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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A planetary update - the time of renewal now begins

      Welcome once again to this ongoing exploration of what it means to be a human, especially in this year of 2015.  The energies of the present are building for much activity in the coming months, and now is the time to ready ourselves to take full advantage of the energies of renewal.  So let's have a look, shall we?

     I started thinking about this topic a while ago and was reminded about it last week when a door to door salesman knocked, telling me about his "renewal" windows.  Anyone who owns a house knows there are always things to fix and "upgrade".  Although I declined his offer, I did start thinking about personal renewal and I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts as well as insights from my guides on this topic.  It is a very important area for all of us as we continue to move further in this year, one which will reveal much to us personally if we allow it.

     Presently it is the end of winter in the northern hemisphere, and Spring is on its way shortly to grace us with all of its beauty and promise of new growth.  It is a time when recently the Lunar New Year was celebrated by a billion people in Asia.  In a couple weeks it will be the Spring Equinox and longer days for the next 6 months, something I know many of my friends will enjoy.  If you remember the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone it is the time when she is released from the Underworld and the Earth blooms forth in the joy of her return.  In Roman Catholic tradition it is the time of Lent, a period of reflection and renewal that culminates with Easter in early April (another tradition practiced by a billion people).  I am sure there are other stories I have left out and I imagine they point to the same process of renewal.  It is because we are linked to and affected by the cycles of the Earth that we have ritualized these periods and celebrated them for millenia.

      How do we go deeper in our own individual lives to really renew and refresh ourselves?  In the grouping of words at the beginning of this article one that stands out to me is "rethink".  In my experience one of the challenges of life is to not allow one's life to be overwhelmed by habit and distraction.  Each of us has come to life for a purpose specific to each of us, and it is to be creator of whatever we desire.  Have you made some time for yourself to sit quietly and think about what you truly want to experience in your life?  No one else will do it for you, will they?

     If you've read some of the other postings on this blog you'll find things like "release what no longer serves you" - whether it's an outmoded thought or an old piece of furniture it all counts!  Another word is "simplify" and "less is more".  Instead of hanging onto things can you be willing to believe that all of your needs will be met in perfect timing for you?  These concepts still apply as we move further into the 5th dimension and begin "waking up" to our larger selves that we forgot.  No worries, your larger being hasn't forgotten you, it just needs you to consciously participate in life and not continually fall into worn out ways of thought and behavior.  I find that having the belief that I am supported by spirit in all its forms is very reassuring.  I invite you to consider how it might be serving you as well.

    Where are we on our journey right now?

     As I mentioned, recently I had the gift of counsel from spirit and they told me that there are three themes all of us are working on presently on our individual paths of healing.  I want to share them with you because perhaps one or two or all may apply.  These three in my opinion are for those with a sincere conscious desire to evolve their awareness and move into the higher vibrations of 5D.  Not all will, and not all have to.  Remember, it is a free-will planet and all choices are allowed.  Here they are:

1)  The fear of moving ahead.

2)  The challenge of continuing to grow.

3)  The passion to change.

     I would also like to add that it is my belief that none of us are here on this planet by "accident".   We are each in our own way working on living on a planet where the only constant is change, during a period where the rate of change has accelerated significantly.  We come to experience change and see what the outcomes of our choices are once we've completed our sojourn.  Each of us is in some way contributing to the story of what it means to be human, and we are doing it now in the context of the planet being within a 5th dimensional vibration, which as I have written before is all about L.O.V.E.  (living on/one vibrational energy).

     Moving into the 5th dimension

     Moving into the 5th dimension is a process.  Actually it is about purpose, path and process simultaneously, however our linear focused consciousness overloads at that thought, at least mine does!  Just like when you have a "good day" sometimes we're in our higher flow and sometimes we are not.  There are a few things I want to remind you of as part of this journey.

     First, change must come from that "etheric" portion of ourselves.  This is why it is important to release all of our "inner clutter" of outmoded beliefs and ways of being in order to make room for the new.  Resist the temptation to change your external reality first.  It all begins on the inside, period!     Second, dust off your imagination and start dreaming about possibilities for yourself this year and next, or even 10 years off.  Feel what gets you excited!  It might not spring into your awareness, just trust it's there somewhere, you came with a plan!  Third, ALLOW.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies because we put ourselves in boxes of what we can and cannot do, and honestly we all need to give ourselves permission to live with greater freedom of being and freedom of expression.  Try not to fall into the trap of societal norms about what constitutes success in the outer world.  The most successful people in the world have love all around them and sleep peacefully at night and are excited to greet each day.  Allowing means that you are consciously inviting that greater portion of yourself to come into your life as you know it and expand you in new and unknown ways.  Invite it in!  One of the best ways to do this is to get out of your typical work/school/home routine.  Go into unknown environments, such as taking a class in something you are interested in but currently know nothing about.  Travel to a place you have never been, near or far.  Do something not typical to you and you will provide fuel for your journey of self-discovery.  Remember you're only here for a short while and one day you'll take your last breath and that will be it for this life, resist the temptation to be timid and "play it safe".

     Every moment is eternally fresh

     We create in every moment of our lives.  Most times we create rather un-consciously from our past experiences, pulling what was into the present.  Eventually this becomes uncomfortable for us and then we are prodded to go within ourselves to consider changing our minds about whatever is bothering us.  These new thoughts lead us in new directions, open new doors we were completely unaware of and provide us new experiences we grow from.  Part of learning to exist in a 5D environment is to believe that every moment is fresh, because it really is!  I know, I can hear my ego grumbling that this is not possible, and I say hooey!  I don't know about you, but I've had enough of the boxes I've put myself in and I'm peeking over the top of them and am ready to jump out.  Are you ready to jump out of your boxes?

     The nature of existence is growth.  You're either growing or you are giving a message to yourself that life as you now experience it is enough.  Is it enough truthfully?  Can you be honest with yourself about that?  There is no judgement here, all I am saying is are you in harmony with all aspects of yourself, and if not, are you willing to invite change into your life?  Each of you has been given a beautiful heart and mind, why not see if you can experience more for yourself?

      Within each of us exists a portion of self that is eternal.  It is here now and it will be with us when we leave this life.  It is that spiritual self, that part that knows all of you, not just the part being you the personality in this life.  Say hello to that part sometime, and in doing so you consciously take another step to acknowledge the greater you that is wanting to be known to you, to love you, to enhance you in this life.

     In the energies of the next month or so, take some time to talk with yourself.  It could be meditation, prayer, journaling, anything like that.  Renew your connection with your life in whatever way you would like.  Believe in miracles for yourself of all sizes.  Remember, a miracle is just a word  for something quite normal that we haven't quite accepted as normal yet.  Invite in your greater self consciously and ask for assistance in creating the next step in your own joy.  You can have it, ask and believe and allow, it is really that simple.

Blessings to each of you in renewing your commitment to your life in this powerful year of 2015!


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