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Monday, June 26, 2017

You will find what you need in the unknown

     Today we are going to focus on taking a look at our assumptions of what it means to be a living breathing person on the planet right now and see if we can challenge these a bit so that we can move more easily into change.  Change is the next step and it is the precursor of our transformation into living well within the energies of the 5th dimension.  What is often overlooked is that there are many practical applications for this in our daily lives.  By moving into change and inviting more of the unknown into our lives, we open many new possibilities to emerge that are not here presently.

     Would you say that your feeling of your life is one of peace?  Radiant joy?  Bliss?  Or is it more like routine?  Take a look at your feeling state right now.  Are you in want of something or someone to manifest into your life?  Or, perhaps you are completely fulfilled?  In that case, you can skip this article.  But if you are in touch with a need or a want for yourself and you have been frustrated as to why it is not appearing in your life, then I invite you to read on.

We are all master creators

     We are all master creators of our individual lives.  There is nothing within anyone's life, that wasn't invited there.  It's just that most of our choices have become invisible to us because we can often "go unconscious" of them in the present moment.  As I like to say, there are no victims here, only conscious or unconscious manifestations.  We are each very unique in how we approach life, and what we are drawn towards and that is a good thing as it keeps things interesting, eh?

     We live in a system and a culture that has been created from the past.  Past energies, past people dominate the bulk of what is seen by us all.  However, now that the vibratory rate of the planet has increased into what I term the 5th dimension, we cannot rely on the past as our point of reference as we each go forward.  Hence I introduce the wide, wonderful world of the unknown.  Now the first reaction most of us have is that the unknown is a place of fear, and is to be avoided.  After all, going there might cause us harm?  Well, I would say that in reality, reaching for the unknown and claiming it in our own individual way will actually bring forth more for us in a very positive way!  The unknown is where abundance lies, where love is, where what we want for our lives exists.  To get there though, we are going to have to take some risks.  While that may seem fearful, it may be a greater risk to remain only in a known routine or lifestyle that has kept us feeling safe, (or not), or at least somewhat predictable.  If we are to be in the state of being master creators then we must be willing to go beyond the known world that we have made for ourselves.

The known world- observations

     For many years I have developed a practice and an intent of seeing beyond appearances.  I've also been a fan of many others who have gone this path and written or spoken about it, and there are many.  The work of Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna as well as the novels of Hank Wesselman and the novels of Carlos Casteneda come to mind.  Each worked to uncover the deeper currents that the human condition rides upon, and they have challenged the assumptions of life that we take for granted.

     Our culture is built primarily upon commerce.  Everyone to one degree or another is involved in the production and consumption of goods and services.  Some of these serve us very well, and others not so well.  Consumption has given rise to barter which over time has evolved into a monetary system.  People work so they can receive money for their efforts, which is exchanged with others for these goods and services.  Over time some have become proficient at this and claim anything from a "nest egg" of savings all the way to vast fortunes.  And many still live day to day or week to week without any financial safety net.  This has been the rise of capitalism which has exploded over the last 200 years.  Now capitalism is undergoing change because of the rise of the Internet and traditional ways of doing things are being usurped by many individuals and companies who have found new ways of creating value.

     In order to exist in this culture, one has to find a way of creating enough so that they may acquire the needs of humans- food, clothing, shelter and additional funds for non-essential things such as hobbies or passions.  Within the vibrations of the currently unfolding paradigm, less is more.  That is, less stuff, more love.  Love being:  living on vibrant energy.  To live on  vibrant energy one must go beyond the needs of the small self/ego and go within to establish a connection to that higher part of self which knows each of us intimately.  It requires going into the unknown to establish a connection and then acting upon it.

     Now we are at a period in the history of humanity where large numbers of people have all of their needs met and have a prolific abundance.  Since their needs are more than met, this group of people is for the first time in history now able to stand in the present moment and ask themselves "Is this all there is?"  Shall I exist to create more material goods- a bigger home, a new vehicle, fine clothes, etc?  Or is there something deeper to attain?  Well of course, yes there is!  And that I would say is one's evolution into greater consciousness of why you are experiencing this life.  I make this assertion not from mere belief, instead it comes from a deep knowing inside of myself.

     While knowing that greater states of knowledge and greater states of love can be available now to a large portion of humanity, we still live in a global culture of consumption and distraction.  Why?  It is because many of us fall prey to the small self and forget about the possibility of looking at life from a spiritual perspective on a day to day basis.  Those who do are generally lumped into a category of excessive religiousness.  To most, commerce seems more reliable- I'll get what I need/want and you others just leave me to this.  Religions are not going away anytime soon, however it is the believer's relationships to their respective faiths that has undergone massive change over the last century.  People find comfort in religious doctrines and practices because they codify the unknown into a set of known beliefs that can be followed.  The issue now is that clashes between belief systems has erupted into much conflict, strife and war as we have seen in this period.  Countless people have died for beliefs over the ages, beliefs that aren't even remembered anymore.  What I am saying is that we have continued to live in a culture based on a known past that is mostly filled with faulty beliefs that bring pain and suffering.  The present and our potential future as a species cannot continue to be built upon a foundation of fear and suffering that has been the hallmark of the past thousand years.  In order to move out of this cycle, each of us will have to look not backwards into our known history, either personal or collective, but into ourselves to that unknown portion of our being that is wanting to come forward and be expressed through each of us in unique ways.  This is the shift, this is the ascension, and it happens within each one of us.

The unknown

     Each of us holds within ourselves latent talents and abilities outside of those that we know and use regularly.  These are aspects that we can activate if and when we here the quiet call within and become curious of it and take action to move into action.  You might say that we are "hard-wired" to be creators on this plane.  We can re-create the same day a thousand times, or we can operate in unfettered possibility for each day.  Some of us love planning things, while others will ride on the emotional surges of new exploration each day.  And there are many more in between these to states.  Each of us, while always part of the indivisible whole, maintains a distinct expression of body and personality throughout our lifetimes.  Yet, at some point we will relinquish it to return to a state beyond the body.

     Do you know all you can about the potentials of the body you inhabit?  Do you know that it operates dutifully to promote the well-being of your life?  It transfers your food into energy to power itself, and it is constantly repairing and healing itself.  It is the temple that your energetic body resides in partnership with while you are here.  It also contains many more potentials for activation that go far beyond where we have been as a species.  It is in the process of considerable change at present, in order to be able to express the greater role that your higher self/divine self wishes to manifest as.  The body is one important example of how little we actually know about the self expressing in human form.  We just assume that it must be so as it now is, does it?

     If there is frustration or discontent present within us, it is the indicator that the unknown is knocking at our door.  We can choose to ignore it, and wait until another opportunity shows itself, or we can address its invitation to pay attention.  Nothing is as static as it may appear to be, and our consciousness is asking for greater expression in our lives and affairs.  We are at the beginnings of releasing that which no longer serves us in order to make room for that which does serve.  It is up to each of us to make these choices in our own ways.  That is the blessing of being first, an individual and second, having free will.  All choices are honored, and all choices will serve you in some way on your journey.

     Moving into the unknown doesn't mean that we have to give up all we have, no need to leave the world behind and climb up a mountain to live.  It does mean being ready and willing to receive once it comes upon us.  The word "Yes" is very important here because you are giving yourself permission to go beyond the known even if the fear of doing this is high.  Remember the acronym for fear?  Focus the energy to alter the result.  Energy is there, now it is just a matter of going beyond the initial feeling and doing it anyway.  Most of us have already done this many times in our lives, it is a matter of continuing to do it all of our lives.

