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Monday, December 14, 2009

Self love

      For the past few weeks I've been musing about the concept of self-love and how it applies to each of us as we move forward on our path.  Since each of us are creators of our life experience it is important to find that which brings a feeling of love in our lives.
      The book "A course in miracles" is a favorite of mine, because it works so completely on the concept of fear and love, the two main poles of energy that exist in a 3rd dimensional world.  At times we're either reacting to an aspect of one or the other, aren't we?  Often we worry if someone will love us, or not.  Will the job work, or not.  Will I have my needs met?  What are my needs?
     We are living in a time where we must now honor the wisdom of our heart and taking time to listen within to all the messages we are receiving from our own selves.  Take a few minutes to make a little inventory, say 2 or 3 areas you would like to feel more love.  Then say to yourself:  "I AM the creator of my life, and I allow my highest good to come to me NOW".  At this step you have created an intention and have voiced it.  You are operating consciously and with intent.  This activates the underlying links we each have with the non-physical energy that we work with all of the time.  See it as real as you are and ready to serve you.  Then define your purpose.
     Your purpose is the idea behind what you want to create.  Since we wish to create more love in some area of our life experience that is our purpose.  Why do we want more love?  Because it feels better!  Remember love is living on that vibrant energy.  Recognize it when you feel it and be in gratitude for what you just created. 
     Self love is allowing those opportunities or decision points to come up into your conscious awareness and honoring your feelings around them.  Begin to make choices based on feeling the love in the situation and what you wish to experience.  There are no coincidiences in the Universe.  Perhaps the reason why we haven't explored loving ourselves in new ways is that we've been comfortably uncomfortable for a long time.  Ask yourself, " Is there a reason why I'm holding this great feeling of love away from myself?"  Do I think I'm not ready, not deserving, not sure?  You are ready, you are deserving, now we've just got to get you to believe that you're sure about it!  That is why intention and purpose are so important.
     Action is the next step.  Signal your intention to experience love to your own being.  Do something to create a moment, or a day when you begin to take action.  Start small so you don't overwhelm yourself.  Listen to that quiet, kind inner prompting that you receive in quiet moments with yourself.  Begin to take action on them in the moment they arrive.  This is a co-creative venture, know that you will be guided as you make choices by the wisdom that is within you.  Don't attach yourself to a specific outcome, that only limits the energy from giving you something even better than you'd imagined!  Just become an open conduit, for as you flow in small ways you also open yourself up to the larger energy of life all around you.  If it's too far to move from complacency or low level uneasiness to joy, then just work to get to contented or a little happy. 
     The 5th dimension is about moving into love as our only motivator for our actions.  Fear is no longer part of the equation.  When you have fear, don't beat yourself up.  Use it as a tool.  Listen to all of the questions that come up - and instead engage your inner dialogue.  We are all going through it at this time to one degree or another.  Keep the focus on what you do want to create - more self-love.
     It's from self-love that the love we see in our lives springs.  If you are not liking what you see in your external day to day reality it's time to pause and ask yourself is this reality what you intended?  Maybe it's an old idea that you keep re-hashing and it's long outlived it's usefulness.  There's no energy there, or what's there makes me feel badly.  It's a choice to go into places that don't feel good, that's your right.  If I want more love of self, then I would have to say to myself, I choose to let those things that don't make me feel good to be out of my awareness, because instead I am choosing this better feeling thing.  Reality mirrors us in all ways.  Enjoy the mirrors that make you feel good.  If something you see in your life is not feeling good, then ask yourself what you need to take a conscious look at to learn and be able to make a different choice.
     Self-love means making all of your life important.  It  means honoring the physical being your are and caring for yourself thru healthy practices such as diet and exercise.  It means honoring your emotional self - acknowledging it's presence in your life as a gift.  It is thru the feeling senses we are connecting to what we like and what we really love.  When your emotions can flow then the heart is safe to open more fully to give you access to your own desires.  The more you can create peace and balance within yourself the more you will be giving yourself access to your Higher Self.  You are the one giving yourself the gift of your life in all moments.
     Do you have a self-love plan?  Why not?  Too busy dealing with fears?  Ask yourself, putting your hand on your heart if you'd like "Does this feel like love to me?"  Your heart won't lie.  If it feels like love, then act on it!  Each time you do this you strengthen your own internal responses to higher energies.  Don't censor your inner dialogue but dare instead to take its direction.  The new year is almost here, so consider creating a self-love plan that has you enjoying life twice as much as you did in 2009.  It's possible, isn't it?  Of course! 
Get excited about your plan, because as you do it you'll open the door to many wonderful people, situations and opportunities that will come to you because you invited them, with your intention to love yourself more!


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