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Monday, January 25, 2016

Space and Time - A new understanding

     We live in a perfectly imperfect world that is ruled by space and time.  We all use time and we all need space here on Earth.  It is part of being a human being.  But do we know all we need to about these things as we move into claiming more of what it means to live 5th dimensionally?

     Before we arrive here we "put on the blinders" so to speak and consciously forget great parts of our larger self in order to "play the game of being human".  Now being human is a fluid idea, it is not set in stone by any means at all.  The world we live in is our collective creation up to this point, and it is subject to great positive (or negative) change depending on how each of us choose.  And presently many of us who are awakening are beginning to question the status quo and are beginning to choose differently.

     I write this for those who are conscious of being conscious, and wish to move to the next step in their lives.  I write this for those who want joy in their lives, that is journeying onward yielding to what it is you truly wish to have in your life.  As we are all nudged towards listening more to our feelings, our hearts, we have the basis for making a choice to create that for ourselves.  The other option is to remain where you are at, and that is an acceptable choice if you are comfortable with it.  All choices are allowed on this free-will planet!

     Recently I have received some interesting information from some of my guides around looking at space and time that I want to share with you with the intent that it assists you to ask yourself the questions that will lead to making the choice for more happiness and creative flow.  You are already doing this to a certain degree, now it is time to consider increasing your ability to create swift positive change in your life as you please.  We are all moving forward, even if it looks like one is standing still or going backwards.  If you are breathing, you are here and you are within the vibrations of 5th dimensional Earth.  Think about it, it is here in our NOW waiting for us.  Now the task is to begin to align ourselves to it and become more of who we each really are.  I am excited about this, how about you?


     As I said we all need space in which to exist.  We need a certain amount of physical space, and also emotional space in our lives.  We also need mental space.  Keeping these in balance is what we are all working on as we move to invite the spiritual part of ourselves through the spiritual being of consciousness that we are, through the soul energy that we are.  Those parts of us know no bounds, are armed with grace and wisdom that is tailored to each of us.

     Here is an acronym:  S.P.A.C.E  (Strength, Power, Actions, Creating, Eternity).  When we are balanced and healthy we have strength.  With strength comes the power of your convictions to live in a certain way.  Then comes the actions you will take to achieve that.  You will begin to create.  In creation you will receive additional information, often in the form of failure.  Do not stop!  We all fail regularly and it is a normal part of the process.  You must believe that you are truly worthy and able to create your heart's desire, why else would it be in your heart?  Our hearts are very sacred.  They are our unbreakable link to our souls and to the greater mysteries of Creation.  Remember that always.  Eternity is simply stated to be energy.  We create to have more vibrant energy in our lives and to find sustenance from it.  In the 5th dimension as I have stated in previous articles it is all about living on vibrant energy(l.o.v.e.), not stale old energy of what has already been done.  It is about the new we each give to ourselves with held in the promise of each breath we take.

     The key to have in the present is compassion for yourself.  We are all going through a subtle shift in consciousness and this is taking effort to get used to.  So have compassion for yourself emotionally.  Work to connect to your soul's passion as it enters your heart because you have consciously chosen to invite it in.  Reflect on the passions you have already experienced in your life and remember there are always more to come.  Be mindful that you get to decide.  This is the "pass" in the word passion that your mental self deals with.  It can say yes or no.  Often it's main reason for saying no is for the fear of the unknown.  Encourage yourself to make decisions involving your heart and your head(mental self).  If you choose to allow this it will get easier.  Stay strong in your physical self.  The body is your vehicle through life and like any vehicle it needs to be cared for.  Move it whenever possible, and in ways you find enjoyable.  This is the compass part of the word compassion.  The body is what you direct to what you desire so you want it ready to follow your choices.  By tending to these three areas you create more balance, more peace within yourself.

     Less is more in the 5th dimension.  What I mean is less of a focus on material things and more of a focus on vibrant energy, such as good relationships and opportunities to create in new ways as two examples.  There is great material abundance available and it is not bad.  What I am suggesting is that to make it easier on ourselves to bridge this transition for 3rd/4th dimension thinking to 5th dimension thinking it will be a benefit to keep life simple.  Trust that you can create whatever you need at the appropriate time and you will do yourself a great service.

     Within the experience of being human is a calling within each of us to heed the steady internal voice of our higher self energy, it being the conduit for our soul's unbreakable link to each of us.  It is that part which offers dreams, longings, adventures, challenges to go into the unknown.  Equally so, there is the ego/personality level of consciousness within us, which is ruled by the human side - the physical, mental and emotional selves.  We are steeped from birth into an awareness of identity, of self, that we gradually come to accept is us.  Here is the Divine drama playing out within each of us, it is the power of the yin and yang, or the drive to create versus the will to resist change that we all are subject to as we pass through this life.  Once one has awoken from the illusion that they only exist in the human domain, that is when the work truly begins!  As the great philosopher Alan Watts once described, it is in the "determination to be free from the social hypnosis" that brings us to a new stage in our lives.  It is in first recognizing all aspects of self, the human side and the spiritual side, are equally valid that we build a strength of knowing of ourselves.  Be pleasantly surprised when you have moments of clarity or great compassion for that is your soul energy shining through you, blessing you and the world around you.

