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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You are the Gift!

     Greetings once again dear reader and fellow travellers on the path we call life on planet Earth.  I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer season here in the northern hemisphere.  It's hot here in Austin Texas as usual for this time of year but I don't mind, thank goodness for air conditioning!  Today I want to share with you thoughts about who we are and why we are to keep you focused on your path into the new energy of the 5th dimension.

     No one said it would be easy to come back and be here during this time period.  I've often heard from people "This is my last lifetime, I'm never coming back!"  Even I have said this at times, yet I am here and so are you, so let's see if we can make our experience a bit more pleasant, shall we?

     I believe that those who will read this already know that they have chosen to have this current experience of life with all of its ups and downs and are looking for a way to make it easier and more joyful and yet continue to struggle at times to get to that state where everything is all right and flowing well.  I also believe that many of you are healers in your own right.  Some of you may heal as a profession and others of you may work in ordinary jobs and heal within your communities of family, friends and work.  It all counts!

     Many of us can often get drawn into the drama of the world at large.  Right now it's focused on Israel and the Palestinians and the fighting in Gaza, or it's the situation in the Ukraine with the terrible tragedy of the downed airliner.  Or it's the huge typhoons hitting Asia causing all sorts of havoc.  Take your pick, there seems to always be a crisis or disaster.  Of course also there is the ongoing political and economic struggles across the world.  All one has to do is turn on the news and there it is.  Maybe we are wired to see these events?  Watching people gawk at an auto accident as they drive by certainly supports my theory.  I believe that indulging in these types of things is a habituated response to fear, and now that we're in the 5th dimension it is really all about love (Living on vibrant energy).

     Remember from my previous articles that we can use fear as a tool to get us where we really want to go- our natural state as beings of love.  The two acronyms I like are:  Focus the Energy to Alter the Results and false evidence appearing real (F.E.A.R.).  It seems like we've got a long way to got to really be living all the time as beings of love, would you rather stay in fear?  Not I!  To do this we do have to make conscious efforts to make choices about what we let into our lives and what we do not, it is that simple.

     To be a being of love, living on the vibrant energy of who we truly are, takes some effort.  It requires of us to listen to ourselves and all of the energies via thoughts and feelings that course through us every day, and to act towards creating a better flow and balance within ourselves.  Each week, each month we are all being persistently nudged to take more responsibility for ourselves and our wellness.  Personal responsibility is the hallmark of the energies we are now living in and will continue to live in.  Unless you have minor children you are only truly responsible for yourself.  Your lover, your boss, your parents, etc. are not responsible for you.  Of course you can share your life with these people and enjoy harmony with them but it is each of our journeys to walk.

     I titled this article "You are the gift" because I want you to know that each and every one of you ARE the gift to this planet at this time.  If you knew more of who you really are in the higher realms you would not doubt this at all!  Many of you are great souls who purposely volunteered to come into life to assist in all sorts of ways.  Even if you end up accomplishing things that aren't easily seen or acknowledged by others you are making a difference just by being on the planet at this time.  Seriously, I mean this!  Resist the temptation to "beat yourself up" that you aren't accomplishing things according to the current standards of life.  We live in a time where the last throes of materialistic culture are screaming at us from all quarters.  Sensationalism, glamour and excess of all sorts fill our TV's, phones and computers.  It's as if we're being deliberately distracted from tuning into our inner guidance.  We're not, by the way.  There are no evil controllers pulling the puppet strings of society in a rigged game.  Yes, there are those souls who have gone off the path into negativity, and there are present also souls of great light and love who are doing great service.  Which do you choose to focus on?

     Focus on feeling good

     The best thing that any of us can do for ourselves is to focus on feeling good.  Here's why.  A large percentage of people do not feel well because we for the most part are living in a very unbalanced society with low spiritual conscious.  Have heart, because it is improving.  About 10 years ago it was estimated that about 6% of the people on the planet were considered conscious.  I checked with my guidance and it's now up to about 8% which is a tremendous improvement!  That still leaves over 90% of the world mostly unconscious.  They are going through life but have little willingness or understanding of being magnificent spiritual beings, so they are not acting like it and most of them probably won't.  There is a tipping point however and at the current rate of consciousness expansion we who are conscious and who are working to become more conscious will affect the collective.  I estimate that within 20 years there will be no doubt in any one's mind that things have changed for the better.  In the meantime we each must continue to stand tall and create our own islands of peace for ourselves.  We do not have to preach to others, just lead by example.  Tell stories about how you came through your own struggles and you can be a beacon of hope for someone.

    If you are not feeling good

     If you are not feeling good you have a choice.  You can stay in that feeling, hoping to "ride it out", or you can make a new choice to love yourself just a little bit more.  Do this for you, not anyone else.  It's estimated that currently in the USA approximately 40% of the population is suffering from some form of depression, anywhere from mild anxiety on up.  Why is this?   It is because we live in a dysfunctional society that does not value wellness of it's members.  Our current medical solution is talk therapy to anti-depressants and yet it doesn't seem to be healing people in great numbers.  It is keeping a lot of therapists employed and drug companies making profits!  Now if you're under the care of a physician I'm not telling you to fire them and throw away your medication.  I am telling you that you and you alone have the power to heal yourself.   Do you know what depression is?  It is stuck feelings that block the flow of energy in your body.  Most often it is anger or fear.  We learn from an early age to repress these feelings and hold onto them, burying them within our body and energy, and that seems to work, for a while.  But then we encounter another trigger a few years later and we can't hold it and we either act out or we go into a very low energy state we call depression.  We tell ourselves that money or possessions or a new partner will make it all better, yet we find that it is just a temporary bandage.

     Whole libraries of books have been written on this topic, and many more will be.  Healing ourselves for most of us is our main priority in coming to be on this planet.  Here's just a few tips for feeling better:

1) Get outside!  When was the last time you were barefoot or been swimming in a lake or the ocean?
     We are natural beings and spend way too much time indoors.  Getting outside in the sunshine increases your vitamin D levels which is really good for you.  Connecting with the earth with your body helps to balance the energetic bodies that surround each of us.  Go take a nap on a blanket at the beach or in a park, you'll be glad you did :).

2) Get connected!  Go visit your friends.  Have a get together.  If you don't have any friends then just go hang out somewhere and people watch.  We are social beings.  No man or woman is an island!  One of biggest indicators for people who live happy lives is to be connected to others.  I've had to prod myself over the years to get out and meet people and I'm glad for the times I have done this.  (It's the things we don't do that can gnaw at our self esteem and self worth.)

3) Learn how your body works!  Feed it sh-t and you'll feel like sh-t.  Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night if you can.  You know what is good for you and what isn't.  Own up to it.   If you need help finding resources on nutrition and exercise ask!  I'm amazed at how I can talk into my smart phone and it will pull up an answer to virtually any question I ask, how convenient!  ( please don't do this while driving or you'll crash!)
     I could go on but I'll stop with these 3 suggestions.  I am sure you have heard them before, but it is good to be reminded.  The point I am making is that our inner world is reflected in what we see in the outer world.  We all need to consciously increase our self-love consistently in these times of great change, and do not doubt we are in times of great change, and that is OK.  You are safe.  You are loved, and you are the Gift.

Thank you for joining me today, next time we will return to our regularly scheduled metaphysical musings.  I've got some really profound stuff on DNA and re-emerging forms of healing that I'm looking forward to sharing with you next time.  Until then, enjoy mid-summer.




  1. Whole heatedly agree! Wonderful and thank you!


  2. Thank you Robert :) I found this post full of profound information <3