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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A deeper exploration of Gratitude and Grace

"After a long and protracted experiment  of personal sovereignty, Robert had indeed discovered and affirmed that everything in his reality was the result of his desires and choices, no matter what degree of consciousness was applied by him.  Nothing was by chance.  He had gratitude for all of the experiences- happenings and non-happenings that had occurred.  In that moment he had declared the experiment over.  He said 'I now wish to live from my passion'  and then he had begun the process of living in grace, the driving force for his choices going forward."

     Today I'd like to focus on the concepts of gratitude and grace.  These are both very powerful words and when used correctly will activate energies of peace, and your personal evolution.  Often we don't take the time to understand the meaning behind words.  Words are vibrations and have the power to impact us when used consciously.  So let's go into a deeper exploration of this fascinating topic.  It has great implications for living in the higher vibrations of 5th dimensional consciousness!

     Often in current metaphysical and personal growth circles we are reminded to have gratitude, to express gratitude for things in our lives.  This is a good thing for it focuses us to thoughts of where we are and where we've come from.  There are parameters for the use of gratitude though, and in places it is better to use the term of grace instead.  Why you ask?  When you use gratitude it is best to use it in reference to what has occurred (past) rather than present.  When you use the word gratitude in the present it sends a message to your unconscious that you accept your current life situation in its present form.  This causes stagnation of your reality, which is often the opposite of how people are using gratitude.  They're told "use gratitude as a way to bring blessings and an increase"  when in fact it is reinforcing your current circumstances.  What I'm suggesting is that you want "more" in your life: more awareness, more prosperity, more loving relationships, etc. .  To do this become familiar with the concept of grace.

     The definition of grace is "unmerited divine assistance given man for his regeneration or sanctification" (Webster's dictionary 9th ed.).  I would say that grace is something that IS merited if it is consciously applied in one's life, for we are not separate from the Divine.  Grace is a concept that's been typically applied in religious arenas, sort of apart from daily life.  Grace has been seen as a static concept: "She was in a state of grace" for example.  It has been sensed by people but not really embraced.  Now is the time to understand and embrace this powerful energy.
     About the only contact with grace I regularly had was "saying grace" before dinner with my family while growing up.  I imagine that it was a blessing, a sanctification of our food.  By the way, blessing your food is still a good idea!  How have you experienced grace in your life?

     Grace is intimately connected to our power of choice.  It is the radiant energy of choice that combines with the etheric energy about us to create in a new way, one that is much easier.  I explain when I teach that there are 3 types of energy:  etheric, radiant and vibrant.  Becoming aware of these and then starting to work to combine them puts us firmly onto the continuum of transformation which is the 5th dimension.  I also explain that we have to come into balance with ourselves - to be in wellness emotionally and physically in order to connect with our feeling senses within the body to make this possible.  This has been explored throughout the ages, hence the practice of yoga and all of it's branches, devotional singing and others as well.  The heart is the gateway, this practice cannot come from our mind alone, and here lies the work.  It is the work of self-love, relationship and it's flowering is in service.  First it is service to self, then it moves into service to others directly or indirectly.  Do you know the best way to teach someone?  Be an example.  This is indirect service and don't discount its power! 

     In my opening example I show what I believe is the proper use of gratitude and grace.  Gratitude for the past, living in the grace of the present, also:  grounded in the unknown of the future.  We'll get to that, let's stay in the present for now. 
     Grace as I mentioned is not merely a static entity.  It is an active presence brought on by your conscious choosing what you want to occur in your reality.  It is you generating the radiant energy, an unseen force, through your choice and then producing it, manifesting it, manufacturing it, etc.  into the vibrant energy which is your creation.  You partner with these energies by listening to that steady but often small voice that is in your heart and then acting on it by choice and living it out.  This is a huge step for most of us, as we've been trained in our Western society to value the mental parts of ourselves above all else.  This is the way things have been, now it is time to move into the way we will be living in the coming years.  It is needed, welcome it into your life.  See yourself expanding beyond the belief that your are just a body and a mind.  You are a fabulous energetic being with spiritual components now more available than ever before. 

     You know you want to express your truth and be loved for it, and you will be loved and received.  Trust that it is safe.  Let go of the stories in you head that say you can't be who you are or you will be rejected, punished, or even worse.  That was then, this is now.  Don't deny yourself, seize the opportunity.  Fill your life with examples of positive role models.  More are emerging all of the time.  This is how we create the beauty and peace and prosperity that we all want to experience.  Trust that your needs will be met.  This is one of the hardest hurdles to get over, just remember "Life = Risk".  To be here on Earth at this time is to want more.   When you apply the formula I've mentioned using the radiant energy of grace you will be taken care of, there is no other way in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension.  There is no lack.  There is a lot of creativity and joy and growth.  Trust your heart, and believe and take action and it will be so for you.  May you be blessed with an open heart, and may you act on its promptings, for in this is your greatest joy!

Until next time, in grace and with gratitude,


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  1. Really excellent insights, Robert! I have been focusing more and more on training my mind and heart to be constantly aware that life is a result of Divine grace and that all things are possible through conscious connection to IT.