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Monday, June 26, 2017

You will find what you need in the unknown

     Today we are going to focus on taking a look at our assumptions of what it means to be a living breathing person on the planet right now and see if we can challenge these a bit so that we can move more easily into change.  Change is the next step and it is the precursor of our transformation into living well within the energies of the 5th dimension.  What is often overlooked is that there are many practical applications for this in our daily lives.  By moving into change and inviting more of the unknown into our lives, we open many new possibilities to emerge that are not here presently.

     Would you say that your feeling of your life is one of peace?  Radiant joy?  Bliss?  Or is it more like routine?  Take a look at your feeling state right now.  Are you in want of something or someone to manifest into your life?  Or, perhaps you are completely fulfilled?  In that case, you can skip this article.  But if you are in touch with a need or a want for yourself and you have been frustrated as to why it is not appearing in your life, then I invite you to read on.

We are all master creators

     We are all master creators of our individual lives.  There is nothing within anyone's life, that wasn't invited there.  It's just that most of our choices have become invisible to us because we can often "go unconscious" of them in the present moment.  As I like to say, there are no victims here, only conscious or unconscious manifestations.  We are each very unique in how we approach life, and what we are drawn towards and that is a good thing as it keeps things interesting, eh?

     We live in a system and a culture that has been created from the past.  Past energies, past people dominate the bulk of what is seen by us all.  However, now that the vibratory rate of the planet has increased into what I term the 5th dimension, we cannot rely on the past as our point of reference as we each go forward.  Hence I introduce the wide, wonderful world of the unknown.  Now the first reaction most of us have is that the unknown is a place of fear, and is to be avoided.  After all, going there might cause us harm?  Well, I would say that in reality, reaching for the unknown and claiming it in our own individual way will actually bring forth more for us in a very positive way!  The unknown is where abundance lies, where love is, where what we want for our lives exists.  To get there though, we are going to have to take some risks.  While that may seem fearful, it may be a greater risk to remain only in a known routine or lifestyle that has kept us feeling safe, (or not), or at least somewhat predictable.  If we are to be in the state of being master creators then we must be willing to go beyond the known world that we have made for ourselves.

The known world- observations

     For many years I have developed a practice and an intent of seeing beyond appearances.  I've also been a fan of many others who have gone this path and written or spoken about it, and there are many.  The work of Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna as well as the novels of Hank Wesselman and the novels of Carlos Casteneda come to mind.  Each worked to uncover the deeper currents that the human condition rides upon, and they have challenged the assumptions of life that we take for granted.

     Our culture is built primarily upon commerce.  Everyone to one degree or another is involved in the production and consumption of goods and services.  Some of these serve us very well, and others not so well.  Consumption has given rise to barter which over time has evolved into a monetary system.  People work so they can receive money for their efforts, which is exchanged with others for these goods and services.  Over time some have become proficient at this and claim anything from a "nest egg" of savings all the way to vast fortunes.  And many still live day to day or week to week without any financial safety net.  This has been the rise of capitalism which has exploded over the last 200 years.  Now capitalism is undergoing change because of the rise of the Internet and traditional ways of doing things are being usurped by many individuals and companies who have found new ways of creating value.

     In order to exist in this culture, one has to find a way of creating enough so that they may acquire the needs of humans- food, clothing, shelter and additional funds for non-essential things such as hobbies or passions.  Within the vibrations of the currently unfolding paradigm, less is more.  That is, less stuff, more love.  Love being:  living on vibrant energy.  To live on  vibrant energy one must go beyond the needs of the small self/ego and go within to establish a connection to that higher part of self which knows each of us intimately.  It requires going into the unknown to establish a connection and then acting upon it.

     Now we are at a period in the history of humanity where large numbers of people have all of their needs met and have a prolific abundance.  Since their needs are more than met, this group of people is for the first time in history now able to stand in the present moment and ask themselves "Is this all there is?"  Shall I exist to create more material goods- a bigger home, a new vehicle, fine clothes, etc?  Or is there something deeper to attain?  Well of course, yes there is!  And that I would say is one's evolution into greater consciousness of why you are experiencing this life.  I make this assertion not from mere belief, instead it comes from a deep knowing inside of myself.