     The Indian sage Meher Baba once said:  "No amount of prayer or meditation can do what helping others can do."  I read that as saying once we are in the flow of creating in the ways which are supported by the 5th dimension, we add more eternity(energy) to this human life and thereby uplift ourselves and others as well.  This is occurring as we speak and it is gaining significant momentum.  The larger social hypnosis of governmental, economic and religious systems is beginning to fray at the edges across the planet.  It will be supplanted by something better.  Freedom is the birthright of everyone within the 5th dimension and each generation now being born and will being born will inherently know this and demand to claim this.  It is also for us as well, if we reach for it, taking a risk to claim it.  Now how does this look like in the time we are now in?  How free are you to give to yourself and others?


     I remember many years ago at the age of about 18 receiving the insight that indeed, time as I knew it is a construct.  What I mean is that it is a condition of life on Earth, however it does not apply outside of the Earth sphere.  Looking back on it, I would say that I had somehow allowed this awareness into my consciousness of something I could not mentally understand, yet I came to know it within myself as truth.  While indeed we all well know the passing of linear time from past to present to future it is rather much more amazing than that.   There are concepts of multiple time lines, parallel realities and on and on.  We can go on tremendous mental and philosophical journeys that could consume an entire lifetime, yet we are always brought back to being a human being.  And this is a good thing, for it is by working the juxtaposition of human and spirit that we move up the spiral in our evolution.


     I found this apt quote by the former member of the Beatles that illustrates this point I am making.  While there are those who are consumed by the notion that their ego and it's wants is all there is, there are also a vast and growing number of us who know there is more.  And this is not about trying to eradicate the ego, which has been in vogue in past generations.  It again is about bringing balance to oneself and then seeing it radiate out into the world around us.  Now let's look at an acronym for time.

     Time, as we are using it in our lives can be described as this:  Transformation, integration, merging, energy. T.I.M.E.  Allow me to explain as best I can.  The first step, which I imagine all of my readers have achieved, is merging.  It is the point where you come to know that you are more than just a physical being and ego personality.  You have merged that awareness with your awareness that you are an energetic being as well.  Take a moment to think about it, it's really quite amazing from this perspective that I am in essence not just the figure reflected in my mirror, or another's eyes.  I am an energetic being.  Those fortunate enough to have an active 6th chakra (3rd eye point) can truly see the beginning representations of this energy as it is.  If you wish to see in this way it is available to you, and pursuing can lead to many wonderful experiences.

     The second step is then integrating awareness.  We have come to a new stage of our consciousness, now what do we do with it?  This is where many of us are now at.  We've moved to a greater awareness of ourselves.  We are recognizing that how we have structured our lives up to this point may be not bringing us what we want anymore.  This dissatisfaction is a great driver within us to consider using our time in new directions.  One suggestion I have is this:  Instead of falling into the trap of thinking it will take too much time to change, or it will be too difficult, think instead of the events you wish to create.  Play with them in your mind and fill them with feeling in your heart.  Stop worrying about then when's and how's of it all.  When you feel this remind yourself that it's just your mental self spinning out of bounds.  Continue to place your conscious intentions on what you want and allow your greater energy of your spiritual side to here the call and arrange for it to be delivered to you in the most perfect way.  Integration is working with that aspect of time to understand what your purpose is as you go forward.

     As we all move through the integration part of time it is important to know what we are responsible for.  We are responsible for two things:  our intention and our desired outcome.  We are not responsible for how we will arrive there, or what takes place in between.  That is the domain of the spirit working with us and through all of life.  We can often believe that it is for us to mentally figure this out, it is not.  And when you really examine your life and experiences you have had, you can see that you really don't have control over how it comes to be, so do not be tempted into thinking you do.  This leads us to the next aspect of time - transformation.

     Transformation is when you have integrated your awareness of wanting to create, based on your intent and with a desired outcome in mind.  Now, you are becoming excited, maybe even a little passionate or very passionate.  You now move forward with your physical self to manifest.  You begin to create new energy in the moment.  It can be as simple as learning something new that you have wanted to learn, or perhaps offering a new product or service.  In each case, the more aligned it is with your passion and clear desire the more rapidly you will manifest it into your experience.

     In summary, as humans we all exist in the paradigm of time and space and a human body.  These are givens while we are here on Earth.  Each of these is designed to give each and every one of us the unique opportunity to exercise our free will and power of choice.  As we work to become more conscious of ourselves and truly begin to feel that, then we will experience an eruption of creation in our lives.  From being balanced and grounded in all aspects of our consciousness we are now integrating and transforming ourselves during this moment in time to a completely new and improved experience of life.  It is worth the struggle!  I acknowledge you for the work you have done already by remaining here on the planet and wanting more.  May your life be blessed by pleasant surprises as you take the risk to go forth and grow into more.




  1. Robert. I so enjoy your posts. Thank you for showing up, sharing, AND SHINING.
    Your work helps other find their way home. To themselves. Love youuuuuu <3

  2. ps. Karen and I miss you and hope to connect in the physical again soon. Love and gratitude, Kathleen

  3. Robert! You have outdone yourself this time. What a clear, well written article. You continue to dig deeper and get better with each bit of writing you do. I am happy for you and appreciate the work you do for others.