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Monday, November 14, 2016

Warning: America is about to change big time, be prepared!

     It is just after the Presidential election here in the United States and despite all appearances of division, the state of our Union is strong.  We are now preparing ourselves for the next step on our journey as a nation, a journey into the unknown and there is much fear and confusion about what is happening.  I am going to attempt to give you insights into what is happening from a 5D perspective so that you will feel a greater sense of peace and preparedness for what will be unfolding in the coming year.

     This isn't about sensationalizing things, we all know that there is plenty of that going around.  If you are looking for conspiracy theories, political analysis, unfounded speculation or the like, you may wish to stop reading.  If you are looking to understand the deeper meaning of what is happening, why it is happening and how you can be prepared, then by all means continue reading.  This is about the shift in consciousness and how it is now showing up in our lives, not only here in the USA but across the globe.

There will be change

     To the shock and surprise of about half of America, the candidate they voted for did not win.  Funny, this happens in almost every election in a democratic country, yet it generated such intense feelings this time.  Why?  It did create shock because so many were absolutely convinced that theirs was the only candidate to go forward with and that the other was wholly unqualified.  Let me tell you this:  It really doesn't matter who is President, the changes that are coming are far beyond who is sitting in the Oval office.  There will be change because the way that consciousness is expressed is changing and we cannot have the new without letting go of the old.

     I have written about this idea of "releasing what no longer serves" for a while.  It occurs within our individual and collective lives.  We understand our individual life because we see our self  as a body - this is me, that is you.  On a national level this is harder to see because we agree to a collective idea that we are each part of the country we live in (although many would argue that they do not want to be!) We create institutions of government to represent the physical aspects of our agreement to this and we elect people to staff these institutions, to serve in the interests of the collective.

     It has become obvious to us here in the USA, as well as in other countries, that what has been is not working very well anymore.  Large numbers of people are being left behind, left to fend for themselves in an increasingly competitive globalized world.  Some wish to pull back from that, to return to the "good old days"  (whenever that was!).  There is no doubt that national interests are being heavily influenced by stateless global corporate interests that have only an allegiance to money and little else.  This phenomenon is not new, but it has reached such a crescendo that now people are beginning to take notice.  There will be change is a statement that applies to all human creations, especially the very large government and corporate creations we are all a part of to one degree or another.

Root assumptions will be tested in new ways

    If there is one thing that is certain with President-elect Trump, it is that root assumptions of what the requirements to attain the highest office in the nation have been forever altered.  That being said, on a personal level we are each being called to awaken from a slumber we haven't realized we have been in.  Depending on where we are each at individually with our own development, it will be anywhere from somewhat gentle, to quite a shock, like getting a bucket of cold water in the face while in the middle of a pleasant dream.  How can I say this?  Because I know that we are more than a body and an ego.  We are not completely in charge of life on this plane.  We are co-creating it with higher aspects of ourselves that now wish to become known consciously to each of us.  Why is this?  Because we have now firmly entered the energies of 5th dimensional expression on this plane and there is no turning back.  On a higher level we have all asked for and agreed to it, now we are learning how to face it and embrace it.

No one said transformation would be easy or convenient

     It was written in the christian bible "Render to Caesar what is Ceasar's" and "seek only for the Kingdom".  These are important statements that have a lot to do with what is occurring presently in our world.  "Be in the world but not of it" is another apt pronouncement.  It's clear that the systems of government and commerce are not functioning in the best interests of global society.  Few prosper while the masses scrape by.  As long as I have enough, why should I worry about someone else?  The issue now is that the gap has continued to widen, taking millions of people from one side of the equation to the other.  Therefore you see Brexit, you see Trump.  And you will see more.
I am not espousing the rise of socialism by this, I am however promoting the raising of consciousness so that we each can contribute to making higher and better choices as to the world we will all live in.  Everything is moving forward, whether it wants to or not.  A higher directive has been issued.  We can still have the choice to deny this, but it is about as useful as commanding the Sun to not rise.  It is happening.  The extent to which this awakening process will manifest is unknown to any mortal, however I would infer from what I have learned that it will at times be not pleasant or convenient for most of us.  Such is the nature of change and going into the unknown from being deeply mired in a 3rd dimensional paradigm for thousands of years.  Rejoice!  Don't be afraid!  All is well.  We have help.  We will deliver ourselves to the truth of our being.