     While knowing that greater states of knowledge and greater states of love can be available now to a large portion of humanity, we still live in a global culture of consumption and distraction.  Why?  It is because many of us fall prey to the small self and forget about the possibility of looking at life from a spiritual perspective on a day to day basis.  Those who do are generally lumped into a category of excessive religiousness.  To most, commerce seems more reliable- I'll get what I need/want and you others just leave me to this.  Religions are not going away anytime soon, however it is the believer's relationships to their respective faiths that has undergone massive change over the last century.  People find comfort in religious doctrines and practices because they codify the unknown into a set of known beliefs that can be followed.  The issue now is that clashes between belief systems has erupted into much conflict, strife and war as we have seen in this period.  Countless people have died for beliefs over the ages, beliefs that aren't even remembered anymore.  What I am saying is that we have continued to live in a culture based on a known past that is mostly filled with faulty beliefs that bring pain and suffering.  The present and our potential future as a species cannot continue to be built upon a foundation of fear and suffering that has been the hallmark of the past thousand years.  In order to move out of this cycle, each of us will have to look not backwards into our known history, either personal or collective, but into ourselves to that unknown portion of our being that is wanting to come forward and be expressed through each of us in unique ways.  This is the shift, this is the ascension, and it happens within each one of us.

The unknown

     Each of us holds within ourselves latent talents and abilities outside of those that we know and use regularly.  These are aspects that we can activate if and when we here the quiet call within and become curious of it and take action to move into action.  You might say that we are "hard-wired" to be creators on this plane.  We can re-create the same day a thousand times, or we can operate in unfettered possibility for each day.  Some of us love planning things, while others will ride on the emotional surges of new exploration each day.  And there are many more in between these to states.  Each of us, while always part of the indivisible whole, maintains a distinct expression of body and personality throughout our lifetimes.  Yet, at some point we will relinquish it to return to a state beyond the body.

     Do you know all you can about the potentials of the body you inhabit?  Do you know that it operates dutifully to promote the well-being of your life?  It transfers your food into energy to power itself, and it is constantly repairing and healing itself.  It is the temple that your energetic body resides in partnership with while you are here.  It also contains many more potentials for activation that go far beyond where we have been as a species.  It is in the process of considerable change at present, in order to be able to express the greater role that your higher self/divine self wishes to manifest as.  The body is one important example of how little we actually know about the self expressing in human form.  We just assume that it must be so as it now is, does it?

     If there is frustration or discontent present within us, it is the indicator that the unknown is knocking at our door.  We can choose to ignore it, and wait until another opportunity shows itself, or we can address its invitation to pay attention.  Nothing is as static as it may appear to be, and our consciousness is asking for greater expression in our lives and affairs.  We are at the beginnings of releasing that which no longer serves us in order to make room for that which does serve.  It is up to each of us to make these choices in our own ways.  That is the blessing of being first, an individual and second, having free will.  All choices are honored, and all choices will serve you in some way on your journey.

     Moving into the unknown doesn't mean that we have to give up all we have, no need to leave the world behind and climb up a mountain to live.  It does mean being ready and willing to receive once it comes upon us.  The word "Yes" is very important here because you are giving yourself permission to go beyond the known even if the fear of doing this is high.  Remember the acronym for fear?  Focus the energy to alter the result.  Energy is there, now it is just a matter of going beyond the initial feeling and doing it anyway.  Most of us have already done this many times in our lives, it is a matter of continuing to do it all of our lives.

We have collectively asked for this

     If you reading this, then you are an equal partner with the rest of us in welcoming the unknown to this level of reality.  Each of us has chosen to be here during momentous times of change.  No one can deny this from what we have seen and experienced over even the last 10 years.  And it will continue because we are here to assist and participate in a world that is moving up in vibration, moving up in expression.  We have wanted this because we are tired of the old games of war and separation and fear that have sought to ensnare us indefinitely.  We are far more than that, aren't we?

     There is no doubt that we are living in trying times.  Maintaining balance in the midst of all of this change is paramount for each of us.  This is why I stress the importance of simplifying one's life as much as possible, releasing what doesn't serve you moving into greater states of love.  We are each the source of our love, and we are also at choice in defining what feels like love to us and what does not and making decisions about that.  Being human is not a static state, there is always change occurring and not all of it is conscious to us right now, yet more is available to become conscious to us if we take the risk to choose it and take responsibility for holding it in our lives.  This is growth, this is conscious change.

