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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Can you find wellness in a sick world?

     What it wellness?  It can include all of the words in the picture at the top of this article, but it also includes something that many of us do not pay attention to regularly.  Wellness is being in the flow of your own being, in your passion to create the life that you want for yourself.  We are all creating all of the time, the present is calling each of us to greater awareness of what we are creating in our lives.  Each of us is building our lives and contributing to the collective as we go forward, so let us take a look at how we might address our individual and collective wellness differently.

     We all have energy.  It comes from that electromagnetic connection of our soul to our body.  It varies depending on what we are choosing and through our feeling state it is telling us if we are in alignment with our greatest joy.  Have you noticed when you are doing things that you love, that you have more energy and time seems to fly by or become unimportant?  And when you are involved in things that do not arouse your passion it feels more difficult to do them and time drags on?  Passion is connected to one's heartbeat and our heart is the direct link to the soul.  Therefore when you are acting upon your soul's desire you have more heart to take actions in your life.  Also, you can still choose actions less aligned to your power as this is a free will environment.  Here we are talking about the desire for more wellness so we will focus on the intent to be more conscious, more passionate, more loving.  Now things are obviously in change in society world-wide and with the planet itself so let's explore some of what that means.

Things are changing

     There is an increase in the frequency of energy now bathing the entire planet.  You could call it a "quickening" of all things.  Many people are reporting that time seems to pass quicker.  A day may feel like it is only 16 hours long, or a week may only feel like 4 or 5 days in length.  Rest assured, the time and the days are still there, it is now we are all stepping into more of the energy that has always been here because of this increase in frequency.  This will continue to be felt for at least the next 10 to 20 years and there will be no returning to the former condition of times past.  The energy is calling us to respond and make new choices.  We are now in a new energetic environment and we are birthing together a new way of being human, an expanded way of being not known in our history.  Are we now entering a new Age?

     When I say new Age, I don't mean the the fads of pop culture.  While some of those things have been and are helpful to raising consciousness I am intending to bring you the larger picture of what is ongoing and accelerating in life today.  What I am writing here is of very long cycles- Ages.  These cycles last for thousands of years and now we are likely moving into the next great Age that will be the theme for generations to come.  Those who have studied Hindu texts regarding the cycle of ages will be familiar with what I am speaking of here.  One such scholar published a text in 1998 detailing with great insight into this process.  His claim is that we have now left the lowest part of the cycle, the Kali yuga, and are now entering into the Sat yuga.  Yuga means age.  The Kali period is one when the frequency is lowest on the planet and the actions and consciousness of humans is at its ebb.  No one could deny that the period of the last several thousand years hasn't been easy, but now we are on the threshold of an environment of rising consciousness and rising creation upon the planet.  In a manner of speaking we as humans are being re-informed!

     This process requires that we be present on the planet and participate each in our own way to move forward into our heart's desire.  Much of this will be about letting go of old ways of being and living.  Just doing things because "it's what has always been done" isn't going to work in this new energy.  We are going to have to leave the confines of the known in order to get there.  It is clearly obvious in our world today as more and more are questioning the status quo.  What is real?  Is it true because someone says so, or do you check with your own inner feeling state and intuition to decide?

The zone of contradictions

     On a mental level we are all having a great challenge in what we see before us.  We see leaders and prominent people in our culture behaving badly.  We see policies and rhetoric befitting a dark comedy television show.  We may feel that this is not right, that something should be done to change things for the better, yet who is to step forward?  The answer is:  each of us.  Life seems complex at times and how can we find stability in this time, how can we find wellness?  Then I would direct you to the heart, the heart of your own being.

     This "zone of contradictions" is pushing many into having to create in new ways.  The planet is doing it as well.  Millions are facing drastic changes due to weather becoming more extreme.  I believe that also is a reflection of a great shifting of energy in human consciousness and planetary consciousness developing a new relationship in our midst.  It is not something to fear, it is something that compels us to choose more consciously for our well being, and people are responding.

     There are still going to be many who will continue to resist these changes to their last breath.  Old habits and ways of being don't just readily shift into something vastly different overnight.  So presently we are witnessing the clash of the old and the new and all of the instability and fearful feelings it is creating.  It is also creating many good feelings and profoundly beneficial changes but those are less reported because as a collective we have an obsession with fear.  This is an old habit that will begin to fade in coming generations as more turn inward to their hearts and their true nature and come to embody a more advanced way of being a human withing themselves and the culture at large.

     I'll give you an analogy from the realm of gardening.  We have been like small seedlings in a tiny starter pot and we have suddenly been transplanted into a much larger pot with fresh soil and water.  We still remain small for a while but we realize that there is room to create new roots and new leaves so we grow and we flower and finally produce new fruits that we could not have created in our old small pot.  The transplanting has been done, now it is up to each of us to consciously wish to grow and expand and fulfill our greatest expression in this now moment.  We can read about gardening and the growth of plants all we want just as we can fill our minds with much knowledge of spiritual growth but there comes a time when  we each must embody this process for ourselves.  That time is now.

The time is always NOW

     This life we lead as humans is subject to the apparent feeling of a linear expression of time:  past-present-future.  If you step back for a moment you will realize the you are always in the "now".  Being human allows a certain focus on the individual self of the life you are living and the memories you have of it.  This allows for choices to be made based upon experiences in one's current life, which you direct along a certain pathway.

     It is also known, yet not fully accepted, that time is a construct to this reality which does not exist in higher frequencies or higher dimensions of awareness.  In fact, all is happening simultaneously!  It is a mind-boggling concept that all is "now", but we must eventually come to the awareness that life as we have known it is a purposed illusion.  It is designed in such a way to promote our eventual awakening to the greater reality that we never truly left.  This is why it is often so difficult and confusing being a human because here we are, in a separate body dealing with forces constantly shifting and acting upon us.  My claim is that we are now at a juncture where what is termed the quantum field of possibilities is upon us, exciting!

     A huge error in our thinking is that we are part of a dualistic system that states here we are on Earth and we are separated from G-d or the Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, etc.  Only through death  do we reach it.  This paradigm is in the process of shifting now that we are in this higher vibratory frequency.  As the reality of what and who we are is being opened up, more of what "truly is" will start to come into focus in each of our lives as we can incorporate it.  We will start to begin to remember, to be re-informed about what has always been but was just outside of our awareness.  Our multi-dimensional awareness is coming online and this will be both a challenge and opportunity.  Some may well start to remember clearly other times, places, existences which will "bleed through" into our current awareness.  We have been having these all along, often in sleep state.  It will start becoming more noticeable and consciously interactive with you.

     It is similar to when you would meet a stranger and feel as if you've known them all of your life.  Or perhaps you are in a foreign country on holiday for the first time and you find you are more comfortable there than in your hometown.  Your meditative and creative time might bringer you stronger more vivid images or words of things outside of your own memory.  Be flexible and like a leaf floating down a slow river as you move forward.  You are not going insane, you are awakening to more of you in the now as you allow it.  You still have your identity, you are expanding your known by going into the unknown.

Manifesting wellness

     Wellness is about you flowing more of you energetically into conscious life.  It is about really connecting to your heart's desire, which is a reflection of your soul's passion.  Align in order to receive.  Small steps are perfectly fine, it is your choice.  Being in these frequencies which I often label the 5th dimension is about learning the way of allowing your desire to manifest.  The core of this is in acceptance of one's current circumstances and knowing that you at all times have the power to change how you view those circumstances.  Free choice is essential for each of us in life.  Always remember that thought is first, then your feelings (emotions) follow.  Choose higher thoughts and better feelings will be result. 

