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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The being that I am - our changing identity in 5th dimensional consciousness

     Today I am going to go into an unusual topic that has been emerging in my awareness over the last several weeks.  It was actually writing itself as I emerged from sleep and in that in-between state I laid there in bed just observing it and allowing it to manifest into my awareness, not really a dream but another part of my own creative energy expressing itself on the edges of my ego consciousness.  It is something that we all say and do without question, yet rarely examine.  It is this:  What is "I"?

     Now many will say, "of course it is me!", most often the thoughts in my mind while I am awake, equally so my physical body, which faithfully follows me wherever I go during my day, like a puppy tethered to me with a leash.  Each of us is born to this world with a body, and from the moment we are born we are seen as an individual.  We are given a name and then rather unconsciously our family and then others begin to attribute our behaviors to a personality which we shape in our formative years.  In essence then, our body and personality becomes in large part our "I" that we carry along with us throughout our lives.  And, as many of us know, while the body goes through many changes in the course of a life, the personality is substantially crafted in childhood and comes into fuller expression in adulthood.  The personality can change somewhat in adulthood, yet a total shift in personality rarely occurs except in extreme cases of trauma of one sort or another, or in deep revelation either spontaneously experienced or cultivated over many years of practice.

     To make things clear I am saying that each of our personalities is not just a function of experience after we are born, but instead is something that is innate to our being and like a rough gemstone can be polished over time to reveal more facets and more light shining through.  To this I point to cases of identical twins separated at birth (or a very early age) and then reunited many decades later.  There are numerous examples of this individuals raised with completely different families and different conditions.  When they are re-united years later it is found that they often have a majority of the same likes and dislikes, same propensities and even tend to dress alike!

     Here we have an emerging conundrum.  Is the word "I" enough in all situations to contain our larger being?  The reason I am bringing this up is that we are indeed in the energy of the 5th dimension and it is continuing to press upon each of us in ways that are compelling us to take notice that something is changing, and perhaps we need a new way to express it.  Just as the language concepts- words, idioms, etc. were much different 200 years ago than today, I suggest that we will be needing to develop new ways of expressing through speaking and writing over the coming decades to allow for our expanded awareness of Self.

     When I write this blog it is not just "I", whatever that looks like.  It is a concerted effort of several aspects of consciousness that each of us have.  I have outlined in other articles in the past the family of consciousness we are composed of.  It is my physical body which has to agree to sit at the desk(not too difficult).  Then it is (for myself anyway), a balancing of the mental, emotional and spiritual beings within me that cooperate in concert to produce the article.  Now this is something that can flow easily when balance is created, yet can also be thwarted for long periods(the dreaded writer's block) when it is not.  Then of course there is the Higher Self aspect of the 5D being who is also beginning to show itself more to each of us on this path as we invite in (key) this energy.  Since it is relatively unknown to us here at this moment in time it can and often does produce fear in the "I" of our being.

     We live on a planet where free-will is the mandate for all beings.  This is a unique proposition for many people because they have not experienced this prior to arriving on Earth.  I contend that since the planet's population has doubled in the last 50 years, that there are literally millions of persons struggling with their individual identities, while in the midst of a planetary shift in consciousness that only comes around every 13,000 years or so.  Not to worry, there is help!

     There are many who have written and spoken about the "I am" concept.  It has always been recognized as directly linked to the G-d concept across religions and cultures worldwide.  I have also been made aware of how powerful this word grouping is becoming.  It is getting to the point that the being that I am has to watch very carefully what is coming out of his mouth lest some unintended consequence manifest in front of his face very quickly!  Now this has always been the case for all of us, it is just that it used to happen at a much slower pace.  Now, as each wave of new energy washes across the planet things are happening much, much faster.  Why?  It is because as a pre-cursor to the 5th dimension becoming operative, those who oversee things like this have removed the time/space continuum from the planet.  It is only out of the habit of the mass consciousness of the all of us that it appears to still exist.  So to speak, it is beginning to "fray at the edges" like an old blanket coming unraveled.  Can you imagine how different life will be when humanity en masse starts to accept this?  All I can say is, Wow!  (That's something for another article).

     One of the most prominent "I" personalities of the moment is Donald Trump.  Love him or hate him, he is certainly getting the attention of people across America and beyond with his bombastic, in-your-face personality.  To me he is the epitome of the limits of an egoic "I" personality run amok.  He cajoles, enrages and offends with near equal opportunity as he seeks the Republican party nomination for President of the United States.  To me, he represents the problem and the opportunity to go beyond it.  If one was to maintain that physical reality is all that there is, and it is a matter of "survival of the fittest ego", then he's your guy.  The opportunity that his efforts are creating is that there are many of us, millions in fact, who know that there is much more afoot.  We are moving into a world that is beginning to recognize that there is a larger spiritual component emerging because of the shift into the 5th dimension and it is changing everything.  How it goes is up to each of us, and I can tell you without a doubt that we as a collective are moving forward, there is no going back.  Those such as the ISIL rebels in the Middle East sow the seeds of their own destruction even as they continue to destroy and try to turn back to a time long since passed.  So why not take a conscious step forward into the unknown of where we're all heading with something that embraces this energy?

