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Friday, October 4, 2013

Shutdown or reboot? The 5D perspective of current events in our world

     Currently in the USA there is a temporary shutdown of the Federal government due to political infighting between the two main political parties that make up nearly the total membership of Congress.  Through the first 9 months of 2013 we've seen a lot of "business as usual" in life, and a few things not so "usual".  Let's take a look at what is going on "out there" from a higher perspective.

     I've included this humorous picture of space to give us a reminder of perspective.  Often we are all so consumed with life and all that is going on that we forget that we are part of an elegant galaxy- the Milky Way, which is but one of innumerable galaxies in our known Universe.  While we are situated here on planet Earth life can seem a constant barrage of things pulling our attention further into the illusion that we are limited, vulnerable beings with little control or influence, yet this is not the case.
Well, you might be arguing with me as you read this, and arguing for one's limitations is something we all do to one degree or another.  We do it because it gives us the illusion of safety - we each create a known world where it is "safe" for us to exist.  However, if we really want to embrace our greater selves and become more then we are going to have to take some risks to creatively approach our life situation, for the future and our growth depend upon it.

     I address this to all of you who wish to be creators in your life.  If you are happy with what you have, then by all means celebrate that and be passionate about it!  If you, like me, feel the constantly prodded inner voice that says "there is more for you" then read on. 


     I am a metaphysician of sorts, a healer, a researcher and a teacher.  I enjoy observing life- from the  natural world to science and my own inner world.  My intention is to find easy and practical ways to heal and to promote the growth of consciousness.  As I do this, first for myself, then I am able to share it with others- just as you can too.  There's an old adage "If you really want to learn something, teach it to others."  To teach you must also know to some degree what it is you are talking about.  For the focus of this discussion let's dive into what has happened since the great marker of Dec. 21, 2012 to present.

     The Winter solstice of 2012 marked a shift acknowledged by millions of people that we are moving into some sort of a next step on the planet.  While many had wished it would be a dropping of the curtain on one stage and a brand new stage opening, it hasn't been that way.  No one has come to rescue us from ourselves, there has been no great sign in the heavens, and life has gone on much as it has, or has it?

     One major incident that comes to mind is the situation in Syria.  Here we had the USA poised to attack the regime due to evidence of a chemical weapons attack in Syria's civil war, a sad episode of man's inhumanity to man.  Yet, although poised to attack, cooler heads prevailed and a negotiated agreement was reached to address the problem without more war.  While things are far from resolved it does point to the possibility that the wanting of so many, including servicemen and women themselves- to not create more violence and bloodshed.  There are other incidents in the Middle East - Egypt, Iran and Israel have stayed at a simmer rather than exploding into all out conflict.  People are tired of war.  The only people that win in war are the arm's makers and the financiers.  Everybody else suffers!  In my own family line, my ancestors left for the USA in the late 19th century due to extensive political and military conflicts incited by czars, Kaiser's and other despots!

     So we now have 3/4 of 2013, year 1 of the new Age, and yet what has occurred?  Why hasn't it felt like more has changed?  I'll give you an analogy:  It's like we are re-booting our computer system after upgrading from one program to another.  The computer has to uninstall the old program, install the new program, then it has to re-start itself in order to commence.  Anyone of the millions of us with a PC will understand this, right?  In my research and my own inner wisdom I believe that we are now at a point where things will start turning on the "new" program- but don't look for it out in the world, for it is really occurring within you and I.  That is why healing is so important-it is the conscious recognition that we are the creators of our own reality, and taking 100% responsibility for that.

     What we have being acted out in the US government is part of that shift going on internally with the people of this country.  We are beginning to move to create a system that works in the new energy of the 5th dimension, while those parts that resonate with resistance to it put out their dramas of fear.  There are many discussions going on, on all levels of society and this is why there is so much uncertainty.  In this uncertainty we are all being challenged to go beyond our known worlds- in our personal lives, our families, our communities and country, and even the planet as a whole.  As I've said in previous articles- life will go on, there will be change, and in change we each set ourselves up for the opportunity to transform.  To transform is to embrace those highest aspects of being human that are now begging to be utilized within each of us.  Yet, it is still a choice. 

The coming months

     In my studies of what is "out and about" in the realm of personal growth, spirituality and metaphysics currently it appears that we are heading into a time when we will feel with more certainty the need to take a look at where we are heading.  As this re-boot takes deeper hold in the balance of this year and in the coming few years we will continue to see that we will not be able to rely on old 3rd dimensional structures of business and government. This does not however mean that there will be some collapse of society. All over the planet people have been persuaded for generations, even centuries - to put their faith and power in institutions outside of themselves, and for a long time that was a reasonable valid premise, but not any longer.  Remember, we do not exist in a vacuum- we are part of a grand play of consciousness known as the Universe, or Multi-verse and it operates and influences us here on Earth as well. 

     Insights received by others in this area indicate that we are slightly "behind schedule" maybe 10 yrs or so from where things could have been.  Another says there are merging points of several timelines coming together in coming months that could cause disruptions of one magnitude or another.  It's important to point out that we are focused as humans in a linear time frame, however the rest of Creation is not.  Still others who believe in the old prophesies are certain we are nearing the "end-times".  That is a peculiar fascination we've had for millennia, yet we are still here aren't we?