We have collectively asked for this

     If you reading this, then you are an equal partner with the rest of us in welcoming the unknown to this level of reality.  Each of us has chosen to be here during momentous times of change.  No one can deny this from what we have seen and experienced over even the last 10 years.  And it will continue because we are here to assist and participate in a world that is moving up in vibration, moving up in expression.  We have wanted this because we are tired of the old games of war and separation and fear that have sought to ensnare us indefinitely.  We are far more than that, aren't we?

     There is no doubt that we are living in trying times.  Maintaining balance in the midst of all of this change is paramount for each of us.  This is why I stress the importance of simplifying one's life as much as possible, releasing what doesn't serve you moving into greater states of love.  We are each the source of our love, and we are also at choice in defining what feels like love to us and what does not and making decisions about that.  Being human is not a static state, there is always change occurring and not all of it is conscious to us right now, yet more is available to become conscious to us if we take the risk to choose it and take responsibility for holding it in our lives.  This is growth, this is conscious change.

     Going back to my statement that we are all master creators I want to make you aware of how true this is and how far we have been led astray from this fact.  And I want to point out how the present times are so very ripe for up shifting one's paradigm into something much better-more peace, more love, true prosperity.  The world we have experienced all of our lives is a construct based on what has come before.  The institutions, the roads, the governments, the religions- all of this was created in an old energy that for the most part does not apply going forward.  Yes, there are elements of each of these I just mentioned that do serve us, if they promote love and well being of those that they serve.  If they do not, then they no longer are in congruence of the world that is emerging.

     This world, what we see around us, has been constructed from a 3rd dimensional paradigm meaning that it was created in a time where there was always a strong interplay between fear and love.  You might say "I cannot see that things have changed at all, we still live in this don't we?".  And in a sense you would be correct- we do see these things still.  However, quietly being birthed all around us is the beginnings of a new world, a new way of being that has been sitting within each of our hearts, waiting to be born into view.  It is rarely reported, because the structures of our media are mostly still under the thumb of old energies designed to keep us fearful, to keep us checked and afraid of the unknown potential we all possess.  For if that became known by enough people, life as we've known it would immediately being to release itself from its own self-made prison.

     As we are each now taking back our own power of choice, which we unwittingly have given away to these structures that we created over many hundreds and thousands of years, we are saying "I know who I am in truth".  "I am a sovereign being" becomes our clarion call.  There is never a right of one sovereign being to violate the free will of another.  Let's look at an example of how this is manifesting.  In the USA there has been the issue of those in power to say "We are leaving the Paris climate accords"- a joint statement by almost every nation on Earth acknowledging that measures must be taken to come into balance with the planet we all share.  Now, leaders in business and some state governments have replied "We are going to abide by these measures in defiance of our elected national leaders".  This is a clear example of people operating from choice based on their beliefs, and perhaps their knowing, and saying to those who hold the positions of authority: " We will not abide by your choices because it is not our truth."  Regardless of your stance on this issue, it is clear to me that there are the beginnings of people as individuals and groups that are going to be challenging the status quo.  Expect a lot more of this as each successive generation of people being born on this planet are more and more attuned, pre-wired you might say, to operating in a higher frequency reality.  They won't take the status quo at face value like most of us have had to do, they will instead follow the call of their hearts because they will remember where they came from.  Those who are in positions of power now for the most part were born in an energetic frequency which no longer serves.  Fight as they may, through attrition they will yield to a new story - as yet unknown, but about to become known as it births itself through each of us.  There is a plan, there is certainty that this is occurring and it WILL happen.  This is no false promise, in other words, the game of being human has shifted to a higher octave and as we recognize it and incorporate it into our lives we each will be blessed by our own actions.

The questioning of self-worth

     Are we really ready to live in a world that has peace as its basis?  Are we really worthy to live in joy ourselves?  What is joy?  J.O.Y.  = Journeying onward yielding to what you truly want.  Do you want mayhem, strife, suffering, war, disharmony?  I think not!  Isn't it your nature to want love, harmonious relations, beauty, creativity, prosperity?  Can you accept that someone does not have to lose for you to win?  If so, then you are well on your way.  For as far back as we can know, within our families and our shared history we have been told the stories of lack, limitation, suffering, the few ruling over the many.  THAT IS PAST.  It no longer serves us individually or collectively to keep re-creating these things.  We are each having to release the stories of limitation, in order to begin to believe that we are worthy of claiming for ourselves our true inheritance.  What is that?  It is the claiming of the true self into being through each of ourselves, and it is the announcing of the Kingdom made manifest on this plane.  Release the notion that it will be dropped down from heaven upon us at the appointed time!  It in fact is born thru us bit by bit, as we lay claim to it.  If you can imagine that 95% of who you and I truly are is unknown to you at this moment, would you venture to believe that you are a magnificent being of great love and great power?  Take a moment now to get quiet and say hello to that self and invite it to be made known to you here and now.   No matter what trying circumstance you may find yourself in, know that you are a living breathing piece of All that Is and you are dearly loved, now let yourself in on the secret!

     This is why less is more.  If you are so busy with your self-created responsibilities are duties to maintain a large material life, you may not have the time to consider these things for yourself.  If your worth is held in your possessions, your status, your title, know that one day you will have to give up all of these things, then who will you be?  Think of that being you are- naked to the truth of itself, and give credence to the possibility that that is the true self.  There is nothing inherently wrong with the things of this world, it is in the spirit of how you hold them and express them which determines how you serve.  It is your choice.

Suggestions for beginning to claim the unknown into your life

     First, know for certain that the unknown wants you to know it, so it can bless you with many gifts.  Know that you and I have a whole host of unconscious traps that will say "Don't do it".  This is just the small self/ego trying to keep you in a box, don't fall for it!  This isn't an "all or nothing" proposition.  We will be cultivating at first a portion of our awareness, a portion of our day to this.  As we become more proficient we will begin to trust our own power, our own sovereignty and it will grow.  We are planting seeds and nurturing delicate shoots of awareness here.

1) You really know what's best for you, so start by saying this:  "I know what's best for me and I take action to claim it and bring it into my life."

2)  Take a few minutes sometime in your day to get quiet and listen within.  The voice of spirit within us is very quiet at first, almost a whisper.  You have to tune down your normal waking awareness in order to hear it.  At first it may be stillness, then images, then a word.  At times it will come to you while you're in the shower, driving or doing a task that doesn't require a lot of concentration.  As you here what comes, consider it and then take action upon it.

3)  Become aware of what a servant you are to your own routines.  Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.  Take a different route to work and notice what you see.  Skip your normal mealtime and go for a walk in a park instead.  Any of these are ways to challenge the routines you have and bring into question if they are serving you well or not.  You are in charge of what you allow to be present to you.  Remember, you are a sovereign being.

4)  Notice when you are in anger or fear.  At these times, take a breath before you react.  Ask yourself "How is this feeling serving me?"  It's calling us to attention.  Do you wish to be right, or do you wish to be happy?  You can't have it both ways.  Being right serves the small self, who is always trying to justify its existence, its small world as being the most important.  Being happy honors the higher self/divine self that we are working to claim more fully into our daily lives.  Make your choice, you are the one that gets to live with it!