     Wellness also means being careful about what you invite into your purview or awareness.  If you choose feelings of peace, happiness, joy, etc.  then you may not wish to watch the news as it is predominantly fear based.  Again, exercise your free choice to choose what you already know is good for you.  The more that each of us focus on creating our own well being, the more we will see it reflected in the larger world.  Consider your body to be your own private world and make peace within it.  There is much to come about how we exist and operate within these bodies that is changing as we speak.  Notice changes in your habits and desires and take that as an indicator that your body is changing for the better in order to support you more on your journey through life.  Always be your own best friend to yourself and you will create the tendency to be much more loving towards yourself.  Do not wait for others to do it for you, but be open to accepting loving support of others if that feels right to you.

Stay strong for coming times

     It is difficult to grasp the hold that the ego has over the collective consciousness of humanity.  It is everywhere.  The difference now is that the light of truth is pouring in to every nook and cranny of life and awareness is increasing exponentially across the planet.  While I have no doubt that the truth will prevail and be expressed as the norm, in the meantime we are in for a grand clash of the old and the new as is already being witnessed and reported by the media.  No one has an absolute claim on the truth or the path that we will go forward on, in fact we are all contributing to its creation.  That is why it is so important to take care of your own wellness first before attempting to help others.  Much more is going to come to the surface in our individual lives and in society about how deeply we have been caught in illusion and this will cause many powerful emotional reactions in many.  Remember- thoughts precede emotions so be careful to choose what you wish to feel carefully. 

     I do not want to suggest that some great calamity is on the horizon, to me that is old thinking, old cellular memory of times gone by trying to release.  We are powerful creators and can change the game for better or worse at any time, never doubt your power and place your trust in it first before the babble of the electronic world.  I do suggest that there will be challenges as the old energy tries everything it can to summon fear.  Do not buy into it.  See it for what it is, the dying gasps of an egocentric world that cannot continue as it has.

     Like the Buddha used to promote- take the middle path.  We are journeying through this world.  Do not renounce it, and do not become too attached to the things of this world.  We are here for learning and evolution, not to see how many possessions we can claim.  Experiences, both ones we would judge either good or bad can be our teachers.  Each of us has a piece of the story of human to work, to add to the collective.  Take yours and work it in a way that pleases you, knowing that your love and your effort does make a difference.  Only the bravest and most capable souls incarnate during epochs like this, I honor your spirit for what you have brought to the planet and what you will continue to bring.  May you find more wellness in the coming months and years you so deserve to experience!



Thursday, October 19, 2017

The next Big thing is here, now what?

     When we hear or see of "the next big thing"  it's usually something that is around for a short while and then fades into the background.  Some things do last a bit longer, but even they fade with time.  What I am speaking of here really is a HUGE thing, yet it is coming in without announcement or fanfare, yet it will affect each and every one of us for the rest of our lives and beyond.  What is it?  I'll get to that in a moment, but first let's review.

     The world we are residing upon is in the midst of rapid change.  Some of it is seen and much is somewhat "behind the scenes" so to speak.  No one has a complete picture of it our how it will turn out from a human perspective, yet we are each working to shape how it unfolds in our lives.  As I have written in this blog for years now, I am focused on the upshift of consciousness to claim higher awareness, which I term the 5th dimension.  Over the past 30 years there has been a re-engagement of humanity into the higher spheres of consciousness of the 4th and 5th dimension.  Prior to that time we were firmly entrenched in a 3rd dimensional consciousness.  The reason that we have shifted is that collectively we have asked on a higher level for the opportunity to be here and create from a higher position, so that we all can enjoy peace and the full range of the meaning of prosperity in our lives.  Prior to that time the opportunities to do this were very limited.  Now we are on the verge of an explosion of change that will dwarf anything in memory.  Some of this will be welcomed and some of it will be strongly resisted, yet it will happen regardless.  Love, enacted through each of us, is coming to a higher expression in human life.

     Up until now we have dealt with 3 continuum's:  Care, Change and Transformation.  I have written about these previously in other articles on my site.  Each of us is always at choice as to how we approach life, and based on where we are at, we are in one or more of these places.  Care works with the basics of self-care, wellness and basic stability of one's person more or less.  Change involves us saying to ourselves "this is not enough, I'm going to try something new" and is the zone of choosing a new path for ourselves.  It can be as simple as engaging a new pastime or making a new friend, all the way to creating a new career or new location and more.  Transformation is moving beyond the known, it is where the change you have been doing leads to benevolent unintended consequences that move you well beyond  your old tried and true ways of being and into a whole expanded approach to your life.  Sounds very sweet, eh?  Yes, you have had moments of this and so it is not unfamiliar to you. Reflect on turning points in your life to gain more understanding of how this has worked for you.  Generally what happens is that transformation moves us into a higher expression of who we truly are and it feels great.  All of these continuum's are about us operating here and now as co-creators.  We are all constantly involved in creation whether we acknowledge it or not.  Sometimes we keep re-creating the same circumstances over and over again, but that is not what is intended for us and by us at a higher level.  This is why I speak of it as a co-creation.  We, as humans, are co-creating with the higher aspects of our true selves (higher self, divine self, G-d, Christ consciousness, whatever you wish to term it) in order to bring about a divine plan, or play or consciousness that is all about going home.  Now this seems like going somewhere physically, but it is not.  It is about going to a place of allowing more of who we truly are to inhabit the day to day lives of who we are right here and now.  It is about starting to come into conscious awareness of the grandeur of each of us as spiritual beings in human form, and taking this form to its next level of expression.

The next Big Thing  

     Recently I received some compelling information from my non-physical counselors that I want to share with you.  The next continuum has arrived and is now open to all:  The continuum of evolution!

     Evolution is a profound shift from where we have been.  It means we  now have the opportunity to move into greater states of knowledge and greater states of love from where we are presently.  We are on the verge of things getting really interesting in coming years, and each of us have a ring-side seat here on the planet to participate in it and be blessed by it.  For some reason, this continuum is only available to us while we are embodied, and perhaps that is why so many souls have incarnated on the planet in the last 50 years.  Evolution is going to require us to be nimble and flexible and utterly fearless.  It is going to challenge a lot of people's basic assumptions of what life is and what life means going forward, and out of that a whole new expression of humanity is going to emerge.

     If you have noticed the feeling of things speeding up as I have, you may wonder what is the reason?  It is not that time itself is speeding up, in fact it is that we are all actually beginning to step into more of the energy that is already here, and that is a good thing.  When I experience a speeding up, I see it as an opportunity to bring my focus to those items that really matter to me and feel the best to me, and ignore the rest.  It is getting to the point where it is very difficult to attend to all of the distractions and pastimes, the news, the politics, the environmental changes, etc.  There is nothing wrong with attending to what you wish, just keep in mind that you need to attend to your balance and your wellness closely.  If you find yourself getting anxious, sad or depressed, go back to basics.  You have permission to make your life in any manner you choose.  Exercise your free will liberally to change things to what you want, rather than put up with what you do not.  This is a very powerful practice and you have the power to change.  Too often people settle with "keeping up appearances" or going along with social norms as to not be questioned by others.  The time of this being endemic in world society is coming to an end.  That which is true will stand, and by that I mean true to the core our your being.

     The next 10 years are going to be a time of rapid shifts.  While many of us believed that 2012 would usher in a massive transformation in a moment, it actually was the start of what is now to unfold.  As my counselors have indicated, the learning, understanding and actions that had previously taken the last 10 years to accomplish will now only take one year.  Subsequent years will bring in a quadrupling of the rate of change, so you can imagine that by 2028 or so we will be living in a world vastly different than now.

