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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring arrives and new possibilites bloom!

     Today as I write this I can feel the warmth of Spring is upon us here in Texas.  It's going to be a beautiful time of mild temperatures and sunny skies.  We're in the thick of South by Southwest, a huge conference of music, film and technology.  The town is brimming w/ creative types showcasing their skills on stage, performing music, communicating their visions and sharing their celluliod works of cinema.  All in all it's a great kickoff to the promising new energies of the spring season.

     All in all its been a challenging time for many folks on the path of their ascension.  12/21/12 came and went w/ little outward change in our world and that left many of us dissapointed, me included.  It really showed the folly of hoping that an externalized man-made date for something to occur is not the best way to look at things.  Change is coming from within each of us as individuals claim their power of choice and take responsibility for creating their own life in the way they would like them to be.  Seems straight-forward enough, doesn't it?  Well, there have been a few other things happening.  Let's take a look.

     Currently we're in the midst of a Mercury retrograde period as well as a Saturn retrograde.  We'll be out of Merc. retrograde after the 17th but the Saturn period will continue for a couple more months.  Both of these planets signify learning lessons and reviewing what we might have overlooked, by bringing up old issues within us thru current events in our lives.  It's also a time notorious for malfunctioning computers, cars, etc.  Isn't it interesting that the cruise ship industry is having so many problems during this time w/ their ships breaking?  To top it off on Monday the 11th we had a rare 7 planet conjunction all falling within Pisces.  What does that mean?  To me it is about emotions!  So if you've been feeling off or more emotional than normal fear not!  Things will be easing up considerably in the next week.

     The Earth HAS made her shift!  Things are changing and it won't all occur overnight.  We are all learning to consciously co-create what we do want to see for ourselves.  The last couple months have been a great time to spend practicing meditation, and really working w/ one's imagination.  That's important for when we imagine, we're creating a space in our energy for possibilities to be imagined without being censored.  We know that a lot isn't working for us in the old way and we're gently (ha ha) being nudged to listen more to our heart's about what we want, instead of telling ourselves that it's not possible, practical, etc. 
    We can see in the outer world that big institutions like the government and banking sectors are having a difficult time maintaining a prosperous and well-functioning society.  It's hard to miss as it's covered to an extreme in the media.  We know that things have to change, how do we go about it?  It all seems too large to change!  At yet it will.  The world as we see it is the externalized representation of what we individually and collectively believe it to be.  It is not about fighting against something like injustice, corruption and the like.  It instead is about making one's voice heard by living in a way that supports change, that questions the status quo.  It's about valuing the feeling you create for yourself when you really feel alive in the moment.  It's about moving our attention away from that which does not uplift us and instead building small moments where we pay attention to what IS giving us happiness.  It can be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood, all the way to re-designing our lives from the bottom up.  In my experience it's been something in between.  We all like to be comfortable and to have convenience.  We need to enjoy these things without being suffocated by them, after all we came here to experience life! 

     With Spring arriving we now have the Vernal Equinox to experience on the 20th of March, and to me that signifies a balancing of all we have been learning and experiencing over the last 3 months.  Pay attention to those things that you want to have happen in your lives, instead of concerning yourself with how fast or slow time is going by.  Part of living in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension is to begin to learn that we can work with time, not have it work against us.  There is always enough time to feel happy and safe and creative and nurtured.  We just have to allow it by making it a priority.  Doing that we lessen the attention we put on things that don't serve our happiness, and they become less and less a part of our lives.  We've all done this all along, now it's time to do it even more consciously.

    I'm often amazed at how few people really question our society, and here I'm talking the United States.  Most seem content to just accept that this is the best we can hope for and that incremental change is good enough.  Well I'm here to tell you that this isn't how it works in Nature - occasionally there are times when there's a big (quantum) shift that occurs.  As us as humans being part of Nature we are going thru such a shift.  Forty years ago many dreamed of a house in the suburbs and a steady job at the corporation until retirement.  Now people are living in all sorts of ways that appeal to them more, such as the estimated 1 million people living as virtual nomads in their RV's, travelling back and forth across the USA to wherever they desire!  People are working in more smaller and mid-sized companies, the era of the mega-corporation has given way to a burst of creative businesses all over the internet.  Small business start-ups have never been greater and they are easier than ever to create.  The traditional ways of doing things doesn't really work anymore, and millions are steadily finding the path to creating a new way of interacting and exchanging ideas and energy with one another.

     Look for the new and exciting that is coming with these Spring energies.  Acknowledge yourself for all of the work you have done so far.  Continue to make time for your inner work.  As you come to know the beliefs that you have, you can begin to do some "weeding" so to speak, and let go of beliefs that are no longer really serving you.  As you challenge your old beliefs they will wither away, leaving fertile ground for you to plant some new ones, ones that are life affirming and in line with your dreams.  Be determined to create this for yourself.  Even if you've done things one way for 20 or 30 or 50 years know that you can still change and become an even better co-creator in your life! 
Remember, be in the world but not of it.  Work to tap into that part of yourself that doesn't yet have the loud voice, listen to it, it has wisdom just for you.  Remember to play!  Get out and go climb a hill, play at the lake, listen to some live music, have a coffee in a busy cafe and soak up some relaxation.  It's when you do these types of things that your mind loosens its grip and insights can reach you.  And when they do, jot them down on a piece of paper and then give them nurturance.  They are the seeds of some great adventures, that if watered properly by your attention and actions can bring you unexpected joy.  Be whole-brained, live from the heart more and more each day.  See it as a grand story with you as the gifted actor and make it something you'll want to watch again and again!



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  1. AWESOME! I agree and enjoyed your blog! Thanks and will share...

    Juels Yaklin