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Friday, August 28, 2009

Feelings are the key to the 5th dimension

Yes, Feelings do count!  Feelings are part of the wisdom that each of us carry within our hearts.  Now is the time to experience that part of your personal wisdom as you move into creation in this new energy.  Actually it's not new energy, it was on the planet a long time ago, perhaps 13,000 yrs. ago during the Age of Atlantis(that's a story for a future post).
In order to access one's feelings you must be in a state of balance with yourself, so that you can truly here what your heart's desire is.  This has been a challenging state for many of us(including me!) and I can tell you that it is do-able!  The first step is to get out of your "head" - the part that is always thinking, analyzing, comparing, etc..  The best way is to do something that gets your body in motion.  Being outdoors is especially good, and various forms of exercise such as yoga are also helpful.  Just make it fun!  Too often we rarely allow ourselves fun because of all the pressures of daily life.  One of the key tenets of the 5th dimension is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. 
For example, last week I went out with some friends for a birthday celebration.  We ended up at a local dance club, where we proceeded to just go with the music and dance together.  It felt good to just feel the motions of dancing in no particular way, and everyone was smiling.  We left there after a couple hours, having thoroughly enjoyed just being in dance mode.  It was so good that we promised to do it again soon.
Even though we know each other in our respective personalities and day to day behaviors, we set that on a shelf and just had FUN!  When you take time out to have fun you are giving yourself a gift of nurturance.  It doesn't have to cost much, and the benefits spill over.  In my case I was still feeling good the next day!
Often feelings can get blocked over time.  There are the heartbreaks, the times when an unkind word was said, the things that just stick in us.  In order to fully feel, we need to clear those things, just like one would clear out a clogged pipe.  Our energy is designed to flow.  It is us that creates/allows these things to clog us and it is us that must move them out. 
There are many modalities a person can use to do this.  One of my favorites is energy healing work.  There is also the traditional route of counseling which can also be very helpful.  Energy healing is work that you can do with yourself, or you can find someone to assist you with.  When you work with another healer, they interact with you and are skilled at sensing blocks in your energy while you are usually lying down on a massage table.  They may talk w/ you while they are working, or they may work silently.  In essence what they are doing is holding a space for you to experience yourself at a deeper level, thereby allowing these energetic blocks to come to the surface so they can be released.  The releasing work that you do often comes in layers, remove one layer and then a deeper layer is found.  The goal is to get you and your energy flowing so that you can be the wonderful, heart centered, loving being that you came to be! 
Now it is important to mention that all healing is self-healing.  You can have physicians, healers, counselors work w/ you but it is up to you.  They can only assist to the degree that you are ready.  When you start to take a look at your life and know that you want more than what you have, then you've turned the corner.  More what?  More love.  Not more stuff.  And dare say I what is love?  For the purposes of my teaching and healing work love is a vibration.  It is a feeling.  It is a feeling that flows thru you from a state of balance, where your selves: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical selves are in alignment.  From this space of balance we begin to be conscious creators, making conscious choices that are in alignment with our heart's desire.  Heady stuff, at least for me to here while I'm typing!  Yes, we can do it, we can have it.  When we take time to conceive it and believe it, we can achieve it.  So go forth and have some fun!

Feeling it,


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