     I want to add that they pointed out that while events may seem to indicate that this the end of it all, it actually is the beginning of the new phase of human evolution.  Just like a birth, it will be messy and sometimes painful, but it will usher in something that is way beyond life as we have known it.  Are we surprised?  I would hope not!  I think and feel that we all know deep down that what has been transpiring over the last 50 years is an approximation of reality, an ego-based construction of human life that is unsustainable and would likely lead us to extinction as a species.  The beauty of the human is our ability to manifest a quantum shift that will lead us to further growth and expansion with the vibrant energy of the love that we really are!

The game board

     The game board that we exist within consists of three parts:  Time, Space and Energy.  We are all intertwined and affected by each of these, as we affect them as well.  It also includes the dimensions of 1 to 5 and beyond.  There is a relationship between each and each is evolving into a new expression as we know it.  Who is playing the game?  Well, one is the human.  There are other aspects playing as well, such as the planet herself, which has its own consciousness, and her own agenda.  And likely there is the spiritual realm of which we are never really separated from.  How that looks is any one's guess and for purposes of this explanation I will focus on the human portion because that is what is most important to me and you I would think.

     Our awareness has been focused through living in a body and with an ego, while also holding in our heart's a piece of the Creator.  We have done our best with limited awareness to each create a world that makes sense to us, while dismissing information and experience that we could not understand and put into our framework of reality.  Now who and what each of us are is vastly larger than we have experienced and been led to believe for the most part.  This is going to change and it will be up to each of us to allow and stay balanced as much new experience and information comes into awareness of mass consciousness.  Those of us in the spiritual/metaphysical world have been receiving a taste of it already for quite a while, now imagine that most of humanity will gain access to this themselves in the near future.  Quite a paradigm shift I would say!

     So what is our role on the game board at this time?  Simply to be a creator of our heart's desire.  Getting to the heart, which is the center of the body, the center of our energy field will be the place where we can create stability in the years to come.  Not much longer will sitting on the fence be an option.  It will be a time of action.

     Feeling that change is afoot, the amount of resistance to it is strong.  As things move forward into evolution, the level of resistance will also increase.  It is part of being human and feeling separate that we wish to protect ourselves in a known bubble of reality but this is about to be burst and we will have to each in our own way go into the unknown and create with all which is new to us from our present awareness.  On a higher level we are familiar with it, now we are each going to bring it to the human portion of ourselves.  It is of utmost importance as my counselors have told me, that we each come to a greater understanding of free will and free choice in our lives.  Consider this question:  "Are you willing to lose everything you have to step into everything you could be?".  This is a provocative question and it hints at a much greater way of being that can now be claimed by each of us if we are willing to loosen our grip on what we think we know.  Is the world we have been living in really real?  Or is it an illusion?

     The older I get the more I realize that despite having accumulated a mountain of knowledge, I know very little.  I do have some wisdom, yet I cannot be certain of anything except love.  Yes, like you I have a body and an identity that exists for a number of decades, then ceases to be.  I also know that consciousness transcends the body quite intact after a lifetime is complete.  I know that each of us is working on our own individualized plans of healing while we are here.   And I also know that we are loved and supported in many unseen ways as we go about beginning to remember the Creator in our hearts and begin to respond to its call to us with greater passion and risk, instead of fear and avoidance.


     What do you really own in your life?  You may recite a list of things that you possess but that is not the point of the question.  I am pointing to your thoughts, feeling and intentions as you go through your experience of life.  Are you in charge of those as much as you would like to be?  Have you considered it before?

     Up to now a large percentage of a large number of us have been acting mostly unconsciously, not living in the present moment of thought and feeling.  You can easily see this in the amount of distracted behavior people are doing such as distracted driving, looking into their cellphones while doing other things, etc.  What is interesting is that as the potential of increased consciousness is becoming available, the stark contradiction of unconsciousness is getting a strong light shined upon it as well.

     Here are three things for us to consider as we move forward to great knowledge and greater love on the path of evolution.  First:  Do you know what you are doing?  Second, do you know why you are doing it? And thirdly, Are you taking ownership for what the outcome of your actions will be?  These questions can only be truly answered by us if we are fully present in the current moment, breathing and feeling and thinking.  Are you willing to take the risk to live your life with more passion?  Are you willing to have more compassion for others in their efforts to grow?  Do you support the status quo or do you want more?   These are question we will all be faced with as things intensify in coming times.  This merging of time, space and energy is going to push all of us out of complacency.  There is no going back to some imagined time when things were "better".  The only way is forward and even those who resist this will be brought forward in one way or another. 

     To complete this introduction to the "next big thing"  the continuum of evolution I will say this.  You can go on with your life as you have been living it and not take heed of what I have said here.  Maybe 1000 people will hear this message.  If of those who read it, if100 take it to heart it will be magnified tenfold.  You can do this too with the power of your heart, your passion, your compassion.  If you do read and consider this then you will be far ahead of the masses, you'll still have work to do but you won't be blind-sided by things, you will have given yourself time to consider your actions and that is a wonderful gift to yourself.  A world constructed of greater states of knowledge and greater states of love will have much better outcomes than the one we are presently living in.  Come up with a love plan of your heart's greatest desires and begin where you are.  The new and improved world will be birthed in each of our hearts, now is the time to make our plans and begin to nurture this new world into manifestation.  May you be brave in bringing your truth into the light for all to see.



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Self love- can you love yourself more during stressful times?

     I am writing this in the aftermath of two major hurricanes, ongoing fires, earthquakes and continuing social and political turmoil in the United States and elsewhere.  Many of us have been feeling the fear energy wafting through our energetic atmosphere for quite a while, so today I want to dedicate a focus to self-love as a way to navigate through all of this.  I hope you have not been directly affected by any of these events, and if you are my thoughts and prayers go out to you that you find your way back to your center soon.  For the much larger group of us who have not been directly affected there still remains the question:  "Am I going to continue to allow fearful thoughts and feelings into my space or am I going to choose differently?".  Here then is our subject for today: self-love.

     If I was to ask you to gauge to what percentage you love yourself, what would it be?  10%, 50%, 100%?  If it is 100% you would probably not be reading this because your life would be so full of joyful creations that you are manifesting you wouldn't have the interest to find any ideas on how to improve yourself, correct?  As someone who knows that he doesn't love himself 100% all of the time, or even some of the time, I feel that I am in good company of a lot of lovely beings sharing life here on Earth, working to become better in some way.  It's ok to not love yourself completely, just begin where you are at.  If you believe that you love yourself 50%, get into a 100% belief of that and go from there.

     Life is moving forward and change is occurring.  The 5th dimension is here and we are mostly yet to claim much of it, partly because we are all individually and collectively in the process of releasing what doesn't serve anymore.  Since 5th dimensional awareness is all about love (living on vibrant energy), it is a higher vibration than fear.  It does require, as I have said, releasing fear as much as we can.  It also requires us claiming for ourselves more love, and that begins with the self.  Now some may say that it is a bit self-centered to focus on loving oneself, yet it is there from where all springs.  Each one of us is our own self contained love factory!  While we may think that it comes from seeking outside of ourselves, it is in fact a result of the frequencies that we are broadcasting that our personal reality that magnetizes the corresponding situations and events to each of us.

Coming off of auto-pilot

     For most of us, there isn't much time in a day to love ourselves.  We sleep 1/3 of the day, work 1/3 of the day and then have to cram in everything else into the remaining 8 hours.  Much of what each of us do in any given day is the result of choices likely made years ago.  Some of those choices still serve us, and many do not.  It is the one's that do not serve us that is where I believe each of us needs to focus on.  It is where we can make new choices that will serve us to improve our self love and well being, making ourselves more transparent to the lower vibrations of fear energy that we might be experiencing.

