continue operating businesses in the same was as previously, or at all.  Overall, to say the least, it has been a big deal that we are all still grappling with now and for the foreseeable future.

     Humans in general do not like change.  We can each see it in action in our own lives.  We find our routines comforting, even if they are not necessarily productive to us or are bringing us joy.  This works on a macro level as well.  Thankfully, every 1000 years or so something comes along to shake things up, this is that time.  So, even though the latest challenge is fading, we are in a time period of massive change.  This change will result in tremendous healing for us as individuals and as nations.  It is ongoing and will unfold as we progress through time.  What are we not seeing that we need to pay attention to?

     The basis of existence is consciousness and consciousness is created and maintained by our inherent spiritual nature.  We are in the world but not of it.  While we are here we have tended to be overtaken by being physical, having senses, having a personality, what more could there be?  Well, there is a whole lot more, we are now in the process of integrating that unknown part into our human experience.  Let's call it the braiding of the will of our personality self with that of our higher self.

     For example, when a person passes away and we go through that process of acknowledging and honoring that life that has passed we take comfort in knowing at some level that they still exist at a higher level.  They have left their body and we see that, but we take comfort in knowing that a spiritual presence still continues on.  After all is said and done we continue onwards with our lives, knowing that one day our time will also be complete and we will also join with that great mystery of existence.  Our focus then returns to the business at hand of living life to the best of our ability.  Now, here is what is interesting, the way we will be doing that is in the midst of rapid evolution.

     All beings still remaining now on Earth are undergoing a rapid shift into greater awareness of who and what they truly are as they walk on the planet.  I have previously noted that the vibratory frequency of the planet has increased over the last twenty years to where we now have access to what I term 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional potentialities.  Now these frequencies have always existed but only in recent times has our ability to access them become readily available.  This is a huge change and it is going to reshape the human experience in the years to come.  In a concise summary, we are moving out of fear and into greater states of love and greater states of knowledge.  It is not being forced upon us, let's say it is being strongly encouraged by the dawning of this new paradigm that we are all now within.

     The simplest way to engage with this new energy is to simply breathe.  There are many gifts of breathing, of course without it we would simply cease to exist, that we understand.  The lesser known gift of the breath is that by combining it with our conscious intention it can be used to trigger massive transformation within our lives, moving us towards truly expressing as complete beings, going beyond the desires of just our personalities and joining with the inner wisdom that we all possess in our ever present connection to All that Is, G-D, etc, however you want to term it.  So I encourage you to explore your breath.  Explore it through prayer, explore it through yoga, explore it through play.  Just try to explore it in a different way for 5 minutes a day.  The rest of the time you can forget about it.  In making just one conscious attempt on a regular basis you will create a pathway of allowance that will invite in the higher, the unknown, into your personal reality to join with you.  This is how the world is changed.

     Integration of the human self with the higher self will be the standard operation of people in future generations.  In fact it is already hard-wired into the younger generations and those now and in the future who will be born.  Those who have this awareness and use it will be the most powerful creators who will shape life on earth going forward.  Now, there are those who will cling to things as they were.  You will hear it in those who want to limit the expression of others through law or custom.  "This is the way we've done it and we will continue to do it this way" is how you might hear it.  It is perfectly understandable for a large segment of the population to choose this as it has been ongoing for a very long time, and free will that is allotted to each person allows for this to occur.  What will naturally occur is that over time, those that cling to the old energy, old ways will find it increasingly difficult to maintain that stance because it is no longer supported by the energy that we are now living within.  Eventually these humans will leave the planet and it will be populated by those wholly in harmony with the new paradigm.  This is the challenge of present times, we are literally between two worlds- the old and familiar and the new and unknown.  I suppose this is why so many have incarnated onto earth in the last 50 years- to experience humanity turning a huge corner and to participate in it in a way of their choosing.  Contention will be a key word to pay attention to.  The work will be to not fall down into fear as these two paradigms clash, as they will.  Eventually all will be sorted out.  Trust that you know within what the real truth is, that the higher vibration of love will override the lower vibration of fear as we each choose to hold the higher in more and more moments of our lives.

     Our current social and societal structure is based on an old paradigm of mostly 3rd and 4th dimensional reality systems that like I mentioned, have been operative for several thousand years.  Many in business and government, the large systems that have upheld our version of reality to this point are now noticing that they can no longer operate as they have.  For example, workers are saying that they don't want to commute to an office 5 days a week and now employers are having to offer more flexible arrangements if they want their employees to engage with them.  More and more people are finding ways to create self-employment as the internet has spawned entirely new ways of exchanging goods and services with one another.  Even the concept of banks and money are being challenged by online payment systems and the rise of cryptocurrencies.  In my opinion, enterprises the promote freedom and integrity will flourish in coming years.  Those that promote control of markets and centralization of power will struggle.  It will be a turbulent time while we go through this process of re-aligning our outer reality as a collective of humanity.  The best strategy is to keep your life simple and then you can flow with the changes.  I personally have no idea of what will fall and what will remain but I have my educated guesses.  Know what is right for you and act from that place, each of us is beholden to no one else unless we choose to be.

