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Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012 and you, what's all this about?

Today in conjunction with the release of the new movie 2012 I thought that I'd write and give you my perspective on what's occurring. 
From what I can tell from trailers and media reports this movie is going to have some amazingly over the top special effects about the destruction of the world as we know it.  My favorite scene is when the Tibetan monk gets washed off the mountaintop in the Himalayas.  I mean if you can't be safe on a mountaintop, then what are you gonna do?

So what's 2012 about?

2012 refers to the end date on the Mayan calender which is December 21, 2012.  This according to their beliefs and cosmology is the end of the current Age and the movement into the next.  It doesn't necessarily mean that everything and everyone is destroyed and we all start over, although that certainly has occurred in the distant past.  However, we are in times of momentous transformation and are moving into a higher way of living and being on this planet.

Why is this occurring?

It's happening because you and I have asked for it!  Some have consciously asked and others perhaps less so.  Others still have no idea what's going on and are waiting for things to "go back to normal".  If history shows us anything, change is a constant.  Right now we're already in the throes of this change, and preparations are underway on a planetary scale to re-align our ourselves, our institutions and society at large to make this tremendous leap.  This in fact is something that we have waited for for thousands of years, and it is our birthright as children of God, the Creator, All that Is, Universe, etc.
In keeping w/ the theme of this blog I'll explain it this way.  For thousands of years we've been living in duality which is the 3rd dimension.  You know, right/wrong, good/bad, love/fear.  I could go on and on.  This is the nature of this vibration.  What is now occurring is the planet(Gaia I'll call her) has decided to graduate to a 5th dimensional vibration of Love and Light.  Great news!  This means she'll only support beings that are ready, willing and able to move into creation in that manner.  And even though most of you might be scratching your heads, trust me, you knew what you were getting into when you decided to be born into this time period.  In fact it's a great privelege to be here right now!  And yes, you do decide to incarnate.  You in fact choose it all - you are not a victim of anyone or anything! 
How do I know this?  I've come to trust my inner guidance, intuition and gentle and not so gentle nudgings of my Higher Self which have been occurring for about 15 years while I've led a "regular life" of having a "normal" job, etc.  Perhaps you've heard it too?

Despite what you may read or see in the mainstream media, things will continue to be challenging for those who cling to what has been.  An analogy I like to use is that it's like old software that's become outdated and is no longer supported.  You can continue to use it but it just won't work very well.  The new software of the 5th dimension is here and available for free upgrade, but you've got to choose it.  Everything is ultimately about choice.  Are you ready to choose to live a more love filled life in every aspect of your daily life? 

We've made life complicated and difficult.  Lot's of losers and few winners.  When you look at the planet as a whole, only about 25% of the world is living a life like we do in the U.S. The other 3/4 of us are just trying to stay alive day by day.  The world has been presented to us to be one of scarity and we have to fight to have what we have.  This is not true!  Look out at the stars tonite and see how unfathomable the visible Universe around us is and then try to tell me we should believe in scarcity.  Hogwash!  There's more than enough for all.  In order for us to get to the beginning of the new era there's going to be a shakeout.  Yes, it will likely appear even more challenging for a while before it gets better, but it will get better.

What can I do?

The best thing you can do for yourself is practice gratitude.  Be grateful for what you have, keep your thoughts in appreciation.  Love yourself.  Simplify your life.  The rampant era of consumerism is OVER!  One of the things I like the most about this time is appreciating what really matters to me, loving relations with family and friends.  Discovering new like minded people who are waking up all around me.  Letting go of things that just don't serve me - I've done a lot and have more to do because I understand that it's who I am and not what I have that matters most to me, after all I've got to live w/ myself 24/7!

A few more things:

It's likely that we'll see more of our major institutions in crisis and decline.  The banking industry is a house of cards and is the linch-pin of the old ways.  It's gotta go.  Don't stress about it.  Just keep living your life and it'll get worked out.  We're not doing this by ourselves.  We have tremendous help from unseen dimensions that are guiding us.  Trust that!  The healthcare system is not going to make it in its present form.  Healing is about to make a major leap forward.  In my opinion it should be titled the "disease management system".  You'll see a sweeping change as many people are moving into wellness practices thru diet and exercise.  This will also be complemented by people taking charge of their emotional health as well.
The planet needs to be cleaned up.  We've treated Gaia like a garbage dump for all of our miscreations and a big part of the coming years will be learning to live in harmony with her.  The "Green" movement that's starting is a great step in the right direction.  There's 100 times more energy available from the Sun and renewable sources such as wind and wave power than the 80 Million barrels of oil we are said to burn on a daily basis.  Government will have to be reformed on many levels.  We've got too much bureaucracy and it wastes money.  As the shift goes forward this will have to be dealt with.

And a little on the bright side:

People are awakening.  Thru economic changes especially we're collectively being knocked out of our complacency, being forced to get up from our TV sets, and poke our heads out into the world.  The spiritual energy is building and there will come a day when many will remember - we will remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  We'll remember that we are part of a vast oneness that is calling us.  I don't know how it will exactly occur, but I do know it will happen.  That's what 2012 is about.  Be glad you are here to participate and witness the greatest transformation Humanity has ever known.  Your part is important!  Just do what you can with love, for the more you love yourself in each moment, the more you will see it around you.




  1. I appreciate this very clear and hopeful description about the grand planetary shift we are all blessed to be a participating in. Good points for us all to remember!

  2. Nice!