     Each one of us is on a journey that is personal to them.  There is no "one size fits all" for a human life.  On a  soul level each one of us plans for certain themes to be present to us and that is different for each person.  Each of us has a different thought process on how we interpret life as we are experiencing it, however each of us is potentially an expert in our own selves if we are willing to stop and take the time to honor ourselves and our experiences and then work to choose what will bring us more love.  Making the idea of increasing our own self love is almost a radical concept in today's world.  We seem to have a society that is mesmerized by fear for the most part and love just happens to be riding along.  In fact, it is love that is the basis for our existence at all, and fear is just a very persistent ancient habit that we are working to release bit by bit.  And it is happening.

     If you are willing to take a look at what feels like love to you in your own life, you will see many things.  It might be a relationship with another, a job that pays the bills and gives you financial freedom, it might be a cause that you are passionate about that you devote your time to pursuing.  Conversely you might see things that you don't like and don't serve you as well.  Anything that takes you out of feeling happy in the present moment is most likely in this category.  Look closely at any behavior you have that is making you unconscious in the present moment.  It is there that there is another choice to make if you desire.  The ego plays many tricks on us to get us to not focus on love in the present moment, it is up to us to build our awareness of what matters most.  It is up to each of us to decide what that is and then choose it for ourselves.

To thine own self be true

     There is one person you can never escape from in this life, and that is you.  To thine own self be true is a statement that each of us can be blessed by if we take it to heart.  This is about listening to the quiet voice inside of ourselves, the one that nudges us to try something new, to take a risk, to take action in any of a number of areas.  Most of us, most of the time, fail to listen to this voice.  We instead listen to the louder voice of ego consciousness, which operates in fear and love, while the inner voice operates only from love.  If you are going to be true to anyone, let it be your own inner self.  It is the one that will lead you to all sorts of good things if you take the chance to allow yourself to follow its lead.

     The choice presently that most of us make is to allow the mental self to take the lead role in our lives.  Or it could be the emotional self as well.  The idea I am suggesting is to become more integrated with all of your aspects and allow the smartest one to lead.  That quiet inner voice is connected to the smartest aspect of ourselves, so why not give it a try.  Encourage yourself to trust in your own inner self.  Acknowledge it exists.  We are not just human, we are also very much spirit.  It is just that we often forget because we live in a culture that often puts spirituality in a box.  In these times and those to come, we will each need to tap into our many tools and start using them.  The days of "sitting on the fence" are rapidly ending and we will all have to make a choice to commit to what we will support, the truth or the illusion.

Let your heart be the guide

     Can you tell yourself what is in your heart that you want to experience right now?  The heart is the center of each of us in human form and it is a wise and powerful place.  It is not just the most important muscle in the body, it is also the heart chakra, the center of the energetic system of the body.  Our hearts have a direct line to our souls, and it is time that we start understanding and developing this awareness.  We are going to need it and we are going to benefit from it.  It is the "new" way.  Really, it is the old way that we have forgotten as a human culture and are now readying ourselves to reclaim.  When enough of us do this, it will transform our world culture in ways we can barely imagine.  Where do we begin?  With ourselves of course!  And how?  With self love.

     Self love of the heart can be expressed in many ways.  Here I'll outline a couple.  First, attend to your body and your physical self.  Find ways to move, to play, to sweat, exercise this muscle.  Build its strength and stamina so that you will have the "staying power" to feel strong and healthy.  Eat good, fresh, organic food.  Limit what you eat that comes out of a box, a can, or a restaurant.  Strengthening the body means more oxygen to your cells.  Our bodies really need this in this period because they are literally in a major process of change in order to operate in the new energies.  This isn't spoken about much at present, however you will start hearing more about the evolution of the body in coming years.

     Second is to take some time with your own energetic heart by yourself.  It doesn't have to be for very long, perhaps a few minutes during a quiet time of your day.  Talk to your heart as a wise being that loves you and supports you completely.  Put your hands on your chest if that will help.  Ask it to talk to you about what it wants to do, to live.  The heart is the seat of compassion and passion for each of us.  We have got to find ways to trust it more and act on its wisdom.  Doing this more will serve as a center of stability in these times of transformation.  In addition, if you have a partner, you can also do this practice with them in regards to your relationship.  First and foremost, do it with yourself.  Each of us has a unique and positive role to play in our own lives and in the communities we inhabit, but we've got to start going beyond the social norms to create a better experience for ourselves and our world.


     I don't know about you, but when I see this word I immediately jump to the idea of relationship with another.  What I would like you to consider is instead think about yourself when you hear or read that word.  How is your relationship with yourself?  Can you be happier?  Do you want more fulfillment?  Of course you do!  It is self love that will get us there.  I will say this:  No one comes to life with the intention of suffering.  Sure, there are moments of difficulty that we all face.  Most of the unpleasant and negative things we experience we have brought upon ourselves because we were never taught how to love.  Begin where you are.  If you are saying that you feel scattered and have difficulty focusing, then work on grounding yourself energetically.  Get into your own space.  Turn off the electronics or keep them to the bare minimum as an experiment for a week.  Begin to identify what is you, and what is not you.  Then you will have the basis for claiming yourself and your domain.  Be the benevolent queen or king of yourself!

     We are now in a time of coming to understand our humanity in a new way.  This is called evolution.  It is happening, and it is huge.  We are so fortunate to be here at this time.  As much as I hear myself and others wish they could escape all of the dramas and stresses, I also know that deep inside I want to be here.  And in order to be here in the coming years, I am going to step up my "game" of living well by first loving and nurturing myself first, then taking that person out into the world.  I invite you to feel if this sounds good to you too.  We are all literally living through a quantum shift in consciousness that is unprecedented in our history.  Love yourself through this by paying attention to your desires and wants that come from your heart.  It is time to put away the old ways of being, the old tools for coping.

Self love as a way of connecting

     Loving yourself means little if you are unable to share your love with the world around you.  Relationship means first you attend to yourself, then you go out into the world as a complete being that is in integrity with yourself.  You are literally emanating a coherent vibration of energy wherever you go.  This will attract to you opportunities for connection.  They could be for love, for career, for friendship and more.  We are designed to connect to one another because when two are more are gathered, an additional energy is created.  While this cannot always be seen, it can be felt.  I know of no one who could not benefit by finding a new loving connection of whatever type.  Does this sound good to you?  Then, give some time to yourself to consider self love as a door to your improved living on this planet.  Again, start where you are at.  You can make a big positive difference just with those already in your life.  Believe you have a passion for more - more love from your relationships, and see what you can change to make it so.

Things are changing

     Our bodies are changing, our awareness is growing, our planet is changing.  All of this is part of the plan of evolution.  We each have a responsibility (ability to respond) to ourselves to love more (self-love).  The other option is to give into the fear, which many will do.  It will not go well for those who will dig their heels in and so no to the changes.  I do not expect myself to be perfect in my process, nor should you.  I do however want to continue to strengthen my intention to live from love as much as possible because I know that the world is not ending, it is going into great change, it is going into evolution and so are we.  Keep your heart as light as you can as you go through this.  Have compassion for those that suffer but do not sacrifice yourself or lower your vibration out of sympathy.  This is a planet of free will and free choice and sometimes choices need to be played out even if the consequences are not pleasant.  I believe that it is our job to be the light houses and hold firm to an inner knowing that love will triumph in each person's heart when the time is right.

     If nothing else, just consider my words and sit with all of this.  You will know when it is the right time for you to act in your life.  We are each moving into a process of becoming more than we were, and there is no single correct way to do this.  Stay centered.  Value your inner peace and let no one disturb it.  Spread love, not fear.  Speak your truth to yourself that you are valuable, you are loved, and you are in the right place and the right time in history.  If you are ready, look at that relationship with self and turn up the self love.  There is nothing to lose that you need, and everything to gain.