     There has always been change and challenges on this planet.  It is part of the journey of being human and it is important to each of us for our learning through life.  What is different now is change is accelerated, plus the additional component of rapid spiritual evolution is also happening.  Just as we know people lived far differently 200 years ago, so will people 100 years hence will look back at us and say the same thing.  We are each part of a grand ongoing story of humanity so keep a sense of humor and lightness as you go forward.  The healing that we undergo will be effected by any number of human traits such as faith, gratitude and grace.  Use them liberally when called for, knowing that each time any of us does this, we are building the bridge to the future that was always ours and we had forgotten.  And when times get tough, as they will, remember to breathe through it, your feet on the ground knowing that the earth always supports you.


Thursday, January 13, 2022

What lies ahead - the great changes underway continue



     Welcome to the next year of our collective journey into the unknown, are you excited?  I say that knowing that we are all weary from the effects of the pandemic, and probably few of us are truly in a joyful state after nearly two years of this.  I'm here to definitively say that this new year will be the final one where we will have to be under the pale of this frustrating virus.  I know that is hard to believe considering that we are in the midst of a very strong 4th wave of people contracting the virus, by all accounts the trajectory is that this pandemic will transform into an endemic.  This simply means that it will become just another ongoing virus like influenza and it simply will be about as threatening to us as a typical flu virus.  So, expect this to be the case by mid-year.

     Humans have short memories and we've had to deal with things like this throughout our history.  This is the first time that it's happened and affected the entire planet while we are in the internet age where we can each instantaneously get every gruesome detail delivered to the palm of our hand.  We are truly not victims of this event, but in fact have invited it in on a collective level to assist us in adjusting the trajectory of humanity as a whole.  More on that later here.  So what might this new year bring to us?

It's a 6 year

     Numerology is an interesting practice and I've found value in it so let me share what I know.  A six year is about community, the collective, and it is about family.  I suspect that we are going to have to acknowledge ourselves as responsible to the larger collective of the communities that we live within.  The events of the last two years have shown that the structures of society that we have believed in (to whatever degree) are very fragile and not really responsive to the average person.  This is not only true in the U.S. but across the globe in every country.  As I've written about in the past, that which does not vibrate to the higher frequencies we are now in simply will not continue much longer.  This dismantling of the old reality will continue to accelerate this year and it might require more of us to step forward and offer whatever skills and expertise we have to assist in supporting the new structures that will be forming as the old ones fall away.

     Second, a 6 year is also about our personal family, maybe not so much our birth family but instead our family of consciousness that we each have:  the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual beings that we are each composed of.  Do you have a favorite?  Which one are you neglecting?  It will be important to spend some time giving conscious attention to ourselves to maintain a healthy balance of each of these aspects of self.  By doing this it will allow more constructive ideas to come to each of us from our higher selves that will assist each of us to move forward to our next steps.  It will be a good time in the next 6 months to release the negative coping mechanisms we may have acquired over the last two years.  Again, balance is key.  Be all loving to yourself first, then you can help others if you would like.  It's good to consider loving ourselves more, not in a narcissistic way but in a kind and compassionate way.  Remember, you and I have been through a challenging period, not unlike coming out of a global war in a way.  Stay positive, help yourself first, and assist where you can.

The music has stopped

     The music has stopped but everyone is still dancing as if it is still on.  This analogy describes what is actually going on at a higher level.  We are each going to come to know and integrate this higher level of awareness into our lives, but right now we are still collectively pretending that it is not present.  It is present and it is going to make itself known to those who are willing to allow it.  It is not being imposed on us, instead we are being lovingly invited to claim it for ourselves.  It is our birthright and it is needing to be known.  We as the human collective are evolving.  It is simply an evolution of consciousness.  You can deny it, free will has not been taken away, but those who choose that path will find that life will become very difficult going forward.  

     This can all be very confusing presently because we are all literally straddling two systems of reality, or perception if you prefer.  We know what we have had, and we know that things are massively changing.  It is quite natural to want to cling to the known, we all do it to one degree or another.  I am inviting you to consider the possibility of allowing more of the unknown into your life, with the expectation that it will bring you gifts that will bless your life instead of bringing strife and worry.  Make friends with the unknown, it is going to be on our proverbial doorstep this year anyway!  

     Life as we know it is transposing to a new expression.  We have been living in our present lives and known history in a fraction of our potential as individuals and a species.  Now, the present time is about shifting to this higher expression-what we have been all along but did not realize up to this point.  I know that most will argue that things will never change, that it has been this way for thousands of years, yet I am telling you that this change is well underway and cannot be stopped by anyone's protests.  It IS going to happen.  There are going to be lessons along the way, as there always are, and we will meet those hurdles and continue forward.  Have faith, and take whatever actions to be in your best interests while aiming for the highest and best outcome and you will be in the flow of the great river that is carrying us all forward.

Things are exceeding beyond expectations

     My understanding of the current pandemic is that it is part of a chosen process to change the direction that we were all going to a much better outcome than had it not occurred.  I think that we can all agree that the pace of humanity has changed.  It has slowed down in some respects.  It has given pause to the Earth itself and assisted in restoring areas of the planet that were overused and abused.  The planet itself is also going through many changes with us as well but these are difficult to describe.  We know that weather patterns across the globe are changing, we know that glaciers continue to melt, etc.  People can speculate where all of this is heading, just know that we are all supported by the world we live upon and we are encouraged to begin to live in better alignment with the place we call home.