5)  Be curious.  The other day I was watching a show about what it means to live well once you are in your 90's.  It featured Carl Reiner, a great comedian and writer for the past 60+ years.  He is curious about what he can create, and is still writing every day, being active physically and has lots of close and dear friend connections.  All are recipes for wanting to stick around on the planet.  Always think in terms of what you can bring in that's new for you.  Imagine having a new friend who becomes very dear to you.  If you can imagine it, then the possibility exists that you can manifest it.  Value real interactions with people, not just the shadow of connection that exists in the electronic world.  So much more can be communicated through the tone of a voice, the energy in the eyes, the presence of another than can be given in a 140 characters tweet or a Snapchat or a Facebook post.  Go live with your life, don't be pre-recorded!

6)  Be like Lot.  Remember the old testament story of Lot and his wife fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah before it was going to be destroyed?  The angels came to him and told him and his wife to flee before it's destruction and to not look back.  He did and was saved.  She couldn't help but gawk at it and was turned into a pillar of salt.  Here's my take on it:  We're in a period of transition and some things we've known such as institutions and ways of being are going to fall away because they can't continue in their current form.  Resist the temptation to gawk at this process, lest your vibration be lowered into anger, righteousness, contempt, disgust or whatever.  Have your intent to keep your energy clear and high as much as possible.  If you do this you'll literally become invisible to any negative effects of this drama that is playing out.  You'll be in the right place to avoid any negative events without even having to think of it, because you're trusting your higher self to guide you.  This is a good step towards claiming yourself in a higher way, the fear will be dramatically lessened and you'll be here when the proverbial dust settles.

7)  Imagine.  Take an hour of your free time and instead of doing something mindless, ask yourself if you've done enough imagining lately.  Do this with yourself, or with your partner.  Create some new ideas about what you can do to get out of your routine.  While there's plenty that is new to someone under the age of 40, once beyond that time we've got to put more effort into stretching ourselves.  Imagining has taken me all over the world, and provided me with the means to as well, no go fund me account needed for me!  We only at present receive a fraction of the wealth of love, knowledge and experiences that are set aside for each of us.  We have to imagine it if we are to receive it.  Do this with loving expectation and you will get results!

     These are just some ideas to get you started.  There is more, much much more that will come.  I haven't even touched on tools and techniques for bringing more of your multi-dimensional awareness online.  There's so much- enhanced intuition, psychic abilities such as precognition and reading into the energies around you, activating the higher chakras in the head to gain clearer reception of what is coming and more.  Some of you are already doing this, keep working to expand your abilities and be available to speak about them if someone earnestly asks you.  Most aren't even aware that these things exist or are possible, they are unknown to them.  You are on the leading edge, be in the grace of it all as it continues to unfold.  Dare to be who you truly are, a being of great love and power.  Keep stretching and keep happy.  All is well and you are doing fantastic.

Until next time,


Monday, May 8, 2017

Planetary update-the pace of change now quickens, can you keep up?

     Welcome back to another edition on our shared journey into the emergence of the new paradigm on our beloved planet Earth.  Before we begin, let's take a few deep, cleansing breaths together.           Got that?  Great!  Now let's proceed.

     I have posted a picture of the planet at the top of this post to show the entire world, to illustrate that we are all in this together.  What is occurring is not an issue for any one segment of the planet, it is for all.  It is a time of great change, and these changes are leading to a transformation to the next steps of evolution of human consciousness on this planet.  It cannot be denied, it cannot be stopped, it is affecting us all each in very personal ways.  It is about the rising frequencies of energy that have been bathing us for some years now, and will continue for many more years until the transition is complete.  I term it "stepping into 5th dimensional consciousness", and it is a process, not an on/off switch.  While it appears we in many ways are stepping back, there is only one direction, and that is forward.

The energies now move forward

     We recently completed the latest Mercury retrograde period, as well as Venus retrograde.  Both are now proceeding forward.  This will begin lightening the energies of the last month considerably.  We are however still in a Saturn retrograde until the end of the year, and that is the planet of "hard work, hard lessons", so expect that anything that isn't Truth or is not in the vibrations of Love will be subject to not holding together in coherence for much longer.  Why?  Simply, the escalation in frequencies doesn't support old ways of doing things, doesn't support low vibration creations based in fear.

Second,  it is likely that within the next week or two another unseen, unmeasurable wave of energies will once again bathe the planet.  This will add to the increase in activity by people as they feel the need to create and move with this flow that is arriving.  Change is constant in these times.  What is happening is that the base energies of the planet are now totally open to creation in many new ways, but only within the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension.  That which has been created in the past cannot be created again.  This is a key point, despite what we may be witnessing in our lives that looks like reversal, it is unsustainable because it does not align to the energetic frequencies that now exist.  Expect anything created like this to be dispatched to the waste can of history within a few years at most.  I say these things because I know that a lot of events that have unfolded in the last year across the planet look like a wholesale rejection of moving forward.  We are now supported to move into greater states of knowledge and greater states of love, something I hope you agree is needed and desired by the vast majority.

Time and space are being affected 

     I am now going to talk about time and space in a different way, one that has everything to do with the evolution of humans on this planet.  We are all subject to time and to space in one way or another.  It is part of the experience of being embodied, however we are in actuality multi-dimensional beings who have agreed to have an experience of life within a body.  This body is constantly changing, and it is now adapting to living on a planet that is carrying a higher frequency of energy than ever before in known history.  And it will go higher still in coming years.  Each successive generation of humans will become more suited to this new way of being, while those of older years will have a more challenging time remaining flexible enough to adapt, though it is still possible.

     Reality as it truly is, is beyond the reasoning mind.  We have made ourselves captive to this one aspect of ourselves for literally thousands of years, and now it is coming to an end and that is a good thing.  It is as absurd as thinking that we can run our lives based only on computer programs alone. How dull that would be!

There are two factors that are now merging into harmony with one another with respect to time and space:  The Lemurian energies and the Atlantean energies.  The next phase of humanity is going to be the merging and blossoming of these two streams of energy into our next version of humanity.  What I speak of will come to pass over many generations, and we are now building the foundations for what will come, that is why this moment in time is so important, and you are so important just because you are here.  The Lemurian energy focuses on time.  (T.I.M.E.)  is the temporal integration of mankind and energy.   The question that Lemurian energies ask is "For how long shall this be?, What will be the impact of time?".  The Atlantean energy focuses on space.  (S.P.A.C.E.) Strength, power and actions creating energy.  Thus the pull of this part of humanity is towards what will go in the space that is created.   Here in this present moment that is what is happening across the planet.  This does not mean that there are only people in one camp or another, while that may be the case for some, in my understanding we are mostly a blend of these streams of energy.  If for example, you are asking yourself about what next you are going to create in your life and are struggling with it, then you are struggling with that Atlantean aspect of yourself.
    There are degrees of both of these energies:  from "out of control", to "old way", to "new way", to "enlightened".   We are each working in our own ways towards evolution, and evolution begins with consciousness and then is followed into physical reality.  It really is a time of great opportunity to accept who you are in the present moment, no matter how you judge yourself, and then say to yourself "I want more".  More what?  More love, more knowledge.  It is that simply stated, it is the details that often frustrate us!  Some say that the Earth is a not a school, it is a place of experiencing.  I would not disagree with that, however learning occurs nonetheless AND evolution is the core premise of being human.