Friday, July 14, 2017

Climate change: Is the world ending, or not?

     Welcome to another edition of 5D times, and our ongoing journey forward.  Today we are going to focus on the planet itself, our beloved Earth and the many changes that are occurring.  Many would say things are hurtling out of control at a frightening pace.  Some even claim that we've passed the point of no return and are heading for a great extinction event.  While challenges will be constant in the coming years, it is not something to go into fear about, rather it is an opportunity to become aware of planetary change as a good thing, a necessary thing and to go with the flow of it rather than go into panic.

     As I am writing this it was just announced that the "Larsen C" iceberg finally calved off of its ice shelf and has now become the biggest ice cube on the planet, roughly the same size as the state of Delaware or twice the size of London.  Very, very big!  The Larsen ice shelf has been splitting off in grand fashion for over 15 years now and this is the 3rd major iceberg to come off in that time.  Meanwhile, in Greenland the ice sheet there is melting at a rapid pace, pouring millions of tons of fresh water into the ocean.  The North Pole as well is warming and the formation of ice is greatly reduced there.  The North Pole has no land mass beneath it, while the South Pole is a continent roughly the 75% of the size of South America.  Most of the world's ice is located there in thick sheets several km thick.
     So we have much melting occurring and sea levels have risen approximately 2.5 inches (6.3cm) in the last 25 years alone.  This is due to both the melting ice plus the thermal expansion of water as the sea temperature has risen slightly as well.  You can see from this graph that sea levels have been relatively stable over the last 8000 years or so, but have risen over a 100 meters since the last glacial maximum of the most recent ice age.
(CC BY-SA 3.0,

     There is evidence that sea levels have risen and fallen over many thousands of years, sometimes slowly, sometimes very quickly.  Here in Texas one can see evidence of ancient shorelines many miles inland and in other places around the world this is also known.  If the pace of warming and melting was to continue unabated then life as we have known it would be radically different in 50-75 years time, and that may come to pass.  However, I would like to paint a picture of a different scenario that has also been put forth and offer some new ways of looking at this situation we all face in order to generate some new ideas to consider.

Global warming or global cooling?

     As most of us know, there has been  fierce debate about global warming over the last 20 years.  What many don't know is that there was an equally strong debate about global cooling beginning in the 1920's up through the 1970's.  None of those scenarios proposed came to be, so people discredited those scientists and thinkers and then the debate switched to global warming.  It's been easy to see why, as we have direct evidence of warming across the planet and increased climate instability (flooding, fires, droughts).  In fact, 16 of 17 of our warmest years on record have been since the year 2000!  

     As you can see from this chart there have been 4 major glacial periods over the last 450,000 years.  Currently we are reaching a new peak of temperature as we have been in a "mild" period.  It has been much hotter than it is now, and it has been much cooler.  The question is "Is human influenced behavior adding to the problem or is it just the Earth herself?"  To that I would give 2 answers:  first, yes by human activity over the past 200 years of burning coal, oil and natural gas we have indeed added significantly to the global CO2 (carbon dioxide) to the atmosphere.  Many postulate that we've created a runaway greenhouse effect and now we are doomed to an ever warming planet.  As you can see above, the planet knows what it is doing.  We have yet to prove definitively that this increase in this one gas is the trigger for calamity.  And many would agree that this is far from truth.  Second, I assert that the planet is doing this warming trend primarily on its own, and this would occur whether or not there were human intervention.  Surely there weren't many humans on the planet 200 to 300,000 years ago, and yet there were these huge climate cycles.  So which way is this going to go?  Ever hotter for the next century, or a plunge in temperatures at some point in the near future of the next few decades?

     Global climate is very hard to predict because we have limited data and not a full explanation of how weather works.  There are so many variables that even our best supercomputers cannot fully model it yet.  There are other factors as well, primarily the cycles of the Sun.  Currently we are entering a period called the Maunder minimum, which is part of an 11 year cycle of decreased activity of the Sun itself.  The radiation from the Sun definitely impacts the ocean currents which cycle hot and cold water around the planet.  Again, we really don't understand yet the exact processes of how the Sun operates, we know what we know and perhaps there is still more to know?  Cooling periods have spontaneously appeared after a volcanic eruption for example.  The year 1816 was what the Europeans called the year without a summer.  It is suspected to be caused by the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia in April 1815.  It was felt also in N. America.  I personally experienced the summer of 1994 in Michigan as one where the temperature barely reached 70F (20C) all season and it was due to the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines spewing sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere and lowering the amount of solar radiation reaching the northern USA that year.  Now many will argue that if the sun was the culprit then why is the upper atmosphere cooling while the lower atmosphere gets warmer?  Perhaps there are radiations from the sun that we have not yet identified, that intimately interact with all of its planets and we just don't have a way to measure it yet.  Now lets take a look at how the oceans work briefly:

Here's a general map of global circulation of water, the main temperature regulator on the planet.  These powerful currents of water keep the USA and Europe warm.  There have been times when this flow has been disrupted for a period, and that alters the climate of large areas of the planet to get cooler, or hotter depending on the area.  Since 2005 there have been reports that this circulation pattern has been weakening in the North Atlantic and thereby there could come a time when this current is disrupted, causing a quick decrease in temperatures, hopefully for only a short period.  Keep in mind that I come from a position of knowing that the Earth has it's own consciousness, and that it's intent is to hold a higher vibratory field that will allow greater consciousness to be expressed by it's inhabitants, mainly us.  It's intent is not to wipe us out, like so many sci-fi fantasy movies like to depict.  I will give 2 reasons why we are so transfixed on disaster scenarios.  First, as a human species we have an overly strong focus on fear.  We simply don't yet trust that the vibratory field of love is what really runs things, even though we might know this intellectually.  We need to feel this in our hearts, in our bellies as we ground this awareness into our beings.  Second, many if not all of us hold in our energy fields, cellular memories of great calamities in times gone past, not just Atlantis and Lemuria but all through history there have been times when there was war, famine, pestilence, etc.  The most recent major global calamity besides the world wars was the 1918-19 influenza epidemic which killed an estimated 100 million people and in present time we have a hard time remembering consciously these things, however the cells of our bodies always remember.

The metaphysical community speaks     

     Among well known U.S. based teachers and channels there has been much to say about upcoming Earth challenges.  For example, in May 2017, the Group, channeled by Steve Rother,  predicted a major ice age within 50 years, probably wiping out most of humanity.  They indicated that it wasn't supposed to happen for another 1000 years but events had pushed it forward.  If that is the case, we're all in trouble.

     I refuse to accept a doomsday scenario is what is in store.  For many years I've listened to and contemplated the channels of Kryon via Lee Carroll and found them to be remarkably accurate.(  At first it took me several years to even accept channeling as a real thing and several more to learn to appreciate how to listen to the information given and interpret it.  What this being has recently said continues to support assertions it made nearly a decade ago, that we are heading into a period of a mini ice age that will last several decades.  It is always preceded by a warming period.   This cycle, Kryon says, is part of a refreshing of the ocean waters to support life.  He gave an excellent analogy and anyone who has cared for fish in tanks knows this.  Despite all of the filters and water treatments that one can apply, eventually the old water has to be disposed of so that new water to support the fish can be poured back into the tank.  This is exactly what is happening with global warming and melting ice.  "New water" from the ice is entering the water circulatory system of the planet, providing oxygenation, nutrients and minerals to the water.  The alchemy of water is that it moves in great cycles- in the ice, and filtered through the earth in great aquifers, getting purified and restored.  

