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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From here to Eternity, considering Time and it's effect in our World

Chronos-Greek god of time
     Time has long been one the minds and musings of philosophers, poets, mystics and the everyman since the dawn of Humanity.  It is the storyboard upon which we write our individual and collective experience of life while we are here.  I'd like to take another look at time, as I know it now, and share a few thoughts about it.  My hope is that you will come to appreciate and use more effectively the moments that you have that make up your life.

     Presently there is a tremendous focus by millions of the upcoming date of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/12, yet it is just a moment in time.  What may or may not occur is just speculation at this point, yet it does bring into focus how we use time as a predictor- that something will happen in the future that is not happening right now that we either are excited about or that we dread happening.  How can we learn to use time in a way that brings us the most happiness and peace?
     Everyone knows that the predominant way we experience time is linear, that is:  Past-Present-Future.  This is the main focus of being in a body with a 3rd dimensional focus.  When we dream at night we can and do go to alternate timelines to explore possibilites not experienced during the waking state.  This poses the question of why can't we do this while awake?  Well, if you pay attention you will find that you ARE doing this in moments of your life already, and it is serving you quite well. The more we practice connecting with the greater non-physical portions of our being the more we can bring into play our abilities in a conscious manner to create what we do want in our lives. 
     The author Eckhart Tolle in his popular book "The Power of Now"  describes his experience of being in the present as the only moment that truly exists.  He is correct, yet there's a bit more to it that I'd like to add.  What Tolle poetically described in his book is the experience of shifting time, of being in Eternity(That's why he's always laughing!).  Eternity encompasses ALL time, all timelines.  This is not well known or even understood yet, and we are moving towards a fuller experience of it regardless.  I say this because we are at the transition point between a great Age, entering into the incorporation of 5th dimensional energies into our planet and our lives. 
     A big part of the shift we are going through is redefining our relationship with time.  While we will continue to experience time as we've known it, we can also practice timelessness, time-shifting and come to moments of increased happiness.  Just about everyone knows that it feels like time is speeding up and there is evidence to support this.  Our perceptions of time however are changing more quickly than physical or electromagnetic changes to the planet.  Since 1582 we've been using a Gregorian calendar to mark time, and in previous periods there were other systems of measurement such as the Julian calendar.  How might we measure our lives going forward?
     Over the years I've had the good fortune to meet and have conscious conversations with several non-physical beings through the channeling process.  The subjects of time and the moment have come up in these conversations I believe because it's so important to consider as part of living in the higher vibrations of love and joy.  What they've told me is that as we move forward we will begin to appreciate and incorporate an understanding of Cosmic Time.  Maybe we'll create our own version of the Mayan calendar, which is a calendar based on Cosmic Time that is about to expire.  It doesn't mean that the world is about to implode!  Far from it.  We are entering into a period, that while "bumpy" and a bit scary at times, is going to come into greater balance.  Our collective amnesia in the past two millenia caused us to create our own approximation of marking time that is one that we've outgrown.  Here is a portion of one conversation I had with them:  They say: "Tell us your understanding of the phrase is 'totally timeless' ".  I say:  It's all Now, everything that ever was, is or will be is just now.  They continue: "and that is the definition of the moment.  To be in the moment is to be in Eternity.  Creating Eternity means to use the energy of the moment to create from, the energy of the moment being the etheric energy that has always been present, and bringing it into a usable form on the planet means to take it and see it as a vibrant energy that you live on.  And then, using that vibrant energy to create what you want in the physical reality throught the human being that you are." -Kuranda.   This is the essence of operating in the 5th dimension.  As I said we are beginning to do this already, now is an opportunity going forward to invite more of it into our lives.
     Another excellent description of Cosmic Time was brought in by a teacher earlier this year by the name of Judy Satori.  She describes that Cosmic Time encompasses 9 divisions:  Past-Past, Past-Present, Past-future, Present-Past, Present-Present, Present-Future, Future-Past, Future-Present and Future-Future.  This is difficult to explain, however she goes on to say that with access to this paradigm we will be able to access soul-level information and bring it into the present.  The result of this is that this will speed up the creation process bringing many new ideas to us that we can use in the Now moments of our lives.  This access will begin to occur after 12/21/12 and will take about 5 years to fully come online, so to speak.  Exciting stuff for sure!
    It is the function of humans to make choices and live them out.  This is creation.  While we've temporarily forgotten our abilities it is now time to remember that we can play with time, and create moments that we truly desire.  It requires that we step out of our unconscious patterns and beliefs about time such as "that's just the way it is" and consider experimenting.  If we are to create what we want then let's explore, and remember we are not doing this alone.  Each of us has through practiced connection to our Higher self, angels, guides and teachers who are loving us thru this slumber and into waking.  As we awaken we are seeing the results in the media of people seeing the untruths, the greed and wanton disregard for life.  They are beginning to react with fear and anger, creating in the larger arena reactionary political and social movements that we see all over the world.  Well I'm telling you brothers and sisters, there is no going back to the old.  We must pull ourselves up and tap into our creative power in this now moment to have the life and the world that is in our hearts.  Begin to receive the truth of what is in your heart in the present moment and take action to manifest it in your life.  The past is over, the future is unwritten.  The Now moment is all we have, all anyone has.  Breathe into it, believe in your power to create and trust that it will all be fine.  We live in a multi-verse that is made of love.  Yes, there are bumps in the road, there always will be, and remember we are blessed with free will.  The choice is yours, use your time to create moments that you want to remember, just take the first step by believing that it is possible.  I wish you well in all of the moments of your life.


Personal channeled material from Kuranda & others

Judy Satori- -April full moon regenesis transmission (free content)

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