Trump the old Atlantean

     Here for the first time ever in print, I am "outing" our President Trump as an "old Atlantean".  Here we see a man who is obsessed with being seen.  His whole life is about being the one who decides what will fill the spaces- a very Atlantean tendency!  He has filled the city of New York and beyond with his buildings, he has filled the tabloids with stories about him, as well as TV,  and now he is the President because he truly believed that he alone knows what to do.  And he will continue in this way because he is almost completely focused on space, and not the effects over time.  In my opinion his unbalanced actions and creations will lead the USA and much of the world into a period of great change.  It most certainly will not be pleasant, however on some level it is needed.  As tempting as it is, do not blame him.  It really does not matter who is President or who sits in the seats of power across the world, change is coming and the status quo that has existed for generations is on the verge of major upheaval.  The old energies of Atlantis and Lemuria are coming into present awareness to be released because they no longer serve.  It is time to move into the "new" or "enlightened" arenas, and leave behind what has been.

What about the Lemurians?

     Besides holding the intent for the temporal integration of humankind and energies, the Lemurian side of our human equation also holds many gifts and a rich history in our DNA of an age long past.  It is not important to know the exact history of this epoch, other than it was.  Lemuria's theme is "Love is all" and those who value love and its varied forms of expression are going to be emerging to show us new ways of being in coming years.  Lemurian energy is about expression, flow and grace.  It is tied closely with one's heart and if you are hearing more loudly the call of your heart, know that it is this aspect of you which is seeking attention and expression.

The present moment is crucial

     Connecting with our higher vibrational aspects is all about being in the present moment, breathing, feeling and thinking.  Now, more than ever, the present moment is more available to people to create within.  As we continue to move forward, there will be alterations in our perceptions of time that will occur to assist us to integrate into a higher way of expressing.  Many are already experiencing this, however the mass consciousness and media aren't generally aware of it.  What people are aware of is a feeling of continual "speeding up" of time and greater difficulty in being able to do everything that is needed to be done.

     It is important to take time for yourself to take a look at your life and make priorities for what you truly want to do/have/experience for yourself, versus what is occurring.  Often we make ourselves "go unconscious" in the present moment through routines and distractions.  Our culture is one of distraction, with hundreds of entertainment programs, dozens of social media outlets, etc that beckon us.  Since the advent of smart phones you can go nearly anywhere in the world and see people staring at their phones in public.  Some of it is helpful and convenient, however the vast majority of this time is spent on distraction, and results in going unconscious in the present moment.  This is the opposite of what is needed right now:  to pay attention to your own self at a deeper level.

Change is on the horizon

     While it appears that life is continuing on as it always has, we sit on the cusp of changes and events that will cause us to reconsider our lives.  The Earth, Gaia as I like to call her, is a partner in all of this.  Gaia is in pause, waiting for us as a collective of humanity to come to a choice on how we wish to proceed.  Once that point is established, then events will begin to unfold to honor that choice.  Gaia has already claimed the energies of the 5th dimension, now it is up to each of us to align for ourselves as to what will be our choices going forward.  All choices are honored, and this is not about some sort of judgment day.  It is about transformation, it is about evolution of consciousness in form.  We are each in our own way working to advance what it means to be human, and then get to live in that expansion with great joy.  I have written previously that these changes are not based on our known past.  They are coming from what I would term a quantum field of potentials.  It is about claiming our own potential within ourselves and then expressing it into our lives, and feeling that power of our personal connection to the creator within.  It is not about being rescued by a Rapture, or enlightened aliens coming to save us or anything "outside" of ourselves.  It is about getting our priorities aligned to Truth in its most profoundly pure form.

Things to consider going forward

1)  Simplify, simplify.  Less is more in the higher vibrations.  Less "stuff", more love.  More love of self, more love for others.  Journey lightly whenever possible.

2)  Everything you are experiencing, you created through your allowing.  Yes, you are that powerful.  Whether it is abundance or lack, you created it.  This can be not only in material things, also it is relationships, health and anything else.  If it doesn't feel good, or is not serving you, why are you continuing to keep it around?  Being honest with oneself is a great act of love!

3)  Stop worrying about ascension!  This is just the ego trying to get a grasp of something it cannot.  You are here, on a planet that has moved to a higher frequency.  You are doing what you need to by just living and breathing here and now.  Focus on what really matters to you in your daily life:   acting on your passions will guide you to the perfect circumstances for you in each moment.  No one will do this exactly the same.  Be harmless in your pursuit of your truth.

4)  No one knows the truth of your heart but you, unless you are living it.  We are overdue for a big backlash from conformity on this planet, and that is a good thing.  It will create many more opportunities for future generations.  Listen to your heart and start acting on its urges for you.  We have all been using our minds to run things far too long, and listening to the ego's story as if it was all there is.  Remember yourself as a timeless spiritual being who agreed to come into a body.  Honor the body as best you can keeping in mind that a lifetime is not so long.

5)  Life is a do-it-yourself project.  Yes, we all have assistance in many forms, but it is still up to you and your personal choices how it will unfold.  This applies for adults of any age.  Sometimes some healing is required before we can change.  Seek what you need most and trust that it will come to you.  We live in a benevolent Universe, the illusion is that it is not.  There is no separation of any of us from Source/G-d/Heaven/whatever you prefer to call it.

     To come to a conclusion with this today is to let you know that all is well, forward momentum will bring many new things to us, and by trusting ourselves and accessing and claiming our own inner power we will be able to adjust and "keep up" with the changes that are occurring.  Live by your own truth of that wise inner being always with you and things will become easier.  Practice being a bit more conscious for 10 minutes a day and you will find you have planted seeds for yourself that will yield more than you need, in all ways.

    I thank my own guides and teachers for their assistance as always with what I write, and I hope that you find something here that will benefit you.  May you have much happiness and love on your journey until we connect again.



Thursday, March 23, 2017

Your purpose in times of great transition is to be present to You


 There is no doubt that we are living in times of great transition.  Everything is changing, socially, politically, in the environmentally and energetically.  In order to maintain our sense of stability during these times we are going to have to go deeper within ourselves to get the support and assistance we will be needing.  Let me illustrate.  I received the title to this article while brushing my teeth.  Why is that important?  It was in that moment I relaxed my thinking mind and then the idea appeared in my mind without me consciously trying.  It's that type of connection that we all possess and can and do use.  It is that intuitive sense that we can cultivate in order to assist ourselves to answer some of the big questions we may have for ourselves:  "What is my purpose?"  and "Why am I here?" I am going to offer you some of my thoughts and insights with the hope that they will assist you in moving your life forward in a way that pleases you.  I believe that the more happy and engaged people we have on this planet, the better life will be for us all, wouldn't you agree?

     There is no one alive who did not agree to come into a body and exist here, in this time and space.  Apparently a lot of beings have thought this to be a good idea, given that the population of the planet has doubled to over 7 billion persons in the last 50 years.  No one is forced to come to Earth, as there are many places and ways for a soul to develop.  While these aren't usually in our awareness while we are here, they nonetheless do exist.  For the purpose of this discussion we will focus on the fact that we are here, in a body, existing in early 21st century planet Earth.

     One of the first things I heard from a non-physical guide was that we come to the planet for "learning and fun".  I also believe that in the process of learning and fun we are also moving further on our paths of evolution.  Evolution of what?  Evolution of our awareness of who and what we really are.  No there's no doubt that we learn things while we go through life.  We learn to not touch a hot stove, or not drive recklessly for example.  We become more aware of what is truth and what is a lie by experiencing the energies and consequences of both.  Some of our learning is enjoyable, and some of it is quite painful, yet it all serves us.   We each grow and develop a way of being that suits our individual expression and mission for ourselves.  We make mistakes, that is unavoidable.  We also experience successes.  The life of being human is a rich tapestry of experiences because we have a complex interaction of distinct physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves all involved in our lives.  These aspects are also interacting with our Higher Self/Divine Self aspect which is coming more to the forefront of all of our lives as the vibratory rate on Earth continues to climb.  This vibratory increase is ushering in an enhanced awareness of higher consciousness- higher purpose, and higher expression of our spirit while in form.  Just as people a thousand years ago didn't act the way that we do now, of course in a thousand years hence humans will be acting from an even greater expression than we do today.  The opportunity of life is to experience moving ourselves into greater states of knowledge and greater states of love.

