Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017- A rude awakening looms!

     Welcome to 2017, a year of very new beginnings, the like we have not seen in our history.  My intent is to assist you in your awareness, for now begins the times that we all have returned for in this life.  The effects of the increasing vibratory field of the 5th dimension will be felt planet-wide in this year and in those to come.  This is not about going into fear- far from it.  This is about recognizing what is happening around you, and still choosing your actions to come from your own truth, despite what may be occurring around you.

     Truth, power and lies

     We create our reality, both personally and globally, by what each of us thinks and feels.  Each of us does what we can to create the life that we most desire to live, yet there are other things in action within this play of consciousness that we call life on Earth.  For the greater part, we tend to live lives habituated to our routines, a comfort zone in which we operate.  While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this, there remains beckoning to each and every one of us the call of the unknown.  It calls us to seek out our greater nature, and be blessed by the expansion of our knowing.  In this metaphoric "stepping off of the cliff" we learn to trust that we are supported in our endeavors to move forward and be more.

     Over the past year there has been a massive increase in confusion precipitated in part by the gross and wanton manipulation of our sources of information from which we often derive our beliefs and opinions.  What can be trusted?  Where is truth?

     I believe that we are each being called to respond to truth from our own inner knowing and act on it more than ever before.  We are already each doing this to one degree or another, now is the time to step up this process for ourselves to a new level, going beyond our comfort zones of the structures we have created and participated up to this point.  This means we are being called to claim more of our own formidable power of choice to guide us in this year and beyond.  To remain where we each have been up to this point is in direct opposition to the energies as they now exist.

     Consider this "We speak to you now about a reckoning with the self, which will be your next stage of development.  A reckoning with the True Self simply means that you must see who you are in your divinity and, in order for this to be so, you must see where you hide, where you lie, where you agree to be less than you truly are."  "The Divine Self as you calls into being all things. Underline all things." (P. Selig-Book of Mastery).  Now the world we see is a product of the small self in large part, and therefore it is based on a reality that has a weak foundation that is beginning to crumble.  We all can easily see where untruth exists within our own selves and in the outer world as well.  The task now in this moment is to embrace the unknown parts of ourselves through our own inner guidance or knowing, and begin to release a life and world based only on reason.  Acknowledge that you are capable of this and it is waiting for you to reveal itself to you when you grant permission and take a step in that direction.  It is the leap of faith that many will be taking.

Structures of fear and control

     The world in which we live in is one that has been constructed over many generations, many centuries, even further back than you might imagine.  It was built upon by the good intentions of all of those times to create a world in which humans could survive and grow in the energies of the old paradigm of 3rd dimensional consciousness.  We are at the culmination of a story of human experience.  Imagine, if you will that time is not a line from past to present to future.  Nor is it a circle, where we continually cycle around from beginning to end.  What exists always is the present moment, and this is always the point of power.  Time as we know it more closely resembles a spiral, from one level of experience to the next.  We are now at that point where there will be new elements coming to the fore that have not been seen in our recorded history.  Do you see what I mean about going into the unknown?

     This is not something to go into fear about.  We have collectively called for it on a level of our awareness that we do not often bring into conscious awareness yet it is as real as anything we see before us in the moment.  As a human species we have chosen to evolve ourselves to the next level of the spiral, and that means releasing what no longer serves us.  You see, our human culture(not just Americans, the entire world) is deeply invested in lies.  It has been going on for so long that most people just accept that this is life and it is okay to go along with it, for that is "the way it is done".  There exists a segment of our global family that is deeply committed to keeping life as it currently exists.  They do this for many reasons, I am certain that you can imagine some of them readily.  In fact, this segment of people is doing everything it can to promote fear so that it may cling to the remnants of what has been.  Hence we have greatly divided opinions and beliefs in very stark contrast to one another not only here in the USA, but all across the world.  The question is how long will this last?

