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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Equinox 2010-turning up the heat

As we move further into March and the Equinox on the 20th the amount of Light streaming onto the planet continues to increase.  This light is not in the normally visible spectrum, but just because you don't see it doesn't mean that it's not having an effect.  Quite the opposite!  These waves of light are continuing to refine and empower the movement of the planet(and us) into the 5th dimension.  Some now are entering that space, and many more are to follow.  The duality game is ending and it is now time to move to a higher space. 
     Now I must clarify that this is an internal process for each of us.  It is not related to things outer, but within us.  I know that this can be understood intellectually, yet it is often challenging to embrace.  Why is this so?  Often it is the emotional body, that energetic part of ourselves that gets side-tracked by fear.  And what do we seem to have in abundace?  FEAR...  Fear is an illusion that has been promoted in overtime in order to control people, allowing those that would benefit from the current situation to retain their power-and control.  How do we conquer fear?  With Awareness.  What is awareness?  It is being in the present moment.  Unless you are being threatened by something or someone now, whatever fear you may feel is a construct of your thoughts.  Change is movement and it can be into the unknown, and this will create an opportunity for fear.
    Back to the waves of light.  As we continue to move forward into this shift of consciousness we will continue to feel the effects of these waves of light which are restructuring the ground of our reality to a higher vibration.  As one of my teachers says:  "You can't take your baggage with you"  and that is definitely the case.  Anything which does not vibrate to the core truth of the love you are will be challenged by these waves of light.  You may have a loss of job, relationship, living situation, etc.  Try not to take it personally, we're each working out lifetimes of energies!  You are loved regardless of what has happened or may happen!  Stay in your Now moment, get grounded and breathe!  Believe in your life, believe that there's a reason for you being here at this time.  You are sacred!

Thank you for reading.  I welcome your comments and questions.


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