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Monday, October 1, 2012

Predictions 2013- Are you ready to move up the spiral?

"Some people think  great god will come from the sky, take away everything, make everybody feel high.  But if you know what life is worth, you will find yours on Earth, and now you see the light.  You stand up for your rights"  -Bob Marley, iconic reggae artist.

Here we are now, at the end of the year 2012, one that millions have been focused on for many years, and there is anticipation as to what will occur now and in the coming year.  Much of this focus has been fueled by our understanding of the Mayan calendar end date on December 21.  Some see this as the turning point of a great Age- those periods that we ascribe to astrological happenings that occur with regularity in our galaxy.  There are also remembrances, those things built into our very cellular structure of other times and what occurred.  Now it is time to remember who and what we are, where we are at and where we are going.

The information I'm sharing I compiled over a period of a dozen years or so by two different channeled beings I've worked with along with my own inferences through study and observation.  While I do not voice channel intentionally, I do receive guidance(we all do for that matter) and I've managed to come to understandings that I hope will help you on your path.  I am privileged to share this with whomever reads it, may you be blessed on your path.

We all have an understanding that Lemuria and Atlantis existed.  They were the first two major expressions of humanity in this current cycle, the current world being the third.  It is not so important to understand the details of those civilizations, frankly it's nearly impossible to find the data conventionally.  What is important to understand is that in the present we are the current expression of all of that living done ages ago.  I cannot say if the lands of Atlantis and Lemuria will rise, but I can say that the essence of them IS rising in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.  The theme of Lemuria was "Love is All" and the theme of Atlantis was "Knowledge is Power"-Markus energy.  Our current civilization is now synthesizing these two themes into a yet unnamed expression.  It's not named because we are in the process of creating it!

There is much talk about the shift of consciousness on the planet from 3rd to 4th to 5th dimension.  What is this and what does it mean for us?  This is what you need to know, that planet itself has shifted from 3rd through 4th and into the 5th dimension.  This has occurred(the shift to 5th dimensional vibration) since beginning in 2001 and was completed by 2010.  Anyone who continues to remain on the planet must raise their vibration to match this new paradigm(actually not new, just new to us).   Each dimension is characterized by a vibrational range which increases as you go from one to the next.  We are each moving through all three dimensions right now as we begin to learn how to hold and operate our conscious awareness.  To be in the 5th dimension means that we are operating in the vibration of love.  This does not mean merely a romantic sentiment, it means operating in a place of choice, personal responsibility and creative action in the world to bring one's life into a place of balance and joy. 

Often when I speak with Kuranda he says something like "blah blah blah on Your planet".  This has often annoyed me, yet it brings up some other conclusions.  First, it's our planet and we're responsible for it.  Second, there are other planets, and it's likely that they've had to go thru similar lessons in their development.  Third, it's likely that some of these beings are available to us to assist in this process.  Truly, we're not in it alone. 

Life is endless, and so is Creation.  Many of us having been going thru a clearing process, an awakening and a remembrance of why we are here at this time in history.  I hope it's been going well for you, it hasn't exactly been a picnic by the lake for me!  That's what moving thru the 4th dimension will do, as it is the realm of emotionality.  As it's been explained to me and how I teach is that alternate vibrational levels are "stable", so while we might spend time in the 4th dimension it is not to where the planet has moved, instead it is the 5th dimension.  So to live on the planet aim for the 5th dimension thru self-love and the practice of harmlessness in act, thought or deed.  We are the living "ground crew" of Spirit en housed in bodies composed of the Earth(Gaia). 

I've asked a number of times over the years of these beings and others what might portend for December 21, 2012?   No one has given me a straight answer.  I believe that this is the case because nothing like this has been successfully attempted before and we're partially creating it as we go, and apparently have come much further than was anticipated.  Great!  Congratulate yourselves because in some way you had a hand in it!  What I do believe will occur, which they did allude to is that there will be some sort of event, likely a solar event or cosmic event that will occur which will get every one's attention.  It may well be some sort of quantum shift of consciousness that will bring as Kuranda has put it "an increased level of creation" to our planet.  Very exciting indeed!

