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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fall reset 2016- Check your reality mirror

     Welcome to another edition of 5th dimensional times, I'm glad that you are here to explore a little further into the process of becoming aligned with the energies of 5D that we are all experiencing.  I have entitled this post "Fall reset" for a few reasons.  Let's go into that and discover more about how we can live with more ease and grace in this last third of 2016.

     There is a natural reset that occurs this time of year, especially in the Northern hemisphere.  The summer season is coming to an end (although here it Texas it's still going strong!), kids are returning to school and summer vacations are winding down as families across North America and Europe are returning to their regular work schedules.  I hope you have been able to take some time and enjoy the warmer weather and spend time with loved ones.  Connection is so important - connection to others, connection to the beautiful planet we live on and of course, connection to one's self.  Now, there is a further reset also going on with respect to the month of September that is also important to mention.

     August 30 to Sept 22 brings a mild Mercury retrograde period.  Some have already reported feeling it approach in the last week.  The main point is to be mindful of your actions.  Take care of and missteps- literal or figurative.  Double check anything involving papers, especially legal documents.  Retrograde periods often bring malfunctions to electronic equipment and autos, distracted drivers on the road, or minor accidents or mix-ups more than at other times.  Practise remaining mindful while out and about and also remain emotionally centered.  Retrogrades happen 3 to 4 times a year, so don't go into fear about them.  They are an excellent time to review and reset one's priorities before moving forward into new ventures.

     There are also 2 eclipses this month, on 9/1 (Solar eclipse in southern Africa) and 9/16 Lunar eclipse also in the southern hemisphere.  Eclipses have been purported to be about a temporary disruption in the flow of energies to the planet which can result in changes to the status quo of life.  I do not feel that these eclipses will have much of an effect in the northern hemisphere on life and business as usual.  Just keep in mind that they are occurring.

     Another event upcoming is the 9-9-9 on Sept. 9, 2016.  Many are proclaiming that this will herald some sort of abrupt ending, as the number 9 is about completion.  Keep in mind that our calendar is a man-made construct and does not correspond to cosmic time (kind of a misnomer, as time doesn't truly exist outside of this plane of consciousness!).  The whole year of 2016 becomes a "9" or completion year, so I expect 2017 to be where we will feel the initiation of waves of change in the "1" year that it will be bringing.

     All of this I bring to your attention because we are so programmed to look outside of ourselves for signs and signals that indicate change.  In fact, each of us is individually and collectively creating change through what thoughts and actions we choose to entertain.  Let's take a further look into what we can learn about our individual realities and how we can reset and refocus them for best results in this final period of 2016.  It is time well spent to "come off of autopilot" so to speak to create outcomes that are more to our liking, does that interest you?

     Anyone still living on the planet is within the vibrations of the 5th dimensions, no exceptions.  Many will argue that nothing has changed, and yet things are changing.  We are all working to create something better individually and collectively whether we are aware of it or not.  If you would like to have more conscious awareness and control of what you are doing then you are going to need to pay attention to the deeper and quieter messages your higher self is broadcasting to you.  They most easily are felt in the physical body or in the emotions.  Have you been paying attention and honoring those messages?  Remember that the goal is ease and flow.  If you feel that you are pushing things too hard to get results then it is likely you are operating out of habit of the old energies.  Do not chastise yourself, we are all doing this to one degree or another.  I am here to remind you that there exists another way, and it is your birthright to have it if you wish to claim it.

     To live most easily within this new paradigm of the 5th dimension it is important to keep things light.  Less is more.  Less stuff, more connection.  Connection to self, connection to others.  Prosperity needs to be redefined on this planet as not merely in material goods, but in the quality of loving connections, honoring one another and creating a sense of well-being, no matter what station of life you find yourself occupying.  No one is a victim of circumstance, in actuality we each are creating all that we see for ourselves.

     There is a popular aphorism that we are most reflected in the 5 people that are closest to us.  In a sense this is very true, for we choose who we associate with through our choices of friends, lovers and business relations.  Yes, it really is all your choice!   Now if something is not feeling good, we have the choice to change it, don't we?  Often we will choose to not do this because it seems too disruptive.  Examples are leaving a familiar job even though it doesn't honor who we are, or leaving a  romantic partner because we fear being alone.  Sometimes these changes happen to us, the job ends, the partner leaves anyway, etc.  And we go on, don't we?  Change is an opportunity for growth, to become more than we have been, and this is a choice too.  We do not have to change if we do not want to, yet can we be bold enough to want to discover more about ourselves while we are here on this Earth journey?  I am confident stating that none of us knows truly all that we are, so I believe that there is plenty of room for improvement, eh?

Being a conscious creator

     The world we inhabit is composed of vibrations of light and love.  Everything we experience is of that.  The vibratory signature that you and I send out determines what we will see, feel and experience.  It determines the type and the quality of interaction each of us have with it.  In a sense then, it is all about you.  Your intention and expectations do affect your experiences.  Now this can be tricky for many of us because we often find ourselves running on old beliefs from our past that continue to color our present.  This is an area we are all working on healing to one degree or another because we are learning to move our awareness into the present moment.  The 5th dimension is all about being within the present moment, fully conscious and acting from it.  We have all had moments of it, we call them miracles, serendipity, instant manifestation, etc.  The important point to make is that as we become more conscious, we are able to tap into our higher mind, our higher selves with greater ease.  In that instant things are transformed because we have made that connection.  It is not from our small self (ego mind) that we do this.  The small self wants what it wants.  It wants to be safe, it wants to feel like it is running things, but in reality it is not.  You are safe, you are loved, you are magnificent.  And like all of us, you have been trained to not believe it because you are a separate being, in a body, in a world that is often frightening.  Becoming a conscious creator means that we have to gently and firmly take a stand that there is more of us that we wish to invite into our awareness so that we can allow ourselves to receive the gifts that it brings.

