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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 - Year of completion and manifestation

     Welcome back to a further exploration of the energies of the 5th dimension in the year 2016.  In this article I am going to discuss the energies of this year, what to expect and what to focus on as we move further along the timeline.  I am also going to take it to an individual level, offering some thoughts and possibilities for what you can personally take action on to bring more of what you want into your life.

     In numerology 2016 adds up to the number 9, making it a year of completion.  Completion of what?  In basic terms it is the completion of the most recent period of time beginning in 2008.  Think back, if you will, to what has transpired in your life since the beginning of 2008.  There have been challenges, difficulties, change, lack of change, successes, new creations, whatever may be the case.  We have been living our personal existences within the framework of larger mass consciousness shifts as well during that same period.  What has driven change in your life?  Has it been forces outside of yourself, or has it been your own conscious choices?  Probably it has been a combination of both?  What if you could put change more in your hands, would you be happier?

     If change is more in your hands, then you must become more conscious about what you want.  Once you know what you want you can then take steps to create it in your life.  In this year of a 9 vibration it is then taking time to look at your existence and identifying what you no longer need to have in it.  By releasing what no longer serves us, we make room for that which does to come into our lives.  As human beings, we are on one level a finite system, and we must "make space" within that system of body and mind in order to set the stage for what will occur next.  This means taking time to reflect.

     January 2016 is predominantly over lighted by the energies of Mercury retrograde.  It ends on 1/25 and wanes significantly by the beginning of February when we are completely out of its shadow.  This is a normal and useful time that occurs approximately  four times per year.  It is a perfect time to do meditative and reflective practices, too examine one's own existence and consider the the things that we spend time on and make choices to change it for the better.  For example, you could create two sheets of paper.  One can be titled "what I want more of" and the other "what I want to less of (to release)".
Start a list on each page and work with it as long as you like.  It might only take an hour, or you may want to spend a week or two on it.  When you are finished you will have a tool of focus you have created for yourself that is just for you.  It can be your basis of focusing your mind on how you want your year to unfold.

     On the larger sphere of the world as a whole there will also be events bringing  to completion things that we see via our TV's and Internet.  In the United States we'll be seeing the end of the Obama presidency and the choosing of the new President and many members of Congress.  This portends huge change in the political arena that may or may not filter into change in your own personal life.  I, for one, enjoy honest political debate about the direction of my country, while at the same time despise the pettiness and pandering that is endemic to the present system of government.
     Secondly, there are huge economic changes on the horizon which will be felt very strongly by the end of the year.  Notice how growth throughout the planet has slowed significantly.  There have been sharp drops in the prices of basic commodities, especially energy (oil and gas).  There has been rampant speculation and investment by major banks and investment groups in these areas that cannot be supported by this rapid drop in prices.  The stage is set for significant wealth destruction.  This can precipitate a second financial "meltdown" even larger than the 2008 crisis.  Financial markets have gyrated more in the last ten years than at any time in the last seventy years.  What is driving all of this uncertainty?

     In my view it is the continued unfolding of the new paradigm of the 5th dimension upon our planet.  I have been heartened by the increasing awareness of this concept.  There are many teachers of this and more people are learning about what it means.  Remember,  I have written before "less is more" in the 5th dimension.  Less things, more Love (living on vibrant energy).  I believe I share the beliefs of many that we need a more balanced human existence, not a small group of haves and a majority of have not's.  I believe that 99% of us want peace, not continual wars.  When people everywhere have enough, peace breaks out!

     The energies of the 5th dimension first started anchoring onto the Earth in the year 2001 according to my guides.  This means that it has been underway for nearly 15 years already.  This shift has been obviously subtle, as most have no conscious idea that it is happening, yet it will continue unabated.  I want to make it perfectly clear that the Earth is already firmly within the 5th dimension.  It is now our work as human beings to move into alignment with her.  There is no going back to the way things were.  Those who choose to be part of any movement that wants to return to some imagined past condition will be left sorely wanting.  Learning to deal with change is a big part of the work we've all come to do in our lives.

     When a person gets to the point that they realize they are an energetic being having a human experience, as most of my readers understand, they have taken the first step.  Now comes the question for each of us:  What do I want to change within my own life?  How can I change, I've only known this (current) way of being?  The answer is to connect with the greater part of oneself and listen and act on your own internal compass as to what to do next.  In order to create change, one has to come to peace with their present existence.  In the present moment, everything is all right.  It is only by allowing ourselves to go into the past or the future that we can become fearful and find there is great resistance within us to change.

     This is what is occurring all across the globe in humanity right now.  We recognize the need for change, and have made some small steps toward it, while at the same time there is a part of us that is resisting it with increasing force.  Hence, we have ISIL and other wars and political discord in multiple countries - it is the resistance of old energies fighting to stay present within our present 5th dimensional environment.  Choose carefully what you want to focus your attention upon.  As I have mentioned previously, look out your window.  See that there is a sunny day or quiet evening.  There is balance in your environment that you can use.  Do not be dragged into dramas of others.  Always choose peace, as it is the foundation of our ability to change.

     Resistance, or fear, is just energy that we can put to use.  We need to build up the capacity to overcome our own experience of these things until we can act to create change.  Just as an electrical capacitor builds up enough charge to power a device, so we have to build up our capacity to overcome our internal resistance.  What I have observed is that many of the most successful creators in life aren't necessarily always brilliant people, however they have become expert in feeling the fear and going forward anyway.  Here's a reminder of how to look at fear:  Focus Energy to Alter Results (Fear).  It's all energy, and we are energetic beings having a human experience, so the task at hand is to trust ourselves enough to create change.  Do not wait for the external world to create change for you, or you will be waiting an awfully long time to have joy.  Joy comes from owning ourselves, our skills, or desires and then putting them all into action as you see fit.  We are all on a journey in various guises and we all want to improve upon our lives while we are here, so allow yourself to feel excited about your wants.

