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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Comments on the 9-9-9

Although it's been several weeks since the 9-9-9, the effects are only now coming to the fore.  In September I travelled to Arkansas to celebrate along with about 300 others the activation of the Emerald Crystal of Healing.  This crystal is purported to be in a cave 7000 ft below the Ozark mountains.  It was one of the 9 Master crystals saved before the final destruction of Atlantis(no, it's not a myth, it really did exist).  For further info please go to www. for additional info. 
It was an energized group of people who are all healers, teachers and lightworkers readying themselves for the coming shift.  You see, everything goes in cycles, and the cycle I'm speaking of here is somewhere in the range of 12-18,000 years. 
For that period we as a world have been stuck in duality, a 3-D existence where we put off things spiritual because we feel that we can't attain them except by dying.  I've got news for you:  Expanded awareness is breaking out all over! 
So what is now occurring is that we're moving into a higher vibrational realm.  This means we are able to claim a larger part of ourselves.  In order to do that we as individuals and society are now moving into letting go of things that no longer serve us.  This includes the small and the large, whether it be a worn out sweater, or a banking system that is self-serving and not working for the benefit of society.  Less is more!  We must now find ways to live the underlying vibrant energy that we are, and let go of living for things.  By no means are material things bad, it's just that we've gotten way too far off course and have made materialism our world religion.
Wouldn't you like to work a few hours a day to fulfill your needs, and spend the rest of the day doing what you want, enjoying family and friends, personal hobbies, etc?  It's not a new idea.  Read Benjamin Franklin's biography where he outlines just that.  We've made choices over the years that have put many in the position of owning too much, consuming too much and being exhausted trying to maintain it all.  Our system of government and social safety nets is outmoded, bloated and just doesn't fit w/ the emerging reality.  All must change w/ the times and no person or place is exempt.  Many know this and feel this but think it too big to change.  This is not true!  It just takes an enlightened populace to exercise their free will and choose the life that they do want.  Clinging to the outmoded will only serve for a short while longer, so why not start preparing yourself now?
Back to the Emerald crystal and the 9-9-9.  Now this crystal is activated and has triggered other crystals in other parts of the world.  These crystals were developed by the Atlanteans as the underpinning of their society.  They provided power and maintained an energetic grid that kept their world running with the greatest ease.  These crystals will continue to be activated and energized over the next 10 years or so, and by that time will fully activate the etheric grid around the planet, restoring what was referred to in the Bible as the "firmament".  I can't say right now what that will mean however it will be something we haven't had on Earth in a long time.  With the activation of this latest crystal there will be increasing opportunities to heal as the first wave of lightworkers remembers and is triggered by these energies.  Healing as we know it will be substantially different within 20 years and the focus will be shifted to wellness rather than illness.  Diseases will begin to be recognized as energetic imbalances and will be treated well before they manifest into physical bodies.  Work like this is already being done by many and this will expand.  More on this later!

Have a great week and a fun and scary Halloween!

In Light,


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