     This blog has been about announcing the shift, the transposition to a higher degree of consciousness in the 5th dimension.  Anyone still choosing to live and breathe right now IS in these frequencies.  What is also very interesting is that my own guides recently indicated to me that we are now transiting 6th dimensional frequencies and will be also beginning to anchor 7th dimensional frequencies later this year.  I can't elaborate on this as it is new to me too, suffice it to say that humans in the coming years are going to make a big leap forward and this is exciting!  Look for it to show up first in the younger generations, those under the age of 20 especially, although it is available to all.  The challenge of being a bit older is that we have lived more years in the lower frequencies of 3rd and 4th dimensional expression, so it will take more effort to overcome those habits and engrained patterns.  This issue will fall away as older individuals exit their current lifetime.  This is a natural process and age is not a barrier if you are willing to do the work and open yourself to the many new possibilities in the unknown.

Opportunities are everywhere

     As I have said, what does not resonate to the new paradigm is going to be dismantled.  This is going to bring about enormous possibilities to create anew across the spectrum of human activity.  Anyone can easily see that most of our systems are severely strained and are on the verge of failure.  Not all will fail, but many will have to be re-imagined and re-worked.  

     What we have been living in for most of the last century has been a commerce based society, in part necessitated by rapid population growth.  This is now beginning to level off.  News articles and demographic studies across the globe show that many people are not interested in forming families to have children.  While it won't be too noticed now, in 40-50 years it will be very much known. More and more activity is moving person to person via the internet than through former channels.  People will derive their incomes more by personal means than going to work at some large established business.  This is already seen in the millions across to globe quitting their jobs, it is at record levels.   Economies will have to restructure away from the formula we've been using:  more people-more stuff, and instead the focus will be on the optimal amount of goods for a population that is consuming less.  

     What I see right now is that we've begun to realize that government, education, health care, to name a few, are expensive, outmoded and in need of wholesale overhaul.  We have been putting proverbial patches on these for years and they are still failing to serve to people that they were created for in the first place.  Technology, while wonderous in many ways, is a slave to its pursuit of money, most of which is via consumerism.  It will have to adjust as well and it will serve as a good tool for us, but it is not our "savior".  We will instead come to appreciate our own inner capabilities and problem solving to meet the challenges that await.

Suggestions for a better 2022

     I've highlighted a few of my thoughts on what is occurring and a bit on why.  Now let's take a moment to talk about what to do to have a better 2022.  First, stay out of fear.  The number one thing that people need the most and value the least is their own inner peace.  If it upsets your inner peace, excuse it from your life.  Make having inner peace the most valuable thing you possess going forward.  This is a daily practice, but if you start taking it seriously, you will have a much better year.  Truthfully, don't we all want to feel good?  

     Second, as I have said before, less is more.  Less stuff, more love.  Owning and having things has been an obsession for many, it is like a secret club that we are all members of, isn't it?  Again, if we're honest, most of the things we think we need only satisfy us for a short while, then we need more to regain the feeling.  Get off of the merry-go-round!  It's like the well known Japanese life organizer Marie Kondo says:  "If it doesn't bring you joy, let it go!"  You will remember more the good relationships and love shared with others than any of the things you might exchange.  After you've spent some time practicing increasing self-love, then love those around you a little more.  Once this pandemic is over and we can once again freely gather and be together without the anxiety that we are going to get sick we will have a need to explore togetherness in a new way.  I suspect that we will value it much more than we had been.

     Third, release the impulse to judge anyone.  This period has put strain on us all and revealed many fears, some very deeply rooted.  The world is changing rapidly, norms are being erased everywhere.  Respect everyone's right to be as they are.  It all goes back to the old rule "Do unto others as you would have them do to you".  Simply put, as long as no one is violating your free will, allow them to be.  There are many forms of expression that humans do, and more are coming.  I'll remind you of the first suggestion- if it violates your inner peace, excuse yourself from it/them/they.  Judgement is a form of fear and we want to move away from that consciously whenever possible.

     I wish you a much happier 2022 than 2021 and I hope that something that I have written here will assist you on your journey this year.  I expect that I will be creating more myself from my vantage point to assist my fellow humans this year and I am hopeful that each of us finds ourselves in a much better space by the end of this new year.  Blessings to you all.

God is.  God is.  God is.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Anticipation and trepidation- the U.S. election of 2020


     It is the time of the Presidential election in the United States, a time when the citizens of this country can have their voices heard through the voting process, and a new leader is selected.  In fact, many leaders are chosen at the local, state and Federal level at this time.  Sadly over the last several decades voter participation has been low, rarely exceeding 60% of eligible voters in the last 60 years, however with the intense focus upon what has occurred since the last election in 2016 citizens are now taking this process more seriously.  Voter turnout is expected to reach a new high, despite many barriers put in place to make it more difficult to vote.  There are also many messages being blared at all that even continue to dissuade people to even want to vote, nonetheless the process continues and in the coming days and weeks the results of this will become known.