     5th dimensional consciousness has returned to Earth, and now those who are brave enough to change will claim in within their own lives.  The last time that I believe it existed was approximately  11-12,000 years ago, when the final remnants of Atlantean culture imploded in dramatic fashion. Many of you were there in that moment. We as humans are once again rising from the ashes of what was to create a human society that goes far beyond what existed then.  Of course this will take time.  It is not for us to concern ourselves with the big picture, as it cannot really be known while living in the confines of a human body.  What is important to know is that it IS occurring and it will continue to affect the lives of everyone on the planet for centuries to come.  We are truly heading into a new era, a new chapter in the book of humanity!

     What about the planet itself?

     This is the real wild card in the game of being human.  In a stable environment we feel confident about human affairs continuing to move forward.  Our environment and what we've done with it certainly isn't looking very stable in present time.  I am not saying that humans are to blame for global climate change.  We are participants in aspects of it, however it in large part is due to forces of change precipitated by our Sun that we only have a beginning understanding of.  It may also be due to the procession of our solar system thru our galaxy.  We often think that the Sun isn't moving and we're just orbiting around it in space.  We are instead orbiting around it as it travels through it's orbit in our part of the Milky Way galaxy.  The main thing to remember is that the planet is changing in order to set the stage for 5th dimensional consciousness to flourish.  The planet is a consciousness unto itself and does have the intention of supporting all beings upon it.  This being said it is important to understand that change is occurring.  There have been great efforts by Gaia to preserve life as it shifts itself.  The planet is receiving assistance from quarters well beyond human understanding as well.  This doesn't mean that there won't be some shifts that will result in major changes.

     The easiest shift to understand is that of water.  We have ample evidence of changes in rainfall patterns across the world that are leading to more floods and droughts.  This is going to have impacts on people.  We all require a steady supply of food and water and a house that won't be washed away in a natural disaster.  Unfortunately, global climate change is putting many millions of people at risk.  Large property insurers already know about this and have detailed projections of what is likely to happen, as well as do most large governments.  Not to go into fear about this, just trust your intuition about where is likely to be the most beneficial climate for you.  It is likely that with sea level rise many areas along low lying coasts will not be habitable in 50-75 years.  This information is based on current trends that are already underway and unlikely to be altered by human intervention.  We have to realize that we live in a changing world and work to adapt.

     Second is the probability of geologic events such as earthquakes.  There has been increased activity along the "ring of fire", which is basically the Pacific ocean basin.  A major earthquake along the West coast of the USA is increasingly probable, as is one along the New Madrid fault in the Mississippi river basin.  Both are well overdue and there never have been as many people living in these regions.  I do not wish to alarm anyone, and often people do have unconscious wishes to live in certain areas from a soul urging, so that they can experience events such as these.  The point I am making is that our societies are fragile and can be easily disrupted by a major earth event.  If we can continue to move forward in our growth as humans it will be less likely that a major calamity will occur in our timeline.  This is one reason why we are here, to assist the planet by using change in our own individual lives.

Manifestation-the work to do

     Everything that each of us has in our lives is a result of our own creations.  Some of it is provided via pre-life agreements we make before we are born (yes, we make up contracts for ourselves and choose our parents too!)  For this discussion we'll focus on manifestation via our conscious control.  If you have compiled a list of what you want to manifest, work with it until you have one or two items that stand out the most.  You don't want to overwhelm yourself and it's important to get some momentum on these things, as you have likely wanted them for a while.

     Since everything is created energetically in the etheric field, it is important to visualize the situation you want to manifest.  For example, sit quietly undisturbed and imagine your desired situation in as complete a detail as possible.  See the colors, the scents, the sounds, the feeling of great enjoyment over having this.  If you can, encase this whole scene inside a transparent crystal shaped like a merkaba to add more power to it.  Bring your image over your head and imagine energy going up from your heart to it.  Feel it as much as possible for a few moments.  Then imagine sending the scene above your head shooting out into space via a a line extending above your head.  By doing this you are sending your request via your higher self to your soul.  Say, "this or something better" as you send it off.  Do this daily for about five minutes and then continue on with your day.  After a few weeks of doing this I am certain you will be receiving all sorts of new ideas, actions to take and new situations appearing in your reality, all aimed toward manifesting your desire.

     This is but one example of working with etheric energy.  You can create your own system and I invite you to experiment with it.  There is much more to explain with this path of manifesting, the main point to make is we have an intention to connect consciously with our higher self and begin to open a path to our soul energy.  To paraphrase, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease".  We must endeavor to get the soul's attention through consciously reaching upward with our heart energy combined with our intent.  This is what opens the door to manifesting heartfelt desires.

     Everyone has a desire to improve their lives and manifest what they wish into reality.  It is by aligning with our heart's that we come into sync with the energy of the planet in the 5th dimension.  We are all on a journey and we all came here to experience the increased possibilities of becoming more than we were before we arrived.  As each of us works to gain conscious awareness of our deeper purpose and path, we work to create a new world that is emerging and we get to enjoy living in harmony with all of it.

     As 2016 unfolds, stay centered in yourself and what you wish to create.  Keep distractions of the rumblings of the outer world to a minimum as you spend time with yourself, gifting yourself with attention of you on you.  By nurturing yourself and inviting creative thoughts to begin to flow, you will open a path for all you desire to become manifest to you.  I will have more to share with you around manifesting and the 5th dimension as we proceed.  I wish you a great start to your new year with taking the next steps on your journey.