     Presently, the first half of this mini-cycle is underway.  We've had massive warming for 20+ years and this will probably continue for another 10 more years.  Then, after that we will likely see a significant cooling period, akin to the one experienced in Europe in the early 1800's.(Look up mini ice age)  There are also well documented short cooling periods of several decades occurring in the early 1600's and around the 14th century as well.  The Roanoke colony of Virginia in the late 1580's was abandoned after such a period when it wasn't feasible to farm crops to survive due to the worst 3 year drought in 800 years.  This was confirmed by tree ring records.  We also have records of droughts cycling several times a century in different parts of North America as well as other areas.

    Now in summary Kryon says that indeed we are in this cycle and it will switch from hot to cold.  This could mean that it is triggered by volcanic eruptions or a shift of ocean currents as I have previously mentioned.  Or it could come in a completely unknown way.  I am betting that this is going to occur within the next few decades and it will have implications world-wide.  My guess is that there have never been this many humans on the planet when this cycle happens, so it is going to have much greater impacts because the population is so much larger.


     Our human bodies are designed to operate well with temperatures of 30-90F (0-32C).  We can still function in a reduced manner beyond those temperatures, but beyond a certain limit life becomes unbearable.  Similarly, our energy production systems also cannot function well in extreme environments.  In times of extreme climate change our electric grid system (used across the world) is subject to failure.  There have been many incidences of brown-outs and black-outs in the USA and abroad.  The most recent blackout of the Northeast USA and Midwest occurred in 2003 and wasn't even climate related.  It resulted in nearly 60 million people losing power on during a warm summer week for up to 3 days.  A significant climate shift to either hotter or cooler could disable large portions of electricity generation in affected areas.  As I witnessed firsthand in 2003, what we take for granted can be gone in a moment.  Thankfully that situation was easy because it was short lived and during the summer, but a disruption like that in the winter would have killed many people.

     It is going to be impossible for most to get off of the grid should it fail for a period of time, the question is can people survive in cities for weeks without power if they have not found a way to generate there own?  Probably not.  So in response here in the USA we have the "Prepper" movement.  Thankfully we also have a wide array of ways to generate power without having fuel delivered, such as solar and wind.  Here is a graph to show where we are currently in the United States:

If any of the systems that delivered fuel to power generation plants for the electric grid were to be impeded, you could see that there would be little way around replacing lost generating capacity.  While renewable energy options are increasing in popularity, we are still mired in a fossil-fuel paradigm.  Nuclear isn't an answer either.  The average age of our nuclear plants is 36 years and their operating certificates only run for 40 years.   This means that extensions will have to be given to maintain that 9% share they account for, and in 20 more years we will have plants that are two decades older.  More than likely some of them will have to be decommissioned.  Until we find a new way of generating power we will have to continue to evolve the systems we have to be able to function adequately during a major climate shift. 

     I have shown you a lot of facts to give you an idea of the scope and complexity of climate change and how potentially vulnerable we might be to having disruptions in energy generation.  What I am saying is that climate change is going to tax the systems we have in place to generate our power, either if it keeps getting hotter, or we go into a cooling phase.  While this won't affect the entirety of people, it is likely to affect hundreds of millions directly and the rest of us indirectly.  The shift that the planet is undergoing will not be easy or convenient for many of us.  I am issuing this information because there still is plenty of time to consider options for living choices in the upcoming years.  

     It seems to me that most of us are aware that we are not in harmony with the planet.  With what can be seen it's hard to stomach the rate of negative news of what is happening.  There are bright spots, the push towards renewable energy that doesn't put more carbon into the atmosphere, the Paris climate accords, people planting millions of trees around the world are a number that come to mind.  I feel that people in general want to have a healthy, clean and safe environment for themselves and their children, they just don't know exactly how to get there.  The time of facing up to what is unfolding whether we like it or not is now.  

What to expect

     We will continue to have more pronounced swings in weather that we have been experiencing already.  Already this summer here in Austin Texas we have reached our average number of 100F days (13) and we still have two months of summer to go.  The hot seasons will generally be hotter for 5-10 more years.  The oceans will continue to adjust, there may be more storms that will cause more regular flooding to many coastal cities.  At first it will seem to be an irritation, but after a while it will likely intensify in number, so that events that happened only every 100 years may be happening annually.  People will have time to adjust and make decisions of how they will approach things.  

     As things become more apparent, there will be a massive push from society at all levels to come to some new decisions about what is occurring.  We will redirect a lot of our energy and efforts to creating solutions on how to adapt to this "new normal".  There will be voluntary and involuntary migrations of people to locations less affected by the changes.  This will likely look like people moving inland away from flood prone areas, as well as people moving away from areas where the temperatures are too high or too cold.  If the mini ice age theory comes to pass, it will still be livable, even with years of relatively mild temperatures, and there will likely be much shorter summer seasons in areas north of 35-40 degrees of latitude.  Pay attention, and trust your intuition about what might be right for you.  Keep in mind that the scenario I am laying out begins in 10-15 years.  If all goes well, we may be at a point of climate re-stabilization in 30-40 years, so this is something that I hope the younger generations will take to heart.  We only need to awaken a small percentage of humanity to create a massive positive transition on this planet.  We are that powerful.  We are not victims of climate change, we are participants in a vast re-ordering of how life will be expressed on this planet in the coming century.  It is not the end, it is the beginning of something new and heretofore unknown by us in modern times.

     Rest easy.  Live life lightly as you go about your business.  The 5th dimension is bringing wholesale change to the planet and to humanity.  Trust that you will be in the right places at the right times and you will.  Resist the temptation to go into fear or anxiety about change.  We all knew at some higher level that being on the planet at this time was going to be very profound.  Empower yourself through your own intuition, research and knowing.  It is an exciting time to be a creator on the planet right now!

Monday, June 26, 2017

You will find what you need in the unknown

     Today we are going to focus on taking a look at our assumptions of what it means to be a living breathing person on the planet right now and see if we can challenge these a bit so that we can move more easily into change.  Change is the next step and it is the precursor of our transformation into living well within the energies of the 5th dimension.  What is often overlooked is that there are many practical applications for this in our daily lives.  By moving into change and inviting more of the unknown into our lives, we open many new possibilities to emerge that are not here presently.

     Would you say that your feeling of your life is one of peace?  Radiant joy?  Bliss?  Or is it more like routine?  Take a look at your feeling state right now.  Are you in want of something or someone to manifest into your life?  Or, perhaps you are completely fulfilled?  In that case, you can skip this article.  But if you are in touch with a need or a want for yourself and you have been frustrated as to why it is not appearing in your life, then I invite you to read on.

We are all master creators

     We are all master creators of our individual lives.  There is nothing within anyone's life, that wasn't invited there.  It's just that most of our choices have become invisible to us because we can often "go unconscious" of them in the present moment.  As I like to say, there are no victims here, only conscious or unconscious manifestations.  We are each very unique in how we approach life, and what we are drawn towards and that is a good thing as it keeps things interesting, eh?

     We live in a system and a culture that has been created from the past.  Past energies, past people dominate the bulk of what is seen by us all.  However, now that the vibratory rate of the planet has increased into what I term the 5th dimension, we cannot rely on the past as our point of reference as we each go forward.  Hence I introduce the wide, wonderful world of the unknown.  Now the first reaction most of us have is that the unknown is a place of fear, and is to be avoided.  After all, going there might cause us harm?  Well, I would say that in reality, reaching for the unknown and claiming it in our own individual way will actually bring forth more for us in a very positive way!  The unknown is where abundance lies, where love is, where what we want for our lives exists.  To get there though, we are going to have to take some risks.  While that may seem fearful, it may be a greater risk to remain only in a known routine or lifestyle that has kept us feeling safe, (or not), or at least somewhat predictable.  If we are to be in the state of being master creators then we must be willing to go beyond the known world that we have made for ourselves.

