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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Managing your energy- pt. 2 Know your personal space!

     Welcome back to another posting of 5D Times!  Today we're be focusing on "space" and what that means for us on our journey of evolution in these times.  The reason I have chosen this topic is that it is something each of us deal with every day of our lives.  It is so present to us that we take it for granted, not realizing that we have the opportunity as 5D beings to transform our space for greater personal happiness and joy.  So if that sounds interesting to you, by all means please read on!

     I often describe our total being to people is analogous to an iceberg.  The part we normally see and interact with is the part above the water.  The other 90% is unseen, below the water and it is just as important to us because it is part of us.  This unseen portion is our energy field, something that I will term as our etheric energy.   It is that part of us that healers of all types work with when they are interacting with clients.  It is a place to get to know and understand, so let's have a look at it shall we?

     In the above diagram you can see the stick figure holding her arms out inside of a cylinder of blue.  This is the etheric field that surrounds each of us.  I actuality it is more oval-shaped and it can vary in size from being very close to the body when we're in a stressed state, to being very expansive when we're holding a higher state of love and joy.  When we learn to master and manage our energy we can extend our personal field to a much larger size- many meters away from the body.  That can be very fun in the right kind of circumstances!

     I am sure that most of you have been in public and turned around when no one was there even though it felt like someone was tapping you on the shoulder.  Maybe you saw someone some distance away looking in your direction.  Either intentionally or not, that person had extended their energy to the edge of yours and gave you a little "hello".  Sometimes it is even spirit that do this as well, and it's nothing to be afraid of, it's just a reminder that we're always broadcasting our energy.  You can do this to others as well, you might be staring at someone facing away from you and then you see them suddenly turn around, looking in your direction.  In most cases they are responding to you sending your energy out to "touch" them and they felt it!  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have more conscious control of this part of you?  The first thing you need to consider is setting your space.

     Setting your space can be as simple as a conscious intention that your energy field be clear and firm.  You can call in light to reinforce it, or you can use something called the Rose technique to clearly set the boundaries of your space.  (Refer to Managing your energy pt. 1 earlier in this blog for instructions.)  It is all about consciously interacting with your energy instead of just letting it be.  Moving into being 5D requires more conscious participation in your energy and this is the place to begin.  When you do this on a regular basis it will become nearly automatic and not require as much effort to set up.  You'll be able to just intend it and it will be so.  What are the benefits?  You will be claiming your personal space as your own and you will be significantly less susceptible to others negative thoughts and feelings from entering your space.  Those things will literally bounce off of your defined boundaries!  You will feel better when you are in groups of people, their discordant and undisciplined energy will again not affect you as much.  By consciously doing this on a regular basis you will be running your energy at a higher vibration.  Those of lower vibration will find it uncomfortable to be around you and will move away, those of like minded vibration will have no problems at all being near you.  In a way it will assist you to create a reality of being with more higher vibrating people and give you the opportunity for many more pleasant encounters!  Please try this and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

     Now there is a caveat to this technique.  Unless you've completely cleared your energy of cords and attachments from others there may still be a "back door" where negative energies can get a foothold in your space.  This most often occurs between loved ones - family members, spouses, lovers or close friends.  These are people who we most often let into our intimate personal space, and sometimes without knowing it we allow them to attach themselves energetically to us in an unhealthy way.  Clearing these attachments can sometimes take a lot of work because they are often tied to old beliefs that we don't want to let go of even though they are no longer in our best interest.  Lets no go on to a discussion of our "internal" space and what we might be able to do to know it better.

     Your internal space is what you carry around with you every day.  Sometimes it feels light and great, and other times it may feel very heavy.  It is our body's nature to be in balance at all times and it works tirelessly to do this, but sometimes it needs more of our conscious assistance to do this.  Why?  A simple answer to this is that often our emotional selves are not in balance with our physical selves.  We literally store unresolved feelings and hurts from long ago within the energetic and cellular structure of our bodies and then it causes us to feel less and less.  It's kind of like a pipe that gets clogged from years of grease accumulating in it, yuck!

     It is said that in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria many thousands of years ago people were much more naturally tuned to their energy and took time every day to work to keep it in balance.  I believe that we as individuals are returning to that state of being.  Again, it takes conscious attention and a willingness to release these stuck energies.  And why do we want to do this if we're already feeling fairly well?  Wouldn't it be nice to feel even better?

