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Monday, May 8, 2017

Planetary update-the pace of change now quickens, can you keep up?

     Welcome back to another edition on our shared journey into the emergence of the new paradigm on our beloved planet Earth.  Before we begin, let's take a few deep, cleansing breaths together.           Got that?  Great!  Now let's proceed.

     I have posted a picture of the planet at the top of this post to show the entire world, to illustrate that we are all in this together.  What is occurring is not an issue for any one segment of the planet, it is for all.  It is a time of great change, and these changes are leading to a transformation to the next steps of evolution of human consciousness on this planet.  It cannot be denied, it cannot be stopped, it is affecting us all each in very personal ways.  It is about the rising frequencies of energy that have been bathing us for some years now, and will continue for many more years until the transition is complete.  I term it "stepping into 5th dimensional consciousness", and it is a process, not an on/off switch.  While it appears we in many ways are stepping back, there is only one direction, and that is forward.

The energies now move forward

     We recently completed the latest Mercury retrograde period, as well as Venus retrograde.  Both are now proceeding forward.  This will begin lightening the energies of the last month considerably.  We are however still in a Saturn retrograde until the end of the year, and that is the planet of "hard work, hard lessons", so expect that anything that isn't Truth or is not in the vibrations of Love will be subject to not holding together in coherence for much longer.  Why?  Simply, the escalation in frequencies doesn't support old ways of doing things, doesn't support low vibration creations based in fear.

Second,  it is likely that within the next week or two another unseen, unmeasurable wave of energies will once again bathe the planet.  This will add to the increase in activity by people as they feel the need to create and move with this flow that is arriving.  Change is constant in these times.  What is happening is that the base energies of the planet are now totally open to creation in many new ways, but only within the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension.  That which has been created in the past cannot be created again.  This is a key point, despite what we may be witnessing in our lives that looks like reversal, it is unsustainable because it does not align to the energetic frequencies that now exist.  Expect anything created like this to be dispatched to the waste can of history within a few years at most.  I say these things because I know that a lot of events that have unfolded in the last year across the planet look like a wholesale rejection of moving forward.  We are now supported to move into greater states of knowledge and greater states of love, something I hope you agree is needed and desired by the vast majority.

Time and space are being affected 

     I am now going to talk about time and space in a different way, one that has everything to do with the evolution of humans on this planet.  We are all subject to time and to space in one way or another.  It is part of the experience of being embodied, however we are in actuality multi-dimensional beings who have agreed to have an experience of life within a body.  This body is constantly changing, and it is now adapting to living on a planet that is carrying a higher frequency of energy than ever before in known history.  And it will go higher still in coming years.  Each successive generation of humans will become more suited to this new way of being, while those of older years will have a more challenging time remaining flexible enough to adapt, though it is still possible.

     Reality as it truly is, is beyond the reasoning mind.  We have made ourselves captive to this one aspect of ourselves for literally thousands of years, and now it is coming to an end and that is a good thing.  It is as absurd as thinking that we can run our lives based only on computer programs alone. How dull that would be!

There are two factors that are now merging into harmony with one another with respect to time and space:  The Lemurian energies and the Atlantean energies.  The next phase of humanity is going to be the merging and blossoming of these two streams of energy into our next version of humanity.  What I speak of will come to pass over many generations, and we are now building the foundations for what will come, that is why this moment in time is so important, and you are so important just because you are here.  The Lemurian energy focuses on time.  (T.I.M.E.)  is the temporal integration of mankind and energy.   The question that Lemurian energies ask is "For how long shall this be?, What will be the impact of time?".  The Atlantean energy focuses on space.  (S.P.A.C.E.) Strength, power and actions creating energy.  Thus the pull of this part of humanity is towards what will go in the space that is created.   Here in this present moment that is what is happening across the planet.  This does not mean that there are only people in one camp or another, while that may be the case for some, in my understanding we are mostly a blend of these streams of energy.  If for example, you are asking yourself about what next you are going to create in your life and are struggling with it, then you are struggling with that Atlantean aspect of yourself.
    There are degrees of both of these energies:  from "out of control", to "old way", to "new way", to "enlightened".   We are each working in our own ways towards evolution, and evolution begins with consciousness and then is followed into physical reality.  It really is a time of great opportunity to accept who you are in the present moment, no matter how you judge yourself, and then say to yourself "I want more".  More what?  More love, more knowledge.  It is that simply stated, it is the details that often frustrate us!  Some say that the Earth is a not a school, it is a place of experiencing.  I would not disagree with that, however learning occurs nonetheless AND evolution is the core premise of being human.

Trump the old Atlantean

     Here for the first time ever in print, I am "outing" our President Trump as an "old Atlantean".  Here we see a man who is obsessed with being seen.  His whole life is about being the one who decides what will fill the spaces- a very Atlantean tendency!  He has filled the city of New York and beyond with his buildings, he has filled the tabloids with stories about him, as well as TV,  and now he is the President because he truly believed that he alone knows what to do.  And he will continue in this way because he is almost completely focused on space, and not the effects over time.  In my opinion his unbalanced actions and creations will lead the USA and much of the world into a period of great change.  It most certainly will not be pleasant, however on some level it is needed.  As tempting as it is, do not blame him.  It really does not matter who is President or who sits in the seats of power across the world, change is coming and the status quo that has existed for generations is on the verge of major upheaval.  The old energies of Atlantis and Lemuria are coming into present awareness to be released because they no longer serve.  It is time to move into the "new" or "enlightened" arenas, and leave behind what has been.