     There is a distinction between one's purpose and one's goal that I want to introduce you to.  It was recently brought to my attention and it merits consideration because it is felt by us all.  Over the last decade or two there has been an increasing feeling by many to "find their purpose".  This is a call that many are hearing that is coming from their soul energy via the strengthening connection we are claiming to our higher selves.  We are beginning to listen and this is a good thing.  Many are seeing and experiencing that the paradigm of life that has been presented up to this point is no longer working for them.  The rate of change that is occurring is creating many stresses upon people and nations to find new ways of creating, and the planet supports those that are in the higher vibration of present times.  One's purpose, in essence, is the activation of one's specific gifts and intents from the "soul-side" of existence into manifestation in our human lives.  It is bringing more of the energy of who we truly are, into action in our bodies and in present time.  This seems straight forward and simple, correct?  Well then, why is it so difficult for most of us, most of the time?  It is because of the present human condition, which brings in the concept of "goals".

     One's goal and purpose do not automatically correspond in a life.  I suppose that is part of the reason why we experience many lifetimes.  We may study an issue through different perspectives of many different lifetimes because that is most helpful to us.  This is a question not easily answered from this side of the veil as we have all agreed to experience life and put the "blinders on" from our remembrance of our true state so that we can immerse ourselves in "being human".  One's goal or goals in life may often be at odds with our purpose, because the goal comes from the human side of our existence and is shaped by what we experience as we go through our lives.  My belief is that pursuing our life purpose will lead to more enrichment and fulfillment than if we decide to only meet our human goals, however this means we are each going to have to take some risks.

     In general we pursue our goals in order to feel powerful, accepted, admired and loved because of what we have accomplished or what we possess.  Such things could be a career of perceived high status and/or income, an attractive partner , a beautiful place to live, etc.  Culture says that these things will lead to acceptance and fulfillment.  Yet, there are many who have achieved some or all of these and are still unhappy and even miserable.  (Some are quite happy too.)  I believe that it depends on the intent and the maturity of the person who created it.  We have created a world where millions are racing towards these ideals and completely pushing aside their inner calling because it does not speak to them as loudly as what they see before them.  The curious thing right now is we are at a point where change is going to occur on a global scale because the entire paradigm has shifted to a new level of possibility, one not fettered by past history.  Although it is difficult to see, it is beginning to show itself if you look beyond the tired old dramas still seeking your attention.

     One's purpose, I believe, is about bringing forth one's innate gifts and sharing them in the world in order to create something new, something better, and something more aligned to what is, rather than what has been.  Everyone has gifts to share, there are those who are great leaders, teachers, technicians, engineers, artists, healers to name a few.  Some are living their purpose by creating loving families for children of high vibration to be born into and nurtured.  Some work with the Earth herself to protect and promote harmony with the natural world.  Purpose to me is what makes your heart sing and gets you excited to meet each day.  There is a prosperity that comes from living purpose that cannot be easily measured in terms of money, yet it is often more valuable because it cannot be bought.

Your purpose is tied to partnership

     Partnership or relationship is key to any purpose.  There are fundamental things we take for granted in our reality that have been created for this to even exist in this way at all.  First, time and space are provided.  The experience of linear time is only part of this dimension of life while we are here.  You have been provided a body.   You have been gifted with memory.   These are just a few things that most everyone takes for granted yet are not universal in scope.  For example, good luck fulfilling your purpose living on Jupiter, it just won't work!  We are very much part of the Earth environment, not apart from it.  So firstly, your relationship is to this planet.

     Second, your partnership is with other beings on the planet- family, friends, business associates, romantic partners, etc.  This is where much learning comes from as we attract or repel those by the way we are holding our vibration.  Doesn't it feel very good when we are around those we are aligned with?  Doesn't it feel less so when we interact with those who do not agree with or may even oppose us because of the way we express our truth?  It is through interaction with others that our purpose is fulfilled.  Being human implies that there are going to be connections made between people and energy shared.

     Thirdly, your partnership with the Creator within you is most vital.  Creation can be as simple as performing an action such as making a sandwich, all the way up to performing seeming miracles!  Yes, we all possess that range of creation, yet we rarely test its limits.  Now with the increased vibratory rate on the planet it is only a matter of a short while until people will engage the possibilities and create things in partnership with their creator that would not have been conceived of even a few years ago.  The future will not be based upon the past.  Expect the unexpected and be excited!  It is our strong and active connection to our own creator energy that we are able to achieve our purpose.  Bringing our inner creator online means we are to some degree connecting to our passion.

Purpose is connected to passion

     There is no doubt that one's purpose is always connected to feeling good.  If you want to make more room for passion to enter your life, make an inventory of the things that aren't giving you a good feeling state and start to reduce or eliminate them from your life.  By doing this you will create space for yourself because you have freed energy that you were pouring into these things, people or situations.  Then you will feel a gap or a void, as you now have extra time and energy.  This is the point of change and choice.  This is where you take the risk to choose something new, over repeating old patterns.  Take some time to imagine the happy results of your new actions.  This is time well spent.  Some say we spend more time planning our next vacation than planning on where we are going to choose with our lives- something we live every day.  We all have a tendency to want things to be safely predictable, however these are not the times we are living in, is it?

     Passion is first felt by you, then is expressed in the world as you choose.  It is a great demonstration of self love to indulge yourself in connecting to the things that make you feel alive.  It is about us creating for ourselves an acute consciousness of the present moment, and truly living within it.  Passion is always about being present.  It does not exist in the past or the future.  You may be passionate about a future event, yet you are always feel it in the present moment.

  The next step is to explore increasing the energy you put into things you know and like, and also beginning to explore new things that are unknown to you now that you may be curious of.  In a manner of speaking you are cultivating your thoughts and actions and consciously refining what brings you the best feeling state.  Question your habits.  Are they serving you or are they just a way of keeping you safe from feeling the cues and signals from your body or emotions that it is time to do something else?  Become a master gardener of your own state of being.  The journey and how we hold ourselves while we are here is as important as the destination.  Acknowledging yourself daily, then hourly, then in every moment is a great practice that opens up greater love and greater knowledge, all experienced in the present.

Evolution is happening now

     By being here we are all participating in evolution.  This happens regardless of whether we want it or agree to it or not.  Your agreement is your physical presence on the planet right now, in the energies of 5D.  Everyone is moving forward because they choose to remain on the planet.  There are many who are choosing to leave.  Humans have a wide latitude about how long they will stay.  Much of this happens unconsciously but it does hinge upon how well people are harmonizing with the increases in frequency of energy now here.  As I have written many times before, the 5th dimension is about a frequency of vibrant energy that is all about love, not fear.  The more we align ourselves to love, the easier it gets.  Be mindful of any lower energies of fear that you allow into your awareness and know that you can choose differently.  All you need to do is start listening to yourself and bit by bit you will be able to align yourself with the well-being that is your birthright.