     You truly know better than anyone what things you are holding onto that are blocking you.  Some are small and some blocks can seem so large that they affect your happiness to a large degree.  These blocks can only be released by you when you are truly ready to face them energetically through conscious intention, feel them and then release them.  The reason that we need to release blocks is that they take up internal space that limits our ability to bring in the good things we so desperately want to experience.  Blocks are a tool designed to get us to understand there are limits to our energy and that we must work to maintain it before we can work to expand it.  It is part of evolution.  In my own experience I have had to work very hard to release blocks in my life, however as the years have gone on and I've become more confident about the process, it has become much easier.  And it will for you too as you take responsibility for your space.  It is essential as a 5D being to continue to work to take 100% responsibility for what is occurring in your life.  To learn how and when to make new choices and more conscious choices is what this is all about.  If you wish to go through life in an unconscious or semi-conscious manner you have little hope of improving your life situation.  However since you are reading this I am certain that you ARE conscious and wish to be more in control of your life.  So here's a technique or two that will assist you to clear out some of that old stuff in your energetic space so you can make room for all of those new and good things you want, OK?

     The first technique is fairly well known.  Before you begin either of these first get yourself in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for at least 30 minutes.  Light a candle or bring out your favorite crystals or items that connect you to the spiritual realm.  Ground yourself, imagining you are connected to the center of the Earth like you are a tree growing roots.  Feel that energy.  Now, imagine the branches of that tree you are reaching up to a beautiful sunny sky.  Again, feel that connection and the energy that is supporting you.  This is very important and do not gloss over it.  In the feeling lies the living energy.  It is what is going to assist you and you must open to it for it cannot enter you without invitation.

     Sit or lie down while you are doing this.  Once you've set the space as described, bring up the issue in your feelings so it becomes present to you.  Healing happens in the present, even if something happened 40 years ago or 4000 years ago!  Again get into feeling the situation.  It might be an ex-lover, spouse or friend.  It might be a traumatic incident from childhood.  It could be any number of things, we just know that it doesn't feel good and you want it gone!  Now, you can do one or two things.  I recommend you do them both.   First, call in your spiritual source, your healing guide or whatever you would like to call it.  You can say " I call in the being of only Light and Love that is best able to assist me to remove this issue/block".  Wait a few moments while you are in the midst of still feeling the issue and then imagine it energetically lifting out of your body.  You are doing this part.  Then, imagine this being taking this energetic tangle as you hand it off to them and feel it leaving you.  If you do this with true conviction you will feel yourself much lighter in that moment.  Sit or lay quietly as you might be more emotional than normal.  Once this is done and it can take just a few minutes to a few seconds, imagine yourself being bathed in healing light of whatever color you like.  I prefer gold or rose myself but you can choose whatever comes to mind and it will be perfect for you.  Second, for particularly troublesome attachments your can call in the assistance of Archangel Michael.  Yes, he is real and yes, he has the time to assist you because you're worth it!  Again, while you are in position, think about the issue you want released.  For example, a recent bad break-up with a lover is one where there are often cords and connections that were energetically literally ripped out of you.  Or you might unconsciously still hold a piece of your energy connected to that person.  You'll know either way if you're feeling broken hearted, or if you are thinking of that person when you do not want to anymore.  Remember, you have the right to your personal space and the responsibility to keep it clear.  With great intention and belief, ask Michael to cut the cords that bind you to this person or situation you no longer want in your life.  Imagine him, all regal and confident striding up to you and pulling out his huge sword and in one swoop cutting those cords and attachments!  Once you've successfully done this you may feel emotional or a bit disoriented for a time, but do not worry.  You are doing great work in clearing your space and you will receive assistance!

     As I always like to say, finding a qualified healer who has worked through a lot of their own issues is a great ally to have as a facilitator if you feel that you do not want to do this work alone.  I am saying that you can do it on your own.  Never buy into the idea that someone else will fix you, they won't.  They can help you and often that's some very sweet and touching human interaction of healing, so keep that in mind.   Also, I would like to add that you must be absolutely clear when cutting cords or clearing old issues that you do not want them anymore, otherwise they'll be like a weed that pops back up in your life.  You've got to get the root of it out!   An example I can share is this.  I was getting over a particularly difficult relationship where I was blind-sided and betrayed.  I still felt hope to continue the relationship even though it was clearly over.  I did these techniques several times and they did not work, because I was still holding onto what could have been.  After several long months of processing I finally got to the point where I was ready to release those old stories.  Once I did that and cleared it out of my energetic space a few months later came along a very pleasant new relationship.  Again, clearing old stuff makes room for the new and better to come in.  It takes self-honesty and bravery, and trust me that is much better than suffering long term emotional pain.  There's really no point to being a martyr or a victim in 5D because when we're fully there it is all about love (living only vibrant energy).

     I hope that today's article has got you thinking about your personal space, and considering making an attempt to manage it more consciously.  We are all on a path of healing and having space is elemental and essential for anyone who wishes to heal themselves and move on to the next step in their path of life.  I give thanks to my non-physical friends K, and others who have provided assistance to me in understanding this more deeply so I can share it with all of you.   I wish you well on your path, may you make the effort to clear your space so you can take that next giant step forward in your life to be the unique loving being that you truly are.  



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