     For too long we all have lived in tiny boxes of beliefs that have kept us complacent and very limited.  We were taught to give away our power to religions, the state, etc.  Freedom was granted in measure.  Now we are in a time where our beliefs are going to be expanded and refined to the point that outer world that we have constructed and supported will have to transform to match the new reality.  It may sound preposterous, yet I know in my heart it will happen.  I do not know how long it will take, yet I feel that some important pieces will start to manifest in the near future.  Just looking at the societal changes in politics and economics, not to mention the environment, it is clear that we collectively will have to change.  The current system has run its course, and that is a good thing.

The next act in the Play of Consciousness

     Evolution is a key concept of life.  Not evolution of forms, but of consciousness itself.  Being human hasn't been easy for most of us in a 3rd dimensional paradigm.  For thousands of years just making it to the age of 40 was a great accomplishment.  As I have said, from a higher level we have all asked for the human experience to move to greater levels of light and love, so the Earth herself has responded and created a new vibratory pattern to support that.  This pattern has only been brought in since the beginning of this century and has now firmly taken root.  Now it is beginning to unfold, and it will affect the status quo we have been living in.

     The changes that are being ushered in are by no means superficial.  While the predominant theme of the last 15 years has been the apparent increase in fear and angst all across the planet, it is being raised so it can be truly seen for what it is, addressed and released.  It won't happen in one single moment of rapture, it will be brought forth by the hearts and minds of us willing to claim the truth of who and what we are.  And what is that?  We are beings of spirit at our essence who willingly have agreed to come to this human plane in order to learn and grow, evolving ourselves and the entire human concept to its next level of expression.  We are learning how to hold and express more of who we really are within a human body, and in this process there are many challenges and gifts that each of us face, everything serves no matter how it is labeled by us.

     What I speak of here is the emergence of a paradigm shift so great that once we each begin to grasp it, we will wonder how we ever managed to exist before.  It is borne within each one of us, that is why it is so crucial to attend to your own self before anything else.  Let's talk about this a bit more.

Manage you own energy to thrive during the shift

     Wellness is a key component part of being able to function in the coming months and years.  Our physical, mental and emotional selves are being pushed to their limits in these times.  You can refer to my article from 2011 on the basic rose technique for creating a definite boundary of your personal energy field.  This will serve you to not absorb the stray thoughts and feelings of others.  Imagine yourself within a beautiful bubble of energy, it can be egg-shaped, it can be a geometric shape like a merkaba(star tetrahedron) or whatever you like.  The point is to do it because we each need to create a safe energetic space for ourselves.  In addition and just as important is to imagine yourself grounded into the Earth as well as open to the higher chakras.  This can be accomplished very easily by sitting or standing, imagining a cord of beautiful light running down your spine and and into the earth.  Draw it right to the center of the planet.  Conversely run the cord up out of the top of your head and out into space, imagining it connecting to G-d, Source or wherever you like.  After doing both of these things, just breath and fill your personal space with energy.  You can do this first thing in the morning before you begin your day and then check on it from time to time as you go through your day.  It is a great practice of creating ownership of you in this body in a higher form, and it will assist you to not fall into habitual fearful reactive thoughts and behaviors.  What I am inviting you to do is to prepare yourself to connect and experience more of what is already available to assist you- namely your higher self/divine self coming into presence in your daily life.  While it may seem unknown, it has just been forgotten during the long sleep we have all been in and it is waiting for us to acknowledge it.  Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

     Less is more.  I've said this many times and will continue to say it.  The 5th dimensional experience is about less stuff and more love.  There will still be "stuff" - we are still here in a body and still have needs for food, clothing and shelter.  The idea that I am promoting is first giving ourselves a bit more love, and then practicing experiencing more love with those who are important people in our lives.  This is very basic.  Despite being more connected electronically and able to have the world at our fingertips with our devices, we have neglected the development of basic human interaction, often pushing it to a secondary want.  Think of someone you can have a conversation with, looking into their eyes, both of your hearts open, sharing some moments.  That will never be duplicated with a device!  If no one is handy, I invite you to go look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and tell yourself that you love you.  I can almost guarantee that you will feel your heart opening in that moment!  This energy is a force, really THE force of all our creations going forward.  It is the basis of 5th dimensional life.  While fear will still be available as an option, it is only an option.  Focus the Energy to Alter the Results (F.E.A.R.).