     I'll leave you with this quote from a favorite book of mine called "Living with Joy" by Sanaya Roman.  Take some time to ponder it as you consider a new view of what your purpose might be.
"Everything you have right now in your life, you created from the past.  Everything you have from here on out can be created at this moment, and it can be created differently.  You do not need to know specifically what you will do today or the next day.  You can start by BELIEVING that you do have a purpose, a concrete purpose, and you can begin by asking it to unfold for you."

We're not all here for the same purpose, life is a very individualized journey.  We are all here experiencing our lives as we stand in amazing changes.  Take that next step knowing you are doing it for you, and by loving you more you will also make this world better than it was.  You are the gift.  Please unwrap yourself and celebrate!

Until next time, be well



Friday, March 3, 2017

How to move into change, in the energies of now

     It is clear that we are in the midst of times of great change in our outer world.  Today I would like to address the issue of change in our own personal lives, something that is near and dear to each of us.  My assumption is that change is best served when we consciously choose it for ourselves, rather than let it be dictated by people and events outside of ourselves.  We have little to no control over those inputs, except to how we respond to them, and often we can respond with dismay, or even anger.  However, when we are the instigators of change in our own lives, we can feel a sense of empowerment and satisfaction that far exceeds anything imposed on us by outside circumstances.

     Change is essential if we are to transform, to evolve ourselves in this life.  It can be exciting, it can be scary, and it often does elicit a lot of emotion within us.  Often these emotions can freeze us in the habit of sameness, yet even that state is not perpetual and often it is rather very low energy.  In my own observations of my life and the lives of others we are all subject to the tendency to not often embrace change.  Most of us seem to chart of course of occupation and personal lives that are steeped in habit.  As long as we are able to provide a certain level of comfort and stability often times we lapse into this unconscious habit of not changing.  This is a world-wide phenomenon, part of the human condition I suppose.  Perhaps this is why we are often so fascinated with those who dare to take risks and achieve public acclaim for their exploits.  Our media is saturated with stories of those who have gone beyond the safe confines of regularity and achieved new heights in business, politics, entertainment, science, etc.  What is often not as well known is that few are "overnight" successes.  When I have listened to in-depth interviews of some of these people there are long stories of many twists and turns, seeming setbacks and perilous recoveries that preceded their arrival at success.

     In human life there are three stages of energy that we all go through, which I label as continuum's of energy.  Each builds to a higher octave leading us forward and upward on the spiral of evolution.  They are the stages of care, change and transformation.   If our desire is to become more of who we really are in this lifetime we must address change.  You may find yourself straddling two of these stages at once, there are not distinct lines of separation between them.  No matter where you are in the process,  if you are reading this then you are considering change and that is a good thing.  How do we know where we are at?  Check in with your feeling state.  If you are ill or suffering from something depleting you are are probably mostly in the continuum of care.  If you are now feeling fairly well in your body and emotions and yet restless, you are probably hearing the call "there is more".  I would say that you are now a "step-up" into the continuum of change.  Celebrate this, it is the space you have created for yourself!  Now, what do you want to do with it?

     Change in its highest form I believe, is based on our own greatest dreams for ourselves, put into action and lived out to its fullest expression.  To do more, to be more, to whatever degree you can envision for yourself is the path to your joy in life.  This is not about comparing yourself to others-that is one of the greatest pitfalls of modern society that has been put on us and reinforced by everything we see around us in our electronic media.  I urge you to cast that aside and just be true to yourself while you are in your process of change. This requires a bit more examination of your dreams to make sure that they are coming from your heart and not from purely a place of egotism, although even in that energy there will still be things to gain learning from.  You and I, my dear readers, are aiming to get the absolute most out of our lives, right from where we presently find ourselves, yes?  If so, then let us proceed.

      That what has been, can no longer be created now

     Take in the above statement for a while, even say it out loud if you need to.  There is deep truth within it.  Why?  Because we are in the midst of a vibratory upgrade which I term the 5th dimension.  It has (according to my sources) been in effect only since the beginning of this century, and it is not going to go away.  It is a blessing and a challenge because now creative activities of beings on Earth are open to create in an entirely new and expanded way of expression heretofore not known in history.  I know that this may seem presumptuous to many, however I have taken it on as part of my service to continually announce this to those who have the eyes to read and the ears to hear.  With this new energy any of us who are willing to go into the unknown parts of ourselves will draw forth aspects and abilities that have up until now lain dormant or hidden.  They are now being revealed to each of us as we are willing to go forward into becoming more of who each of us is.  This sounds exciting to me, how about you?

     Change is about movement

     As we can see from recent elections in the USA and UK for example, there is a great desire for change.  No one can deny that there is a lot of movement going on within the spheres of government and business presently, and people are reacting in all sorts of ways.  This movement however is not what I am speaking about for us.  I am speaking about our individual desire for change and claiming our individual power in order to create what we want from life.  It always begins with one person.  If we are going to experience our prosperity and our potential, we must be willing to change and to risk failure in the short run.  After all, failure is good information because it will always teach us something we did not know previously, correct?

     Why can't I just be?  I know I have asked this question repeatedly for years.  Being implies a static state where one is satisfied with one's circumstances as they are.  And while that may work for a long while, eventually what I label "divine discontent" will surface in your awareness, beckoning you forward into  the next step of your journey.  Allow me to place a further definition to the word Be.  Be is actually not a static state in the least.  The acronym I have for it is:  Becoming eternity.  Everything is in a state of becoming, is it not?  We know that the visible universe is in constant motion, everything is always moving and changing, so the old definition of the word be is in actuality an illusion.  Yes, there is nothing wrong with taking a rest, taking time before once more moving again.  My assertion is that life on this planet is all about movement.  So then let us embrace change and get on with our journey's next chapter, shall we?

More love/becoming eternity

     Why do we want to change?  In its simplest it is to become more, to experience more in our lives.  In other words, more love.  This is driven by that spiritual being of consciousness within us, the part which is connected to our Higher Self/Soul that is in this body in this lifetime.  The challenge is that we are also blessed with physical, mental and emotional bodies which are more apt to work towards keeping things the same, not embracing change willingly oftentimes.  This is the conundrum of being human, having to deal with seemingly opposing forces and having to each make sense of this in our lives.  It's quite easy to see that some of us are more emotionally driven for example.  Others are more mentally driven, and lead their lives from a place of thought.  The challenge is for each of us to balance the energy of these beings, our inner family I like to say, so that we don't stand in our own way in the unfolding of our lives.

    These aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual combine within each of us to form self.  The acronym for self that I have is this:  Seeing Eternity in the Living Flesh (SELF).  I've mentioned eternity and to simplify that word you can substitute the word energy.  We are energetic beings.  We live in a world of form that is also energy expressed at a certain vibratory level.  Many of us have seen that when we look at things at the sub-atomic level they appear as mostly empty space.  So we are seeing with our eyes and experiencing with our senses only a partial out-picturing of what reality is, and we can be easily drawn into the conclusion that this is all there is.  This is the illusion.  So wanting change allows us to move forward in whatever manner we choose in order to incorporate more of the vibration of love (which is a frequency) into our lives.  It then translates into the feelings and experiences that are the out-picturing in form that we can understand.  Such results are health, peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment and other similar states of being.

Change is healing to you

     It is said that the surest sign of insanity is to keep doing things the same way expecting a different result.  If you are desiring to change something in your life, you are going to have to 1) release things, people or patterns that aren't serving your desire, and 2) Bring in new elements to your life, 3) Realize that you are in charge of this.  It's not your partner, not the government, not your place of work that will do this for you.  Ever.  You are the captain of your own ship in life.  Change is healing because by going towards what you want next in life, you set into motion entire series of events that you could not have anticipated.  This is the gift of surprise and we all have experienced it.  It's mainly through direct interaction with others, face to face, that much energy can be exchanged.  We are designed to interact with others, with our environment.  Stepping into the change we next wish to do opens the possibility for transformation to occur in your life, and moving into that is giving yourself the gift of evolving on your unique path.

