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Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to bring more love into your life, the 5D way!

                                                           Aphrodite, Pan and Eros

     Once again Valentine's Day is upon us in the Western World and we take time, if we are fortunate, to share that with the ones we love.  Yet it's even better if we make some time for ourselves to connect to the strong energies of love that are swirling around our communities and our planet this day.  So let's dive into it a bit, shall we?

     Above there's a photo of three pieces that the ancient Greeks revered, I'll just focus on Aphrodite.  Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Valentine's Day to many is a modern celebration of Romantic love, which actually didn't fully come into regular practice until the 1300's in Europe.  It was brought in songs sung by the Troubadour's who were prominent at that time.  They probably had picked it up in their travels through Greece and Cyprus on their way to the Crusades.  So our current tradition goes back thousands of years!  Even the Greeks borrowed their ideas from the Phoenician's and Mesopotamian's taking it back even further.  Needless to say that as humans, love has been on our mind for Ages, it is hard-wired into us.

     We often confuse love as being as a romantic feeling and a physical act, of course it is so much more.  We quest for this feeling and feeling a pained longing for it if we don't have it.  Love is a powerful energy that we can channel in many creative ways once we have it.  Actually, we always have it, for in our essence it is who we are.  So why is it so seemingly difficult to maintain?

     In the 5th dimension everything is about love, meaning living on vibrant energy.  In the 3rd and 4th dimensions it is the struggle of love vs. fear.  Fear and its derivatives are just illusion, albeit very powerful illusions.  This is why we've had such a struggle.  We often see love as elusive, sometimes there and so sweet and other times apparently gone.  As we move more and more into greater awareness we are more able to hold a higher vibration in our choices which allows us to steadily experience more love(vibrant energy) in each day.

     All love is self-love, period.  It may seem like someone else gives it to us, but in reality it is our choices that bring the people and situations into our experience that give us the reflection of our love, or not.  We are not a victim of our upbringing or any situation.  Holding a 5th dimensional vibration means taking 100% responsibility for ourselves and our energy.  This becomes easier when we can open our heart and listen to ourselves and then allow that spiritual flow from our soul via our Higher Self to speak to us.  This is where we come to the point of inviting the opportunity in to allow more love to come to us.  Love is not bounded by time or space, so we can actually send it anywhere it's needed, so why not send some to ourselves?

     Here's an exercise I learned and found to be very powerful.  Find three candles and a comfortable place to sit.  Purify your space with some sage or favorite crystals.  In your mind or out loud center yourself and call in your Higher Self to be present to assist.  Light the candles.  One will represent your past self, present self and future self.  For the past self imagine you at an earlier time when you wanted more love.  Send energy to that former you and bathe them in your love, giving thanks for what they did to allow you to be here in the present. Take as much time as you need. Then go to your present self and think of this nice expression you're doing for yourself right now.  Imagine yourself bathed in beautiful healing light, whatever color comes to mind first is usually very helpful.  Wish yourself Happy Valentine's day!  Feel the love you have for yourself now.  Express gratitude to yourself for the being you are on this beautiful planet in 2014, a year of great expansion.   Then finally imagine your future self.  Picture yourself in your best possible circumstances.  It can be a year ahead or ten years ahead, whatever you like.  Feel the joy of the experiences you want to have as if you are actually having them.  Again, take as much time to do this, you can't do it wrong.  If you can imagine it, it is possible!  Bathe your future self in love, thanking them for holding your greatest dreams.  When you are done with this you can conclude.  If you like, keep the candles burning for a while before you blow them out.

     What you've done is a very 5D act.  You've used your love and your imagination to create a flow within your life past, present and future.  You've consciously connected to and acknowledged that you are a greater being and a lover of yourself.  You have given yourself a healing that will change things in your life for the better.  After you've done this, just let it go and not think about it too much.  You've initiated a flow of energy that is beyond your thinking mind, your heart energy.

     Another way to heal is with sound.  Singing, toning and chanting are great ways to use sound.  Classical music is another fantastic way to engage and activate one's heart energy.  There is something about the purity of the frequency of classical music that does activate specific chakras in the body.  The main chakra we're working on today is the heart chakra.  I ran across a reference to this in the work of the great healer Ted Stevens.  He indicated that to stimulate the heart chakra an excellent piece of music is the Bach concerto below.  If you have a spare 5 minutes to be quiet, listen to it while keeping your awareness in your heart center.  I hope you enjoy it.

Bach :  Brandenburg Concerto no. 2 F major

     I hope you all have a pleasant Valentine's Day on February 14, remembering that love comes every day of the year.  May you all have more love this and every day.