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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Choosing fear or love determines what you see now

     I am writing this in the wake of 3 days of police violence in the USA.  First, two police shootings in the process of arrest in Louisiana and Minnesota and then a gunman making the choice to retaliate against police in Dallas without warning.  The reason that these incidents have had such an effect is that they were all broadcast nearly in real time over the Internet for millions to see.  Combined with the recent massacre in Orlando Florida and the numerous other shootings people are crying out for an end to this senseless violence.  How will it stop?  What choices can we make to end this cycle of violence?

     Most of us will never experience gun violence in our lives, yet over one million people have died in the United States by guns in the last 50 years.  Another 1.5 million have committed suicide in that same time.  Clearly something is out of balance and with our instantaneous news media being beamed to our devices wherever we are, we have now become hyper-aware that there indeed is a huge problem that has to be addressed.  Let's look at the roots of what I believe is behind all of this.

     As you know, I promote an understanding of the 5th dimension and its arrival onto the Earth plane once again.  The 5th dimension is all about standing in the vibrant energy of our true essence.  It is all about being who we truly are:  aspects of the Creator existing fully in love.  When a person commits a senseless violent act and takes another life, they have momentarily forgotten their holiness as an inseparable part of All that Is.  Since this is a planet of free will, all actions are allowed - even the taking of life.  That is not to say that Earthly justice will not be done, it will.  However, those who take life may likely face a heavy burden on their souls.  This has been part of the human experience for thousands of years.  It is said that none of us have been untouched by this in our many incarnations on this plane.  We have killed and we have been killed.  Some of you may recall lifetimes where you have died as martyrs for your causes.  Some know of loved ones lost in wars or on the streets of our cities.  It does not matter, we are all touched by it because we are all part of the human family, the human experience that is now moving to a higher octave.

     Presently it is estimated by myself and others that about 10% of the population of our planet is now attuned to some degree to 5th dimensional consciousness.  It is increasing, albeit more slowly than many had hoped.  Our collective desire to want change, while also remaining in the comfort of the known has slowed us down.  This cartoon I found the other day illustrates our collective dilemma:

     We are all awakening, and in this awakening we are seeing the effects of what we have created while we have been mostly unconscious over the previous decades.  Anyone who studies history will tell you that the last 100 years have been the bloodiest in human history, a time of truly barbaric actions across the planet.  Now we are looking here in the United States at a nation that is as divided socially and economically as it has ever been.  Fears abound and are bubbling to the surface.  Some say we need guns to protect ourselves from the tyranny of our elected governments.  Some say we must prepare, for the "end times" are coming.  Others say the killing must be stopped and want to abolish all weapons.  We live on a planet that is still 90% asleep to the massive changes that are already underway and are unstoppable.  And with that, those of us we are awakening to the truth of who we really are have to stay strong during this transition and project healing in whatever form to those around us, for just as Jesus Christ said when he was being crucified "Lord, forgive them, for they do not know what they do".  

     We really have no idea the power each of us has to create change and to become who we truly are, co-creators with G-d, All that is, or whatever you wish to term it.  It is said that we are at maybe 1/50th of our capacity as human beings, so we have much more to claim for ourselves.  This is the journey of consciousness raising that we are all on.  Many of us have returned to assist in this process, knowing beforehand fully how difficult it was going to be.  Progress has been made, and even more progress will be made as it is becoming easier for each successive generation to claim their divinity outside of the constructs of the world we have inherited.

Do you wish to see differently?

     I imagine that there are many of you who wish to see differently in the world, I know that I do.  I do not wish to see the violence, the discord, the rampant conflicts of a confused world that seems to be coming apart at this moment.  Now, in order to see differently each of us needs to continue to claim a part of ourselves that is now more available than ever - our higher self/divine self aspects.  What we currently see is a world that is lived primarily through the small self- the ego/personality aspects of self that we all know about.  To live at only this level will always bring conflict in one form or another.  Fear, and all of its derivatives, anger, jealousy, coveting what others have are some examples.  This is blindly promoted by our media because our media (Internet, TV, etc) primarily focuses on those aspects of self, only increasing the magnitude of these experiences across the world.  None of us is immune to seeing in this way, however I want you to know that there are other options for us to seriously consider as we move forward.

