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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What is healing and how do we heal? A 5D perspective

Artist:  Alex Grey (

     Hello once again dear readers and thanks for stopping by!  Today's article is about healing.  What is it, why we want it and how begin (or continue) our healing process.  Healing is a process and it is a difficult thing to adequately address in a single posting, however I will do my best to give you my current understanding and will offer you some further insights into how the practice of healing is evolving as we continue our journey in these 5th dimensional energies that are now available to us all.

     As I and many others have said, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Just as at one time many believed the Earth to be flat, our understanding of healing is changing as we each grow to understand and appreciate the truth of who and what we are.  Healing most often is associated with the physical or emotional parts of ourselves yet also includes the mental and spiritual aspects as well.

   To heal is to become whole and balanced in each of our beings of consciousness.  There is no one including myself who cannot benefit from some form of healing.  All healing is self-healing, no one can do it for you.  We often employ healers of many types- physicians, counselors, body workers, energy healers, etc. and they perform a valuable function.  They are skilled assistants to us in our process of healing and this is quite appropriate. 

     We are currently living on a planet that is now 5th dimensional.  This means that how we interpret and practice healing is changing.  We have heard that we have to balance the head and the heart in order to move forward.  This is good because our heart will always lead us in the right direction, it's just that we need to practice paying attention to its guidance.  Just the simple act of paying attention to this part of yourself is healing.  It is establishing or expanding a long dormant pathway in most people.  Being in the heart automatically puts us in the present moment, for that is where we are feeling it.  Take a few breaths and center yourself in your heart right now and say hello to this part of yourself!

     I was reviewing a favorite book of mine recently, "The Nature of personal reality" by Jane Roberts.  It is a fascinating channeled book written in the 1970's and the principles explained are timeless and multi-dimensional.  Early in the book, Seth says something I want to share with you:  "You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, causes all experience.  There are no exceptions."  This is so important to understand and embrace fully.  Nothing and no one comes into any one's life unless they have invited it in.  The key part to understand is that while we think we are "running our show" from our personality alone, there is the greater part of ourselves which is termed "Higher Self" which is now activated more fully in this 5th dimensional environment.  Healing in this regard is coming to know and integrate this more fully in our lives.

     We are energetic beings in a constant state of flow.  We perceive that our bodies and "real reality" is solid, yet we also know that we are a composition of atoms moving at incredible rates, and that those atoms are mostly empty space.  So don't be offended if someone says you are mostly hot air, that's not far from the truth!  Besides what we can see with our eyes we are also composed of etheric energy which is not visible to our eyes.  Let me give you an example of how you can experience this.  Imagine going to a store where there a lot of people.  Create the feeling of wanting to connect, and then send it to someone whose back is turned towards you, imagine tapping them on the shoulder even though you are a distance away.  More often than not, they will feel this and turn around expecting to see someone.  That is your etheric energy, which you sent to them!  A second way is to get centered in your heart with feelings of love and friendship.  Picture a friend or loved one in your mind's eye getting that message, then forget about it and go on with your day.  Again, often that person will get the idea to call you on the phone!  Mother's intuition is also a form of etheric connection because mother's are energetically connected to their children, and that connection is especially strong when the children are young.  

     Here's a short video that gives a greater perspective on the human body:


     One of the key points raised in the above video is "....humankind is faced with the responsibility of learning to manage the energy of thought."  To know how to manage one's energy we first need to understand the larger scope of what we are.  So far I've given you a piece about your etheric energy.  Each of the cells in our body is conscious, at our service.  This is why it is important to listen to your body and the signals it is giving your through feelings of well being or discomfort for that is how it communicates to you.  Our emotional self - that part of us that feels is also a crucial area to be aware of as we move further into our journey of human life.

