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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What do you really want?

While thinking today about what it is that I really want to do with my life I came to the question "What can I offer Life?".  I was thinking about it while showering and my intution spoke to me: "Give your Light".   How appropriate!  I'll tell 'ya, I do some of my best intuiting while in water, whether it be the shower or any other means.  Another friend of mine told me recently that she came to a great realization while washing dishes!  In alchemy we use the elements and connect to that higher part of ourselves.  Our bodies are a part of Nature, a part of the Earth, our spirits are part of the non-physical realm, Heaven, etc. and we are the nexus, the connecting point of these great energies.
So let's get back to why I asked the question.  Like many I am going thru a transition as my main occupation for the last 20 yrs has lost its appeal during this challenging economic time.  It is something that no longer feels like service as I would like it to be.  Yes, I could keep doing it and find a way to transform it into something that I believe would help people.  But my longing is to connect with you in a greater way, and in greater numbers than I could with that career.  That is why I'm writing this blog, to exercise my latent talents of writing and teaching.  Many of us are facing similar circumstances and it's not going to go away, or go back to what it was.  We each must choose to go within, listen to our heart's as best we can, and create our new lives based on those inner whispers.  Too often, we've been running our lives based on our ego's desires, and look what a mess we've created on this planet, rampant pollution, militarization, runaway consumerism, etc.  Individually and collectively we have this result, and most of us have been just trying to make the best of it, doing what we can.  Some have had astounding success and material prosperity, some have done it in a balanced way, but sadly most have not benefitted.  You see, in the 3-D world it is based on win-lose, a scarcity that says one must take what one wants before someone else gets it, because there's not going to be enough.  Enough!  Enough of what? 
I choose to live in the new energy of the 5th dimension, which is all about win-win.  It's about consciously living in the vibrant energy of the moment.  It's about believing that there is abundance that will not "run out".  Abundance is not just of material things:  food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc.  It is about the abundance of love and connection with one's self that radiates out into the world around you.  BEGIN WHERE YOU ARE!  It's the only place you can be.  Each of you is a beautiful light, a divine being who has come here to learn how to love, while having taken on the veils of forgetfulness that have shrouded you and I for thousands of years.  Thankfully now, enough of us have prayed and worked so that now the veils are thinning and we are regaining what was lost so long ago. 
Many are beginning to speak of Ascension and 2012 and all of that and more and more are hearing.  There is much work to be done to restore what has long eluded us as a species.  When one speaks of Ascension, we must also recall the Descension, this long period where we long ago suddenly and dramatically fell from a higher vibrating reality, to have to climb up to where we are now. 
Where are we?  We are in the Shift, the great turning point, when we will regain our connections long lost to our higher selves(really they were never completely gone, just shrouded).  There is no separation from Source.  If only I could bring that undeniable Love here to each of you and allow it to ignite your hearts!  What Joy there would be, what a different world it would be!  I want to teach you about the Angels, your guides who love you dearly, teach you that you are not alone, that we are only a sincere prayer away from a miracle.  I want to teach you that you are powerful beyond measure, powerful because you choose to live your love and not hide your light in fear.  Remember this:  False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear.  That's all it is.  I know it can seem so real, but it's not.  Just choose love, even if it's only for a few minutes a day.  We've got a lot of work ahead of us, but it's going to be glorious!  We are re-forming, re-formatting our lives and society as we speak to this higher vibration.  It IS happening.  The world we will live in in 20 years will be so much better, because we each have chosen to bring and live it.  Bring it! 

In light,


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