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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our way of life is a timeline, which road are you taking?

Today I went to take my car in for service at the dealer.  I was just getting it checked out in preparation for a long trip.  Managing to catch the shuttle just as it was leaving, I piled into the minivan and took a curious roundabout trip around Austin on a sunny August morning with the cheerful driver.

We talked about cars and the auto industry on the ride back home, and I thought a while about this amazing industry that links us so intricately together.  We wondered were it is all going, the conclusion was that it's just going even faster than ever.

Are we entitled to the lifestyles we have?

Currently there are over 1.000,000,,000 (billion) functioning vehicles in the world.  The combined auto industries of the planet produce approximately 70 million new cars each year, and about 20 million are scrapped.  This means that in only 20 years there will be close to 2 BILLION working vehicles on the planet.  Does anyone think that this is sustainable?   Not likely.  The oil production needed is well beyond our current capacity to create, even if enough oil exists, for say another 100 years.  Should I just go on my merry way and not think about it, or is there another choice?

At face value it's likely that cars will continue to be in our lives, at least for the foreseeable future.  We need to get around and there's insufficient alternative transportation available in most areas.  So how does this relate to being in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension?

Recently I finished reading a book about Hawaiian kahuna wisdom and the concept of aloha.  In short, aloha is being in the flow of the vibrant love energy, out of separation and dualism of the 3rd dimension.  This chief, a lineage holder back to Kamehameha and beyond spoke eloquently about change and transformation and how important it is to think in terms of our generations, much like Native American wisdom that also states to think in terms of 7 generations into the future.  What kind of world do we want to leave to our descendants? 

Cars are a phenomenon that have been around for 6 generations.  Those who came before us put forth the strong desire for more and more access to transportation, and now we are living that.  That is their gift to us.  What will be our gift going forward? 

As we move into higher dimensional thought we realize that we are connected to all life- the Earth, the plants, the animals, even to higher beings.  We are the custodians of this and it is our desire and intent to live in harmony with all of it.  Holding this position we will come into direct conflict with the prevailing mass consciousness thoughts of the last 2000 years.  This is the idea that we are here to subdue the world and it's resources and have dominion over it.  This is a 3D thought that separates us from our actions and creations.  Moving into higher living means we are so much more sensitive that we are but a part of the whole.

So what will happen in the coming years?  There will be a clash of sorts as the old system fades and the new one takes its place.  The Earth is now only supporting 5th dimensional life as its primary vibration and 3D is being phased out, it is not supported.  This means that we will have to make adjustments in our lifestyles.  This is scary!  We don't want to let go of the known, yet many of us are doing just that every day.  The trick is to have faith that moving into the unknown will bring us unexpected gifts, ones that will more than fulfill our needs and wants.  We humans are really good at adapting, so no worries!  Our main job is to just take a look at our beliefs and truly let go of what doesn't serve us.   People in the USA are already driving less, even though there are more cars.  As gas prices continue to stay high, we're getting mindful of unnecessary car trips, buying higher mileage cars and more.  I expect this to continue and even more creative ideas will come over the next 20 years. 

No one knows exactly what will come, as we are individually and collectively creating our new reality as we go.  My suggestion is to dream of a life where we are able to go where we need to safely, efficiently and comfortably, a way that's in harmony with the Earth and all of it's inhabitants.  Practice going without a car for a day or two like I'm doing right now and practice creating a life that might accommodate that.  It's by our individual choices that we'll continue to reshape the world we're living in, let's not just wait for times of crisis to change.  Remember, in the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension less is more- less stuff, more living in the higher vibrations of love.  I wish you well on all of your journeys, especially those you take to your inner world where your heart's desire awaits you.



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  1. Great food for thought and faith/trust really is key in making the shift. I only drive to and from work and do errands along the way. Hard to do without a car where I live in soccer mom land. I look forward to relocating to a place where I can walk more...or just learn bilocation and show up!