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Friday, October 16, 2015

Ascension and Self healing - to enjoy the fruits of life

     Welcome back to a further exploration of what it means to be here now in this process of moving further into becoming.  Things are continuing to speed along and there is much to address around the concept of healing and ascension.  So much is being offered and I would like to add to your understanding so that you can ask yourself the questions you need that will elicit new choices to move your life ahead to its next step.
     Ascension is a hot topic in the spiritual/metaphysical community and there is so much being written and shared about it and what it means.  I will attempt to explain my understanding of it so that you and I can go forward to our next steps on this fascinating and sometimes maddening journey of being human or human being, ha ha!  Healing is a big part of it as well, but even that is not all of it.  Let's dive in, shall we?
     As I've said before, I believe ascension is more about bringing more of who we are into our conscious awareness than it is about turning into light and leaving the body.  I believe we're here to do whatever part that appeals most to us to bring this to ourselves, our families and communities as we lay the foundations for future generations.  Because the vibration of planet Earth is now in the 5th dimension we have before us a much expanded opportunity than has existed even a few decades ago.  How do we do this?  By engaging with ourselves in our own healing - that is challenging our beliefs about ourselves and in doing so transforming our lives to a place of greater ease, wellness and grace.  We each has a huge storehouse of abilities and power we are only now just beginning to tap into and it is an exciting time!

The process of healing
     To begin with, all healing is self-healing.  We might engage with health care professionals, holistic healers, energy workers, etc. and that is appropriate.  They provide a valuable service as facilitators to our process, yet it is we who allow the healing to occur.  Healing can be divided into two main areas- process and results.  For today we'll be looking at process, which covers the emotional and spiritual aspects of self.  It draws into focus the areas of passion, joy and soul urgings.  By creating healing in this area of life we create greater direction of where we want to go.  This is something that so many of us need at this time, wouldn't you agree?   Take a few deep breaths and invite your soul in right now, yes it's that simple!

     What is self-healing?  What does it mean?  Let's break it down.  The acronym I've been given for the word SELF is "Seeing Eternity in the Living Flesh".  What is Eternity?  We all are!  Eternity is energy.  What is the word HEAL?  It is "Helping Eternity Access Living".  It is by the process of self-healing that we are bringing more energy of creation into our own individualized human selves so that we can experience more.  What is more in the 5th dimension?  It is L.O.V.E. - Living on Vibrant Energy.  In essence we are each working to restructure what it means to be a human, and in the process we are letting go of what no longer serves.  We will use these definitions to guide us as we proceed.

A bit more on Self
     In our current world we've been trained to view self from an ego perspective.  It's almost impossible to escape.  In the USA for example we've exalted it in our media to an amazing degree.  We have people like Donald Trump and the Kardashian's who epitomize this distortion of self.  Each of us does this to one degree or another, and our current global society is a reflection of this distortion.  Self in this regard is all about ego: the fragile, vulnerable person who has to protect themselves from others, has to build up all sorts of things to keep themselves safe from a world of "others".  It's really quite insane don't you think?  Now, the ego in of itself is not negative, it just has become out-sized to what it's best purpose is.  After all, all of us ARE individuals with individual characteristics, likes and dislikes and propensities and that is not going to change.  In my view ascension and healing is allowing more of who we really are to enter into our experience of life and this path will create the things we do really want to manifest into our lives.  It is going to take intent and effort, and so does creating what we do not want, so really there is no risk.  It is just a change of focus, and it is happening already in your life.