The known world- observations

     For many years I have developed a practice and an intent of seeing beyond appearances.  I've also been a fan of many others who have gone this path and written or spoken about it, and there are many.  The work of Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna as well as the novels of Hank Wesselman and the novels of Carlos Casteneda come to mind.  Each worked to uncover the deeper currents that the human condition rides upon, and they have challenged the assumptions of life that we take for granted.

     Our culture is built primarily upon commerce.  Everyone to one degree or another is involved in the production and consumption of goods and services.  Some of these serve us very well, and others not so well.  Consumption has given rise to barter which over time has evolved into a monetary system.  People work so they can receive money for their efforts, which is exchanged with others for these goods and services.  Over time some have become proficient at this and claim anything from a "nest egg" of savings all the way to vast fortunes.  And many still live day to day or week to week without any financial safety net.  This has been the rise of capitalism which has exploded over the last 200 years.  Now capitalism is undergoing change because of the rise of the Internet and traditional ways of doing things are being usurped by many individuals and companies who have found new ways of creating value.

     In order to exist in this culture, one has to find a way of creating enough so that they may acquire the needs of humans- food, clothing, shelter and additional funds for non-essential things such as hobbies or passions.  Within the vibrations of the currently unfolding paradigm, less is more.  That is, less stuff, more love.  Love being:  living on vibrant energy.  To live on  vibrant energy one must go beyond the needs of the small self/ego and go within to establish a connection to that higher part of self which knows each of us intimately.  It requires going into the unknown to establish a connection and then acting upon it.

     Now we are at a period in the history of humanity where large numbers of people have all of their needs met and have a prolific abundance.  Since their needs are more than met, this group of people is for the first time in history now able to stand in the present moment and ask themselves "Is this all there is?"  Shall I exist to create more material goods- a bigger home, a new vehicle, fine clothes, etc?  Or is there something deeper to attain?  Well of course, yes there is!  And that I would say is one's evolution into greater consciousness of why you are experiencing this life.  I make this assertion not from mere belief, instead it comes from a deep knowing inside of myself.

     While knowing that greater states of knowledge and greater states of love can be available now to a large portion of humanity, we still live in a global culture of consumption and distraction.  Why?  It is because many of us fall prey to the small self and forget about the possibility of looking at life from a spiritual perspective on a day to day basis.  Those who do are generally lumped into a category of excessive religiousness.  To most, commerce seems more reliable- I'll get what I need/want and you others just leave me to this.  Religions are not going away anytime soon, however it is the believer's relationships to their respective faiths that has undergone massive change over the last century.  People find comfort in religious doctrines and practices because they codify the unknown into a set of known beliefs that can be followed.  The issue now is that clashes between belief systems has erupted into much conflict, strife and war as we have seen in this period.  Countless people have died for beliefs over the ages, beliefs that aren't even remembered anymore.  What I am saying is that we have continued to live in a culture based on a known past that is mostly filled with faulty beliefs that bring pain and suffering.  The present and our potential future as a species cannot continue to be built upon a foundation of fear and suffering that has been the hallmark of the past thousand years.  In order to move out of this cycle, each of us will have to look not backwards into our known history, either personal or collective, but into ourselves to that unknown portion of our being that is wanting to come forward and be expressed through each of us in unique ways.  This is the shift, this is the ascension, and it happens within each one of us.

The unknown

     Each of us holds within ourselves latent talents and abilities outside of those that we know and use regularly.  These are aspects that we can activate if and when we here the quiet call within and become curious of it and take action to move into action.  You might say that we are "hard-wired" to be creators on this plane.  We can re-create the same day a thousand times, or we can operate in unfettered possibility for each day.  Some of us love planning things, while others will ride on the emotional surges of new exploration each day.  And there are many more in between these to states.  Each of us, while always part of the indivisible whole, maintains a distinct expression of body and personality throughout our lifetimes.  Yet, at some point we will relinquish it to return to a state beyond the body.

     Do you know all you can about the potentials of the body you inhabit?  Do you know that it operates dutifully to promote the well-being of your life?  It transfers your food into energy to power itself, and it is constantly repairing and healing itself.  It is the temple that your energetic body resides in partnership with while you are here.  It also contains many more potentials for activation that go far beyond where we have been as a species.  It is in the process of considerable change at present, in order to be able to express the greater role that your higher self/divine self wishes to manifest as.  The body is one important example of how little we actually know about the self expressing in human form.  We just assume that it must be so as it now is, does it?

     If there is frustration or discontent present within us, it is the indicator that the unknown is knocking at our door.  We can choose to ignore it, and wait until another opportunity shows itself, or we can address its invitation to pay attention.  Nothing is as static as it may appear to be, and our consciousness is asking for greater expression in our lives and affairs.  We are at the beginnings of releasing that which no longer serves us in order to make room for that which does serve.  It is up to each of us to make these choices in our own ways.  That is the blessing of being first, an individual and second, having free will.  All choices are honored, and all choices will serve you in some way on your journey.

     Moving into the unknown doesn't mean that we have to give up all we have, no need to leave the world behind and climb up a mountain to live.  It does mean being ready and willing to receive once it comes upon us.  The word "Yes" is very important here because you are giving yourself permission to go beyond the known even if the fear of doing this is high.  Remember the acronym for fear?  Focus the energy to alter the result.  Energy is there, now it is just a matter of going beyond the initial feeling and doing it anyway.  Most of us have already done this many times in our lives, it is a matter of continuing to do it all of our lives.

We have collectively asked for this

     If you reading this, then you are an equal partner with the rest of us in welcoming the unknown to this level of reality.  Each of us has chosen to be here during momentous times of change.  No one can deny this from what we have seen and experienced over even the last 10 years.  And it will continue because we are here to assist and participate in a world that is moving up in vibration, moving up in expression.  We have wanted this because we are tired of the old games of war and separation and fear that have sought to ensnare us indefinitely.  We are far more than that, aren't we?

     There is no doubt that we are living in trying times.  Maintaining balance in the midst of all of this change is paramount for each of us.  This is why I stress the importance of simplifying one's life as much as possible, releasing what doesn't serve you moving into greater states of love.  We are each the source of our love, and we are also at choice in defining what feels like love to us and what does not and making decisions about that.  Being human is not a static state, there is always change occurring and not all of it is conscious to us right now, yet more is available to become conscious to us if we take the risk to choose it and take responsibility for holding it in our lives.  This is growth, this is conscious change.

     Going back to my statement that we are all master creators I want to make you aware of how true this is and how far we have been led astray from this fact.  And I want to point out how the present times are so very ripe for up shifting one's paradigm into something much better-more peace, more love, true prosperity.  The world we have experienced all of our lives is a construct based on what has come before.  The institutions, the roads, the governments, the religions- all of this was created in an old energy that for the most part does not apply going forward.  Yes, there are elements of each of these I just mentioned that do serve us, if they promote love and well being of those that they serve.  If they do not, then they no longer are in congruence of the world that is emerging.

     This world, what we see around us, has been constructed from a 3rd dimensional paradigm meaning that it was created in a time where there was always a strong interplay between fear and love.  You might say "I cannot see that things have changed at all, we still live in this don't we?".  And in a sense you would be correct- we do see these things still.  However, quietly being birthed all around us is the beginnings of a new world, a new way of being that has been sitting within each of our hearts, waiting to be born into view.  It is rarely reported, because the structures of our media are mostly still under the thumb of old energies designed to keep us fearful, to keep us checked and afraid of the unknown potential we all possess.  For if that became known by enough people, life as we've known it would immediately being to release itself from its own self-made prison.

