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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do not look back, the future is this way!

     Welcome, dear readers to the energies of June 2013, the current NOW time we are situated.  I've entitled this article "Do not look back" because it is apt for where we are in the timeline.  Above is a photo of a statue representing Lot's wife from Genesis in the Old testament as well as the Quran.  It is a wonderful parable that has been interpreted in a number of ways.  Allow me to offer my interpretation and then relate it to our present times.

     Lot and his wife were visited by two angels disguised as attractive young boys while living in the town of Sodom.  (the good 'ole Sodom and Gomorrah of ancient times).  Lot is described as the only virtuous man in that town and a true believer in G-D.  They warn him and his wife to flee because they town is to be destroyed for its wickedness.  After some persuasion he decides to leave and the angels warn him not to look back but to venture to safety.  He does do this and as he and his wife are fleeing, for some reason she stops to look back while the destruction is beginning, and is instantly turned into a pillar of salt!

     There has been a lot of debate as to the meaning of this event.  Without going into all of those debates  I will attempt to look into it as an allegory rich with symbolism.  This story is etched into the mass consciousness as a tome of good vs. evil.  The Old Testament was written at a time in human history when we were steeped deeply into 3rd dimensional consciousness - a time of clear distinctions of right and wrong, with no grey areas.  The message was if you crossed that line, then you were in defiance of the laws of G-D and were rightly obliterated.  Yet now we live in a time where the energies of 5th dimensional consciousness are taking root, and as I've said before, the 5th dimension is all about living in Love.  So why do we keep seeing things that aren't love all around us in our world?

     It is 2013, year 1 of the new Age as some have stated.  When we move from one Age to the next there is not an instant, sharp distinction.  It is about flow and direction.  Yes, we have successfully set the flow towards the opportunity to create as individuals and a world a way of being on this planet unrivaled in the annals of history.  But it does take work!  So be strong and do not become disheartened that things do not seem to be changing fast enough.  All of us are moving onward and awakening to greater conscious awareness of ourselves and of the world around us.  This is why we are seeing so much unpleasantness rear its ugly head at this time.

     I have a cat and in since we live in Texas I have to be on guard for fleas.  When I give him his medicine I don't expect that any rogue flea on him we immediately fall off dead.  It takes time for the treatment to work and by doing this we both have a happy life together!  If my vigilance lapses, then it is very likely that there would be fleas jumping all over him and in our house, not an outcome I want to attract.  The same goes for us here on Planet Earth at this time.  The Earth herself "Gaia" as I like to call her, has decreed that she will only operate in a 5th dimensional paradigm going forward.  She does not want to continue to endure the effects of all of the unbridled negativity that we humans have been inflicting on her, so she has made this choice.  Being that she is also in love with life and all of the creations upon her, including us, she does not want to see us exterminated like a bunch of pesky fleas.  Instead she wishes to celebrate the dream of peace and harmony among all her Kingdoms and therefore has set the stage for it to occur.  Now it is up to us to follow through.  In the meantime "remnants" of this negativity I speak of are appearing prominently in the news.  Let's take a look.

     The current news is awash with revelations of a whistle blower at the National Security Agency(NSA) and it's massive program to capture every piece of data on the planet and analyze it for supposed purposes of "thwarting terrorism".  If you believe this then I've got some lakefront property to sell you that's in the Sahara desert!  Sure, terrorist threats are a small part of this, but it runs much deeper than that.  It in essence in my opinion is the digital backbone of the so-called New World Order(NWO) that was about to enslave every person on the planet.  Outside of Washington and the circles of political wonks not many people had even heard of the NSA.  Oh, they've heard of the CIA, and others like MI-6 in England and KGB/FSB in Russia.  I'm sure there's also a large one in China too. 
     Most of these organizations sprouted during World War 2 and then just continued on from there, gaining momentum and influence over the last 7 decades to the point that their scope of powers is almost unbelievable.  This is not news to me, actually I've been quite aware of the NSA after reading a magazine expose' about one of their former leaders, retired admiral Bobby Inman, back in the early 80's while attending university.  It was also at that time that I dropped an interesting media communications class when the professor on the first day of class flatly told all of us that there were no more free media outlets and that everything had essentially been consolidated by a small group of corporations. (This was at the time of the ascent of Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner among others).
So for 30 years I've carried around the understanding that these instruments of control were fully functioning and influencing life and probably not for the best, but for their own interests. 