     We come from energy, we are energetic beings while we are here, and we will return to energy once our journey is complete.  The difficulty that many of us are having is how to operate within a body in this environment, especially now that it is shifting so much.  You can expect that this shifting will come in waves of increasing intensity for many more years, so you and I had better get used to it!  Many different souls have been called to be here during this shifting of the Ages, this shifting of dimensions.  The author Delores Cannon (deceased) wrote about the 3 waves of beings that have come during this transition and they encompass people from newborns up to approximately 70 years of age.  Much work has already been done to set the stage for those just arrived and those yet to come.  It no longer is going to be about doing things as they've been done for centuries.  Suffice it to say that by each of us doing our best in consciousness choice we are adding to the human experience in order to facilitate the transformation of our DNA on a quantum level that will result in an entirely expanded way of being.  Each of us is part of this to whatever level we choose to participate.  I, for example work with writing to send out radiant energy to inspire people and encourage peace and balance.  My growth edge is to begin creating a video channel for myself so I can operate within the vibrant realm as well.  Others work in the etheric realm through prayer and meditation.  Remember, thoughts are things, and you can use your energy to pave a pleasant or tortuous path through your day.  It is your choice, as always.

Check your reality mirror

     Thoughts for moving forward:  First, the past is over.  Resist the habit of bringing it forward into your present moment.  You are not your history.  It is a story that we pass through as we go along, and we might have photo albums of pretty moments or emotional scars from difficult times.  Each moment is fresh, if we practise allowing it to be.  We are learning to become more integrated beings, not merely living in the mind, but in the heart center.  The keys to the Kingdom of each of us is opening our hearts first to ourselves, and then with those around us.  It requires having good energetic boundaries, and having gone forward on the path of commitment to yourself.  Take a half hour this evening after dinner and meditate on what you like about your life and what you do not like.  Write it down on a piece of paper or on the computer in a document you can save.  This can be a reference point for starting your process of change leading to your own transformation.  As much as some others may love you, they cannot do this for you.  It's your choice.  And if there is no one in your reality whose love you can feel at the moment, then that is the signal to turn up your love for yourself.  Get off of autopilot and list 3 things you can do this week to love yourself more and go do them!  By making this simple pact with yourself and acting upon it, you will get the attention of your higher self and unseen guidance to gladly participate with you.  They love helping increase the love in your life, so try them out!

     Make a claim for yourself.  True success and prosperity that you dream about is when you are in harmony with your soul.  The first step is to go from living from the small self to incorporating more and more moments with your higher self.  From there it is a much smaller leap to living in harmony with your soul.  Allow yourself to acknowledge your greatness as an energetic being.  I know it may seem silly, I just ask you to play with it in the innocence of who you really are.  Everything this is, begins with a dream.  Ask yourself to bring you a dream from your soul to your conscious awareness sometime in the next month.  All you have to do is ask with an open heart for a moment, and then you can go back to your day.  You can do this every morning or evening for a moment and things will happen.
     One other claim I thought you might like to invoke comes from the guides of the channel Paul Selig and his book "The Book of Mastery".  It's one that I like saying because I feel it helps to build a strong energy field for us of us, unhindered by what has gone by that we may have picked up along the way.  It is a call to freedom, to wholeness and I believe if one says it with conviction, it will have great healing effect upon you.  Here it is:
"I agree to know myself again in my knowing, in my worth, and I accept the abilities I have to lay claim to what is my birthright.  In this threshold of experience I find myself in, I make the choice now to claim independence from all external authority, all government or law, all claims upon the freedom of my soul that would limit me in my ability to grow.
     As I choose the opportunity to know myself in freedom, I release the chains of history, the bindings to society's requirements for who I should be, so I may be cloaked in the awareness, in the garment of the free woman I am, the free man I am.
     As I wear this garment of freedom, that has no state, no country, no race, no gender to know herself through, I am anointed, I am christened in my awareness of my true nature.  I am free, I am free, I am free. "

     Notice how this claim is an invitation to choice, making a new choice that is totally within one's own sovereignty as a free being.  It is not an invitation to break any laws or trespass against any other, it is simply a claim to allow your own self to be in possession of your freedom and right to be who you really are, here and now.  I imagine that this is difficult for any of us to comprehend, because it is about going into the unknown.  In the unknown it is where we will find our greatest gifts.  It is not a place of fear, it is a place of allowing more of us to be here with us in our current life so that we can begin to claim all of the gifts waiting for us.  So you can see that to live more fully in the 5th dimension and the great expansion it holds for us each, we will have to take a risk to go beyond the known.  Given how life has become for many in the present, it seems like the perfect risk to take, doesn't it?

     Begin again-Reset

     In this month of September, the conditions are perfect to do some self-reflection, looking within.  The energies are supporting all of us with this at this time.  Then look out and see who and what is around you.  Does it feel in harmony with who you are at this time?  Can we allow ourselves to get quiet and listen to the whisperings of our hearts?  Are we willing to take action upon those gentle currents of energy welling up inside of us?  Growth occurs where we are at, not at some imagined perfect point we might wish to be.  Use the energies present to join with yourself and be in the grace of all you have gone through to get to this now moment.  I am certain that you could tell some stories!  Give yourself the gift now of deeper connection to you, to your love for all you have been through.  You still want more, or you would not be here.  Add a few more planks to that bridge you are building to your higher self, and yell across that river of the "unknown".  Say:  "I am here, and I am coming to get you!"  Be excited about the possibilities for this.  Imagine a world where millions are waking up to the same process and be in joy for doing your part to bring a little more love to your life and to this world each day.  I thank you for each act you do to be who you truly are.



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