     As we are each now taking back our own power of choice, which we unwittingly have given away to these structures that we created over many hundreds and thousands of years, we are saying "I know who I am in truth".  "I am a sovereign being" becomes our clarion call.  There is never a right of one sovereign being to violate the free will of another.  Let's look at an example of how this is manifesting.  In the USA there has been the issue of those in power to say "We are leaving the Paris climate accords"- a joint statement by almost every nation on Earth acknowledging that measures must be taken to come into balance with the planet we all share.  Now, leaders in business and some state governments have replied "We are going to abide by these measures in defiance of our elected national leaders".  This is a clear example of people operating from choice based on their beliefs, and perhaps their knowing, and saying to those who hold the positions of authority: " We will not abide by your choices because it is not our truth."  Regardless of your stance on this issue, it is clear to me that there are the beginnings of people as individuals and groups that are going to be challenging the status quo.  Expect a lot more of this as each successive generation of people being born on this planet are more and more attuned, pre-wired you might say, to operating in a higher frequency reality.  They won't take the status quo at face value like most of us have had to do, they will instead follow the call of their hearts because they will remember where they came from.  Those who are in positions of power now for the most part were born in an energetic frequency which no longer serves.  Fight as they may, through attrition they will yield to a new story - as yet unknown, but about to become known as it births itself through each of us.  There is a plan, there is certainty that this is occurring and it WILL happen.  This is no false promise, in other words, the game of being human has shifted to a higher octave and as we recognize it and incorporate it into our lives we each will be blessed by our own actions.

The questioning of self-worth

     Are we really ready to live in a world that has peace as its basis?  Are we really worthy to live in joy ourselves?  What is joy?  J.O.Y.  = Journeying onward yielding to what you truly want.  Do you want mayhem, strife, suffering, war, disharmony?  I think not!  Isn't it your nature to want love, harmonious relations, beauty, creativity, prosperity?  Can you accept that someone does not have to lose for you to win?  If so, then you are well on your way.  For as far back as we can know, within our families and our shared history we have been told the stories of lack, limitation, suffering, the few ruling over the many.  THAT IS PAST.  It no longer serves us individually or collectively to keep re-creating these things.  We are each having to release the stories of limitation, in order to begin to believe that we are worthy of claiming for ourselves our true inheritance.  What is that?  It is the claiming of the true self into being through each of ourselves, and it is the announcing of the Kingdom made manifest on this plane.  Release the notion that it will be dropped down from heaven upon us at the appointed time!  It in fact is born thru us bit by bit, as we lay claim to it.  If you can imagine that 95% of who you and I truly are is unknown to you at this moment, would you venture to believe that you are a magnificent being of great love and great power?  Take a moment now to get quiet and say hello to that self and invite it to be made known to you here and now.   No matter what trying circumstance you may find yourself in, know that you are a living breathing piece of All that Is and you are dearly loved, now let yourself in on the secret!

     This is why less is more.  If you are so busy with your self-created responsibilities are duties to maintain a large material life, you may not have the time to consider these things for yourself.  If your worth is held in your possessions, your status, your title, know that one day you will have to give up all of these things, then who will you be?  Think of that being you are- naked to the truth of itself, and give credence to the possibility that that is the true self.  There is nothing inherently wrong with the things of this world, it is in the spirit of how you hold them and express them which determines how you serve.  It is your choice.

Suggestions for beginning to claim the unknown into your life

     First, know for certain that the unknown wants you to know it, so it can bless you with many gifts.  Know that you and I have a whole host of unconscious traps that will say "Don't do it".  This is just the small self/ego trying to keep you in a box, don't fall for it!  This isn't an "all or nothing" proposition.  We will be cultivating at first a portion of our awareness, a portion of our day to this.  As we become more proficient we will begin to trust our own power, our own sovereignty and it will grow.  We are planting seeds and nurturing delicate shoots of awareness here.

1) You really know what's best for you, so start by saying this:  "I know what's best for me and I take action to claim it and bring it into my life."

2)  Take a few minutes sometime in your day to get quiet and listen within.  The voice of spirit within us is very quiet at first, almost a whisper.  You have to tune down your normal waking awareness in order to hear it.  At first it may be stillness, then images, then a word.  At times it will come to you while you're in the shower, driving or doing a task that doesn't require a lot of concentration.  As you here what comes, consider it and then take action upon it.

3)  Become aware of what a servant you are to your own routines.  Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.  Take a different route to work and notice what you see.  Skip your normal mealtime and go for a walk in a park instead.  Any of these are ways to challenge the routines you have and bring into question if they are serving you well or not.  You are in charge of what you allow to be present to you.  Remember, you are a sovereign being.

4)  Notice when you are in anger or fear.  At these times, take a breath before you react.  Ask yourself "How is this feeling serving me?"  It's calling us to attention.  Do you wish to be right, or do you wish to be happy?  You can't have it both ways.  Being right serves the small self, who is always trying to justify its existence, its small world as being the most important.  Being happy honors the higher self/divine self that we are working to claim more fully into our daily lives.  Make your choice, you are the one that gets to live with it!

5)  Be curious.  The other day I was watching a show about what it means to live well once you are in your 90's.  It featured Carl Reiner, a great comedian and writer for the past 60+ years.  He is curious about what he can create, and is still writing every day, being active physically and has lots of close and dear friend connections.  All are recipes for wanting to stick around on the planet.  Always think in terms of what you can bring in that's new for you.  Imagine having a new friend who becomes very dear to you.  If you can imagine it, then the possibility exists that you can manifest it.  Value real interactions with people, not just the shadow of connection that exists in the electronic world.  So much more can be communicated through the tone of a voice, the energy in the eyes, the presence of another than can be given in a 140 characters tweet or a Snapchat or a Facebook post.  Go live with your life, don't be pre-recorded!

6)  Be like Lot.  Remember the old testament story of Lot and his wife fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah before it was going to be destroyed?  The angels came to him and told him and his wife to flee before it's destruction and to not look back.  He did and was saved.  She couldn't help but gawk at it and was turned into a pillar of salt.  Here's my take on it:  We're in a period of transition and some things we've known such as institutions and ways of being are going to fall away because they can't continue in their current form.  Resist the temptation to gawk at this process, lest your vibration be lowered into anger, righteousness, contempt, disgust or whatever.  Have your intent to keep your energy clear and high as much as possible.  If you do this you'll literally become invisible to any negative effects of this drama that is playing out.  You'll be in the right place to avoid any negative events without even having to think of it, because you're trusting your higher self to guide you.  This is a good step towards claiming yourself in a higher way, the fear will be dramatically lessened and you'll be here when the proverbial dust settles.

7)  Imagine.  Take an hour of your free time and instead of doing something mindless, ask yourself if you've done enough imagining lately.  Do this with yourself, or with your partner.  Create some new ideas about what you can do to get out of your routine.  While there's plenty that is new to someone under the age of 40, once beyond that time we've got to put more effort into stretching ourselves.  Imagining has taken me all over the world, and provided me with the means to as well, no go fund me account needed for me!  We only at present receive a fraction of the wealth of love, knowledge and experiences that are set aside for each of us.  We have to imagine it if we are to receive it.  Do this with loving expectation and you will get results!

     These are just some ideas to get you started.  There is more, much much more that will come.  I haven't even touched on tools and techniques for bringing more of your multi-dimensional awareness online.  There's so much- enhanced intuition, psychic abilities such as precognition and reading into the energies around you, activating the higher chakras in the head to gain clearer reception of what is coming and more.  Some of you are already doing this, keep working to expand your abilities and be available to speak about them if someone earnestly asks you.  Most aren't even aware that these things exist or are possible, they are unknown to them.  You are on the leading edge, be in the grace of it all as it continues to unfold.  Dare to be who you truly are, a being of great love and power.  Keep stretching and keep happy.  All is well and you are doing fantastic.

Until next time,