What about the Lemurians?

     Besides holding the intent for the temporal integration of humankind and energies, the Lemurian side of our human equation also holds many gifts and a rich history in our DNA of an age long past.  It is not important to know the exact history of this epoch, other than it was.  Lemuria's theme is "Love is all" and those who value love and its varied forms of expression are going to be emerging to show us new ways of being in coming years.  Lemurian energy is about expression, flow and grace.  It is tied closely with one's heart and if you are hearing more loudly the call of your heart, know that it is this aspect of you which is seeking attention and expression.

The present moment is crucial

     Connecting with our higher vibrational aspects is all about being in the present moment, breathing, feeling and thinking.  Now, more than ever, the present moment is more available to people to create within.  As we continue to move forward, there will be alterations in our perceptions of time that will occur to assist us to integrate into a higher way of expressing.  Many are already experiencing this, however the mass consciousness and media aren't generally aware of it.  What people are aware of is a feeling of continual "speeding up" of time and greater difficulty in being able to do everything that is needed to be done.

     It is important to take time for yourself to take a look at your life and make priorities for what you truly want to do/have/experience for yourself, versus what is occurring.  Often we make ourselves "go unconscious" in the present moment through routines and distractions.  Our culture is one of distraction, with hundreds of entertainment programs, dozens of social media outlets, etc that beckon us.  Since the advent of smart phones you can go nearly anywhere in the world and see people staring at their phones in public.  Some of it is helpful and convenient, however the vast majority of this time is spent on distraction, and results in going unconscious in the present moment.  This is the opposite of what is needed right now:  to pay attention to your own self at a deeper level.

Change is on the horizon

     While it appears that life is continuing on as it always has, we sit on the cusp of changes and events that will cause us to reconsider our lives.  The Earth, Gaia as I like to call her, is a partner in all of this.  Gaia is in pause, waiting for us as a collective of humanity to come to a choice on how we wish to proceed.  Once that point is established, then events will begin to unfold to honor that choice.  Gaia has already claimed the energies of the 5th dimension, now it is up to each of us to align for ourselves as to what will be our choices going forward.  All choices are honored, and this is not about some sort of judgment day.  It is about transformation, it is about evolution of consciousness in form.  We are each in our own way working to advance what it means to be human, and then get to live in that expansion with great joy.  I have written previously that these changes are not based on our known past.  They are coming from what I would term a quantum field of potentials.  It is about claiming our own potential within ourselves and then expressing it into our lives, and feeling that power of our personal connection to the creator within.  It is not about being rescued by a Rapture, or enlightened aliens coming to save us or anything "outside" of ourselves.  It is about getting our priorities aligned to Truth in its most profoundly pure form.

Things to consider going forward

1)  Simplify, simplify.  Less is more in the higher vibrations.  Less "stuff", more love.  More love of self, more love for others.  Journey lightly whenever possible.

2)  Everything you are experiencing, you created through your allowing.  Yes, you are that powerful.  Whether it is abundance or lack, you created it.  This can be not only in material things, also it is relationships, health and anything else.  If it doesn't feel good, or is not serving you, why are you continuing to keep it around?  Being honest with oneself is a great act of love!

3)  Stop worrying about ascension!  This is just the ego trying to get a grasp of something it cannot.  You are here, on a planet that has moved to a higher frequency.  You are doing what you need to by just living and breathing here and now.  Focus on what really matters to you in your daily life:   acting on your passions will guide you to the perfect circumstances for you in each moment.  No one will do this exactly the same.  Be harmless in your pursuit of your truth.

4)  No one knows the truth of your heart but you, unless you are living it.  We are overdue for a big backlash from conformity on this planet, and that is a good thing.  It will create many more opportunities for future generations.  Listen to your heart and start acting on its urges for you.  We have all been using our minds to run things far too long, and listening to the ego's story as if it was all there is.  Remember yourself as a timeless spiritual being who agreed to come into a body.  Honor the body as best you can keeping in mind that a lifetime is not so long.

5)  Life is a do-it-yourself project.  Yes, we all have assistance in many forms, but it is still up to you and your personal choices how it will unfold.  This applies for adults of any age.  Sometimes some healing is required before we can change.  Seek what you need most and trust that it will come to you.  We live in a benevolent Universe, the illusion is that it is not.  There is no separation of any of us from Source/G-d/Heaven/whatever you prefer to call it.

     To come to a conclusion with this today is to let you know that all is well, forward momentum will bring many new things to us, and by trusting ourselves and accessing and claiming our own inner power we will be able to adjust and "keep up" with the changes that are occurring.  Live by your own truth of that wise inner being always with you and things will become easier.  Practice being a bit more conscious for 10 minutes a day and you will find you have planted seeds for yourself that will yield more than you need, in all ways.

    I thank my own guides and teachers for their assistance as always with what I write, and I hope that you find something here that will benefit you.  May you have much happiness and love on your journey until we connect again.




  1. Thank you! So inspirational and right on time as I read it on this full moon!

  2. Thank You for sharing. I agree with you, I have written a book about this called:
    The Call Of The Day by Jodi Hershey. It's on amazon.
    So nice to hear your voice about this. Keep up the good work !!!

    1. Glad to know another traveller on the path. Thanks for putting your truth "out there", seems as if we draw from the same well :)