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Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to 2010, a year of creative expression

Although it's near the end of the month, it's still the beginning of what is going to be a very interesting year for all of us.  The year actually energetically began on 1/15 w/ a lunar eclipse.  If you spent the first 2 weeks of the year out of sorts or challenged in some way, you were not alone!  There were all sorts of shifts going on energetically and it was capped in the external world by the earthquake in Haiti.  Now were in a period of learning to adjust to the new energies - mostly because we have to if we want to move forward into manifesting our new lives.

In keeping w/ the theme of this blog we are indeed living in a 4th-5th dimensional vibration.  The 3rd dimension also exists, however is rapidly being erased as the new energies take hold.  These energies are about You, so do not be in fear.  I will do my best to explain and teach you about this so you can take advantage of your new abilities to create the life you do want, rather than clinging onto what has been.

It's said that the average person rarely claims more than a few percent of the joy and abundance that is available to them in their life.  Why is this?  Because we've been trained to mostly play by the rules, play it safe, and be happy with what we have.  We've been willing to accept a story that we're small, not powerful and we need to protect ourselves.  We are run from fear on many levels- that has been the nature of a 3D reality, a reality where fear and love are the motivators.

In a 4th dimensional reality which many are now involved in, fear is a tool and love is the primary motivator.  In a 5th dimensional reality love is the only motivator.  Do you see what I mean?    Remember, I define love as :  living on vibrant energy.  So look for your opportunities to create a space of love in even the smallest moments of your day.  Start there and work up to bigger things.  It is up to us to do this for ourselves, as no one can give it to us.  We're each on a journey of self-love, and what we see around us is our feedback as to how we're doing.  Remember to be gentle with yourself, that's a very loving thing to do.

As I've said, 2010 is a year of creative expression vibrating with the number "3".  It's a great year to put a new window in the box that most of us live in and look out and see more of what's around us.   I'm putting a door in mine so I can step out and get a better view of the expanse!  How about you?  Are you like many who deny that there's anything outside of your box?  Or do you even realize you're living in a box?  How do you find out?

The best way I've found is in order to recognize the box we have to sit down with ourselves and look at our beliefs.  If you're not getting the results(Happiness, joy, fulfillment, etc.) that you deserve, you owe it to yourself to take an hour and maybe do some self-talk or journaling and ask yourself about why you don't have these things, as it is up to you to give them to yourself if you want them.  Connect with your body by walking in nature, exercise, yoga to begin to move the energy.  When you find something that's not working for you anymore, make a plan to let it go.  By releasing a worn out belief you allow there to be space for something better to come to you.

A big part of living in the higher vibrations is taking responsibility for yourself, your energy.  Learn about your energy system - your chakras, how to connect the dots between your emotions and where they get stuck in your body.  Have a goal to open your heart in safe space whenever possible, and trust that the wisdom there, Your wisdom, will guide you to make new choices, ones that begin to allow more of the goodness that is waiting for you, to come to you.



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