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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Depression can be healed - Your natural state is joy!

     Greetings and welcome back to another exploration of health and wellness via 5D principles!   Today we will focus on a topic that affects many people and has great promise to be healed, yet it is running rampant through society with many negative effects.  It is depression.  It can also be termed mild anxiety, melancholy, sadness, etc.  All of these feelings have been with humanity for thousands of years and impact many.  Some use it as a gift to propel themselves into creative expression and others fall prey to its grip, it is feeling energy that we can harness to move ourselves forward into better states of being if we only apply simple practices and tools.  Let's go on a little exploration of this, shall we?

     As I am writing this article it has only been a few days since the well-known and beloved comedian Robin Williams passed away.  This event, as sad as it is, is his biggest and best gift to us all.  Why?  Because it has brought this topic to light and many people are now willing to talk about it and write about it.  This event will help spur conversations that will save countless lives and I want to add my thoughts and feelings to the mix to share it with you so maybe you can help yourself or another.  

     What is depression?  Basically, it is a feeling state of lower energy that is brought on by an imbalance of our emotional self with the physical self and mental self to a lesser degree.  One phrase that has stuck with me for years is "Anger turned inward is depression".  It is a strong energy.  As I have written in other articles we each are a family of consciousness, and when we are not balanced in that family then we have things happen like sickness and depression.  These are signals for us to take action to bring ourselves back into balance so that we can resume living life in a lighter, happier state of being, which is our birthright!

     Presently in the USA it is estimated that 40% of the population has experienced some form of depression in their lives, often short-lived but also sometimes for many years.  Millions of people take anti-depressant medication.  While this may help people in the short run, it is likely not a solution to the messages you are receiving from your emotional and physical selves.  That message is "come back into balance", do not just mask the feelings!  

     Why is evidence of this seeming to be on the rise?  I believe it is for two reasons.  First, we have become out of balance in our understanding of health-especially emotional health.  This has resulted in not caring for ourselves in the best possible way, leaving us vulnerable to anxiety and depression.  We currently live in a society that cares little about the well-being of the whole and seems hell-bent on ignoring the issue.  Second, we are going through the midst of a shift of consciousness individually to integrate both the head and heart as we move further into the energies of 5D.  What this means is that as we come into balance with our hearts and minds and not have one dominate the other we are going through a cleansing on a personal, societal and planetary level.  The degree to which we can attend to ourselves first will be the degree to how we can assist others.  It is like when you're on an airplane and they give you the safety talk before the flight and tell you if the oxygen masks fall place it on yourself first and then assist others.  Being in wellness is going to become even more important in coming years as the energies continue to accelerate.  

     Things are coming to the surface both individually and collectively that need healing.  We heal the collective by healing ourselves first!  As I mentioned, depression is an imbalance of our energies primarily resulting from anger.  Anger is a derivative of fear.  So, in essence we heal our fear and will will naturally come back into balance with our natural state as beings of love (living on vibrant energy), instead of living on very low or "dead" energy.  Why are we so angry?  It is because on some level we were not "heard" when we extended ourselves in love and what happens is we bury those feelings until one day, maybe years later it reaches a point where we cannot function as happy people and we feel depressed.  Learning to attend to ourselves as spiritual beings living in physical bodies requires effort that few of us are fully equipped to address.

     It has been said by many who write about the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis that each of those civilizations devoted much energy and attention to remaining in balance.  They were reputed to have built many healing temples all over the planet that they used to keep themselves in optimal balance.  They used different types of natural vibrational remedies such as crystals and plant essences and sound healing along with energy work to keep themselves aligned with their higher selves while they were on their Earthly journey.  I believe that they were so much more closely in contact with the greater reality of existence and wanted to maintain that connection that they believed they had to maintain themselves in order to stay in the strongest contact with it.  Some say that the pyramids in Egypt weren't burial chambers, they were sophisticated tools for healing and balancing the human being and the planet itself!  Today we only have a glimmer of understanding of this larger reality so we don't address our need to connect to it as strongly, but that is changing!