Healing and new choices
     The well known author Wayne Dyer, who recently passed, once wrote a book entitled "You'll see it when you believe it".  Very true, and it brings up the point that examining our beliefs is key to creating differently.  As we move further into adulthood we are challenged to see the world with "new eyes" and it is not easy.  The other evening I was watching a TV program on public television about how our brains operate.  They were proving that in fact the impulses we receive from our eyes account for only 1/7th of what seeing really is.  The rest is stored within our brain based on past experiences of our environment.  We actually build our own catalog of experience over time and rely on it to interpret our external environment, and it is mostly internal!  Healing ourselves is integral to giving ourselves the gift of making new choices about what we are going to see in our lives.
     Honoring and valuing our feelings, which is the emotional being of consciousness within us is also key.  Emotions are a key part of the sensory guidance system we all need to successfully and easily navigate through life.  Not being able to process feelings leads to all sorts of negative outcomes, as any healing professional will tell you.  It could lead to numbness, not feeling much of anything, or it can lead to addictions of all sorts to mask feelings.  Value your ability to feel, and work to find ways to process negative feelings.  In doing so you will conserve tremendous energy for what you really want to experience.
     Healing is the self allowing more eternity(energy) to become available to allow for more creation.  Humans are beings of action, always generating more.  Even if it appears you are doing little, you still are doing something.  Nothing stands still, and all is moving forward.

Healing and idea creation
     Do you ever wonder where your thoughts arise from?  I do, and I think about it a lot.  Who is giving me these skills, these propensities, these paths of behavior?  Why do I do it this way?  It is our spiritual self, the part that is connected to our higher self and soul that is the conduit for this.  In this model, it is always thought first, then feeling.  If you want new ideas for yourself, then it is time to get in touch with your soul energy.  The soul is the creator of the parameters of how you and I function as human beings.  It is not the ego, which often is the "great pretender".  We get into contact with the soul through prayer and meditation.  This can be formal or informal, however it is best done when we can quiet the body and mind enough to become aware of the small voice within us.  It is our source of inspiration, of grace and blessings that we could not have imagined.  You do not need any intermediaries to access it, just willingness, constancy and patience.  Imagine that you could create a flood of new and wonderfully exciting ideas for your life and cultivate it.  As we sow, so shall we reap.  Anyone who pays attention in their life will often see their exterior reality mirroring their wishes and desires.

     There has been a great misconception around ascension.  To Christians, ascension has been portrayed as Jesus the Christ overcoming death and taking his body with him as he ascended to Heaven.  This is a truth that millions accept.  Others also have been purported to have accomplished the same feat in anonymity.  This, for 99.99% of us is not the goal in this lifetime.  The goal is to allow more of who we are to access this human being we are so that we begin to hold a higher vibration within ourselves.  There are many important benefits to doing this, and there are no shortcuts.  There isn't going to be a Rapture, nor are any of the dozens of alien civilizations going to come whisk you away from all of the "fun" here on Earth.  Ascension is a process that will occur over generations.  Imagine life and how different it was 100 years ago.  100 years hence it will be ten times different as it is now.  We get to experience a piece of it in the course of one lifetime and like the seasons it is a constantly renewing process.

Practicing joy
     I included the previous video as a reminder that many people have been seeking higher consciousness for a long while.  We are always given the nudgings of spirit to take one more step towards our joy.  What is joy?  It is Journeying on Yielding to what you want.  j.o.y.  This is for each of us to discover as we move forward.  Sometimes it will feel as if not much is happening despite our best efforts, but then we'll get to a point where we recognize we have claimed another step in our process and we will feel the depth of the moment.  It is a practice, and it calls us to pay attention to our intuition and build ever more moments that allow us to feel good.  We are all on the journey of being human, having individuality and learning and growing.  There are no mistakes, just experiences.   As we practice this process of harmonizing our own emotional and spiritual selves we will find we are creating more joy for ourselves, and this is our gift to ourselves and it naturally radiates out into the world around each of us.  Ascension then becomes personal to each of us as we all contribute to this great story unfolding before us.  May you find in your breathing life to your choices, the joy you so richly deserve.

Until next time, many blessings!



  1. Yes. This breaks down ascension into the simplest of terms. I love the acronyms used in your blog post and will use them with credit to you of course. In fact I think this post would be helpful to my clients as well. It seems the contents of your post has been a theme with my client's lately. Very helpful. Sue B.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, and for reading.

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