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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Men in Black III debuts the 5th dimension to millions!

The other evening I went to see Men in Black 3 expecting an entertaining and updated version of the previous 2 films, yet there was something more that I saw and wanted to write about here today with you.  Besides all of the fun special effects there was a character introduced part way thru the film named Griffin who held what J and K needed.  Without giving away the movie for those of you who will still be seeing it I'll explain further what happened that I find encouraging and a bit exciting!

     Griffin is an alien(of course!) but a unique one in that he's described as from the 5th dimension and another planet but is now on Earth.  The story is further fleshed out that he's a very unusual guy because he is multi-dimensional and can see what actions in the present can lead to probable outcomes in the future and even the past.  It's really an exceptional piece of writing that many may just gloss over yet it has some much to do with what I talk about and teach people. 

     We're in the midst of a great shift, one that is bringing us to a higher octave of consciousness and one that we need to become aware of and nurture within ourselves.  One of the components of this shift is our changing relationship with time.  While we still perceive time as a line from past-present-future, in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension we're able to work with our past and future with our presence anchored fully in the present or now.  Griffin was in the now moment during the movie, yet he was able to view different aspects of the timeline and be able to advise J and K about what the outcome of their choices could be. It is a continuum that exists always.   We can begin to do the same if we allow ourselves by trusting in the info we receive from our higher selves.  It takes practice, commitment to making space to ask from our heart energy and then listen.  You see, we're moving away from calendar time as we've known it and into Cosmic time.  Cosmic time is flexible, it can be expanded and contracted by your intentions to allow you to experience anything you want for your evolution and expansion.
    It's time to begin to think in terms of events you want to experience rather than the sequence you think you need to create your life events.  Many people are experiencing time "speeding up", and in some real way it has!  The Schumann resonance, the main vibration of our planet has changed for the first time in our recorded history, and a day isn't experienced in the same way it was, say 10 or 20 years ago.  This resonance has changed our perception so now often days just fly by.  This can create psychological or emotional distress as we feel that there's "not enough time" to get done all that we wish to do.  This is pointing us in the direction of the higher self, which is the bridge between you and your soul energy.  It is "out of time" as we know it, yet it can accomplish so much more quickly as it works in timeless space.  A big part of our work is to establish a stronger connection to it so that we can embody our energy in a way that suits this higher vibration.  Doing it the old way, or as we have done is likely to lead to frustration and a lot of missed opportunities. 

     The 5th dimension is about being in a higher level of conscious awareness that brings more of who we truly are into being.  It is available to us and it is all about being able to hold a higher vibratory reality for ourselves.  How do we do this?  First, we must come fully into our bodies as the energy we are.  This can be as simple as grounding yourself by walking barefoot on the earth for a few minutes a day, or even just having the intention to connect to yourself and the Earth.  Second, we need to release all that does not serve us.  This is especially in the area of beliefs, for in our beliefs so goes our reality!  Our beliefs create our reality.  We've outgrown a lot of beliefs individually and collectively and now it's time to let those go, thereby letting go of the excess "stuff" in our lives.  Our happiness is truly our responsibility and we must also allow this for others.  You can take a sheet of paper and make a belief tree for yourself.  Start at the top of the page and write down a belief that you have about yourself.  It could go like this:  "I can't have the perfect life for me".  Then below write Why?  Then you'll get several answers like "I don't deserve it" or "It will take too much effort" etc.  Now your going down the branches of your personal belief tree.  Eventually if you keep doing this you'll arrive at a core belief.  When you find it then you can challenge it and decide if it really fits for you anymore.  If not, then create a ceremony to release it and replace it with something like "I am whole and perfect as I am".  Then tack that new statement somewhere you can read it several times a day and take any small action to affirm that new belief.  It'll take you anywhere from a few days to the maximum of a month, then you'll repattern yourself.  By being successful with this your Now reality will have to reflect that core belief changing into your present life, which you'll see as all sorts of changes in your life and new ideas coming to you.  You'll be like Griffin, in that you'll be able to see a past event and change it and then experience the reality shift. 

     I'd recommend seeing this movie so you get a better flavor for what I'm writing about.  It's all about small steps.  A way of working w/ the future is just taking time to visualize the outcome you'd like to have and feeling the success of your intention, then letting it go.  You could do this with finding a parking space, aceing a presentation or an interview, the list goes on and on.  The trick is to feel the success of your intention before it's happened, this is why it's so important to increase your ability to feel.  If you're having trouble in this area it's likely a physical or emotional block- identify it and release it lovingly.  Find a qualified person such as a wellness practitioner or energy healer to assist you, you won't regret the time you spend on getting in balance with yourself!

Enjoy each of your days, dream big and make small steps every day until one day you'll find yourself there.  It's just inevitable because you're willing to claim the participation of more of you in you own life, and who wouldn't want that?




  1. This is a powerful article. I have been on this type of stuff for awhile now. And my familes and friends think I'm crazy. We are all stuck in 3rd dimension lock down. And people like myself have 4th dimension experiences. But I'm trying to get to the 5th dimension and stay there. Thanks for this info. And I will watch the movie ASAP....

  2. Well said, Robert.
    With gratitude,

  3. We are 4th dimensional beings that see the 3rd dimension similar to how a 2nd dimensional being would only see the 1st dimension


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