     There is both anticipation and trepidation for most people at this moment in time for what the outcome will bring.  Many have lost faith in government and its ability to serve and protect the interests of the people, not only in the U.S. but in every country on Earth.  You see, humans are perfectly imperfect and we tend to make a lot of mistakes as well as some good choices as we go along through life.  It is inevitable as we are a species in evolution and that is what happens.  This evolution isn't so much physical as it is one of evolution of consciousness, of awareness.  We have hypnotized ourselves over the centuries into a collective belief that we are separate from the Source of our being, of all that is for that matter and we have created a world culture that has reflected that collective belief.  Many feel that this is all that we can do and we are fated to repeat it into eternity, with perfection allotted only to the afterlife in a surmised Heaven.  

     Most people realize that whoever wins these elections, life will go on.  There will be new laws enacted, new policies promoted.  Some will work and some will fail.  It is as it has been for as long as any of us have been alive.  Yet, there is something different happening in the midst of this merry-go-round of life we have been experiencing.  The intensification of pressures via the amplification of media in the internet age along with the ongoing situation of the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed things into a range of frequency that is pushing on people emotionally, physically and mentally to the maximum.  This again is not just a U.S. issue but a global one.  When will things return to some degree of normalcy and what is the path that we take to get there?

     Now I would like to provide you with some words that may give you insights into what is happening underneath the babble of the marketplace of ideas.  If you have read any of my prior articles much of this will be review and re-affirmation of what I've written previously,   however it needs to be stated once again.  Humanity has collectively agreed at a higher level (etheric) to move beyond the old paradigm and embrace the unknown of a template of being in a higher form of expression.  This I have termed the 5th dimension and I have been made aware that elements of 6th dimensional aspects are also available.  While books could be written about this higher frequencies, it will serve to say that abiding in these realms means giving up fear as a motivation for existence and operating exclusively in the frequency of love.  Love being the acronym:  Living on Vibrant Energy.

It seems that getting everyone on the planet to agree to live without fear is an impossibility.  We see it constantly and it permeates nearly every aspect of life.  Moving beyond fear is not the province of the current consciousness of most of us, but it is the purview of the True Self/higher self that each of us has.  This part of ourselves is steadily moving into our conscious awareness and will assist us in remembering what we have forgotten so long ago.  While it may seem a fairy tale to most, it will reach those most ready to receive it first and they will catalyze others and so on until it has reached every being on the planet.  In a way it could be called a benevolent "love virus".  Instead of being forced on us, we will choose to accept and embrace it because it is needed now in order to exist in the new paradigm that is presently unfolding all around us.

     For many there has persistently been the notion to return to an older, known way of being.  Even if it is filled with inconsistencies many will prefer that to facing the unknown and its potential gifts and blessings.  "Now, the new comes at the cost of the old.  You have been taught this, and you are seeing it happening around you now.  You want to return to what you knew, but we must tell you that what you knew will no longer be, and any attempt to re-create the old in these times will be similar to creating a sandcastle upon a shore.  The waves we expect will continue to come and collect its history and bring it back to itself, the wave you can see of as God re-collecting itself, itself made manifest in all things that it has been denied in.  In other words, friends, God is not denied, and cannot be denied any longer."  In other words, everything manifest is part of God, All that is, whatever you wish to term it.  And now it is being re-collected and re-known in the higher frequency of love, including every one of you and I.

Reality isn't real 

     The reality that you and I have been living in, the one we read about in history books, isn't actually true reality.  It is a construction of human thought born in the belief of separation, and the truth is:  There is no separation.  While this again may seem to be a wild claim, it will be so that the truth will be revealed.  Again I will quote:  "We will put it to you this way.  The evidence of the denial of God is what you have claimed, your sense of separation from the True Self, from the Divine in others, from the Source as of all things.  You have done this collectively, and each one of you, know it or not, is participatory to this claim.  The collective creates reality.  The individual contributes to it.  But you are all operating in a field that is dense, and you manifest in it.  The wave that comes is the reclamation of the Divine, and the sandcastle is the metaphor for anything that is not built on firmament, and in this case firmament is truth.  So any idols you have created, ways of deciding what God is or should be, that are not in truth are now being disassembled.  Even the idea of rule that you have all been party to since you created the first king, the first leader of the tribe, is being re-known, all things made new."

     "Now, the idea of this being a destructive act must be re-understood.  Indeed the sandcastle is being returned to the sea.  The sand is still present.  What created the castle can be re-known, built anew, and built on firmament.  This will be so.  It will be so.  This is not the end, but it is a beginning, and each beginning implies a release of that which has impeded the new  beginning or announcing itself.  One is not a mother until she gives birth.  One is not a father until he has progeny.  The man is still the man, the woman the woman, but they are made new through the act of parenting.  Do you understand this?  This is being made new through a new occurrence."

     So what I am alluding to is a re-knowing of what is means to be a human, what it means to  perceive as a human and how that will upgrade the potential for humans to create going forward.  Be in the world but not of it might be a good reminder as each of us experiences this moment of life.  Without this shift in awareness and the subsequent new realization, humanity would be on the path to destroy itself, and that is not what is going to happen.  It may seem like that for a while, just remember and realize that it is the de-construction of what no longer serves.  Nobody said that moving to realization or higher potential would be easy or convenient and it certainly feels that way to me and many others, correct?