Suggestions for change, how to move into it

     If you are ready to move into an area of change then there are some things you can do to make it easier.  Remember, wishing for change and not being willing to build a stream of conscious effort to support you will likely fail.  Some forethought is necessary to begin.  Remember, this is about bringing in more love for yourself first.

1)  Identify what you want.  What is the end result for you?  How will you feel when you have achieved this?  The main thing here is to "begin with the end in mind".  Spend some time exploring within through prayer and meditation (asking and receiving).  Be brave to act upon what you perceive for yourself.  I am asking you to trust a part of yourself that is less known to you and I, however it is far wiser and far seeing.

2)  What are your blocks?  When we go into the process of change there will be appearing all sorts of blocks to this new thing happening.  Some might be:  Can I really have it?  Can I maintain it?  Do I deserve it?  I have never done that before, why expect to now?  I am sure you've heard these and many other statements in your head when you've gone into change.  Blocks are very persistent energetic impediments that we contend with.  They're not pleasant, to say the least.  Essentially they are composed of low vibrations of fear that the ego self uses to protect itself from "unknowns" which could somehow threaten it.  They don't completely come from just our present lifetime, although most do.  Some blocks are multi-generational and come through our family lines.  The best way to deal with fears and blocks is to go forward like you are not going to be denied what you want.  Don't take one "no" or a block for the final answer.  Remember, this is only energy and your desire is for more love, not more fear.  By applying the energy of your desire which is a higher vibration, you will succeed.  By dissolving a block you create healing not only for yourself but for many, many more.  You CAN have what you want, it wouldn't be in your mind otherwise.  My suggestion is this:  Use fear against itself.  Focus the energy to alter the result (FEAR).

3)  Accept that your body, your life and your world as you know it now in this moment is "perfectly imperfect".  We all have challenges.  We all tend to not want to show those to others out of fear of not being loved or accepted.  If we were perfect what would be there for us to learn?  Be naked to yourself, be vulnerable in sharing your truth.  Do it first with yourself, then with those closest to you, then with the world.  You will gain much insight and support doing this instead of pretending that everything is alright.  Anyone here in a body has healing to do.  How much of it you choose to do is up to each of us.

4)  Keep it simple.  Those who travel lightly in this life are the happiest.  Do not take on others burdens.  Have good boundaries and learn the power of your "yes" and your "no".  Keeping it simple means to regularly take a look at what is not serving you and then removing it from your life gently.  Look at prosperity in terms of loving connections, emotional freedom and abundance to have a lifestyle that you appreciate.  It is easier to carry a bouquet of flowers than a sack of rocks.  Which pleases you more?

5)  Value your ongoing growth.  Change is something that will benefit us at any point in life.  Some years have great change in them for people and some have less.  Decide for yourself how much change you are going to invite into your life this year.  10%, 20%, 50% or 100%?  Even if you invite in 10% change per year, in 7 years your life would be completely different than it is now, and 10% sounds very do-able to me.

6)  Be glad you want change.  Rarely do we want change when we are comfortable.  If you're fortunate enough to live 80 or 90 years you will see a lot of change in the world.  That is life, however it is the change that we consciously create for ourselves that is going to have the greatest impact on us while we are here.  The change that we embrace for ourselves will lead to a life of more.  More what?  More of being what you and I are, and in truth how can that not include more love in all its forms?

     Thanks for coming along on this exploration of change.  It's such a huge topic, and it is so personal to each of us.  I believe that as each of us works to create changes in our lives, the benefits will far outweigh the risks and the feelings of fear that may be keeping us from acting.  I invite you to pick one thing that you can commit to changing this year for yourself.  The energies of support on the planet are ripe to support you.  Believe in yourself and your abilities to be a successful creator,  it is your birthright!





Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017- A rude awakening looms!

     Welcome to 2017, a year of very new beginnings, the like we have not seen in our history.  My intent is to assist you in your awareness, for now begins the times that we all have returned for in this life.  The effects of the increasing vibratory field of the 5th dimension will be felt planet-wide in this year and in those to come.  This is not about going into fear- far from it.  This is about recognizing what is happening around you, and still choosing your actions to come from your own truth, despite what may be occurring around you.

     Truth, power and lies

     We create our reality, both personally and globally, by what each of us thinks and feels.  Each of us does what we can to create the life that we most desire to live, yet there are other things in action within this play of consciousness that we call life on Earth.  For the greater part, we tend to live lives habituated to our routines, a comfort zone in which we operate.  While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this, there remains beckoning to each and every one of us the call of the unknown.  It calls us to seek out our greater nature, and be blessed by the expansion of our knowing.  In this metaphoric "stepping off of the cliff" we learn to trust that we are supported in our endeavors to move forward and be more.

     Over the past year there has been a massive increase in confusion precipitated in part by the gross and wanton manipulation of our sources of information from which we often derive our beliefs and opinions.  What can be trusted?  Where is truth?

     I believe that we are each being called to respond to truth from our own inner knowing and act on it more than ever before.  We are already each doing this to one degree or another, now is the time to step up this process for ourselves to a new level, going beyond our comfort zones of the structures we have created and participated up to this point.  This means we are being called to claim more of our own formidable power of choice to guide us in this year and beyond.  To remain where we each have been up to this point is in direct opposition to the energies as they now exist.

     Consider this "We speak to you now about a reckoning with the self, which will be your next stage of development.  A reckoning with the True Self simply means that you must see who you are in your divinity and, in order for this to be so, you must see where you hide, where you lie, where you agree to be less than you truly are."  "The Divine Self as you calls into being all things. Underline all things." (P. Selig-Book of Mastery).  Now the world we see is a product of the small self in large part, and therefore it is based on a reality that has a weak foundation that is beginning to crumble.  We all can easily see where untruth exists within our own selves and in the outer world as well.  The task now in this moment is to embrace the unknown parts of ourselves through our own inner guidance or knowing, and begin to release a life and world based only on reason.  Acknowledge that you are capable of this and it is waiting for you to reveal itself to you when you grant permission and take a step in that direction.  It is the leap of faith that many will be taking.

Structures of fear and control

     The world in which we live in is one that has been constructed over many generations, many centuries, even further back than you might imagine.  It was built upon by the good intentions of all of those times to create a world in which humans could survive and grow in the energies of the old paradigm of 3rd dimensional consciousness.  We are at the culmination of a story of human experience.  Imagine, if you will that time is not a line from past to present to future.  Nor is it a circle, where we continually cycle around from beginning to end.  What exists always is the present moment, and this is always the point of power.  Time as we know it more closely resembles a spiral, from one level of experience to the next.  We are now at that point where there will be new elements coming to the fore that have not been seen in our recorded history.  Do you see what I mean about going into the unknown?

     This is not something to go into fear about.  We have collectively called for it on a level of our awareness that we do not often bring into conscious awareness yet it is as real as anything we see before us in the moment.  As a human species we have chosen to evolve ourselves to the next level of the spiral, and that means releasing what no longer serves us.  You see, our human culture(not just Americans, the entire world) is deeply invested in lies.  It has been going on for so long that most people just accept that this is life and it is okay to go along with it, for that is "the way it is done".  There exists a segment of our global family that is deeply committed to keeping life as it currently exists.  They do this for many reasons, I am certain that you can imagine some of them readily.  In fact, this segment of people is doing everything it can to promote fear so that it may cling to the remnants of what has been.  Hence we have greatly divided opinions and beliefs in very stark contrast to one another not only here in the USA, but all across the world.  The question is how long will this last?

