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Monday, October 28, 2013

GRAVITY movie - Is space the final frontier?

     The other day I went to see the new movie "Gravity" with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney at our local Galaxy theater (chuckle).  It is a great movie to watch in 3-D to get the full effect.  The movie is relatively short at 91 minutes but you don't want to miss a moment of it because it is filled with action and the cinematography is outstanding! 

  Here is a brief synopsis of the film that won't give away too much in case you are planning on seeing it.  The movie centers on the two main characters (Clooney and Bullock) who are on a scientific mission to repair the Hubble space telescope.  While they are working on their mission you get to see beautiful shots of the Earth and near space as they orbit the planet doing their job.  They are in constant contact with mission control in Houston, TX as they chat with one another.  What's interesting about space is that it's a vacuum and cannot conduct sound waves, so when they are not talking it is absolutely silent.  After a while they get an urgent call that they are in the path of some satellite debris from a purposely exploded Russian satellite and have to evacuate immediately.  That's when the fun starts, yikes!  I won't go into it took much more except to say it's riveting to watch what unfolds. 

    Overall the movie is well written and the props and spacesuits are very realistic.  There is some exaggeration of what is up there in space presently (hint: it's Chinese) and how far a jet pack can allow someone to travel, but overall they get it right.  It's fun to watch how they have to maneuver in zero gravity, I left the theater feeling like I had just returned from space with them! 

     Is space the final frontier for humanity?  It seems from watching this movie that we've got a long way to go before we will comfortably be able to travel and live in space.  We just don't have the technology and resources to do a whole lot presently.  Watching this movie or similar things is about as close as we're going to get in this lifetime.  Some of us may end up flying on Richard Branson or Elon Musk's space planes in another few years, that would be quite a journey, wouldn't it!

                                          Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space plane

     It is in our nature as humans to expand the possibilities of what is possible, but are we focused in the best direction?  Perhaps there is another avenue we can explore here, in the context of 5th dimensional thought. 

     There are many ways to travel, yet mostly we are focused on one- in the physical.  We drive in cars, fly in planes, travel by rail, etc.  Now high speed tube travel is being explored and will be a great way to travel in the coming decades.  There are other, more esoteric ways of travel that are just as valid, although rarely spoken about.  The involve us mastering our being through practice and can provide us with experiences even more rich than doing it the present way.  Some of these include OBE's, teleportation and bi-location and they have been achieved purposefully or accidentally by many people.  There are numerous books written about experiences such as these and I have met and spoken to those who've done it. 

     Why is this so?  Because we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around.  The spiritual is elusive because it is not easy to identify and quantify like a physical body.  We tend to identify with the body and see it as "us", all the while knowing that one day we will have to vacate it and go on to our next adventure.  Yes, there is much to explore and experience in our galaxy and beyond, yet the ultimate attainment goes beyond that, re-identification with Source, at-one-ment with all that is.  Now that we are in the energies of the 5th dimension on this planet it is going to get a lot easier to accomplish this.  We know it is possible, it has been written about and alluded to in many ancient texts, and it is evidenced by many ancient structures which align to the stars.

     We are all on a journey, one that is unique to each of us yet eventually leading to the same place.  We know that we will have these bodies for the duration of our lifetime on this planet, and it is not that we are prisoners within them.  In fact, most if not all of us leave our bodies during sleep to travel in other dimensional realms, often having vivid dreams of other places, people and situations.  This can also be done while in waking consciousness.  Many have said that our waking life is merely another dream, so why not enjoy it?  The trick is to begin to let go of fear, disbelief and have a willingness to explore.  In almost every major city there are groups of people joining together to explore different practices such as shamanistic journeying, out-of-body experiences, light body journeying, etc.  Why not investigate what exists and make a stretch to try something new.  Some of the best experiences can be had through conscious breath work practices.  I however would discourage going in any of these directions of exploration if you are dealing with any debilitating mental or physical issues.  It is best to work in this area when one has good health and emotional stability.  The first rule is always to love oneself first! 

     It is important to live your own truth to its fullest while going through this experience of human life.  Those who have ventured into space(so far only 531 people) lived their truth and their passion to take it to such a level where they were seen by others as astronauts.  To connect your truth to your passion means that you are bringing in the energies of your soul to your life.  Each of us has gifts, talents and abilities that we can use to create a fulfilling and happy life experience.  Take some time to write down what it is that really excites you and makes you feel alive.  Within those things lies a pathway that each of us can create to fully experience conscious living in our own way.   It is the decisions that we make for ourselves that bring healing and joy to life.  To break through the frustration, the apathy, all the dramas of the external world all we have to do is choose what is love for us and devote our efforts in that direction with faith that it will lead us to our next step, for it certainly will do so. 

     All in the 5th dimension is L.O.V.E.  - Living only vibrant energy.  No opposite is seen because when you're at that point you are beyond the vibrations of duality and fear.  Egoic consciousness may still be available, but it cannot run one's life to the degree it does in the lower dimensions.  That is because you have strengthened your connection to your own spiritual energies that you now hear a new voice - one of perfect peace that is above the "babble of the marketplace" of daily life on dear planet Earth.  And if you will invite it in and listen, it will help lead you to the best outcome for each situation in your life.  That is why I know that inner space is the final frontier.  May you be blessed in all of your travels in the outer and inner worlds.



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