     It is a gift to live on a planet where we have emotional selves and we can feel.  That being said, it is also a challenge, as many of us know!   The Abraham energy channeled by Esther Hicks explains that we can look at our feelings as a guidance system, that it allows us contrast so that we can choose what we want and what we don't want in our lives.  I feel the truth of that, do you?  It is also important to note that feelings follow thoughts we have, therefore we are not a victim of our feelings but a creator of them!   This is where it gets tricky, because these thoughts create our beliefs and if they are not addressed can literally broadcast messages to us that no longer serve us and instead create feelings of sadness, a loss of hope or even severe depression.   Many of us have the experience of something happening in the past that still affects us today without knowing how to heal it.  This is a very frustrating proposition indeed.  Now I will go into some practical ways we can use to improve our circumstances and experience more of the love and joy that is who we really are.

     What I have to say about helping yourself is always centered on the belief that we each are the ones who heal ourselves.  It can be boiled down to two main points.  First, release what no longer serves you.  Second, invite in what you want in your life.  You have to do the first part in order to make space for what you want, it is not a step you can skip over.  One of my teachers says over and over "You can't take your baggage with you!"  This is very true because in the higher vibrating reality of 5D which we all touch occasionally it is all about love.  To raise our vibration we have to provide "fertile soil" where we can grow ourselves and that means getting rid of toxins!

     Toxins are everywhere right now but that doesn't mean you can't improve the health of your body tremendously.  Without a healthy body, happiness is almost impossible.  Improving what you eat is essential.  I am not going to go into all the details around a healthy diet- there are plenty of people who have devoted their lives to this question.  The main point is to eat preferably organically grown foods, no processed foods(they have almost no life-force and are full of chemicals!)  Improving your diet will be the foundation of your healing.  By eating better you give your body a chance to heal and feel better.  The second part of releasing involves simplifying your life.  It was said that part of what pushed Robin Williams over the edge was tremendous financial problems - even though he had made millions in his career.  Keep your life simple and you will sleep well at night.  Be known for the love you radiate and your service to others and not the things you own.  

     I want to emphasize that releasing what no longer serves will take determination and effort.  Getting back into balance will take some time.  It took time to get into a poor state too, didn't it?  A lot of us have attachments to ways of being and lifestyles that just do not make sense for our well-being.  Much of this is perpetrated by our culture of materialism which is blasted 24/7 all over the planet.  It is fine to have things in life, just make sure that if they become a burden you can release them.  Trust that when you are in your highest flow everything you need will be provided to you at the perfect time.  

     While you are going through this process of releasing and cleansing physically it is also essential to address the emotions that have been buried within.  You can do this alone (most difficult path), or you can join with others - healers, healing communities, etc. where you can work on it with support.  This can take the form of conventional or alternative therapies(I recommend alternative whenever possible).  When we're healing we're shifting our vibration and it's best to do that in a natural manner and not through artificial means.  I myself have been working with essential oils as part of my healing work and have found it to be very powerful and easy to do.  (I'll have more to tell you about that next time, it's very exciting!)  

     Inviting what you want in your life is also something to spend some heart time on.  As you cleanse you'll make space and you want to put good things back in, right?  You'll have to listen to your heart and act on what it wants, not ignoring it's messages.  By paying attention to your heart's desires you'll increase it's ability to connect with you and give you signals to act upon.  Start with something easy, like what you'd really like to do next weekend if you could do anything.  Developing this dialogue with your heart and acting upon it is the new path we're all moving to live on, so why not?  Living from the head won't cut it where we're all going.  

     This is a big topic and I hope I've inspired you to take some time to fine tune yourself so that you can live with a little more happiness.  Remember, we live on a free-choice planet and even if you're an angel in disguise you can still choose how to express your life.  Also, if you're under a doctor's supervision for depression follow their advice, remembering that it is you that has the power to heal and it is you who can make the choice as to how that all looks.

     I'll leave you with a little quote by Joesph Addison that I have on my desk for easy viewing: " The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."  I wish that for each and every one of you.  May you all take one more step forward and up the spiral of life!



Stay tuned, my next article will be focused on using essential oils to promote wellness, ease depression and pain with an exciting new technique created by Dr. Norm Shealy.  I'll be holding a class on it in Austin soon, so don't miss it if you're nearby :)



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