To release fear, grow love

     It is simple, what we focus on expands.  If you are feeding yourself a diet of worries and fears, you will attract to you those things that reflect and reinforce that preference.  Notice how you feel when you dwell on the negative.  Do you feel your well-being?  Do you feel peace?  Probably no is the answer.  We have to be careful gardeners of our thoughts and of what we take in from the world, while still remaining engaged with it.  In every moment we have a choice on how we respond to what we are experiencing.  Claim your power of choice to say no to that which disturbs your peace, your joy.  Guard those states of being for they are of great value to each of us.

     I was chatting with a friend recently about how we have been feeling numb and desensitized to all of the recent violence.  It was difficult to recall all of the recent tragedies as they have come in such quick succession.  I am certain we are all experiencing a range of feelings like this and it only serves to pull our vibrations lower.  Demand more for yourself to stop this cycle!  Start by practicing kindness to yourself and your loved ones in small ways.  Speak of the desire to create peace and share joys with one another.  In my life I have increased my exercise to reduce physical tension and I make sure to go outdoors and walk barefoot on the grass to ground myself and to enjoy nature.  Notice the rhythm of nature is healing to us and engage with it.  Limit negative speech by refocusing conversations with others onto what is good.  Many of us have the habit of speaking of others challenges or the negative news of the day.  Resist the temptation to add to the fear by keeping it alive through your words.  The next part of this is to work to claim an expanded perception of yourself as a powerful, capable, loving being by invoking your birthright as a being of love.

Inviting love into your life with the higher self/Divine Self

     In order to break the cycle of living at a level that is "less than", we need to examine more deeply the human condition and where we are in the present moment.  Being human means to experience a life as a human.  To be here means we all will experience change.  Some of it we will label good, and other times it may be labeled "not so good" or bad.  All experiences serve in your journey no matter how you may label them.  As a conscious being, we have choice, and we make choices based on all of the inputs we receive from life, along with our collected memories.  Where we are now going is to a place, a state of awareness that we do not have conscious memory of, maybe just a vague feeling or fleeting notion.  Through conscious intent and steady application we begin to ascend the spiral of consciousness and in doing so we move to what I term a refined set of experiences.  So often spiritual or metaphysical pursuits are used by many as another form of escapism.  To want to escape the discomfort of being human many delude themselves that by reading a book or taking a course or following a practise for a while, they will ascend, in some way placing themselves "above it all" or even will leave the planet in some hoped for ascension.  That is not the point!  You and I decided to come here and be in this experience for a full life, not to just check out prematurely.  Question yourself gently from time to time as to why you are doing what you are doing, and if it still serves you.

     You are not broken and in need of "repair".  It is just that we have all been led to one degree or another to misidentify ourselves as being something we are not.  It is as if you looked at your big toe and it was all you could see and pronounced to yourself " I am a big toe".  Well eventually you would come to understand that that toe is attached to a foot and the foot to a leg, and the leg to a whole person.  The same analogy applies to who you really are on the energetic level.  While our body is the focus of where our energy resides, it also exists around us, and is always connected to Source.  It is up to us to know this is true and then take the actions that will allow for us to claim ourselves in this higher octave.  This claiming is key to where we now are as a human family.  As each of us works to and is successful in opening ourselves through the vibrations of love already here in this 5th dimensional environment we exist within, we are building a new life for ourselves and also supporting the creation of the new Earth, the next stage of evolution on this planet.

     Now this claim cannot be made from the small self.  It must come through your willingness to open your heart so that you can transmit your claim of your divine self to become present and actively involved in your life, once you are willing to relinquish your small self's claim on the throne of your life.  This is an act of courage, because to do this means letting go of an idea that you can really know yourself in truth from the level of your ego and personality.  As one opens to the idea that more can be claimed beyond this, it will bring up massive resistance from the small self, which sees itself threatened with annihilation.  Do you see the parallels in the way much of the global culture is being experienced right now?  This is the macro mirror we all see when we tune in to it.  

     Now this is not to say that many, many wonderful things aren't also happening.  Many movements for peace and an end to violence are beginning to push through this haze of fear and anger.  People are waking up and saying "there must be a better way", "this violence must stop".  Of course there will be a chorus of people arguing for the limitations of humanity, that this is the way it's always been and it will exist as it always has been.  I heartily disagree.  Our collective impatience sometimes distracts us from our better nature, and now many awaken to new possibilities as the old, dead energy fades away and new generations are born.  Those who are but children now and those yet to come in the coming decades are a vanguard of not only change, they are the bringers of transformation.  A clear path has been laid for them by all of us being here and doing our service, no matter how large or small.  

