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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Learning and knowing in the present - Ascension, terrorism, Earth changes

     Facts, beliefs, knowledge and finally wisdom.  These are things that we all contend with while living here on planet Earth.  And as we know, when facts and beliefs change, new knowledge will result.  If we are fortunate enough we gain wisdom that we can share in whatever manner we like.  So I would like to welcome you back to another installment of inspired (hopefully!) writing on what we are all experiencing now in this stage of life within the 5th dimension.

     My name is Robert and I will be your guide and teacher for this piece of important information as we now head into the second half of 2016, "The year of completion" as I have titled it in a previous posting.  My belief about being a successful teacher is to find ways to empower my students so that they can access their own innate wisdom and mastery.  This effort was inspired in large part by a conversation I had with a fellow teacher and facilitator of this work.  The more that is shared in truth, the more love expands, it cannot be any other way!

Where are we right now?

     It's been very interesting watching global events in the last couple months.  It is clear that existing paradigms of government and commerce are being pushed to make significant changes or face becoming obsolete.  This is not a small thing as these systems have been operating for in many cases more than a century and we have become quite used to them.  In addition, we continue to see more frequent and horrific acts of terrorism in the USA, Europe and the near east (Turkey), to mention only a few.  And thirdly, we continue to contend with climate abnormalities on a global scale, especially in the areas of drought/floods, and a lot of earthquake activity as well (Thankfully minor!) If one watches the news too much one can start to believe that we are approaching the end of days, we're not!

What is happening?

     We live on a plane of consciousness that is predominantly ruled by vibration.  As I have stated in previous postings, the Earth herself has successfully transitioned to the 5th dimension, a higher vibratory rate of its consciousness than we have experienced for thousands of years.  Most people on the planet are now bouncing between 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness.  Consciousness is supported by the choices we each make, whether they be low or high vibration choices.  All is allowed and there are as many paths to home as there are people.  You know you are on track when you are feeling good, living in a flow and your heart is happy.  This is possible for anyone who truly wishes it and is willing to do their work.

     In a manner of speech, if you could imagine the whole surface of the Earth as a giant "living room" and we've all just ordered new furniture and the truck has arrived a day early and now we are rushing around clearing out the old furnishings in order to move in the new.  This is what is occurring.  And we know it will be uncomfortable for a while as we make this transition.  At the end of it we will have a much more appropriate and enjoyable living room.

     This process of creating the new living room is bringing to our attention the old issues within ourselves as individual persons that need to be cleared.  You cannot take your baggage with you and you would not truly want to anyway.  Less is more in the 5th dimension.  As I previously mentioned, it is also degrading institutions that were built on the foundation of the old energy, ones that simply will not last.  We see this as great political discontent in the U.K, and the U.S.A. and other countries as well.  This will continue for a number of years until a realignment is successful.  This is not another version of the "New World Order" that was nearly foisted upon us by those who use fear and control as their main tools.  In truth it is a new creation we are all making to represent the next step of transformation and evolution of human consciousness through the application of love.

Things to do
     As I write this at the end of June 2016 we are in a relatively quiet period of rest and integration.  The summer solstice that was on June 20 on the full moon ushered in quite a bit of unseen energies across the planet.  If you are feeling unusually tired this is why.  Remember to get into nature as often as you can.  Things that are extremely beneficial right now are:  going barefoot on the Earth(assists with grounding oneself and harmonizing the frequency of the body), swimming in clean water(natural springs, lakes, even ocean all assist in emotional balancing), watching sunrise/sunsets(the best time of the day to draw beneficial energy of the Sun into our bodies).  Consider that we have bodies that are perfectly designed to operate on this planet and it will make sense why these simple things are so perfect to do.  If you live in a large city of concrete and steel you can still find a park to connect to and if not you can visualize yourself consciously connecting despite being on the 22nd floor of your apartment building.

     The body is going through a lot right now and some are having major struggles.  Seek to keep yourself strong first before you give away your energy to another who cries out.  It may be their lesson that they have created for themselves.  Offer loving support and encouragement but resist the impulse to "rescue" another.  There are truly no victims here.

Creating your masterpiece

     As a teacher, a person such as this is also going through their process.  They have had to learn by experience so that they can offer assistance to those who in reality are only one step behind.  As the teacher acknowledges more of their own knowing, they move into greater states of love and truth and serve as lighthouses to others who are finding their way.  Much learning in fact is un-learning things that no longer serve.

     Consider the analogy of the sculptor carving the large block of granite into a beautiful statue.  The sculptor senses the masterpiece within the marble.  They are only removing the "excess" marble to reveal that which was already there in their mind's eye.  So it is with each of us.  Life takes our existence, our "hunk of marble" and fractures it, chips it, tumbles it and polishes it as we go along.  More and more we reveal to ourselves who we truly are and how we see ourselves.

     To create your masterpiece go into your heart and ask it what it wants next.  Then take a step into faith that your heart knows more than your head and start moving towards it, whatever it may be.  It is that simple.  We are each creating a new knowing of ourselves by taking a step into the unknown.  Trust that you will be provided for in perfect ways as you do this.  This is the leap of faith we all have to take if we are to grow, to go beyond the known.  Self-talk is also very helpful.  You have the right to command the ship of your life.  Do not expect others to do it for you.  Here is a beautifully simple thing you can say each day to align yourself.  It is from a book by Paul Selig, a prolific author and channel for simple spiritual truths.   Please say this now:  "I am now choosing to align my energy systems to the highest frequency available to me.  And I align myself to my own Divine Knowing and to the love and to the frequency of love that I now exist in.  I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word."

     How does that feel to you?  If you notice it uses I am, which is the most powerful activator of Creator energy.  It also uses Word, which to me is a more complete term for vibration.  In the Christian Bible, book of John it also speaks of Word:  "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."  Creation, in my understand, began with light and vibratory frequency.  And so it will be re-created the same way.  The other night I saw a TV show about a deep undersea shark that hunts by finding the electrical vibration of its prey, something every living thing possesses!

Reject fear whenever possible

     We all know of our obsession with fear in all of its forms.  It is everywhere until we stop feeding it.  Simply put, fear feeds fear and love feeds love.  Since everything we witness was created by Word, it is truly love.  Fear is only a very persistent illusion that will fall away as we claim our mastery within the 5th dimension.  It cannot exist there.  As the living room is re-arranged on our Earth, there will be continuing last gasps of fear trying to hold on, a futile attempt in the energy we all now exist within.  We are each participating in the creation of a new human experience that is a quantum leap beyond where we have been.  Why else would we want to be here, to witness and to lay claim to our birthright!  This is not Rapture, this is not Apocalypse.  This is emergence of Terra Nova, the New Earth.  It is not being dropped on our heads, we are creating it!

     Go forth knowing that new possibilities for you to express your love are waiting for you to discover and live.  Value yourself and the love that is your essence.  Each of you are masters working to remember yourselves.  I honor each of you for being here during this tremendous transition and I thank you for each effort, for indeed it blesses us all.  May you be blessed on your journey and always in your true Knowing.

Have a great midsummer everyone!

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