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Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is your dream?

Do you know the dream for your life?  Are you willing to claim the energy that comes from it and live a life of joy?  So often we set dreams aside, thinking that they are just fanciful notions and that the mundane tasks of daily life need our attention first.  What if your dream is the key to living the life you want, one filled with all of the good things you deserve?

Let's start at the beginning.  We each create our lives from what we're thinking and feeling.  What thoughts do you allow into your life?  It's important to become gardeners of our thoughts, promoting those that are positive and loving and "weeding out" those that don't promote what we want.  First comes thought, and then the feeling follows.  Let me repeat that:  First comes thought, and then the Feeling follows.  Now more than ever it is important to pay attention and take responsibility to create - first with ourselves.  Are you responsible?  All responsibility is is the ability to respond, response-ability.  Almost everyone has that, yes?  Choose your thoughts to experience the feelings you want to experience.  Life is truly meant to be about enjoyment and fun, not struggle.  Yes, we have both sides of the equation, but which would you rather have more of?  Any who other than you is responsible(that word again) for this?

Creation is often most practiced with the mental part of ourselves taking the lead.  I need this (job, relationship, thing, etc.) to feel good.  Then when any of those go away, we don't feel good.  The next thing we typically do is find a replacement for what we've "lost" in order to feel better.  Have you noticed the times in your life when that has happened?

Now what if instead we choose to use our imagination, spending a few minutes a day quietly thinking about and experiencing within ourselves the feelings we wish to experience such as happy, powerful, joyful, creative, etc.  When you do this and feel those feelings and imagine the experiences that would contain them you are sending a powerful message to the Universe/Multiverse/God/All that is that you want to be in your highest potential.  You begin to engage the wisdom of your heart.  It is within our hearts that our connection to Source is centered.  Now don't expect this to happen overnite - practice and play with it.  Imagine your mind becoming a servant of your Heart, the Heart that is connected to your soul, your higher self, and it knows what you planned for yourself when you came into this life.  Let's all give it a try know and then, put aside our skepticism or doubt or fear and see what happens.  I know that I want to be this way and shine my heart, don't you too?

Keep it simple.  Less is more.  Uncomplicate your surroundings.  Connect with nature whenever possible and feel the rhythm of this planet you call home.  You are part of it too!



  1. I love this guy! But is he for real?

  2. This is something we can all try to remember as often as possible. Great stuff!!! Karen