Live through intent, live through your love

     As the old adage goes, "the longer I live, the less I know".  While we certainly know more as we get older, it begins to dawn on us that there are limits to knowledge.  Knowledge is based on an understanding of the past, and this will not serve us well in understanding the unfolding unknown in our present.  Each of us possesses things, thoughts that we know to our core and don't need to question.  This is what knowing is about.  It is time to cultivate allowing that part of self to be developed and relied upon.  You may call it intuition, gut feeling, and other things and it is a valid part of self.  

     Many of you know that intent is more important than result.  Result is never guaranteed, but we can always guarantee our intent in our actions.  Combining intent with love allows you to express your truth in the best way you can.  Fear cannot enter this equation.  As it has been said, "There never was a lie that wasn't told in fear".  

     When in doubt or fear, sit for a moment and take a few deep breaths.  This will get you back into your center, your truth.  Collect yourself, then act.  Avoid the temptation to react, because that is always the domain of fear.  Each of us must build an awareness of the grip fear has upon us before we will consider taking action in the direction of love.

Go forth and live your truth

     In this election season we are asked to cast votes for who we believe in, in order to elect candidates that will serve us in creating a more perfect Union.  Our Constitution in the United States is an incredible document and some say that it was divinely inspired through the framers.  It is hard to see that we could create anything nearly as long-standing with the women and men of today.  Yet, humanity and all its expressions is a living story and each of our inputs is important, no matter how seemingly small it is.  The more we each can express our support for love in our homes, our communities or the ballot box is a step in realization of our true potential.  As it says on the money we carry with us "In God we Trust".  It will be so.  God is.  God is.  God is.

*All quotes are from the Guides via Paul Selig/10/21/2020.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mastering living during COVID-19, use your power of choice!

     Welcome once again to the new dawn that is breaking in the midst of this global pandemic.  It is certainly becoming a time to take stock of life, of what is unfolding and adjust to a new reality that is emerging in our midst.  Today we are going to discuss mastery in the face of adversity as we- the collective population of the Earth, pass through this difficult transformation to emerge more of who we truly are and less of what we never were.  It is a time of shedding illusions and moving into Truth.

     As of this publication (mid-July 2020) we are 4 months into this pandemic.  Much of the planet is still gripped in a state of reduced circumstances:  less economic activity, almost no global travel, many sickened by Covid and many deaths worldwide.  Like all things, virus' included, this too shall pass away.  With continued efforts by many it will be reduced and it will eventually be eliminated from day to day life.  In it's wake our course of life as individuals and nations will be altered permanently, and that is a good thing.

     Up until now all of us have taken life for granted, that we could do just about anything when we wanted, anytime we wanted.  Now we have taken a pause from that and it is a time of slowing down, a perfect time to reflect and re-adjust our course.  If you are strongly tied to going back to the way things were up until earlier this year you might have a much harder time adjusting to the new reality beginning to open.  It is not just about this virus and its aftermath, it is about moving into a greater recognition of who we are in these bodies and what we are choosing to do, and now choosing to move into a greater sense of balance as we each choose to create going forward.  Life must now recognize and honor its deeper purpose and not remain only in a superficial state of expression.  It is time to graduate to the next steps on our collective journey.  It is the reason you and I are here now - to experience this directly and support it through our own choices.

     Why is there so much fear and confusion about this?  Well, there has always been fear, it is just that we are seeing it so much more clearly now as this pandemic has brought everyone's focus onto the present moment.  The virus is feared because it is unseen, yet still felt by all.  Even if we are not directly affected by it we are still needing to take precautions as not to expose ourselves to something that could negatively impact our bodies and our lives.  Many continue to live in denial yet as of this writing over 500,000 people worldwide have lost their lives to this disease, and before it is declared over many more will also be departing this earth.  Their lives were not lost in vain, for they will also be assisting all those who remain from their side of the veil.  The focus is on transformation of the human experience on this plane of reality and it will continue as it has been mandated that humanity must progress to its next step of evolution, which is an evolution of conscious realization put into action.

The 3 approaches

     There are three approaches people are taking right now to this pandemic:

1)  Argue successfully for their limitations.  They believe that they cannot change, or will not change their behaviors.  They are in the greatest fear, for they believe by staying in fear they can be safe and protected from a negative outcome happening in their lives.

2)  Focus energy to alter the results (F.E.A.R.)   In this approach the person acknowledges that there is fear present, and instead of being overwhelmed by fear they instead use the energy behind the fear to alter their condition.  For example, fear is instead replaced by prudence, such as wearing a mask in public, following social distancing, washing hands, etc.  They may still feel encumbered by these new behaviors but by using the energy of fear they can create a space of relative comfort for themselves and loved ones.

3) Hybrid-  The individual may not be able to completely exorcise fear/fearful thoughts so they create a hybrid approach of combining parts of the first two approaches to arrive at a third place- A place of beginning.

