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Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to create change in your life - Know your truth

     Welcome again dear readers to my latest post "How to create change in your life".  I have been working on this topic a lot lately because it is so key to what each of us wants to experience in life.  What I have been noticing more often is that we are being challenged to create in a new way now that we've moved into the 5th dimension and we all need some guidance as to how to recognize where we are at and where it is we want to go.  In fact I am writing this as much for myself in order to clarify all of the thoughts and beliefs I have in order to create change, so I am with you in this journey!

     We all know that life is a series of choices that we make, based on the beliefs we hold and the feelings we want to experience.  Life is not meant to be a struggle, yet often we find ourselves struggling to change.  It feels good when we are on our path, and less so when we are not, so why do we linger in lesser states of being?  Often it is because of fear.  While we can be constantly bombarded by fearful, negative messages from the world around us, we can choose to let that go for now and focus on our individual selves in the present moment. 
     The first thing we each need to do is look at our beliefs.  I would invite you to take an hour with yourself and write down as many beliefs you can think of.  They do not have to be all negative, for certainly many of your beliefs about yourself and the world around you are positive and are still serving you well.  So make two groupings of your beliefs:  one of those that are still serving you and you like, and another of those that are holding you back and/or are not serving you any longer.  It is important to examine your consciousness by writing these down as it makes it much easier to evaluate many things when they're on paper or computer screen. 

     Now that you've done this let's get into a discussion of the mechanics of this so we can get to the space where making a desired change is easy.  We've all had the experience of making resolutions, especially at the New Year, then a few day/weeks/months these have fallen away and we find ourselves doing what we've always done.  Why?  It is because we haven't examined the underlying beliefs we have and discarded the one's that would work to sabotage our intentions. 

     Our conscious mind is one of our greatest allies in creating change.  We are not at the mercy of our unconscious mind or outside forces- those can be easily overcome when we set up the conditions for our success.  Our ability to think and feel are our tools to move through this reality we call life.  In fact, conscious thought is essential.  Here's a quote from the book "The Nature of Personal Reality" by Jane Roberts.  In dictation Seth says through Jane " Your beliefs automatically attract the appropriate emotions.  They reinforce themselves through imagination;  and at the risk of repeating myself, because this is so important:  Imagination and feeling follow your beliefs.  It is not the other way around. "  You can see that by this statement, which I believe by the way, opens up the discussion around our personal beliefs as being THE place to look at first when we want to change.

     Most of us like to construct a life that is pleasing and comfortable to us- in other words somewhat predictable.  It gives us a sense of the familiar.  I wouldn't want to wake up each morning not knowing where my coffee cup was located, or where my toothbrush is!  Routines that we all perform to some degree are fine, and we feel safe in them because we do not have to think, we just know.  If we want to create change then we have to look into our life experience almost as an "observer" and see if that is fitting with what we now wish to have.

     What is making this a little more confusing is that we've transitioned into the 5th dimension and we're all trying to make sense of it based on old 3D thinking.  We've barely begun to scratch the surface of all that is now available to us, me included.  This new paradigm that we are all involved in creating - for anyone still in a body on the planet can work with this - is how to live our passion in what we choose to do.  Today there is the apparent epidemic of doing things out of "necessity" because we believe we have to- hence it is a belief!  There are literally billions of us working at jobs we do not like, or don't pay us enough to live our dreams.  By each one of us continuing along that path we continue to give energy to a paradigm that we do not want.  I am reminded of the character in the movie The Matrix who gives Mr. Smith information about the rebels in exchange for an illusory lifestyle of wealth and privilege.  He would rather live in the illusion than see the truth- in this movie it was that he was under control of the machines and used as a human battery. Yikes!

     Much the same way we can fool ourselves into thinking that we are living life by following our routines and prescribed pathways to abundance and security.  But then where is the passion, the excitement, the pleasant surprise?  We can have more of these moments in our lives, if we are willing to change.  Let's go further with this idea of change and how it's rooted in our beliefs. 

