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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A beginner's guide to Atlantis

Today I thought that I'd have a little fun and go out on a limb, so to speak, and talk about Atlantis.  It is not just some old myth but something that is quite real and directly relevant to what we're all doing Now!

Atlantis was an amazing society that reached heights we can now only dream of, yet we are re-creating it once again!  I'll explain this more in a minute.  First, Atlantis existed a long time ago, in linear terms.  It's final dissolution was approximately 13,000 years ago, and the world we're living in is the beginnings of the return to those great heights.  It had existed for 10's of thousands of years, developing from ages long gone by.  It came forth during the later years of the earlier Lemurian civilization, which is steeped in even greater mystery!  The current world we are now creating is going to be a combination of the best of both those experiences, and will reach even greater heights.
Now bear with me, much of what I'm going to relay to you has been gleaned from many sources, most of them not "scientifically" verifiable(yet) but it is likely that we'll see at least some of this evidence come forth in our lifetimes.  
Life is a process of constant evolution and it goes the same for each of us individually and collectively.  While Atlantis achieved tremendous heights, ultimately it was unbalanced at a deep level which led to its downfall and destruction. This is the way of the Universe/Creator/G-D/etc.  When things are built on a solid foundation of love and light-they prosper.  When this process is not honored it sows the seeds of its own undoing, and that's what happened. 
So where was Atlantis?  There's a lot of dispute about this and Atlantis is placed in many different locations.  I'll give you my intuitive description of where I think it was.  Atlantis - the main part of it was a series of large islands located in the mid-Atlantic region.  It connected in a southwesterly direction thru what is the United States in a land bridge that ran into what is now Central America/Mexico area.  There were also large separate populated areas in what is now Brazil and into the Andes mountains.  Remember now that the world map has changed since it's destruction, especially in N. America.  Most of the southeast US including Florida, Georgia, S. Carolina and the southern gulf states were underwater in shallow seas.  Ocean currents were obviously different then, and weather patterns were too.  The entire Atlantean area experienced very pleasant weather year-round.
How did they operate?  We tend to think that civilizations develop on a single-line path, but they don't.  Atlantis developed itself over thousands of years and with a lot of help into a society that didn't need fossil fuels.  They learned secrets of crystalline technology to the point that it was the basis for all of their needs to power their society.  They understood these things to such a level that we are now only beginning to understand. 
At the time of the height of Atlantis they were operating at a 4th and 5th dimensional level of expression, something that we are now only just returning to after all these thousands of years.  Much of what will come forth in technology, science and the healing arts are things that people are now beginning to remember from previous lifetimes in Atlantis and even Lemuria.
Each time a human expression arises in a civilization it has a theme.  In Atlantis the theme was "Knowledge is power".  Atlanteans focused their expression primarily from the mental planes and developed them to a very high degree and enjoyed the fruits of that expression for what we would consider to be an amazing amount of time.  But when it came time to measure their progress and move to an even higher level of life expression, they found themselves not in balance with Universal law and their civilization was destroyed, so that it could begin again.  This occurs in cycles as the planet moves on its great orbit through the galaxy about every 26,000 years.  Thankfully, we are now at the point of choice once again, and we will be returning and re-claiming the energies to be able to advance once again to a higher level.
Some other thoughts:  Most, if not all of us now living have had many lifetimes of experience in Atlantis and we hold the energies both good and not so good about those times.  Perhaps you can imagine if you lived in a place with so much light and knowledge for so long, then seeing it destroyed and then losing the high vibrational consciousness that created it, to begin the long journey of return for a 2nd chance.  This is what you and I are now doing.  The rememberance of the collapse of Atlantis and Lemuria are stored within the unconscious and the cellular memory of each of us.  This present time is learning to connect to ourselves in a new way, releasing the extreme traumas of those times and re-integrating parts of ourselves that have been long forgotten, sounds exciting eh?
Much of what we're seeing and experiencing on Earth today is a re-playing of these old dramas so that we can move past them.  Remember, although we see time as a straight line from past to future, it is really not that way.  Time can be more accurately described as non-linear and multi-dimensional with the movement being more like a spiral.  That's why there is such an attraction to books like "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and other similar concepts.  We are beginning to remember!  In remembering we now must move forward into the unknown and leave behind the ways of being and living that have served us in the old 3rd dimensional world that we are leaving.  Faith and trust are key to this process as we shed the old to make way for the new.  I expect that in the next 20 years we will begin to see that we've truly "turned the corner" into a creation of love and light that is our true birthright.  Let it begin with you and me as we trust what's in our heart's and bring it forth!



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