     The emotional body is a being of consciousness that we all have.  It is like we are composed of our own "inner family".  This is why we sometimes "get in our own way" when acting in the world- not doing what we originally intend, or having a less desirable outcome.  It is often because the emotional self is not in accord with the other parts of ourselves.   Another excerpt from Seth in the same book I mentioned:  " have only to learn to examine the nature of your beliefs, for these will automatically cause you to feel and think in certain fashions.  Your emotions follow your beliefs.  It is not the other way around."  Many will argue against this, yet it is true.  We are not victims of negative emotions.  It is our beliefs that create the thoughts that give rise to the feelings.  As a healer I have found that assisting people  to take a look at their beliefs can give rise to significant healing.  Perhaps you've found a time or two when you have changed your mind about something and it had a cascading effect on many areas of your life?

     In fact, emotional distress or imbalance is often a prelude to further dis-ease approaching.  Consider looking at all of your emotions as what you have created.  Others are acting in their own spheres and on a less conscious level you come together to act out behaviors and situations that are either learning opportunities or joy opportunities.  This being said the definition of joy is "journeying on yielding to what you want".  So as you can surmise it is very important to look at your core beliefs about yourself, especially when a negative emotional feeling arises.  Remember, it is never about the other person.  If one can deal with an imbalance while it is still in this frequency range, then it will not have to coalesce into some type of physical malady.  This is why modalities such as energy healing, crystal healing and sound healing are so useful.  Each of these work with a person's subtle and etheric bodies to adjust imbalances.  Recall how I mentioned that it is about flow.  Adjusting these flows when they are of a finer, higher vibration is much easier than when they become slowed down in a physical expression.

     Healing offers us greater opportunities for creation.  All of the time we are creating in either small or large ways.  While we are human beings, the word "being" in this sense does not mean a static state, but rather a state of grace.  Ever forward we move on in our lives making choices about our willingness to become more conscious creators.  Much of what is showing up in our world as difficulty for people is not being aware that there needs to be some internal "housecleaning" around beliefs, and a conscious releasing of those that do not serve to bring more love and joy to ourselves.  We have to make space within our being to allow new, more aligned beliefs to take root.  The first step is being willing to change.  One of the biggest hurdles of modern society is the endless distractions, such as TV, sports, politics, etc..  It is very difficult to change through distraction.  It is much better to allow some private time in a quiet space to write or meditate on what you are feeling, then explore the beliefs behind those feelings to see if they still fit.  By doing this you create the opportunity for change by diverging from your status quo.  For example, if you are angry look at the situation and write down the beliefs around it, keeping in mind that you created it.  Resist the temptation to blame or feel as if you are a victim of the circumstance - that is the old way of thinking.  You can then make a tree of beliefs where the ones that first come up are like the leaves and small branches.  Then you can find further beliefs that compose the large branches until you finally arrive at the trunk, or core belief from which all of the others sprang.  If you are brave enough to do this you stand an excellent chance of improving your circumstances immensely!

     Choosing to be a more conscious person requires bravery at this point.  Society does not readily promote people evolving, yet the opportunity is still there.  It requires your choice to do so and a willingness to explore yourself and decide what you truly want.  When I imagine a planet where people are living from the wisdom of their heart with their mind in service I see beautiful outcomes!  The way to get there is for each of us to take stock and do our part to find our truth, feel the passion of our truth and then create.  This is how we heal ourselves and through this path of one person at a time, our world is transformed.  It has already begun.  The planet being in the 5th dimension has made fertile ground for it to happen.  I invite you to choose one thing that you wish to heal and begin working it.  As each of us heals we all benefit.  It is a win-win.

     I wish you well in this new year of 2014.  Shortly it will be the Chinese new year "Horse" and it will be a year of much activity starting in February.  I look forward to our next time together as we delve further into healing, beliefs and whatever else I can find to encourage and inspire you all.






  1. Thank you Robert, very 5D! I learned a healing hierarchy: spiritual -> energy body -> physical body, where higher energy problems manifest problems in the lower levels, but must be dealt with where the problem originated.

    1. Yes, that's it Bruce! Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

  2. Sorry to mobile users that the video doesn't load. I hope you get a chance to see it another way.

  3. From my perspective, you're so right about the bravery part. I'm overwhelmed at times with the perfection and beauty of how our bodies respond to healing and why some people don't or can't. Thanks for a broader view at how our beliefs create our reality and how our every thought influences our cellular structure. Be Brave and take responsibility for your own healing. Love it!