     In the immediate future we are moving into a New Moon on 10/5/13 that is all about the interaction of self vs. relationships with others.  Once again we can see how this is playing out around us.  So what can we do to promote the kinds of change that we wish to see in our lives and the greater world around us?


     As much as we have this lingering messaging that something outside of us will act upon us to create change, that is an old message of disempowerment.  Change does not occur from the outside, it occurs when each of us decide that we wish to change and we begin to take actions toward those changes.  It is a "bottom-up" approach vs. "top-down" approach.  Change leading to transformation requires that we connect our hearts and our heads and trust.  Any long lasting change that any of us does is because we have a passion for whatever we want- good health, good relationships, good employment, etc.  This is what healing is.  It is the desire to move into a better feeling state by believing we can have it, imagining it and cultivating it and then allowing ourselves to choose that which feels best in the moment.  Yes, there is much work to do, but it is work that will lead us to greater happiness and joy.

     I'm reminded of a quote from the great comedy actor Jim Carrey.  He said "I wish everyone could be rich, then they would realize that it's not the answer."  He started as a struggling actor, sleeping in his car and barely surviving until he created his big break.  He even wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 US that he kept in his wallet as a reminder of success until one day several years later he did receive that sum for one of his movies! I bring this up because first he had a passion for performing and second he was willing to use his imagination on a regular basis.  It is much like the Law of Attraction(a Universal law), that to which is of like vibration will be drawn to itself, for it is itself.

     The first step of healing is recognizing that there is a problem.  We have been too often been bombarded with so many negative messages from all quarters that we often barely have the energy to make it through our day or our week.  Now is that any way for a wonderfully powerful and creative being to live?  Become aware of what is upsetting your peace.  It might be an ache in your body, an argument with a family member or co-worker, or it may be watching too much of the "fear-porn" in the media in the form of so-called news or violent or negative TV shows.  Once you recognize there is something you wish to change then you can set about creating it.

     To create change means we each must plan a divergence from our current path.  If we wait for something outside of us to act upon us we are wasting valuable time-the present moment.  It requires us to engage our free will to choose something better.  I sense that a lot of the frustration people all over the world are feeling is that they are realizing that they have not exercised their power of choice very well for a long time and it is more difficult to begin.  Yet, if we do not begin then nothing changes, does it?  Many people hold a feeling that if they act from their hearts, their true desires, that they will be judged harshly or somehow excluded from the greater world around them, their social grouping, or be left in a state of impoverishment.  But now is the time to begin to take those risks!  We need many, many more people to begin to live the truth of their being and thereby show others that it is safe to do so.  When this momentum gains speed it will sweep a wave of change and new opportunities across the globe.  Remember what it was like before personal computers?  Life worked a certain way and now it's changed dramatically.  Even this humble blog I write is shared by people in many different countries across the planet, something that I myself wouldn't have been able to do even 10 years ago.  I feel we are poised for another breakthrough or even series of breakthroughs that will do even more in the coming years to unite us in a common purpose of living in peace and joy.  I know that many will scoff at that statement but don't bet against the ability of All that is - which is composed of light and love- to shine itself thru every heart and mind everywhere.  It might "take some time" - "some assembly required" as one of my teachers likes to say, yet it is there for us when we choose to allow it into being.

     Healing requires that we love ourselves first.  All parts of ourselves, or physical bodies, our hearts, our minds, and our spirits.  It is an ongoing process all of our lives.  Sometimes we may "take a break" yet eventually we will return to it because we came here to be creators, to act and not just be acted upon.  Work to keep your life simple during these times of change.  It is much easier to navigate through this when you are able to meet your obligations with energy left over to spare.  Trust that all will be provided - the world is a place of great abundance, choose that which feels best for you.  I leave you for now with a wonderful prayer.  As I write this today it is the feast day of St. Francis, an amazing saint who lived nearly a millennia ago.  Like the Buddha he was born to a wealthy family and gave it up to live his truth.  He was known for being so gentle and aligned with Nature that animals would prostrate themselves at his feet, and birds would land on his shoulders singing songs, wouldn't that have been something to see!

Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

     Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.
     Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
     Where there is injury, pardon,
     Where there is doubt, faith,
     Where there is despair, hope,
     Where there is darkness, light,
          and where there is sadness, joy.

     Oh Divine Master, grant that I may
     not so much seek to be consoled, as to console.
     To be understood, as to understand;
     To be loved, as to love;
     For it is in giving that we receive,
     It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.

     And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

     To me this is one of the most beautiful prayers and it is one worth committing to memory.  Recognize that dying is not of the physical self, but to our old ways of being that leave us stuck in illusions.  May we gently release our illusions and come to the Truth of each of our beings.

Blessings to all of you,


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  1. Thank you Robert for your visionary commentary. I agree with you completely...and I feel encouragement for all to step up an see themselves as the true creators for a new Earth is at hand. Thank you and Happy St. Francis Day...I always carry this prayer with me...~Barbara Bailey McMurtry