     Power, as it has been held in institutions created by humanity over thousands of years, is now shifting.  It will no longer be solely held in the manner it has been.  As people re-claim their sovereignty they simply will not blindly follow edicts handed down from existing structures.  I believe that things will become much less decentralized as more people awaken and no longer agree to the fear, lies and attempts to intimidate, cajole and confuse people.  It will be seen for what it is and what it is not.  Freedom is the birthright of all, it is supported strongly by the energies of the 5th dimension we are now living within.

The new choice

     The new choice is really not new.  Simply put it is to love and do unto others as you would have them do to you.  Yes, I can hear those saying "But this is a harsh world, and I must defend what is mine from others or they will take it away from me."  Yes, we can think that, but look where it has gotten us.  To be safe and in the integrity of one's one being in the now is to lead with one's energy first.  Our being is composed of not only body, heart and mind, it also possesses an energetic field of finer bodies.  Our knowing not only stems from reason, it also comes in knowing, and this is a faculty that we are each going to be invited to exercise as a valuable tool in the coming times.  Some may call it intuition, others the force of spirit-whether ancestors, angels or otherwise.  The point is that it exists and it is a crucial part that we will need to use to navigate these transitional times.  Plus, I feel it can be a lot of fun to experience!

     I have written many times in previous articles on this blog about the 5th dimension being the place where the vibrations of fear cannot exist.  Only truth can be held in this vibratory field.  Fear you see is a low vibration and cannot cross the threshold of the new kingdom that is our true inheritance.  To be in fear is to risk being consumed in one way or another by events that will unfold in the coming times.  Notice when you are in fear.  Feel how it is in your body, the tightness, the unease, the shallow breathing.  Now notice when you invite in love in a way that pleases you.  Feel the expansion, the ease, the safety and surety that this is good.  Each of us has been and will continue to find moments of holding this new vibration within our own selves, as it is supported in full by the Earth as it now is.  Yes, we may slip back from time to time, but with continued attention we are less and less willing to indulge those vibrations.

     Our true inheritance is claiming our expanded self into reality.  It is not our looks, our possessions, our station in life.  Those are the things of the external world, thought to be an end in themselves by many, but are not.  Remember to seek with open eyes and open hearts what is eternal, the growth into your own remembering and living as your higher/divine self.  You will still have a life that is familiar to you in form, but it will no longer be ruled by that end.  This claim must be initiated by each of us, it will not come without a willingness to take action and to invite this awareness.  Long it has been pushed off into a corner of our hearts, and now it will be reignited by each heart that opens to it.

The Tower crumbles

     I placed a photo of the Tower card from the tarot deck at the heading of this article as a symbol of what is underway now.  Please do not take it as something frightening.  It is intended to illustrate that the structures that support the truth of the new energies will remain, and those that do not will have to fall away.  We have created systems of living, working and governing across the world that simply will not stand up to the new paradigm of 5D and they will have to be dismantled.  This is a good thing, and while it may one day appear to be very grim for many, it will lead to an even better way of existence on this planet.  Most of us, in our hearts know that this is true.  Others will bury their heads in the sand until the very end.  Those who choose to attempt to create with the old energies will not succeed.

     Now, based on this assertion I am certain you can imagine quite a wide variety of areas of life that are going to be addressed by this quantum shift.  I say quantum because our planet does not exist in a vacuum of space untouched by anything outside itself.  Of course there are asteroids that crash into the planet constantly.  I am not speaking of that, more so I am referring to energetic changes that are beyond my comprehension that are now going to be more significantly impacting life on this sphere we call home.  I say this from my knowing and feeling as it rings true to me.  If I relied only on reason there would be no opportunity to conceive of such a thing.  How this will manifest I only know will be for the perfect purposes which it is intended.  I am rather excited about it!

