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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It is within you to fulfill your desires

It is within you.  So often we search outside ourselves to get what we want, whether it be love, appreciation, validation, etc. and often we fall short.  Over the last week I've noticed that a lot of people are really being pushed on an emotional level to look at things in their lives in a different way.  In my observation, what is happening is that people are trying to do things the old fashioned "3-Dimensional" way and are not getting the results they want, just more frustration.  This is occuring because those ways of living and relating to the world are becoming less available-going away so to speak.  We are being asked to move into a newer, better way of fulfilling our needs, emotional and otherwise by beginning to take the steps to look within. 
    There's an adage in spiritual circles that says G-D would put him-self/her-self the last place humans would look, inside their own hearts!  Now I don't necessarily mean your physical heart, but instead your energetic heart.  How the heck do we get there?
     In order to have an open and flowing heart, we need to understand some energetic basics.  First, we are spiritual/energetic beings experiencing life through a human body.  We have what are called chakras, which are conduits of this non-physical energy.  There are 7 main ones within the body and they are located along what is your centerline of your body starting roughly at the base of your spine and continuing upwards to the top of your head.  We interact with our energy constantly and are often not conscious of whether or not we are in balance.  Each chakra has been identified to be associated with certain emotional states.  For example, the 1st chakra is about our connection to the physical earth, survival and basic sustenance.  The others have additional main functions I won't get into in detail at this time.  We also have chakras all over the body, in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, connected to every major organ, etc.  If you wan't to get into the science of it you could study this for a lifetime.  I want to impart a more practical approach for today.
     Feelings are your guide.  First, you must be grounded and centered within your own energy.  Next, move up to your belly, just below the ribcage.  Think of your issue at hand.  Ask yourself and your body, am I feeling safe about this?  Is this in my best interests to be working with this issue in this way?  Feel the response in this area of the body.  If it's a no, then the area will feel tight, closed.  If it's a yes then you might feel a relaxing of that area which means that that chakra is beginning to open.  This chakra, called the 3rd or Solar plexus chakra, is the guard.  It must be relaxed and flowing if you are to access your heart.  What I have found with energy is that it is very sensitive and won't flow unless there is relaxation, not the sleepy kind but rather the "Gosh I'm feeling great in this moment kind".   The point is to start recognizing the energy within your body thru relaxation.  Relaxation can be achieved most easily thru deep diaphramatic breathing.  Imagine yourself breathing thru the stuck place and picture it releasing and flowing.  This may take several attempts, but don't give up!  Then comes accessing the heart.
It is our natural state in the higher vibrations to be living in our hearts, listening to the desires contained within and acting on them.  This is the work of the 5th dimension, to be able to be in this space for greater periods of time and living from that place.  Life in the world up to this point has been living from the head, or mental space, and putting the heart second.  In order to live from your heart you are going to have to choose to change the way you relate to yourself first in life, seeking that connection and then TRUSTING the wisdom contained within.  This means that you may have intuition to do something that makes no sense logically, for that is the realm of the mind.  You may be guided to change jobs, homes, relationships, habits- anything that does not serve you living in the vibrant energy that is joy to you.  This has nothing to do with anyone elses perceptions, it's purely of, by and for you.  Stay within your own space, release all of that attachments and opinions of others and then act in some small way to acknowledge to yourself that you are willing to do this.  Your body will relax, your mind will relax and you will feel a flow, perhaps a rush of energy in your heart area.  Then you'll know you're on your way!



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