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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

North Korea, gay marriage and gun violence - symptoms or signposts?

     What's getting your attention these days?  Is it the saber-rattling of North Korea, the global financial situation, the rampant gun violence especially in the USA, or something else?  Is it the issues before the Supreme Court right now with gays right to marry or not?  Perhaps on a more basic level it is the frustration of trying to do things the way you've always done them and just not having the same level of success and prosperity that you did before?  Or, is everything fine as far as you can see for yourself, yet you still find yourself unhappy, perhaps with a nagging feeling of discontent despite all you have?
     Perhaps you've turned a corner, engaged your flow and are living in a state of pleasant surprises as you exercise your creativity as the sovereign being that you are.  Maybe you are in a state of knowing that change is needed, yet you fear taking that step.  Don't worry, you're in good company!  There are literally millions of people in this position all over the world. 
     Should we really concern ourselves with what is occurring 10,000 miles away?  Many of the places I read about in the news I'll likely never visit.  What concern is it of mine w/ their situation or of them with mine?  How do you feel about it?   What effect does gays marrying really have on you or me?

     I'd like to go into what the 5-D perspective is on all of this and maybe bring some clarity to what we're experiencing presently in our world.  As I've said before our planet has gone thru a shift, subtle yet extremely powerful.  A key point occurred on 12/21/12 and a gradual phasing in has been going on for over a decade.  This energy will continue to be felt for at least another 15-20 yrs before it is fully established.  Why is this happening?  Because we have asked for it and are individually and collectively creating it!  What is it?  In my expert opinion it is the restructuring of the planet's electro-magnetic grid system suffused by spiritual light that has been being beamed to the planet from a variety of sources, mainly thru our Sun.
     I happen to follow the Sun's activity on out of curiosity and I've learned some interesting things.  Even though we are at what is termed "Solar maximum" which is part of a regular solar cycle of about 11-13 yrs, the Sun is unusually quiet.  The Sun is always radiating light and particles at us and sometimes they come in strongly- that's when you're cell phone or computer can go down due to interference.  This effect hasn't really happened this time although many were sounding alarm bells about an impending outburst from the Sun that could disable our electronic delivered society.  Interesting, hmm.  Let's go back to the start of this story, shall we?
     The events I'd mentioned at the beginning of this article all center on the word fear.  Each has the potential to bring change thru suffering at one level or another.  But why should we suffer?  We don't have to at all!  It's just a stinkin' old habit that most of us on Planet Earth still cling to for whatever reason.  Let's review some acronyms about fear that I feel you'll find useful.  First, there's a well known one:  F.E.A.R. -  False evidence appearing real.  If you're not failing you're not living!  To live is to become a creator and making mistakes along the way is just part of it.  If everyone got everything "right" the first time imagine how little incentive anyone would have for engaging creation.  Becoming a creator in this new energy of the 5th dimension involves choice, and personal responsibility.   The second acronym for fear is :  Focusing energy to alter results.  Ahh, a much more delightful possibility for us all! 
     Let's take it another step.  We know that we're going to have to deal with fear in our lives.  What if I don't have enough?  What if I don't find the love with a partner?  What if I am left homeless, etc..  Each of us struggles with these things at one time or another and we each do what we can to avoid their unpleasantness.  We work hard to have savings, we seek relationships to stem loneliness, we do our best to care for ourselves so that we can lead healthy lives.  Do we do that listening to our hearts, or do we do that based on what our minds tell us?  We know that jobs end, relationships break-up and disasters happen and we still go on. 
     Feel the fear and do it anyway!  There's a lot of energy there that we can re-direct if we so choose.  In the energies of the 5th dimension, which are available to anyone still on the planet, we can use our power of choice to focus on what we DO want- namely love, prosperity, growth, whatever you want to call it.  We just have to focus our energy that's directed at fear and channel it into things we do want to see in our lives.  And we have to take responsibility in total for where it is we are at right now.  Blaming others is not allowed!  Anything relating to being a victim just doesn't fly in the higher vibrations.  It's because once we've practiced enough we begin to realize that we each create it all for ourselves.  And we create it through taking risks, being open and wanting more.  Life is experiences that we each create for ourselves based on our soul's journey, our personality and opportunities that manifest. 
     What do you want to create?  Is it a more just world that honors the rights of all people to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Or should only some of us get those?  Is it a world of peace, where violence of any type is rendered obsolete?  Is it a safe world, where we all have enough of life's necessities- that there is no scarcity and no one goes wanting?  Of course it could just be a good life for yourself and loved ones.  There are many ways to create this for yourself, by just being you- not just the present personality "you", but the enhanced You that comes from connecting to your heart, following its inner call, and focusing the energy you've been dumping into fear into what you DO want to create. 
     Our current culture is kind of perverse.  We get excited to watch conflict, we gawk when passing by an accident.  We're almost hard wired to seek it out.  News agencies have known this for decades and have served us hot and fresh tragedy every day.  The say happy news just doesn't sell.  The explosion of our communications mediums thru cell phones and the internet have changed the way we connect to our world.  We can be informed almost instantaneously about a flood or earthquake or civil unrest on the other side of the world.  Information on any topic one can think of can be found with a few clicks of a computer keyboard.  So how do we change it?
     We change the larger world around us by first working to heal our own blocks to connection w/ our greater awareness.  We must change ourselves first.  The outer world one sees is just a reflection of your inner state of being. All we have is the NOW, this present sweet moment in time, and it is from here that we launch change.  This is why it is so important to cultivate a connection to your inner self- your feelings, your imagination, your insights.  Too often we live from our ego minds, and by design this part of our self does not have access to the greater wisdom we carry within our hearts. 
   Just as things are coming up in our outer world to be looked at and released, so are thoughts and feelings within each of us, beckoning us to acknowledge them as real too.  Your feelings are guideposts, are you listening to them?  You will always know what you want for yourself more than any other person, are you listening?  Can you feel safe to take action on these things?
     Living on Earth right now and connecting to 5th dimensional energies means that we have to begin acknowledging the etheric energies that are part of us.  They are unseen and yet not unfelt.  Expanding one's awareness takes effort, and it requires us to look at our own personal "dark corners", places in our psyche that we avoid or are unaware.  By claiming these parts of ourselves we can generate sufficient energy to make positive change in our lives, so the motivation is there.  Be willing to explore the unknown of your life, continue to expand what it is to be YOU.  Let go of limiting beliefs you have about yourself.  Letting go means giving space for the new and improved to come into your life.  Stay out of the dramas of the world, they'll try to get your attention, but unless you're directly involved they only serve as distractions.  Be the creator of your great life story, imagine consciously the fulfillment of your dreams as if they are already there.  Stay focused as best you can while these higher energies wash over the planet and remember to have a few laughs and some fun along the way.

Till next time,



  1. Bravo Robert! Namaste

  2. Robert, this is a wonderful post. It is such an important message for Lightworkers.

    I look forward to your future posts.

    Wendy Ann Zellea