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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4 Things you can do with Reality

Going over some old notes today about reality that we all face I found some interesting insights.  We're all trying to find ways to move in our lives in this rapidly changing environment.  Here's 4 options and my thoughts on each.

At the most basic level of existence we COPE with reality.  This is the 1st option.  In this option we are typically in the "victim" mode, whereby the life we experience around us is overwhelming and all we can do is manage to get by.  It is not wrong to be in this space, it happens to all of us that there's times when we're overloaded and we have to just go into this mode to keep from having a breakdown of some sort.  Hopefully it is a brief period and after it we can move into higher vibrational choices.  The problem w/ the cope mode is when we live in it on a constant basis.  Doing this can wreak havoc on our emotional and physical health, further re-inforcing a state of helplessness.  Remember, all of our answers are within us, so when you're in a coping mode be kind to yourself.  Turn up the love for yourself.  You'll give yourself a calm and centered place where you can make a better choice, one that'll move you forward.

The 2nd option is to REBEL against reality.  This is a natural phase that all people go thru, typically during adolescence.  It also can occur throughout life, in fact some of us have been born to this current life to be rebels, to shake up the "system" or status quo.  ( I'm sure that most would agree that change in the world would be a good thing!)  Rebeling can make you feel alive, it's a kind of payoff to feel that energy, that zeal or passion.  However, once we reach adulthood, being a rebel can have a lot of negative consequences.  Society expects us to behave in certain ways, i.e.- If you don't feel like showing up to work at the prescribed time you might risk getting fired.  Thankfully some companies have changed how they utilize people thru flex-time and work from home options that make that less of an issue than it was 10 or 20 yrs ago. 
It is easier to be a rebel if you're not too attached to material reality.  As anyone knows, it takes energy to maintain their life.  This is where "Less is more"  comes in.  The more you simplify, the more time you free up to explore your life instead of being a servant to your lifestyle.  Rebels can be creative, inspirational, provocational, etc..  It's a useful way to attract attention to an issue.  The "Occupy movement"  has been the latest well-known rebel movement, drawing attention to the banking system and encouraging reform. 
Most times rebelling fails because it isn't a balanced way of approaching reality.  Most rebels run out of energy or followers after a while because their immediate concerns of providing for themselves comes to the forefront.  It's often said that many of the rebels of the 60's and 70's turned their energy towards getting ahead in the 80's and 90's and became the "upwardly mobile yuppies". 

The 3rd option is to construct your PERSONAL FRAMEWORK.  This is what most of us know as "life".  We grow up, train or educate ourselves for some type of work or career.  We have our family and friends network that we attend to in varying degrees.  We may also have a spiritual life, usually expressed thru being part of some type of religious faith.  This is typically the one we were raised in, unless we employed the rebel energy previously discussed.  We often form a love relationship with another and often this in turn leads to raising children and repeating the cycle once again.  This personal framework works exceptionally well at keeping us involved with many things.  In ancient Indian writings it's referred to as "householder" life and is considered an honorable way of pursuing life. 
What's interesting is that more and more people are being challenged to move away from this personal framework due to great changes that are occurring in our society.  The economic challenges of the past few years have forced many out of what they thought was stable in their life as they watched themselves losing jobs and homes and being forced to re-think how to live.  Also many younger people, those I'd characterize as the Indigo and Crystal people just won't go along with life as it's been lived.  They retain remembrances of life on the other side of the veil and want to bring that here too.  They wish to express from their spiritual nature first, and not be limited in their creativity.  These people are often extremely sensitive to energy and avoid lower vibrational situations.  I suggest doing some research to see if you might have these characteristics for they are a gift indeed! 

The 4th option is to CREATE FROM A PLACE OF TRUE AWARENESS.  This is the Now paradigm, the flow, the 5th dimension.  Many will argue that it's not necessary to go beyond the 3rd option, that that is enough.  The problem with that option is that it doesn't fully take into account what magnificent creators we each are.  It doesn't allow much room for exploration of spiritual dimensions of life, those are often relegated to religious activities at specific times. 
So what are we needing to be aware of?  First, understand that you have access to an unlimited supply of etheric energy.  Now that we're at this point of development on the planet we need to start figuring out how to use this energy consciously to create.  To create in this arena the focus must be higher vibrational.  We use the vibration of love, taking from the etheric, combining it with our choices and then manufacturing it into what we wish to see and have in our lives.  It is a place of total abundance, total prosperity in all areas, because it contains only that high vibration. 
To get to this place we need to take responsibility for ourselves, our life situation and know that we each have created it all, so therefore we can choose to create something even better!  Now I know it's not easy to take responsibility for EVERYTHING, surely there's someone or something I can place blame upon, isn't there?  Nope! 
This is a process, so be gentle with yourself.  Know yourself first as a being of energy, in a body.  Your body is your friend, treat it like a good friend.  Practice listening to its signals, not suppressing them.  Feel your feelings.  It's said that each of us has a passion, and it burns like a flame in our heart, waiting to be discovered and fanned into full expression.  If you can listen to your heart, be very very happy!  If you can trust it's wisdom and act on it, be super excited! 
If you're like me and many others, you'll have to work at it.  That's good too because you have the desire and intention to find your source energy!   It's likely that there will be processing to do, balancing to accomplish, so what?  It's your life, and you ARE the star, writer and director of your own movie.  Think of this new reality you're creating as a living organism.  It's always moving and changing.  Take time to dream.  Take your life off of auto-pilot and get honest with yourself - are you living the life you really want for yourself or are you making excuses?  Do it for you because you need to love you fully before you can really tap into the higher flow of you and create more love and joy in your life.  Why not give it a try?



p.s.  In the near future I'll be providing more info and classes on how to create this in your life.  It takes practice and focus, and I want to help you with it, so stay tuned!

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