     Going back to my statement that we are all master creators I want to make you aware of how true this is and how far we have been led astray from this fact.  And I want to point out how the present times are so very ripe for up shifting one's paradigm into something much better-more peace, more love, true prosperity.  The world we have experienced all of our lives is a construct based on what has come before.  The institutions, the roads, the governments, the religions- all of this was created in an old energy that for the most part does not apply going forward.  Yes, there are elements of each of these I just mentioned that do serve us, if they promote love and well being of those that they serve.  If they do not, then they no longer are in congruence of the world that is emerging.

     This world, what we see around us, has been constructed from a 3rd dimensional paradigm meaning that it was created in a time where there was always a strong interplay between fear and love.  You might say "I cannot see that things have changed at all, we still live in this don't we?".  And in a sense you would be correct- we do see these things still.  However, quietly being birthed all around us is the beginnings of a new world, a new way of being that has been sitting within each of our hearts, waiting to be born into view.  It is rarely reported, because the structures of our media are mostly still under the thumb of old energies designed to keep us fearful, to keep us checked and afraid of the unknown potential we all possess.  For if that became known by enough people, life as we've known it would immediately being to release itself from its own self-made prison.

     As we are each now taking back our own power of choice, which we unwittingly have given away to these structures that we created over many hundreds and thousands of years, we are saying "I know who I am in truth".  "I am a sovereign being" becomes our clarion call.  There is never a right of one sovereign being to violate the free will of another.  Let's look at an example of how this is manifesting.  In the USA there has been the issue of those in power to say "We are leaving the Paris climate accords"- a joint statement by almost every nation on Earth acknowledging that measures must be taken to come into balance with the planet we all share.  Now, leaders in business and some state governments have replied "We are going to abide by these measures in defiance of our elected national leaders".  This is a clear example of people operating from choice based on their beliefs, and perhaps their knowing, and saying to those who hold the positions of authority: " We will not abide by your choices because it is not our truth."  Regardless of your stance on this issue, it is clear to me that there are the beginnings of people as individuals and groups that are going to be challenging the status quo.  Expect a lot more of this as each successive generation of people being born on this planet are more and more attuned, pre-wired you might say, to operating in a higher frequency reality.  They won't take the status quo at face value like most of us have had to do, they will instead follow the call of their hearts because they will remember where they came from.  Those who are in positions of power now for the most part were born in an energetic frequency which no longer serves.  Fight as they may, through attrition they will yield to a new story - as yet unknown, but about to become known as it births itself through each of us.  There is a plan, there is certainty that this is occurring and it WILL happen.  This is no false promise, in other words, the game of being human has shifted to a higher octave and as we recognize it and incorporate it into our lives we each will be blessed by our own actions.

The questioning of self-worth

     Are we really ready to live in a world that has peace as its basis?  Are we really worthy to live in joy ourselves?  What is joy?  J.O.Y.  = Journeying onward yielding to what you truly want.  Do you want mayhem, strife, suffering, war, disharmony?  I think not!  Isn't it your nature to want love, harmonious relations, beauty, creativity, prosperity?  Can you accept that someone does not have to lose for you to win?  If so, then you are well on your way.  For as far back as we can know, within our families and our shared history we have been told the stories of lack, limitation, suffering, the few ruling over the many.  THAT IS PAST.  It no longer serves us individually or collectively to keep re-creating these things.  We are each having to release the stories of limitation, in order to begin to believe that we are worthy of claiming for ourselves our true inheritance.  What is that?  It is the claiming of the true self into being through each of ourselves, and it is the announcing of the Kingdom made manifest on this plane.  Release the notion that it will be dropped down from heaven upon us at the appointed time!  It in fact is born thru us bit by bit, as we lay claim to it.  If you can imagine that 95% of who you and I truly are is unknown to you at this moment, would you venture to believe that you are a magnificent being of great love and great power?  Take a moment now to get quiet and say hello to that self and invite it to be made known to you here and now.   No matter what trying circumstance you may find yourself in, know that you are a living breathing piece of All that Is and you are dearly loved, now let yourself in on the secret!

     This is why less is more.  If you are so busy with your self-created responsibilities are duties to maintain a large material life, you may not have the time to consider these things for yourself.  If your worth is held in your possessions, your status, your title, know that one day you will have to give up all of these things, then who will you be?  Think of that being you are- naked to the truth of itself, and give credence to the possibility that that is the true self.  There is nothing inherently wrong with the things of this world, it is in the spirit of how you hold them and express them which determines how you serve.  It is your choice.

