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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Boston Marathon bombings, a 5-D perspective.

     It's been one week since the tragic events in Boston and it once again has raised the specter of terrorism and numerous questions as to what is this and what does this mean for the awakening of consciousness that is going on presently on this planet.  Let's dive in and explore, shall we?

     Anyone who has watched the news in the last week has seen numerous reports on TV and the internet.  There are many interesting photos showing numerous people acting suspiciously, including private security people(ex-military) along with police and FBI agents immediately on the scene.  We have been given a depiction of a chain of events that does not correspond to what has been shown.  It reminds me a lot of the Kennedy assassination in 1963, the Oklahoma City federal building bombing and a number of other events through the years.

     I can only speculate on what actually transpired, that the truth will come out remains to be seen.  What is clear is that there is an alarmingly large security apparatus flexing it's muscle for all to see.  When I had first heard about this bombing my first reaction was disbelief that something like this would occur, given all we've heard about homeland security in the last decade or so.  Then my second impression was that this was some sort of "false flag" event created by elements within the US government, an unpleasant thought indeed!

     Here in the USA we like to think that our government works in the best interests of the citizenry.  You know:  Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness and all of that as expounded in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  After all, this country was founded in order to escape tyranny and taxation without representation that the British monarchy had imposed.  Religious freedom also was a key reason people came to these shores.  And it all worked quite well until about 100 years ago when the first major push to expand government coincided with the 1st World War and then on up to the present moment.

     What happened over that time and especially since the 1980's has been a massive expansion of government, especially the military and security aspects.  It has resulted in 2 more major wars and several minor ones at a cost of trillions! of dollars and for what benefit?  Why is this occurring?

    As a former student of political science I have some insights.  First, it is the nature of bureaucracies to expand until they either collapse or there is revolution.  We have seen this evidenced from Egyptian, Greek and Roman times up to the present.  Now we have modern-day nation-states that are the bureaucracies.  Will this happen again?  All I can say is that change is a constant- so something will happen.  It's up to us to use our rapidly expanding consciousness to promote the peace and growth that all people deserve, not the descent into fear and control.  Second, it's clear that the structures of government that had served us so well over many decades are becoming self-serving and outmoded.  They exist mostly in the dualistic consciousness of the 3rd dimension and therefore are not supported by the consciousness of the 5th dimension, therefore they cannot exist in their present form indefinitely.  The people who populate these power structures know this and they know that their reason for being is reliant on some outside threat to justify their existence.  This argument has worked spectacularly for them and has resulted in an incredible buildup of men and machines to counter this "threat".  Did you see the incredible display of weaponry and equipment that showed up almost instantly?  This is unheard of ever in this country!  Is it really making us safer?  I think not!

     There is a larger drama going on, one that takes looking a little deeper to appreciate.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Take that in for a moment.  We come to life for learning and fun, to practice and grow at being co-creators with the non-physical aspects of self while we are here.  In addition, we as a planet have moved into the energy of the 5th dimension.  This is an energy that is all about l.o.v.e.- living only vibrant energy.   There is nothing in it that is about fear!  So why is there so much fear floating around?  It's being manufactured!  Created, you say?  Yes!  And there also is history.  Let's touch on that a bit as well.

     I am a proponent of people learning their history, as the saying goes "those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it".  There's the history we learn when we are in school, and there's a history that reaches even deeper than the last 6000 years or so.  The well-known scientist Carl Sagan once said that one of the greatest tragedies in history was the burning of the library of Alexandria(in Egypt) for it contained much historical knowledge that was lost to subsequent generations.  He mentioned a book burned therein that was purported to contain planetary history over the last 100,000 years, that sure would've been useful and controversial too! 

     The fact is that there have been humans on this planet for a much longer time than people presently are willing to admit.  It's mentioned in many writings, such as Plato's story of Atlantis passed on from previous stories, the Vedas of ancient Indian speaking of kingdoms and great battles occurring 20-30,000 years ago.  In fact, a research team recently discovered the remains of the lost city of Dwarka off the coast of India in about 70 meters of water.  This city was up until recently believed just to be a myth, yet it exists.

     As we once again begin to move up the spiral of consciousness after 13,000 arduous years since the demise of Atlantis we are once again being faced with a re-interpretation of events in current time that replicate what was going on then.  What is different this time is that there are many more conscious people now than there were then, and the cycle is moving up instead of down in consciousness.  It is now time for each of us to choose individually and collectively the higher vibrations of love.  Each time we do so we heal these distortions that want to convince us that this is all there is, and to wait for our reward in the afterlife.  The most valuable thing any of us possesses is our connection to our Soul and our ability to make life affirming choices.  All else falls away in the end.

     Take care to not buy into the fear and control so liberally being propagated all around the planet.  It is the test of releasing the old for the new that is being acted out right now in the USA and many other countries.  It's like the saying "what if there was a war and no one showed up?"  Fear and control are elements only of the Earth domain, and do not exist in the higher dimensions for they do not vibrate with the energies of love.  Each of us is part of it because we are here right now.  We are not just this one life, and our cells hold the memory of other times and places.  We are now in the process of releasing these things that do not serve us, in order to make room to invite in more of what we do want- the benefits of living in a world that is in harmony of the 5th dimension.

     Spend time focusing on what you do want in your reality.  This includes anything you consume through the media.  Give time to things that educate and uplift you and less to entertainment and sensationalism.  Being able to stay in 5th dimensional consciousness requires us all to take responsibility for all of our choices, it is about self-empowerment.  Be discerning when you see, hear or read anything.  Use your inner discernment.  Trust your gut feelings about something.  Pay attention to anything that causes your heart to close down.  The heart is like a gentle, beautiful flower of energy.  It will contract when there are negative feelings.  When lovers are in connection they always speak in soft and pleasing tones to one another.  When there is discord there is the opposite.  When someone or something is shouting for your attention ask yourself, why?  Then decide if it is for you or not.

     There will be more of these types of incidents in the future.  They are just part of the drama of the 3rd dimensional energies trying to continue to exist.  They cannot and will not in the energies of the now, unless we give them our attention and energy.  Bless these situations, but do not feed them.  All is well, all is in Divine Order.  Continue to believe in the essential goodness of the soul energy of all beings.  By doing this we will continue to step thru the portal, anchoring more firmly a future where we each journey onwards yielding to that which brings healing, peace and greater consciousness to our lovely planet.  It is all about consciousness!





  1. Awesome Robert. Another great read for us to bring into our awareness. Thank you for reminding us of our divinity and how we are to use it!

  2. I enjoy your comments and feedback, so if any reader has questions please direct them here or to my FB page. Thanks!