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Monday, November 23, 2009

Your soul's journey, pt. 1

If you're reading this now then you've been on Earth before.  A lot, most likely!
Let's go into how you got to be you.  We'll then spend some time looking at what we can do with these ideas when we begin claiming them.
     Your soul is pure love and exists always connected to G-D, All that is.  It is a higher aspect of you.  Each of our individual journeys is a co-creation, a remembering, connection and transformation.  Before you were born you were in the non-physical, spirit world.  While there, you rest between incarnations, review your life and begin plans to return to Earth to learn the lessons you have set out for yourself.
     It is ESSENTIAL that you understand that you are always on a path of growth and evolution.  The pace that you do it at is up to you.  A lot of our lessons and experiences can be done while in spirit, for today we are focusing on your journey here on Earth in this lifetime.
     Many souls have returned at this time to be present for the great changes in our world that are now underway.  Most do not remember this choice, but many are now waking up!  If you want to see a movie that's a good representation of this, rent "Defending your life"  w/ Albert Brooks and Glenn Close, it's hilarious and thought provoking!
     The soul evolves thru 100's of lifetimes, perhaps even a thousand or so before we complete our lessons and are freed from the wheel of re-birth.  When you hear yourself saying "He's a wise soul" or "She's an old soul" you are in fact feeling that person's spiritual maturity emanate from them from having the experience of many lives.  Very young, newer souls tend to have simple lives close to the earth.  Soul energies tend to group themselves in order to provide the best opportunities to grow and evolve.  Most people living urban or suburban lifestyles will have had dozen's of lifetimes of experience or more.  Be careful to not judge anyone by their external appearances.  Great souls can take on the guise of anyone rich or poor, healthy or sick, in order to do their work.  Remember, we are all one with our great Source, there is no separation.  You can discover some of your past-life info on your own with some basic techniques or you can work with a skilled practitioner to assist you.  Even some psychologists offer past life regression work.
     Moving back to your source involves many steps and many lessons.  The two most important are:  It's about your current life, that's where your power resides.  Second,  self-love and opening your heart no matter what occurs is the key.
     Before you come into life you work with a team of loving assistants(angels, guides, teachers, loved ones) to creat your "blueprint" of what you wish to accomplish in your life.  In it you typically outline 5-7 major things to work on.  Each time you complete a blueprint item you give yourself an increase in your vibration - which feels very good!  Blueprints are approved beforehand- there's no negative events allowed.  You can't come back and take revenge on someone who wronged you in a previous life!
     In order to complete your mission you choose the parents and family situation best suited for your growth and the things you want to work on.  All of these plans are coordinated at a higher level in perfect order.  It's really amazing the detail and loving care that goes into it.  Then when you're approved you return and begin anew!  There's some interesting stuff about drinking from the "river of forgetfulness" in order to come here and not be totally distracted by the magnificence of Home, going thru the Cave of Creation and all that.  If you'd like to hear more about that then post a comment or send me a note and I'll be happy to share it.
     We come to life for learning and fun.  So why is it so difficult for most of us?  It's because we're at a density of thought and living that is very thick and has been for thousands of years.  We can lose our way and forget our soul and it's light and instead get caught up in our heads, our ego's.  Your soul speaks thru your heart and most of us haven't been taught how to listen or have learned to suppress this gentle voice.
     The shift of consciousness we are experiencing is moving all of us to a higher, more expansive vibration.  This means it is now easier to hear from our Higher selves, which are the messengers of our soul.  We have to work at it, though!  Evolution, Ascension and Enlightenment occur thru our desire and intentions.  They are reflected in our open hearts and clear minds.  What is your heart telling you?  Are you truly living your authentic life?
Take the blessings of difficulty and uncertainty that you are feeling and really ask yourself, "Is this what I truly want to be doing?"  Let's celebrate each other by the lightness in our step, our openness of  heart and the love we have within ourselves.  It's not about all the stuff, status, position, etc.  So take a bit of time, as much as you can, and live like you want to be and only your opinion matters!  Good luck to you loving, caring, noble, brave souls I know you are! 

Best wishes for a soulful week,


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