     Power, as it has been held in institutions created by humanity over thousands of years, is now shifting.  It will no longer be solely held in the manner it has been.  As people re-claim their sovereignty they simply will not blindly follow edicts handed down from existing structures.  I believe that things will become much less decentralized as more people awaken and no longer agree to the fear, lies and attempts to intimidate, cajole and confuse people.  It will be seen for what it is and what it is not.  Freedom is the birthright of all, it is supported strongly by the energies of the 5th dimension we are now living within.

The new choice

     The new choice is really not new.  Simply put it is to love and do unto others as you would have them do to you.  Yes, I can hear those saying "But this is a harsh world, and I must defend what is mine from others or they will take it away from me."  Yes, we can think that, but look where it has gotten us.  To be safe and in the integrity of one's one being in the now is to lead with one's energy first.  Our being is composed of not only body, heart and mind, it also possesses an energetic field of finer bodies.  Our knowing not only stems from reason, it also comes in knowing, and this is a faculty that we are each going to be invited to exercise as a valuable tool in the coming times.  Some may call it intuition, others the force of spirit-whether ancestors, angels or otherwise.  The point is that it exists and it is a crucial part that we will need to use to navigate these transitional times.  Plus, I feel it can be a lot of fun to experience!

     I have written many times in previous articles on this blog about the 5th dimension being the place where the vibrations of fear cannot exist.  Only truth can be held in this vibratory field.  Fear you see is a low vibration and cannot cross the threshold of the new kingdom that is our true inheritance.  To be in fear is to risk being consumed in one way or another by events that will unfold in the coming times.  Notice when you are in fear.  Feel how it is in your body, the tightness, the unease, the shallow breathing.  Now notice when you invite in love in a way that pleases you.  Feel the expansion, the ease, the safety and surety that this is good.  Each of us has been and will continue to find moments of holding this new vibration within our own selves, as it is supported in full by the Earth as it now is.  Yes, we may slip back from time to time, but with continued attention we are less and less willing to indulge those vibrations.

     Our true inheritance is claiming our expanded self into reality.  It is not our looks, our possessions, our station in life.  Those are the things of the external world, thought to be an end in themselves by many, but are not.  Remember to seek with open eyes and open hearts what is eternal, the growth into your own remembering and living as your higher/divine self.  You will still have a life that is familiar to you in form, but it will no longer be ruled by that end.  This claim must be initiated by each of us, it will not come without a willingness to take action and to invite this awareness.  Long it has been pushed off into a corner of our hearts, and now it will be reignited by each heart that opens to it.

The Tower crumbles

     I placed a photo of the Tower card from the tarot deck at the heading of this article as a symbol of what is underway now.  Please do not take it as something frightening.  It is intended to illustrate that the structures that support the truth of the new energies will remain, and those that do not will have to fall away.  We have created systems of living, working and governing across the world that simply will not stand up to the new paradigm of 5D and they will have to be dismantled.  This is a good thing, and while it may one day appear to be very grim for many, it will lead to an even better way of existence on this planet.  Most of us, in our hearts know that this is true.  Others will bury their heads in the sand until the very end.  Those who choose to attempt to create with the old energies will not succeed.

     Now, based on this assertion I am certain you can imagine quite a wide variety of areas of life that are going to be addressed by this quantum shift.  I say quantum because our planet does not exist in a vacuum of space untouched by anything outside itself.  Of course there are asteroids that crash into the planet constantly.  I am not speaking of that, more so I am referring to energetic changes that are beyond my comprehension that are now going to be more significantly impacting life on this sphere we call home.  I say this from my knowing and feeling as it rings true to me.  If I relied only on reason there would be no opportunity to conceive of such a thing.  How this will manifest I only know will be for the perfect purposes which it is intended.  I am rather excited about it!

     Another thing to mention that is within the cellular memory of each of us are records of many unpleasant things that have been experienced across generations of our bloodlines.  The possibility that now exists is that we can finally cleanse ourselves of our personal histories of negativity gleaned from all these long ages of living in the lower vibrations.  Our task now is to return home to a level of being that is our birthright.  The door is open to us, finally after so very very long.  This is not only about healing our past, it is also about our future.  Each of us lives at the center point of 7 generations both past and future, and what we do now, whether we have children or not, will affect this lives of countless beings.  It is really that profound.

What to do/action steps

     Whether we realize it or not, feel it or not, we are all now living in the increased vibratory field of the 5th dimension.  Each generation born going forward will be even more equipped to express in this energy.  While you and I have been on the planet for a good amount of time, it doesn't mean that we can't adapt.  The first thing to do is to simplify your life.  Here are some suggestions:

1)  Less is more.  Reduce your connection to "things".  The less stuff one has, the easier it is to navigate.  Clear clutter from your life.  Get back to basics.

2)  Release what no longer serves.  This is a big area.  It can mean lifestyle, relationships, jobs, or more importantly old beliefs about yourself.  I am not suggesting you sell everything and sit in a cave on a mountaintop, you are needed in the world!  Spend some time with yourself feeling into each of these areas and ask the question "Does it feel like love to me?"  You'll get an answer immediately from your inner knowing.  Now the challenge becomes will you listen to it?  I suggest working with the easiest areas first, then addressing the bigger ones.  Build up some momentum in this area.  Releasing and refining is a lot of work at the beginning, and it becomes easier.

3) Reduce distraction.  Learning to trust your knowing means putting down your phone, or stepping away from your computer and TV.  You can take 30 minutes a day away from those things to just quietly sit with yourself and listen and allow.  Relax the monkey-mind of thoughts and a whole new connection to inner guidance can be heard.  Value real connection with your friends and loved ones.  Make your evolution a priority by practicing developing a connection to yourself in a new way.  Let go of the dramas of the external world, they don't belong to you.

4) Practice knowing instead of thinking.  Whether it's going to the grocery store or calling a friend, practice asking yourself internally before you do it.  Say to yourself  "Is this the best time to go ____", or "Is this person available to connect with me".  Listen for the answer before you do it.  Then practice comparing the times you listened to your guidance and what occurred, versus not listening to it and doing it anyway.  After a while you will grow to trust your own internal guidance system and it is far better than any app or Google search!  You have the answers to all of your questions.  It's just a matter of developing the skill of inner listening and building bridges to it.

     These are just a few suggestions to get you started.  There are many more that could be written.  Some other practical ideas are to get your financial house in order.  Reduce your debt.  Unsubscribe to any recurring payments of things you do not use.  Build a savings plan so that you're not compelled to work to maintain a lifestyle that is expensive in terms of the time it takes you to sustain it.  Practice dreaming about your ideal life now and do one thing towards getting there.  The less one is invested heavily in the world as it now is, the easier it will be to flow with the currents of change that will be moving more swiftly this year.

     You are valuable and you are here for a reason, and it is not to be moving with the herd of humanity, unconscious.  You are waking up, waking greater senses and knowing.  This IS going to lead you and I to make some bold and daring choices in the coming times.  Just seek to do your best and choose your unique path with the most love that you can.  You will succeed, all you have to do is believe you are the source of all of the good in your life, and no one can keep it from you but yourself.  I wish you much success in growing into your knowing this year, it will serve you well.