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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Eight levels of Personal Truth

     Hello and welcome back once again to another exploration in what it means to be a co-creative human being on planet Earth!  Today we will explore a bit about the concept of truth and what it means.  This information was shared with my by some of my guides a while back and I've been working with it and now am excited to offer insights about it with you to assist you on your path.

     Why truth?  Often people say that the truth is relative, meaning that different people will have different perspectives on something.  For example, if there is an automobile accident that 10 people witnessed, there will be 10 different perspectives about the truth of what occurred.  While that is often the case, it is not the focus of this article.  Instead we are going to delve into our personal truth, that which resonates most deeply inside of us, calling to be acknowledged and expressed in our personal world.
     Our truth comes from our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.  It is subject to a constant evolution as we grow and evolve our consciousness through the experience of life.  I have often said that it is my preference to leave this Earth rich in experiences (hopefully more pleasing to me than not) than rich in material wealth, for the experiences we create for ourselves are the only thing we can truly take with us.  It is like the old saying "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God"  (Matthew 19:24).  There is much wisdom in this saying, as it focuses us on what is of primary importance and what may be of lesser importance.  Let's go a little deeper.

     We have all arrived here in life to be joyous co-creators of our lives.  Sometimes we have moments of experiencing that and often times we feel that we are not meeting our own expectations of what we wish to experience.  Our feelings are guideposts for us on each step of our journey so it is important to recognize and acknowledge what is feeling good and what is not.  This is a basis for self examination of our beliefs to find out what is serving us and what is not, and take steps to release those beliefs that no longer serve us.  This is the task of self-evolution that we are all on, whether we like it or not.  Often we can cling to outmoded beliefs at great cost to our happiness, health and prosperity and that is our choice.  This is the beauty of being on a free-will planet, the opportunity to make choices and experience the outcomes ;).

     In present time we are all immersed in the energies of the 5th dimension, that of vibrant energy, and we are all working to align ourselves with these vibrations of love that are calling out to us from the deepest parts of our being.  In my experience, many of us have or are being pushed out of "comfortable" positions of just cruising through life (myself included), and are being asked by our Higher selves to move to live our truth and co-create from that place rather than "playing it safe".  Many have been relieved of their jobs, homes, relationships, etc. as wake-up calls to pay attention and consider new choices in their lives.  Despite the discomfort of these events, this is a good thing. Better to awaken to the next chapter of life than to fall asleep and not finish the book!  Keep in mind that we are not only reading the book but writing it as well, and who doesn't want to be excited about their own story!

     Living your personal truth as fully as possible is a key element to living a fulfilled life.  Here's why:  When you combine your truth(higher mind) with your passion (heart energy) you activate a clear channel for more energy from your soul via your higher self to flood into your experience as a human which activates all sorts of potentials that didn't exist before.  Keep in mind that as a human being in a body we are just the "tip of the iceberg" of a vast consciousness that we are.  Divine grace can be most easily bestowed upon us if we are willing to reach up to activate it.  Merely hoping and praying or plain hard work are alone not enough to activate this force.  It must be addressed by living your truth in alignment with what you yourself set forth as your life plan or blueprint before you incarnated here.  So now I will describe the eight levels as they were taught to me.

     The first level is 1) You know your truth.  That is, you become aware of your belief about yourself.  The second level is 2) You understand your truth.  On some level it makes sense to you.  The third level is 3) You accept your truth.  That is to say you accept that this is true for you.  It is not a random thought you are having.  That brings it to the fourth level 4) You believe it.  Because you accept it you have opened up to believing it is true.

     Once you get to the point of believing your truth you come to the question :  "Is this enough, or do I wish to change it?"  It might be a negative or positive belief about yourself.  For example, if you are an accountant and you truly believe that you are a talented actor, you must be willing to take steps to create your experience of life away from being the accountant at least for a while, and start taking actions which you associate with being an actor.  This might mean taking acting classes or joining a local theater group all of the way up to auditioning for TV or movie roles.   This brings us to the fifth level of truth.

     The fifth level of truth is that 5) you become passionate about your truth.  This is when you say to yourself "this is what I like".  It gives you a feeling of excitement or perhaps well-being by engaging with it.  For example, an artist might discover a new medium to work in that surpasses all others for them in the way they wish to express themselves.  They become passionate about it and move to create their art in this new medium, and the passion that they feel gives them even more energy to create far beyond what they've previously produced.  In my opinion very few if any great creations have occurred without passion.  Count yourself lucky if you feel passion regularly, for some of us it is a much more difficult road to find that energy of passion.

     The sixth level follows from the fifth and is 6) You act from your truth.  You take action towards your desired end because the feeling of passion beckons you to join with it.  Can you see how it is becoming the connection between the mind and the heart?

     The seventh level of your truth is 7) You are seen by others.  In the case of the artist, the artist exhibits her creations for others to admire and enjoy.  They are known to be the practitioner of this style of art and they become known to others as an expert in this style of art.  This further reinforces the belief to the artist that that is who they are showing up to the world as.  They don the persona of the artist in their unique way.

     The eighth level of truth is 8)Now you create from your truth.  You are seen in it, you are producing whatever it is you've intended through your belief about your truth, and you have opened up a field of possibilities for creation.  For example a local restaurant owner is passionate about their food and so many come to visit that he decides to open a chain of restaurants featuring the same beloved food, or perhaps they create a series of different restaurants based on other ideas they have for food and dining.  Because they are seen as creating food and are seen as successful, others join with him to offer support for his ideas that he could not have dreamed of when he started.  It all began with knowing that he liked food and cooking and wanted to share it with others.

     The world that is slowly emerging will be built by those who seek their personal truth and stand in it and create from it.  We live in a time that is the cusp of major transformation from the old to the new, which is really the old becoming re-discovered once again.  Long ago the people on the Earth operated in a 5th dimensional environment which was all about living on vibrant energy (L.O.V.E.).  Now, once again we have this opportunity to create in this manner, after thousands of years of working our way through a duality paradigm of love vs. fear.  While it still seems that this is the case and it appears that things are becoming more chaotic and less stable it is only because an old way of operating is being uprooted by the stirrings in millions of hearts across the globe.  As I've mentioned in other postings the planet has been upgraded to support a higher vibratory frequency because on a deeper level the collective desires of many have asked for this.  How this will come to pass will be the direct result of each of us acknowledging and honoring our personal truth to the best of our ability and living it to be seen by others.

     I will close this article by saying that each of you has a gift to share with the world, whether it be with your immediate circle of family and friends or a wider audience.  Some of you are already doing it and I applaud you, for you are the models that others will see and be inspired by.  Your gifts are the pathway to joy in your life.  If you find yourself working in an area that doesn't inspire you just to pay the bills or have a certain lifestyle take some time to consider if you are offering yourself your best, for when you engage your truth it will be you first that receives the benefit of all of the energies that your soul wishes to bestow upon you.  I bless each of you with bravery, boldness and fortitude to hear your truth and go forth and live it as best you can.  This is how we will each work to return life here to its rightful majesty.




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