Suggestions for beginning to claim the unknown into your life

     First, know for certain that the unknown wants you to know it, so it can bless you with many gifts.  Know that you and I have a whole host of unconscious traps that will say "Don't do it".  This is just the small self/ego trying to keep you in a box, don't fall for it!  This isn't an "all or nothing" proposition.  We will be cultivating at first a portion of our awareness, a portion of our day to this.  As we become more proficient we will begin to trust our own power, our own sovereignty and it will grow.  We are planting seeds and nurturing delicate shoots of awareness here.

1) You really know what's best for you, so start by saying this:  "I know what's best for me and I take action to claim it and bring it into my life."

2)  Take a few minutes sometime in your day to get quiet and listen within.  The voice of spirit within us is very quiet at first, almost a whisper.  You have to tune down your normal waking awareness in order to hear it.  At first it may be stillness, then images, then a word.  At times it will come to you while you're in the shower, driving or doing a task that doesn't require a lot of concentration.  As you here what comes, consider it and then take action upon it.

3)  Become aware of what a servant you are to your own routines.  Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.  Take a different route to work and notice what you see.  Skip your normal mealtime and go for a walk in a park instead.  Any of these are ways to challenge the routines you have and bring into question if they are serving you well or not.  You are in charge of what you allow to be present to you.  Remember, you are a sovereign being.

4)  Notice when you are in anger or fear.  At these times, take a breath before you react.  Ask yourself "How is this feeling serving me?"  It's calling us to attention.  Do you wish to be right, or do you wish to be happy?  You can't have it both ways.  Being right serves the small self, who is always trying to justify its existence, its small world as being the most important.  Being happy honors the higher self/divine self that we are working to claim more fully into our daily lives.  Make your choice, you are the one that gets to live with it!

5)  Be curious.  The other day I was watching a show about what it means to live well once you are in your 90's.  It featured Carl Reiner, a great comedian and writer for the past 60+ years.  He is curious about what he can create, and is still writing every day, being active physically and has lots of close and dear friend connections.  All are recipes for wanting to stick around on the planet.  Always think in terms of what you can bring in that's new for you.  Imagine having a new friend who becomes very dear to you.  If you can imagine it, then the possibility exists that you can manifest it.  Value real interactions with people, not just the shadow of connection that exists in the electronic world.  So much more can be communicated through the tone of a voice, the energy in the eyes, the presence of another than can be given in a 140 characters tweet or a Snapchat or a Facebook post.  Go live with your life, don't be pre-recorded!

6)  Be like Lot.  Remember the old testament story of Lot and his wife fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah before it was going to be destroyed?  The angels came to him and told him and his wife to flee before it's destruction and to not look back.  He did and was saved.  She couldn't help but gawk at it and was turned into a pillar of salt.  Here's my take on it:  We're in a period of transition and some things we've known such as institutions and ways of being are going to fall away because they can't continue in their current form.  Resist the temptation to gawk at this process, lest your vibration be lowered into anger, righteousness, contempt, disgust or whatever.  Have your intent to keep your energy clear and high as much as possible.  If you do this you'll literally become invisible to any negative effects of this drama that is playing out.  You'll be in the right place to avoid any negative events without even having to think of it, because you're trusting your higher self to guide you.  This is a good step towards claiming yourself in a higher way, the fear will be dramatically lessened and you'll be here when the proverbial dust settles.

7)  Imagine.  Take an hour of your free time and instead of doing something mindless, ask yourself if you've done enough imagining lately.  Do this with yourself, or with your partner.  Create some new ideas about what you can do to get out of your routine.  While there's plenty that is new to someone under the age of 40, once beyond that time we've got to put more effort into stretching ourselves.  Imagining has taken me all over the world, and provided me with the means to as well, no go fund me account needed for me!  We only at present receive a fraction of the wealth of love, knowledge and experiences that are set aside for each of us.  We have to imagine it if we are to receive it.  Do this with loving expectation and you will get results!

     These are just some ideas to get you started.  There is more, much much more that will come.  I haven't even touched on tools and techniques for bringing more of your multi-dimensional awareness online.  There's so much- enhanced intuition, psychic abilities such as precognition and reading into the energies around you, activating the higher chakras in the head to gain clearer reception of what is coming and more.  Some of you are already doing this, keep working to expand your abilities and be available to speak about them if someone earnestly asks you.  Most aren't even aware that these things exist or are possible, they are unknown to them.  You are on the leading edge, be in the grace of it all as it continues to unfold.  Dare to be who you truly are, a being of great love and power.  Keep stretching and keep happy.  All is well and you are doing fantastic.

Until next time,


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