The 5th dimension is a grass roots project

     As I said at the beginning of this article, it really doesn't matter who is President of the USA, our path of creating is from the ground up, not from the top down.  Each of us is sovereign to ourselves and our allegiance must be first to our own self and then out into the world at large.  All of us are being called to awaken from our acquiescence to old forms, old systems, old ways of being.  If you know that you will be safe, you will be claimed in safety.  Your alignment will bring you to where you are required, to be in service.  This means that as you choose what vibration you can hold- low or high, you will be drawn into corresponding parts of this play of humanity.  None of us here is without love, without worth.  It is however our choice what we will claim for ourselves.  The days of playing the victim are gone.  Resistance, which is born of fear we all experience, is saying "We will do it as we please without regard to this future you speak of, and we will not be budged."  The arrogance of this statement, when it collides with the reality of the new world we are already beginning to live within, is the energy that will awaken everyone on the planet.

     The time has come for humanity to face itself and all of its creations.  Those creations that no longer serve will have to be re-claimed in a higher way, and re-known.  There will be attempts to keep the current system in place, limping along as it has.  There will be attempts to turn back or turn away, or break away.  These will all fail, as the energy on the planet has shifted and will not support those ideas any longer.  We are all moving forward like it or not.  One needs to be aware that the requirement of the higher self/divine self that is becoming known in each of us are vastly different that those of the small self that we have been clinging to for so long.  What great drama it will be to see liberation happen!  Do not be angry at what has happened, true change does not happen through violence, but through love.  "Those of us who have come to claim a new world into being must also bear witness to those things that have been claimed in fear, be it a President, be it a law, be it a war, it matters not." (Guides via P. Selig).  Everything, whether we label it "good or bad" is an aspect of the Creator and can be claimed now in a higher way.  Those of us who are waking up are here to give the gift of knowing to all we witness, knowing in TRUTH, not in agreement to history.  This is where the untapped expertise of each of us is waiting to emerge and be seen.  What is your gift that you have been afraid to show the world?  Maybe now is the time to bring it into view for others to see and benefit from?

     Understand this:  The higher self/divine self that we are inviting into our lives does not agree to fear.  She understands deceit and does not align to it.  He understands pain, but doesn't identify as it.  The small self is the one running around right now saying "I must prepare because bad things are going to happen.  I must know what I need to do to stay safe."  We are all going to be learning how to trust aspects of our greater selves are coming to assist and are much wiser than the small selves we've been so comfortably uncomfortable with.  It is happening right now, and as we begin to identify it for ourselves we will claim more of it into being in our lives.

     It is time to re-frame the process of change that is occurring.  Often we see change as something to fear.  It appears out of our control, it is not of our will or desire.  These are the words of the small self that we each hear loudly.  The new human experience of living on a 5th dimensional planetary awareness is a dream that will manifest because it has been ordained by us all at a higher level.  It will be brought forth through each of us working to attend to it as something WONDERFUL.  Think about it, full of wonder, doesn't that sounds enticing and fun to you?  Are we willing to see this sooner than later?  I know I want to see some of it before I check out of this human suit, how about you?

Final thoughts

     Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself.  We all have gone through a very intense period of shifting energy in the last few months with regards to the elections here in the USA.  Consider paring back your attention to social media and the TV for a week or two.  What will be occurring will still be there when you return, but you have to admit you could use a break from it all.  Get out into nature, talk a walk, get a massage, spend time with loved ones.  The drama will be waiting if you care to re-engage it.  Perhaps with some of the tools I've propose you'll engage it in a new way, one with compassion for so many who are in pain and want things to get better.  Lead them by your example of how you are feeling and caring for yourself and not just through your words.  Build your strength for your self to be ready for the coming year,  it is going to be the start of much that has been long needed, and now will be claimed.  More on that in my next posting.  Until then, be well.




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