Who the hell are you to think you are a Divine Being?

     To know the self is to go beyond the constructs of the experiences and choices we have made so far in our lives.  Does it seem presumptuous to dare to claim your our divinity?  If so, then you are hearing the voice of the small self guarding her kingdom.  This internal voice that argues for your limitations is doing so because it believes it will be annihilated by a dangerous world.  She runs a litany of examples through your mind as she says, "remember what they said on the news", or "that didn't work before so it's not likely to work now".  These are just a couple of examples.  You can entertain many excuses for not doing your work to continue to grow and that is a choice.  Are you happy with it or do you want more?  The more is now coming from practicing recognizing the still small voice within your heart that is always there.  Often it is drowned out by the small self, but you can hear it if you are willing to make time for it.  In my previous posting I also shared a claiming of the divine self that comes from the work of Paul Selig (  Say it daily for a couple weeks several times a day and watch what happens to you.  It goes like this  "I know who I am in truth, I know how I serve in truth.  I am here, I am here, I am here."  By doing this you are making the claim of self to a much higher level than you ever have before, and it is your birthright to have it present in your life.  

     When you make this claim, you are setting into motion an invitation for your higher self/divine self to come into your life and affairs as you.  This is not an invasion, you invited it in because you know there is more to you than the story you have created for yourself thus far.  Be prepared however, to cleanse yourself of the accumulated dust and grime of who you are not, for there is only one captain at the helm of your life, you as the small self or you as your higher self.  The small self/ego will still exist, it just will not be captaining the ship of your life anymore.  You may find that your desires begin to shift to a simpler way of life as you do this.  Or, you may be inspired to go on a whole new path of creation in your life.  Either way you and I are in the process of becoming and coming into alignment with more of who we really are in truth.  We are peeling away the masks we have become so fond of for so many years.  This is the path of transformation leading to evolution.  It is truly the path of ascension that so many seek to have bestowed upon themselves.  There is work required and your intent is your choice.  No matter how you choose, you cannot choose wrongly.  All serves your path.  It is just that the more you are willing to choose consciously, the more likely it is that you will move into joy (journeying onward yielding to what you want) than fear(a very persistent and vivid illusion).

To heal the world

     Many people speak that their calling is the "heal the world", yet won't take the time to look at their own life and realize that starting there is the first point of action.  Yes, the world needs healing.  Absent of humans, the Earth could heal itself in a few hundred years all by itself.  She is that smart and that capable.  Heal yourself first.  Just as the safety program on an airplane says "put the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others", help yourself to move into a space of allowing this energy that is you in higher form to claim you.  It will do the work that is needed as you allow it to come into your life.  Yes, it requires trust.  Yes, it is an unknown, yet you have experienced unknowns before and gone through them and now you are here!  So give yourself the gift of first knowing that this option exists, then exploring it for yourself.  We are so much more than we have believed ourselves to be.  Wouldn't it be fun to claim more of your power and get to live from that place?  I think so!

     Develop a small practice at first, so that you don't threaten your small self so much that she closes avenues for your growth.  As I mentioned, a few minutes of meditation early or late in the day is a wonderful practice.  Also, experiment with creating your next day before you sleep.  Make a short list of what you wish to accomplish and then sleep on it, allowing your unconscious to work for you.  Turn off the TV or computer an hour before bed and give yourself time to do this small work.  You can also connect with your partner in a gentle way before you sleep, taking those loving feelings with you to your bed rather than some random electronic transmission.  Start to believe that there is sacredness to your life and look for evidence of it.  Remember, what you focus on expands.  

     In the coming months and years there will be lots of distraction and noise as the 90% of us who are still asleep begin to grapple with the reality that being comfortably uncomfortable is not really much of a choice anymore.  Be the example by moving your life into resonance of the higher frequencies of the emerging Earth.  Bless the old Earth as it passes away.  It has taught us all so many lessons, ones that need not be repeated.  Join with yourself in whatever way you can, be willing to release the small self and invite in the real you to join in the unfolding of the next step of claiming your true inheritance, for it is not in dollars or Euros, it is in the light and love of your true being.



Many thanks to all those who contributed to my ability to write this, and to those of you who read it and are willing to consider exploring what has been shared.  I honor each of you on your path.  Aho!

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  1. Thank you, Robert. Very insightful and so necessary.