Each of these approaches are taken of one's own free will/free choice.  If one is having love for their life and wishes to continue it they will make the choice to do what is necessary to remain.  Those who have a reduced power of choice due to already being ill may make a different choice, guided in part by their own higher self into a different outcome.  Who I am speaking to is those who have a relatively sound mind and body and can make a choice for themselves.  Now let's examine the four choices that can occur.

The 4 choices

    All human beings now have been brought to attention by this pandemic.  It is an event that has impacted every being to their core, and that core is their breath, the means by which they can remain.  We can remain for long periods without food and water, but without breath we cannot last but several minutes.  This is why this situation is so impactful.  We know that we need our breath!  Here are the four choices that humans are now making:

1)  Last breath.   Covid is providing the opportunity for humans who do not wish to stay to move out of their bodies with this disease.  If you understand that in our essence we are spiritual beings having a human experience then this is a less distressing proposition.  If one is deeply tied to the body then this is probably a horrifying outcome.

2) First breath to staying on the planet.  For those in this category, they have been directly impacted by Covid and have recovered.  Even if they have not recovered fully, they are still here.  They are able to act and make choices for themselves, re-committing themselves to remaining.  There are currently millions of people in this category.  It is good to still have them, if you know any personally, love and support them for what they've been through.

3) Those who are living in the question and waiting to understand.  This group is probably the largest in number.  They have not been directly impacted and are trying to understand what is happening, attempting to make sense of the world they are now living in.  Many in this group remain in fear and are looking for fault, for someone to blame, or are fanning the fires of conspiracies.  These are among the most often seen in social life/media.  Their belief systems are not keeping them safe and they are looking for a way to move forward yet are hampered by circumstances of life that do not allow them to continue in the way they were.  They may not be in denial of the present reality completely but are looking for structures such as governments or religions to give them support.

4)  These are people who have decided that it's always about moving on.  They recognize that this situation is not about controlling people and they have accepted the reality of living in this circumstance.  They aren't exempt from the other three possibilities, but through their choice to address life in these circumstances with prudence, which is not fear.  These people live in the higher frequency of l.o.v.e. (vibrant energy) and are grounded in the unknown of the future.  They realize that the unknown isn't to be feared, instead it is full of possibilities for growth and expansion.  By protecting their human vehicle and living from vibrant energy, these people can more easily flow with circumstances as they present themselves.

     Who are you in this moment?  You are always in the position of making a choice, will you choose for your best if you are willing to see fear as a tool to assist you.  Those who stay in fear, which is also a choice, may not emerge from their dwellings for years after the majority have returned to normality.  The point of these approaches and choices is for you to take a look at where you are at, and decide if that is consciously where you wish to be.

The road ahead

     Many of us had hoped that a two or three month quarantine would have brought this event to a conclusion.  In a number of countries this has been the case to a great extent.  In the U.S. it instead has proven to be a greater task due to the inconsistencies of getting 330 million people to voluntarily comply with quarantine restrictions.  This is resulting in a resurgence of cases and increases in hospitalizations and deaths.  There will be continued debate over how to mitigate the economic damage of not allowing large group gatherings - whether business or social for most of the rest of 2020 and into the following year.  There is still a large drop in production and consumption of goods and services and large scale unemployment, not only in the U.S. but around the world.  It can be likened to a severe pruning back of a shrub.  You don't kill the shrub, but trim off the dead branches or those that are growing out of shape so that new growth can re-emerge in a better way.

     Expect to be attending to some version of this current reality for another 18-20 months.  This means that many will have to adjust their expectations in order to pass comfortably through this period and things will then begin to stabilize by 2022.  Be willing to embrace the unknown, we are in the pruning phase and it will be uncomfortable for many.  There is a great leveling happening in humanity and we will have work to do.  All are dearly loved by spirit and encouraged to meditate and think about if what you are now doing really best represents what you want to be doing.  Those who take the risks to align to their heart's desires in an authentic way will find many opportunities once the veritable "dust" has settled from this crisis.  Some will choose to replicate the old and many will choose to create anew, bringing fresh perspectives and products to the marketplace of humanity that will actually serve people.  It is a time of clearing out the old so that those things needed by humanity can be lifted to their higher expression- new forms of existing ideas as well as completely new ideas.

     The key is to stay in love (living on vibrant energy), stay out of fear and keep moving on.  G-d did not put you or I here to struggle and suffer, but to learn and grow in l.o.v.e. using our free choice and free will.  The problems presented by Covid and any other challenges humanity will face cannot be solved at the level they were created at.  They must be solved by choosing to align to the higher truth of who and what we are.  For many, even just knowing that there is a possibility of this that is attainable is a big step.  There will continue to be much arguing for limitations by many, and that does not have to stop free thinking and loving beings from creating anew within the current reality.           Change is constant on Earth, and events are moving at a faster pace than ever before so always first trust the quiet, wise voice within you to guide you.  Pay attention to how often the small self (ego) is running the show of your life.  It does not have to be that way any longer.  It is time to put the small self in the backseat and let one's Higher self do the driving.  It will take a leap of faith in most instances but would you rather believe in your smallness or your greatness as a being?