Everything relating to Ascension is a process.  While December 21 may well be a tipping point, it is by no means the end.  Based on my own research I expect that this process will likely take another 20 years to become stabilized and fully recognized for what it is.  Life will go on, and yes it will be different, in a decidedly much better way.  However, that doesn't mean that we can shirk our responsibility to ourselves and the planet to create the structures that will serve us going forward.  It does mean that structures in our lives, our systems, institutions, businesses will have to come into alignment with this higher way of being or face dissolution.  We live in a sea of energy, and our individual and collectively aligned thoughts and actions will bring about great change, even transformation, for the continuum of transformation is where the 5th dimension resides.  It'll mean giving up dualistic thinking.  It'll mean re-writing the myths- the stories we tell of how things are and how things work.  This will come as more and more people begin to demonstrate it within their own person and come together with others.

Everything in our universe operates in cycles.  This is obvious when we look at the motion of the heavens and see quite plainly that everything is moving in cycles.  Planets move in orbits around their stars.  Stars move in orbits in their galaxies.  Galaxies move in even greater orbits.  We know that we're cycling around to a new expression in our solar system, and nothing is really separate from anything else in this regard.  So what are we cycling through right now?  Kuranda has told me that we are coming around again to replay the old dramas of the end of the Atlantean cycle.  It has to be replayed once again so that a new outcome can be experienced. Instead of just repeating what occurred then(the destruction of that civilization) we will be successful in moving "up the spiral" to the next expression of life on this planet.  My old friend Markas of the "Markas energy" years ago often spoke of life moving in spirals.  This makes sense to me when I look at the structure of our DNA, the building blocks of life.  They exist as spiral forms, this is our essence.  Think about it, when you get to a new level of success in your life, don't you feel like you've "moved up" to a higher level? 

All life is moving forward, whether we can see it and acknowledge it or not.  The illusion that we're standing still is just that, an illusion.  Yes, this is a "free-will" planet, so all expressions are honored, even those that cause massive suffering.  What Kuranda has pointed out to me is that the more accurate description of free will is that we have it to either use love or not.  It pushes each of us to be conscious, to be in connection with all parts of ourselves and not just operate from just one aspect of self.  That is what will cause imbalance.  Both Lemuria and Atlantis were grand expressions of consciousness that could not find balance and that is why they had to pass.  You see the Universe, All that IS, G-D is very efficient in this manner.  Nothing is truly wasted, there are only experiences that are created which serve other times and places.

Markas told the group I was involved with years ago that we come to the planet for "learning and fun".  Moving into the 5th dimension means that we can begin to choose the types of learning experiences we have because we are more able to consciously discern what we are choosing- Kuranda.  So there is work to do, and it can be enjoyable if we choose it to be so.  The hallmark of the 5th dimension is "Less is more"  - less stuff and more of the living on vibrant energy(l.o.v.e.)-Kuranda.  For the most part each of us chooses in life what is easiest and most convenient.  In my opinion that is why channeling is so popular because it takes less thinking to read or hear what someone else says, yet be cautious!  "Just because someone doesn't have a body doesn't make them smart" - Markas.  Use discernment always when taking in information.  Practice connecting with your own heart and it will tell you the truth of what you need to know.  Look within first, for it is there in which your outer reality is created.

What I've given you here is simple, as it is.  Living in the 3rd dimension has been hard, and it's all over except for the mopping up.  Not all beings are going to want to move, honor their paths and remain true to your heart at all times.  Resist the temptation to view yourself or anyone else as a victim.  Go with the flow, do not grasp to what was, for it cannot be created in that way anymore-Kuranda.  You have everything you need.  Be in gratitude for the privilege of being on Gaia during this momentous transformation.  It is time to take the next step on this wondrous journey of life, I look forward to continuing with all of you on this journey of love.



Many thanks for the energies and inputs of the Markas energy channeled by Gwen Totterdale (deceased).  I was involved in with this group from 1999-2005.  Continuing thanks to Kuranda and the Circle of Seven channeled by S. Brennan, whom I've been learning from since 2006.  And thanks to my Higher Self, guides and teachers seen and unseen who've helped to steer me towards my heart's desire. Aho!


  1. thanks Robert, I loved the simplicity of the shifts without all the fan fare!

  2. Thank you Robert that explanation was brilliant as it is everything i have felt forever.....Simplicity is all.

    1. So beautifully explained, something moving and resonates within me. I look forward with happy anticipation! Thank you Robert.

  3. Awesome article! I was trying to explain this to someone earlier today and found myself stumbling to articulate the 5th dimension and what it means for us. You've explained it beautifully here and I'm happy to share with others. :)

  4. Thanks, Robert, for writing that resonates deeply!