     In my discussions with Koranda et. al over the last several years I've come to begin to know and understand the concept of 3 continuums of consciousness that we work in with our beliefs.  They are the continuums of Care, Change and Transformation.  Each of these covers a vibrational spectrum of consciousness that we travel through with respect to our beliefs and choices.  All of these exist in the NOW and it is our choice as to which one we operate from.  The continuum of Care spans 2D-3D, Change 3D-4D and Transformation 5D.  From my experience it takes practice to know which continuum one is within and I will now provide some explanation of this to help you understand this interesting concept.

     The overall theme of the continuum of Care is the word "distraction".  Creation only comes to us based on the distractions we are involved with, such as TV, sporting events, Internet surfing, etc.  Distraction is a huge problem in the world at large.  Just watch in any public place like an airport or city street and you'll find people glued to their phones, even while walking!  While technology is helpful to us it can also lead to distraction and thereby take us out of the present moment, a key point because that is the only moment we can create within.  So be mindful when you are engaging in distraction! 

     The theme of the continuum of Change is "divergence".  Divergence occurs when you realize that you want something more from your life than you are now experiencing.  Instead of heading back into distraction, you realize that something has to change, so you begin to plan and take action in new directions.  What also is occurring is that moving into change you are having to feel more with your emotions.  You feel the dissatisfaction/satisfaction to a greater degree and this becomes a motivator for you to "pay attention" or become more conscious of what your self is telling you.  You begin to feel strongly about your belief of change and then you begin to take action to make it happen in your life.  Others see you in your new belief.  For example- you've been sitting on the sofa watching too much TV and you decide that you'd rather go dancing because you feel good doing it.  So you invite a friend or two to a local club and you dance!  You are then seen by yourself and by others standing in your belief that dancing is something you want to do, and change has occurred.

     The theme of the continuum of Transformation is "opportunity".  When we are fully within this continuum it is completely about living vibrantly and there is no fear allowed.  It's a great place to strive for, don't you think?  Continuing with the previous example, you are seen dancing and you find out that you're actually quite skilled.  You decide to enter a dance contest and you become the winner of it.  Because of that someone else notices you and you receive an offer to teach dancing.  The opportunity presents itself because you were willing to change and be seen it this new way and thereby you have a new result!  If you follow through you find yourself having become a respected dance teacher, a transformational event in your life!  You have also fulfilled your original intent to experience more dancing, isn't that grand?

     I explain this to you so that you can begin to monitor yourself about which continuum you are in and what your options are.  Sometimes it is very appropriate to be within the continuum of care because we need that for ourselves.  Maybe we are having an illness, loss of job or partner or other similar type of event.  In those times we can go into care deeply.  When we're in there it is a time to heal and to re-charge or replenish one's energy.  This is especially important for people who are in the healing professions as they can over extend themselves and find that they cannot continue without taking some time to care for themselves.  Sometimes people can stay within the continuum of care their entire lives.

     We come to life to have the opportunity to create what it is we want.  Even non-creating is a choice!  If we are to move into fully experiencing the love and joy that we are capable of then we have to make choices to change, the choices are what gives us the ability to connect to opportunity and transformation that comes from that unseen area of life that we just cannot "think" into happening.  We have to feel into it and make choices based on our individual truth- our beliefs.

     In closing, I cannot express enough how valuable it will be to take the time with yourself to write down and examine your beliefs.  Your beliefs form your truth as you know and experience it in your daily life.  If your life is lacking something then you know that you have moved into the continuum of Change and it is a good time to plan a divergence or two.  Also understand that the more you do this the more you'll uncover deeper held beliefs that no longer serve you.  Beliefs are like branches on a tree.  You have to start with the outermost beliefs and follow back down the branch so to speak until maybe you'll find a core belief that no longer works.  Once you've identified it you can change it, thereby cutting off the dead wood of beliefs that no longer serve you and allowing yourself to sprout new growth of an even healthier version of you.  It can be an intensely liberating experience of self-love to look at your life and see if it aligned with your truth and feeling empowered by the change you create.  I hope that this article has given you some fuel towards creating change, I know it has helped me.  As always I welcome comments and feedback.  You can reach me at: or on Facebook. 

     Have a lovely rest of the month- now that we are moving past some challenging astrological alignments it will be an excellent time to move forward once again to create in our lives. 



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