Mastering choice in turbulent times
     A person who is a master of their reality never sees themselves as a victim in any form.  She realizes that her life is her creation and she strives to live in harmony and in love with life, no matter what the circumstances.  While we are in the midst of great turmoil and challenges there are many tests along the way.  If we take a moment to reflect throughout our day, we can easily see if we are allowing fear to creep into our lives, or are we radiating a feeling of happiness or even joy.  It is not a time to lose one's sense of humor of the folly of being human and the blessings of it as well.  Checking in with your feeling state and be willing to adjust your course towards what you want for yourself is so important right now.  The mental and emotional challenges of living in this environment are pushing many to the edge of their capacity to function as normal rational adults.  Understand that you must help yourself first before attempting to help another, and be wary of feeling a need to "rescue" anyone from their challenges, unless they are in imminent danger of harm.  We do not know what our brothers and sisters on this journey have "signed up for" as experiences, and sometimes it is very difficult to witness where many people are heading.  The best way to help another is to lead by your own example.  Your own balanced, peaceful countenance will literally radiate to others around you and they will start asking you how you are managing things.  This is how to create peace.  Not by lecturing, not by trying to sway someone's beliefs, not by negative reinforcement, as tempting as it may be to practice these things.  Remember, these are the old ways.  It's time to use our energy and presence to make available to others a resonant field that they can sense at a subtle level.  Can you imagine the feeling it would be to have 1000 people in this state walking through your neighborhood?  To me it feels much better than the same group being angry and destroying things, correct?  So it is not just about keeping the peace and fighting off those who are angry and acting out.  It is about creating people who will stand in their own space of l.o.v.e. and responding to that. 

     There are practical considerations for mastering living during this period.  I will go into this area more in a follow up article that I plan on creating shortly.  As I have said for years in previous posts " less stuff, more living on vibrant energy".  That is it in short.  The simpler you make your daily life, the easier it will be to pass through this period.  Anyone can agree that we currently exist in times of great uncertainty, and being flexible like a tree that will bend in the wind instead of breaking is the way to be.  As a global society we have over-complicated living to the point where now a re-adjustment on a planetary level is needed.  What has occurred up to this point is unsustainable, because it has been based on a lower frequency of energy that is no longer supported.  We as the human race are now waking up to a new paradigm, a new reality and new ways of being.  Superficial changes won't be enough.  This period will test one's character in ways that will summon new awareness and abilities to the surface for all, if they step out of fear.

     I leave you with a blessing of love and light.  You are here in this time because you wanted to be here.  Remember who you really are and rest in the knowing that you are making a difference as you choose love for yourself without hesitation  and you begin to say goodbye to fear.  It will likely not happen all at once but as long as you can remind yourself of your innate goodness and connection to G-d, All that is, or however you name it, you will be in peace and service to all you may come into contact with.

Until next time..

Monday, March 16, 2020

A tide has risen across the world-what does it mean?

     What began as a new virus in China has now spread around the globe, affecting several hundred thousand people directly and is causing massive fear and anxiety for literally billions of people.  What is the meaning of this?  How do we approach this rapidly developing situation?  What are the implications?  Let's dive into these questions from a 5D perspective and find the deeper significance of what is occurring and how we might approach choices we will make for ourselves.

     First, just take a few deep breaths and calm yourself.  You are safe, and the likelihood of you or I becoming seriously ill or dying from this disease is very low.  99% of the people who are contracting it are recovering fully.  Many more cases are simply undocumented and we haven't heard about them because there is no reliable widespread testing available.  And to those who suffer we offer our compassion.  Viruses are endemic to life on Earth and if you look, there have been outbreaks before, from mild to severe and we have moved on from them.  This virus is no different, except that the reaction to it has generated tremendous fear across the planet and that is the main issue I want to address:  Fear and the emerging shift of consciousness now really beginning to show up for all to see.

     Viruses appear when there is an imbalance in the system.  They cause the body to react until a new equilibrium is found within.  What is interesting about this Coronavirus is the massive change to behavior and what that is going to do in the coming months.  Here in the U.S. we have agreed to a massive shutdown of business as usual in order to curtail the spread of the infection, a wise idea.  What is also simultaneously happening is a worldwide economic slowdown unprecedented in speed and scope.  The implication is that we are facing some sort of major global reset to business as usual and no one knows what that will look like, and this is causing even more fear.

     I have said in previous postings that the acronym for FEAR is Focus your Energy to Alter the Results.  We are as humans often challenged to change our behaviors, individually or collectively.  Now we are together facing a situation that has already altered a lot of our daily routines and is likely to alter our collective ways of being into the future.  This is actually a good thing, for it means we are on the verge of growth, not the verge of destruction!  In a significant way, this event is going to cause many people to claim their innate power and start acting from it instead of following the dictates of the collective structures of government and media, which are in essence parts of the collective ego of humanity that can only "know what it knows".  Now is the time we go to the unknown.

