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Friday, April 15, 2011

If you only had 3 years to live, would you pay the IRS?

Today I thought I'd play a bit on "tax day" as it's known in the good 'ole USA.  Monday is actually when we're supposed to pay our share of taxes to our governments.   For that money we hope that we'll receive an equitable return in services such as good schools, roads, public safety, etc.   Yet, it appears that we're falling further and further behind in our ability as a society to do just that.
Some of you that are more politically aware likely know about the current budget battles in Washington, pitting the two sides in a game of who can seem more responsible - yeah right- they're the one's who screwed it up in the first place!
What is actually happening?  As of the present the USA is approximately 14 TRILLION dollars in debt.  Given that our economy is approximately a $3 Trillion/yr size if we did nothing but give every dollar of what every person and corporation does for 5 straight years we'd finally pay this off.  How did we get into this mess and what are we going to do about it?
Debt is not necessarily a bad thing when it's managed properly, however this hasn't been the case.  What has occurred has been built up over nearly 100 yrs.  It was the installation of the Federal Reserve system and jointly the creation of an income tax which has now morphed into this gargantuan dilemma.  I won't go into all of the gory details, however it makes for some interesting reading.  The point is what do we wish for as a society?  Do we want peace and prosperity and harmony within our homes and communities, or not?  Are we willing to begin to take the steps to being responsible for our experience of life even if it means that it might not benefit us directly, but will be felt in a generation or two?
What is money?  Ultimately it is a symbol of energy that we've all agreed on to some level.  In of itself it's just strips of fancy green paper.  It is a way of exchanging energy in an agreed upon manner that is the basis for any nation-state on the planet at this time.  It can be changed at any time, just like what happened in Europe when they went from francs and Marks  to Euro's, and just like that people had to use it.
So here's my view.  The system as we've known it has become outmoded.  These large institutions of government and banking have become thoroughly intertwined to where the public's interest is dictated by the money lender's interest.  Our government is DEPENDENT on PRIVATE banking interests to function, yet most people don't have a clue that this is the case.  This is not something new, and goes back hundreds of years.  No one really cared as long as they were "getting theirs", i.e. houses, cars, vacations, etc..  Now we have a huge number of people who in the last several years have lost most of their personal wealth due to loss of jobs and homes.  The era of increasing prosperity under the old system has been usurped! 
Thankfully we're now living in a 5th dimensional world where we can change things, for if it was merely a 3-D world exclusively we'd be seeing rioting, more wars and general chaos. 
Let's go back to the title of this article, ok?  More and more people are discovering that they cannot expect to live on the old model of working and paying taxes and having enough security to enjoy themselves.  Now I am not saying don't pay your taxes because the world is going to shit or you don't agree with what they're doing with your money.  What I am saying is that those in government realize that their ability to collect money thru taxation and borrowing has reached it's limit.  To go much further would result in risking a breakdown of the the legitimacy of the the government and/or banking system.  It is likely that there will be major reformation of our large institutions in the coming years as they hold the "old" 3-D energy and cannot cope with a 5th dimensional vibration, which is about unity and not duality.  You see, in order to charge interest, there has to be an "other".  In fact, in a 5th dimensional system, we are able to recognize that we are all "one".  Example:  Would I charge myself interest to borrow $10 from my wallet? 
So here's what I'm proposing:  Do what you love to do and make money from it.  Pay your taxes, of course.  Remember to enjoy your life yourself and with your loved ones.  A sunny day is free.  Value your happiness in each day as your wealth.  That cannot be taxed!  Live simply, it's the best revenge.  For when you do this, you live for less, yet have more.  More time, energy, opportunity.  I imagine a day when so many people are doing this, that there is no more tax money to be misspent or pledged as security for debt. 
It is written about the times before taxation, when communities were known to be strong because they relied on one another and saw directly the results of their efforts.  The future is not written.  What shall we create?

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