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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 5 body system

Today I'd like to do a basic introduction to the 5 body system of being a human and pathways to wellness during this transitional time.  It can help us to help view ourselves in the larger context of our beingness.  By knowing this, we will be able to make regular checks on our personal energy as we adjust to the new frequencies flooding into the planet.

The human-being is composed of 5 distinct "bodies of consciousness".  They include the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and 5th dimensional or "higher-self" aspects.  It is only within the last 10 years that the 5th body has become activated.  This is a result of the planet having fully shifted into that state as well, thus being able to support it for us.  Each body of consciousness composes a portion of your total awareness.  You may notice that people will tend to operate w/ one of these aspects taking the lead.  The first 4 are like the children of your psyche and the 5D body is like the senior leader of the group. 

At the Spring Equinox tremendous energies of a high order were influxed into our planet and distributed throughout numerous grid-works which exist in and around the Earth.  Many people have been and are presently noticing new physical problems or emotional issues.  This is due to these bodies of consciousness are experiencing the greatest impact as we move forward.  Often what is occuring is pushing areas into one's awareness for healing and transmuting. 
The mental and spiritual bodies will be affected as well and it is important to consider these portions of self as well. 
The 5th dimensional body/higher-self aspect of us is now emerging as a strong ally in our evolutionary process.  This portion of self as said is the senior partner, and it is the part of self that knows our personal blueprint, that which we each set up for ourselves in this lifetime.  Perceiving this part of ourselves requires us to consider the etheric portion of our energy field.  This point of connection is centered on the 8th chakra, approximately 12" above the head. 
In order to prepare for more fluid and regular connection to the highest parts of ourselves it is necessary to do a little "housecleaning" with ourselves.  First I'd like to focus on is the physical.  The physical body is our servant while in the game and with proper attention will function very well for you.  Listen to what signs it is giving you.  Sit quietly and feel into your body, scanning it and noticing any areas that have a lack of ease.  Often you'll know the source.  Honor that information as you work to make a change. 
The basics of having a well functioning body are rest, activity and diet. 
Currently, rest is crucial, as we're all processing increasing solar and cosmic particles and waves of energy.  Make sure your rest area is comfortable and devoid of electronics if at all possible.  (These create unnecessary electronic emanations even if turned off!)
Activity is also key.  It can be as simple as walking.  By moving the body we benefit all of its systems.  Again, listen to what it wants and take steps to do it as you move into greater ease.  Being in nature is a perfect way to do this.
Diet is another that can make a big difference as you move forward.  The rule of thumb is to eat more foods that are lower on the food chain, such as fruits and vegetables, organic grains, raw nuts for example.  Clean water is also important.  Charge your water bottles in sunlight for an hour before taking them with you, sunshine is natures energizer!  Also, purchase a basic water filtration system for your home, this will save you $100's of dollars over buying bottled water and is better for the environment.
Avoid all fast food and most restaurant food.  These contain high degrees of undesireable carcinogens and toxins.  Most restaurant food is supplied by large companies which in turn buy their food from factory farming operations, which utilize genetically modified foodstuffs that have been grown w/ chemical fertilizers which is taken up by the plants.  You can't eliminate the problem, but by buying organic, or local, or growing a garden in your yard you'll be able to lessen the amount of these that you consume. 
As one's vibration goes higher, you may become a lot more sensitive to food.  Eating lower vibrational foods such as animal products or packaged foods may lead to a lot more indigestion or "blah" feeling.  Each person is unique, so experiment with yourself and learn what works for you.  If what you eat gives you energy, tastes good and is "low food chain", then enjoy!
The body is meant to be used and enjoyed!  In modern life we sit a lot at home and at our jobs, and we have lost a bit of our connection to life here. With spring in North America it's now a great time to get outside and let the sunshine on your head, if even for only 15 minutes.  You will absorb a boost of Vitamin D, which is nature's antidepressant!
Connect for a few minutes on what a multi-dimensional being you are.  Listen to the distinct messages given to you by each body that is part of your internal "family of consciousness".  Know that in meditation you can quiet these "inner children" and then connect to that higher part, the 5D body, the etheric portion of you that is waiting to give you all that you can be in this life.  Trust the intuition, the inner whispers, the gentle encouragement that you receive.  Act on it in small ways, knowing that you are supported on your journey.  Until next time :)


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