     In the Chinese language they have something called pinyin.  It is the way that they are able to create understanding of sentences out of a language of symbols.  They do not have an alphabet like we do in English.  As best as I can explain it their language is one of symbols that translate into concepts of one or several words.  A Chinese computer keyboard would be impossible for an English speaking person to operate without a working knowledge of their language.  In English we work with acronyms to create a similar effect.  What I am proposing is that we create a new word to use in addition to "I" that more accurately reflects our larger being, one that is not limited by the ego personality.  The word is a shortened version of the statement "The being that I am" which I have shortened to "Thim" or "Thiam" if you like.   Let's play with it a bit, shall we?

     I like the word thim because if forces me to think of its meaning as I write it.  I can write "I this, I that, I blah blah blah" all day long without thinking about what I means or I omits. Ask yourself that question and you'll likely feel fear and resistance around it.  With the word thim I am having to remind myself I am saying "The being that I am", which to me encompasses all of the beings of consciousness that I am and not just a smaller subset of them.  Of course we could all just write "The being that I am" instead of "I".  It's just in this age of text messages and 6 second Vine videos brevity is cherished.   Thim therefore declares that this is a new word in the English language available to all with great excitement!  Even if this word is not adopted, I hope to spur some of you on to examine your own use of language and speech to put more of you into it.

     Thim is one to study what is going on in the world to great detail on a regular basis, as many writers are known to do.  Thim can see quite easily that there is great change afoot.  One such thing thim has noticed recently is an article about studies showing that up to 25% of young people do not identify themselves as fitting into the typical definitions of sexuality.  They have created a grouping of subsets of sexual expression that are quite varied and much less constrained by past norms.  It seems to me that younger people are willing to allow greater acceptance of expression in gender roles, because they acknowledge that things are only delineated if we agree they are, and they are agreeing that they do not have to be that way any more.

     The same goes for other forms of expression, including spiritual.  Each religion has gems of Truth in it, and other portions that are outright archaic.  Should we demand that people only follow prescribed tenets of the beliefs to the letter lest they be labeled a heretic?  Not likely. Nor does thim believe that religion is going away anytime soon!  Thim believes that as each successive generation comes to adulthood for the rest of my life and beyond that beings born wholly within the vibrations of 5th dimensional Earth, which has been going on since about 2001 or so, will be the vanguard of the New Earth that is unfolding before our eyes.  Let us welcome these beings and allow for as much creative expression for them (and us) as we can.  For it is in creativity that new things are born, new ways of doing things are created and it blesses us all.

      To switch gears a bit, the month of September fast approaches and there is much online about "Wave X" and other assorted descriptions of what may occur.  Thim has thought about this at length and has come to these conclusions:

1)  Yes, there are waves of energy that we have little to no understanding of that are washing over the entire planet on a regular basis, and they are changing things.

2)  There's not a damn thing you or I or any "secret cabal/government" can do anything to stop it, because on a collective level we've invited it in because we've wanted change.  Life is about growth, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable!

3) Life on the planet in 50 years will be way different than it is today, and that's nothing to fear.  It was way different 50 years ago and we're still ok.  Each of us needs to focus on living in harmony on the planet.  We all can be provided for.

4)  Less is more.  The current gyrations in stock markets worldwide are a reflection of decreasing consumption worldwide.  We will have to re-build our economies and markets with new industries that are a win-win for their customer and the planet.  No more of this raping and pillaging of the Earth and "leave it for the next generation".  Abundance can be created out of this model.  This means we will probably have to say goodbye to some ways of being that we really like a lot, yet that will  create space for something even better to come in.  Keep it simple people!

5) We're always getting help.  It's not about some aliens coming to save us, or some angels trumpet the arrival of 1000 years of peace.  We're going to create the outcome ourselves, that's why it's so important to allow creativity into our worldwide culture to a maximum degree!

     Thim thanks you for your time and attention to this writing thim does.  Thim offers it in humble service to all because we are all one human family and we need to feel that more.  Remember, Love is the motivating force of Creation, fear is an illusion.  Sometimes the greatest service you can do for life on this planet is to practice being happy always.  It doesn't have to be complicated, just make sure you have some fun along the way.

Until next time, blessings to you.



  1. Thank you Robert. I have incorporated 'THIM' into my vocabulary. I am really loving your articles.

  2. Thank you Robert. I have incorporated 'THIM' into my vocabulary. I am really loving your articles.