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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Managing your energy pt. 1

     In our current environment we are bombarded with so many things to pay attention to outside ourselves, yet are we spending any time to pay attention to that which is within us?  It's important to develop a practice of familiarizing yourself with yourself on a new level as we move through changes and into transformation.
     Today I'd like to begin a discussion of managing your energy.  This will provide you with some basic tools and techniques for knowing what is yours and what's not.  Yes, it's true, a lot of the thoughts and beliefs you have aren't yours.  Do you wish to feel what it would be like to live more from your center?  Each step one takes to claiming their own energy and operating from their center makes life better for all, and is a building block towards creating a 5th dimensional experience on planet Earth.
     All of life is interconnected.  There are books, movies, songs and all manner of expressions about this, yet many of us doubt this, as it has been obscured to an extent in our daily lives.  It is very practical to work towards bringing this into our day to day lives-the place where we spend our greatest attention.  Many of us tap into this state occasionally, and why not imagine doing it from moment to moment?  That would be a power filled and powerful place to come from as we meet each day knowing we create it now.
     To start let's review the body system.  First, you are a being of energy/spirit that is inhabiting a body.  This body is your vehicle, your chosen mode of expression in our reality.  We are intimately connected to our bodies and yet there is more.  Second, we have a mental body.  We think, (cogito ergo sum-I think therefore I AM) we use our mental processing to make decisions.  This is a current favorite body of most people in Western society at the moment.  Some believe that it is the only thing that matters.  In relation to living a 3rd dimensional life that has been generally true, and now I am seeking to expand what is desireable and even more life filled than that mode of being.  In order to do that we most work to practice quiet listening to each part of ourselves.
   Many people describe the 4 body system:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and they are correct.  Each can be found to have a seperate "voice" within us and it is important to acknowelge each of these parts of ourselves.  Not honoring one of these bodies will tend to throw one out of balance, thereby making our daily life less enjoyable.  Wellness is our goal.  Expanded enjoyment and creativity are natural parts of this more conscious way of living.
     When you have a physical pain, it is the physical body's way of getting your attention.  Do you see the distinction?  Your body is telling you-two beings interacting.  This illustrates one of our main ways we see that we are more than just one awareness.  Now your physical body would prefer not to have to use such a loud way of getting your attention, and it does also send out signals all of the time.  Practice feeling into your body sometime.  Sit quietly in a chair with your feet on the floor.  Take a few relaxing deep breaths and then start at your feet and scan yourself asking the body to report back to you.  You'll find you here a lot of "alls well", but occasionally you'll find an area that sends out a different message.  It could be an upset stomach which says "less of that food", or "more water, less coffee".  Trust what you hear in your awareness, don't censor what you are getting.  After all, aren't you the expert on your body?  By doing this exercise you build a greater connection to your physical self and a line of communication is strengthened. 
     Our reality is created from the "inside" out.  It is as what we feel and think will show up around us as the people and events in our "outer" life.  One of the basic tenets we must follow to access higher energies is to take 100% responsibility ALL of the time for what we are experiencing.  If we don't like something it's up to us to take steps to alter the results.  Think about it for a moment.  Every circumstance is part of some choice you made at sometime.  Often it's something fairly recent, and other times we have to look back to a much earlier point to find where we created that belief.  If the belief no longer serves us, we must allow it to release by bringing it to our awareness and unhooking it from our space.  This may take more than one attempt at first, and with practice it can be as easy as taking a breath!  Often a skilled energy healer would be a great ally in your process of self-healing.
     Let's explore something called the "rose" technique.  This process will assist you in establishing clear boundaries around your body that will benefit you in retaining control over your "space".  Again, as energetic beings we must go beyond the belief that we're just our physical bodies, and that our energetic bodies are just as real and important to our well being.  To begin either sit or stand still.  Take a few cleansing and grounding breaths.  Feel your feet on the floor and say aloud or to yourself " I am grounded and in my body".  This helps to put you in your physical self.  Picture a red long-stem rose.  Place this imaginary rose about arms length out in front of you waist high.  It just is floating there in your minds eye.  Now create additional roses, putting one out to your left side, then right side and then your back side, each an arms length from your body.  Now you've got four roses floating waist high around you.  Create two more, placing one about 2 feet above your head and one the same distance below your feet.
   Now comes the fun part!  Draw a line from the rose above you down to each of the roses, so you'll have 4 lines coming to each point.  Going clockwise connect the rose in front that's waist high to the one to the right, continuing around until you have connected all.  What you should have at this point is a pyramid structure surrounding the top half of your body.  Repeat the pattern starting from the rose beneath your feet, also connecting it to the waist.  When you're done you'll have what's called an octahedron around your whole body, which is like having 2 pyramids base to base.  The octahedron is now your conscious delineation of your personal space.  What's inside it is "yours" and what's outside it is the rest of everything.  It's only you that can allow other's energies into your space.  The octahedron will deflect stray energies that you may pick up from other's when you're at the store, etc.  It's a good idea to practice putting this invisible barrier on when you start your day.  If you do this, what you'll find is that you're a lot less bothered by others states of mind and/or problems as the energies of those won't have permission to enter your personal space.  I invite you to try this especially before you get around others and see what happens.  Once you've practiced it a few times you can mentally re-draw this space around you at a moment's notice just by imagining it being there.
What you may experience is that people who consciously or unconsciously try to attach to your energy of your personal space will be stopped by your intention to be aware and define your energy space.  They may get frustrated or angry, just notice and do not take responsibility for their reaction.  You are learning to "own" your space, which will stop the flow of what isn't you to get to you.  This is a beginning step to claiming your experience and creating a experience that you desire in your life.  Happiness, well-being and a sense of peace will be your rewards.  The more that you do this the more you will value "your space" and come to recognize it's sacredness as you move through your day.
     An additional experience with the octahedron is to spin it.  This will give you a sense of the reality of what you've created.  First, command it to spin at 10% of the speed of light and notice what you notice.  You may feel a tug as it spins.  Notice which way it is spinning.  Try again at intervals of 30%, 60% and 90% of light speed and notice how it feels.  You'll come to experience the octahedron as a tangible creation that you made just with your mind!  Also, the use of the rose is significant.  The rose represents the highest vibration of the flowers and is an excellent symbol of the power you've placed in your octahedron.  Rose oil in fact is the highest vibration flower plant essence that healers use and this is scientifically documented as well.  So enjoy playing with this structure.  It will benefit you in day to day life and with further experience you'll be able to apply it at work, home and out socially for great results.  It will begin to make you feel lighter and you won't be blindly taking on others stray energies.  This will keep you in a more centered and peaceful frame of mind, as you go forth to create what you would like to have happen in your space. 
     I'll continue to explore the topic of managing your energy in upcoming posts, and will be offering a class on it in Austin in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


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