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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fear is a 4 letter word

In response to my last blog post from Larry, I'd like to write something about fear and how it pertains to our lives in the present. 

Many have heard that the acronym for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  Now, it sure feels justified to be in fear, especially in challenging times like we are all in at present.  Many are faced with situations of losing what they thought was stable in their lives, jobs, homes, health, marriages, etc.  This of course is unsettling and can evoke strong feelings of fear.  "What am I going to do?  How will I take care of myself?  Will I be alright?"  The world "out there"  that we see in the media shows us that the world is uncertain and dangerous, and if we're not careful we'll be pulled under by it all.
     The first thing I say is be honest with yourself and ask "What's my worst case scenario?"  Realize that after you do that you will have focused your thoughts on the situation and begun the process of creating what you Do want.  Things have happened, yes they are uncomfortable and stressful and have caused your life to change.  So what?  Are you any less loveable?  Not likely!  Once you've looked at the situation you can now begin to formulate a plan of action to create what you do want in your life to feel better.
     It's up to each of us to begin to see that we create our reality from our thoughts and feelings.  Change your thoughts, change your life.  Easily said, hard to do.  Why is that?  We are creatures of habit.  We tend to have the same thoughts every day more or less and we keep ourselves in boxes of our own making.  Break out of the box!  Use fear as a tool to move into more love in your life.  When I speak of love, I don't limit it to just romantic notions, but instead to the greater idea that all we truly are is Love-yet it is hidden away from us by the world we were born into which has been based on a 3D concept.
In the 3rd dimension you had to choose between fear and love.  The 3rd dimension is about duality, a polarity of thought.   In the next phase, the 4th dimension love is the motivator and fear is to be used as a tool in order to assist one towards the path of love.  (Please see earlier postings for additional comments on this).  In the 5th dimension the only motivator is love. 
     What you focus on expands.  Most, if not all of what we experience as fear comes from being unaware, being unconscious.  We'd like to think that because we're awake we're conscious, but that's not the case, it takes effort!  We are meant to live in the joy of being here and creating, not suffering.  Our lives are temporary, even if you live 100 years its temporary.  At some point you will leave your body and return to the other side.  While you're here keep it simple!  Be in gratitude for the sunshine and warmth- spring is approaching.  Make a gratitude list for what you do have.  It will help to re-focus your mind on all that Is working.
One of the tricks of it all is to love yourself.  Yes, you may have made choices to be in a job or relationship that ended and now you're in fear.  Instead, realize that you did the best you could and made the best choices possible at the time, but now you've outgrown them and it's time to move on.  It is your soul pushing you to open up to a better situation where there is more love.  It is the nature of life to evolve!  We can get hung up because we tend to identify with our physical beings and think that's all there is, yet in truth we are powerful spiritual beings who volunteered to come here to live in forgetfulness of our true nature in order to grow back to our Source.  So today choose to love yourself, do something, even the smallest act to show yourself that you are your source and work to build that reality for yourself.  It will come back to you ten-fold. 
I could go on and on about fear.  I'd rather be in love with my life.  Wouldn't you? 
We are building a new world here right now, that's what the 5th dimension is all about.  What is not love Will fall away, and yes we may be frightened by what may occur in the coming years.  Let's instead work to focus our thoughts on loving ourselves first and then expanding that love like islands rising from the sea until we are all connected in a new space where we can each live from our heart's desire, knowing we are safe, loving and loved.  Because of the love we have already shown our world is being given the gift of rising back to a state, a vibration of love that hasn't been seen on this planet since before recorded history, and we get to be here to see it!  Give yourself a pat on the back and smile.  I'll leave you with this quote:

"Only love is real, nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God."  -ACIM  

I want to be that peaceful!



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  1. Yes it is all about Love, but I think the concepts of feeling and envisioning for our future needs to be expanded upon as the basic building blocks to the future. This is conscious
    evolution...most definitely. K