     This time period we are in is about rapid change on an individual and collective level that I call "5th dimensional consciousness".  It can go by other names as well, that's not what matters.  We are moving into a new paradigm of expression beyond the personal and collective Ego that has been the hallmark for our recorded history, so we have no precedent with which to understand.  We have to learn to operate in a higher frequency of energy and this is for our benefit and evolution and is not meant to harm or even destroy us.  In reaction to this shift, the mostly unconscious collective Ego is resisting this and is causing events to unfold that will cause as much fear as possible- which is it's main tool in "keeping us safe" and keeping us within the known, no matter how insane the system has become.  Simply put, with the frequencies on the planet, we have outgrown the old ways of being, and as much as they are "safe and familiar", they are no longer working for the benefit of the evolving human family and some things are going to have to fall away to make room for the new.   Just as nature renews itself each Spring, so the Human family is at a point of renewal and the garden is going to have to be cleared of weeds so to speak.  This is what is well underway right now.

     Life is about change, as much as we all try to keep it the same and familiar.  Our understanding of ourselves, who we truly are and what we need is awakening to a greater truth in the hearts of many.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience, the trouble is that when we get "here" we are enveloped in a matrix of ego consciousness that causes us to forget who we really are, thereby disempowering us into a fraction of who we could be.  It is said that the only problem humanity has is that it has forgotten its inherent divinity, it's divine nature.  In order to remember that we are going to have to release that which no longer serves us.  This includes attachments to beliefs and material things.  Here is an example of a belief pattern that we need to release:  "The world is in danger,"  whatever you want to say, is there to prompt you to move into fear and, in this case, to ask an external authority, in most cases a government, to protect you:  "You must protect me.  You must protect me, I need help,"  and then you go into agreement about your own limitation and you give authority to the one who is frightening you.  What kind of sense does this make?
     However, if you can understand that this is the agreement that you have all entered into and it is the way that you are being controlled, you can begin to change things. (1)

     Now the issue is that everyone in the government is also under the same fear, and they do not possess any extraordinary abilities to overcome an event through their own actions.  It is the collective choices of the people that will decide when a crisis is over.  When enough people see the limitations of government, they will decide to not give away their power and will make different choices.  Government will continue to exist, but it will be seen in a new way eventually which will alter its importance to beings who claim their own authority.  Here is a powerful invocation that you can use daily during challenging times to help activate your own inner authority:

"I am now choosing to claim my power back from any systems of fear that have been created to keep me in my limitation by any formalized structure, including government, including religion, that may be binding me to a sense of helplessness and fear.  I am now choosing to become aware of myself in my power as a Diving Being.  I am now knowing myself as free.  I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word." (2)

The challenge is in front of us all

     The times that are now occurring is what we all came back for.  It is nothing less than the action of transformation of this plane of consciousness to the next step in its journey.  Despite any hardships any of us may face, celebrate and congratulate yourself that you are here, living and breathing and getting to participate in this shift.  The outcome is unknown, and that is a good thing because it means possibilities to go beyond anything previously known (the domain of the ego) now is all but certain.  Spiritual ideas are not just for after we pass from this life, but co-exist with each of us on a personal level every moment of our lives.  Now, as we are so to speak "encouraged" (compelled ha ha) by events we will come to know more of that spiritual side of self becoming more in our awareness as we make choices.
     Let's look at the word "challenge".  If you remove the middle three letters what do you have?  Change!  There is no doubt that we are facing multiple challenges at this time.  I suspect that most of us are just wishing that things "will go back to normal".  The truth of things is that there is no "normal".  There is only change.  Now look at the three letters that were omitted "lle".  L.L.E.  represents "Living, Loving Energy".  When we choose to approach change with the addition of living, loving energy we will master challenge every time.  If we choose to go into more fear, then we once again surrender to the matrix of limited ego consciousness.  It is a choice and one that we can guide ourselves by listening to our feelings.  Does your choice feel alive and loving for you?  Then you are likely on the correct path for you.  If it feels like dead energy, such as a past action, release it from your awareness.  Stay in the present moment, leaning forward.  Resist the temptation to look backwards for what is now present.  Remember, we are in unknown times and there is no road map we can use.

Strategies for succeeding in difficult times

1)  Less is more.  Less stuff, more love.  Reduce your attachment to material things.  Those who travel  lightest move most swiftly.  Be kind to yourself.  People are under a lot of stress right now and there is a general sense of panic.  Disconnect from it and know you are safe within your person.

2)  Meditate.  Take 5 or 10 minutes once or twice a day and just be quiet and breathe.  Send prayers to yourself and loved ones if you like.  Do this and then return to your routine.  You will find it very balancing.

3) Accept the current situation.  None of us could have predicted the sudden change of events that has occurred.  Accept it as it is and don't try to change it.  The only thing we can truly change is ourselves and our reactions to things.  Remind yourself to value your inner peace and do not let others disturb it.

4)  Have compassion for others.  Others may be struggling even greater than you.  Kind words go a long way.  Check on loved ones or neighbors and show kindness.  Share a laugh.  Keep conversations toward positive topics.  Fear feeds on fears.  Don't feed the fears!

You are safe, you are sovereign and you are powerful.  Choose to empower yourself and your choices.  There is much more to come in this year and those that follow.  We all have a role to play.  Choose well for yourself and shine your light.  Each of us will make a difference in birthing the world that is emerging.

Peace, not panic.

All the best to you.

(1)  The Book of Love and Creation- Paul Selig  pp.245
(2)  The Book of Love and Creation- Paul Selig  pp.246