     Another thing to mention that is within the cellular memory of each of us are records of many unpleasant things that have been experienced across generations of our bloodlines.  The possibility that now exists is that we can finally cleanse ourselves of our personal histories of negativity gleaned from all these long ages of living in the lower vibrations.  Our task now is to return home to a level of being that is our birthright.  The door is open to us, finally after so very very long.  This is not only about healing our past, it is also about our future.  Each of us lives at the center point of 7 generations both past and future, and what we do now, whether we have children or not, will affect this lives of countless beings.  It is really that profound.

What to do/action steps

     Whether we realize it or not, feel it or not, we are all now living in the increased vibratory field of the 5th dimension.  Each generation born going forward will be even more equipped to express in this energy.  While you and I have been on the planet for a good amount of time, it doesn't mean that we can't adapt.  The first thing to do is to simplify your life.  Here are some suggestions:

1)  Less is more.  Reduce your connection to "things".  The less stuff one has, the easier it is to navigate.  Clear clutter from your life.  Get back to basics.

2)  Release what no longer serves.  This is a big area.  It can mean lifestyle, relationships, jobs, or more importantly old beliefs about yourself.  I am not suggesting you sell everything and sit in a cave on a mountaintop, you are needed in the world!  Spend some time with yourself feeling into each of these areas and ask the question "Does it feel like love to me?"  You'll get an answer immediately from your inner knowing.  Now the challenge becomes will you listen to it?  I suggest working with the easiest areas first, then addressing the bigger ones.  Build up some momentum in this area.  Releasing and refining is a lot of work at the beginning, and it becomes easier.

3) Reduce distraction.  Learning to trust your knowing means putting down your phone, or stepping away from your computer and TV.  You can take 30 minutes a day away from those things to just quietly sit with yourself and listen and allow.  Relax the monkey-mind of thoughts and a whole new connection to inner guidance can be heard.  Value real connection with your friends and loved ones.  Make your evolution a priority by practicing developing a connection to yourself in a new way.  Let go of the dramas of the external world, they don't belong to you.

4) Practice knowing instead of thinking.  Whether it's going to the grocery store or calling a friend, practice asking yourself internally before you do it.  Say to yourself  "Is this the best time to go ____", or "Is this person available to connect with me".  Listen for the answer before you do it.  Then practice comparing the times you listened to your guidance and what occurred, versus not listening to it and doing it anyway.  After a while you will grow to trust your own internal guidance system and it is far better than any app or Google search!  You have the answers to all of your questions.  It's just a matter of developing the skill of inner listening and building bridges to it.

     These are just a few suggestions to get you started.  There are many more that could be written.  Some other practical ideas are to get your financial house in order.  Reduce your debt.  Unsubscribe to any recurring payments of things you do not use.  Build a savings plan so that you're not compelled to work to maintain a lifestyle that is expensive in terms of the time it takes you to sustain it.  Practice dreaming about your ideal life now and do one thing towards getting there.  The less one is invested heavily in the world as it now is, the easier it will be to flow with the currents of change that will be moving more swiftly this year.

     You are valuable and you are here for a reason, and it is not to be moving with the herd of humanity, unconscious.  You are waking up, waking greater senses and knowing.  This IS going to lead you and I to make some bold and daring choices in the coming times.  Just seek to do your best and choose your unique path with the most love that you can.  You will succeed, all you have to do is believe you are the source of all of the good in your life, and no one can keep it from you but yourself.  I wish you much success in growing into your knowing this year, it will serve you well.




  1. Thank you for writing ... must have taken a lot of time. I'll reread, and I already appreciate the way the article flows.

  2. love it, "I am the source of all that is good in my life" and the question of the ages, " does this feel like love to me " great reminder. Courage comes from doing not procrastinating, I know this for sure, and the reality of making choices based on the simple question of does this feel like love to me appeals to my inner rebel. thanks for taking the time to put this blog together mate.

  3. This is beautiful. Thank you for this guidance.

  4. Yes this is very good advice! Learning to trust your intuition is key