     The other thing I wanted to mention is the Monsanto issue.  This relates to all of the things that have been going on, especially since the early 80's w/ the growth of the bio-technology industry in regards to genetically modified organisms (GMO's), the uncontrolled use of toxic pesticides and over use of fertilizers, etc.  Currently, three companies- Monsanto, Syngenta and Dupont control approximately 78% of all the seeds produced and sold in the USA and perhaps many other countries.  It's been written about extensively and spread across social media(thank G-D for social media!).  It's quite simple, if you control the food, you control the people.  These companies are not benevolent administrators of the planet's resources that they could be, instead they are profit-driven conglomerates that operate out of the reach of any one government. 

    All in all, between these two issues that are currently "front and center" one can become really discouraged.  Both combined could be part of some massive plot in a fictional novel designed to terrorize, control and depopulate the planet!  Except it's not a novel, it exists.  Who are all of these people that participate in all of these enterprises?  What are there motivations?  Why is this going on?  Well, back to the beginning of our story.

     Remember Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt?  Well, the twist is that if we do nothing, then we will all be figuratively turned into salt, rendered inert to fully express our lives on this planet, which I might add is your birthright.  We are moving through a period where consciousness is rapidly awakening in millions of people, causing many to question if how they are conducting their lives is truly in their (and the planet's) best interests.  Second, as the story showed, Lot, who stayed true to G-D, was spared.  Let's translate that into current terms.

     Everything is energy.  There has been an increase in the vibratory rate of consciousness of the planet itself, and subsequently it is affecting all living beings upon itself.  Things of like vibration attract, and things of unlike vibration repel on another.  Each of us, in our own way, is having to respond to this paradigm shift and it is a learning process.  As we align with the higher vibration of Love that is the foundation of the 5th dimension we move into harmony with Gaia.  If we do not choose this, then we remain in the illusion that the old vibration is still sustainable, or even still exists.  It does not.  The small problem that we're facing is that we're such amazing creators that collectively we're still creating the illusion of the old paradigm!  Hence, we see the manifestations of that old paradigm of control being revealed. 

     Here's the trick.  We must begin to consciously focus on what we DO want to have in our world, such as peace, freedom from intrusive government, clean and nutritious food.  We must begin to give up the manifestations of our collective fear that have manifested an out of control economy.  Acknowledge what is there, but do not fight it.  By doing so you feed the fear energy that keeps it manifested.  It's kind of like the old adage "What if they had a war, and no one showed up?".  Instead, put your energy into supporting things you do want.  This is the way.  In the 5th dimension there can only be living on vibrant energy (l.o.v.e.)  Fear cannot exist.  So in the meantime we need to use the fear that we still feel as a tool of transformation by focusing energy to alter the result (f.e.a.r.).  Think of the world that you would want to leave to future generations and have your actions come from that place.  Know that the generations of young children now here and those that are now and will be born come pre-wired with a higher consciousness than you or I.  They know their birthright and will remember who they are and they will use their awareness to help guide us all further into this Age.  In the meantime you and I, the ground-crew as I like to imagine, must continue to use our power of free will and choice to stand resolute that we know we are anchoring 5th dimensional consciousness within ourselves. 

     Old paradigms are breaking down faster than we can process.  What has gone cannot be created again.  We must each in our own way tap into our passion, our creativity to find new ways of living and experiencing love.  To stay in the old ways is to eventually end up like Lot's wife.  Trust that you can and you will find your own wise guidance within that will lead you to the land and the life of your greatest dreams.  Do it one day at a time, one moment at a time, for the NOW moment is all we ever have.

I wish you well on your journey.

Until next time,


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