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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DNA- Change your beliefs and transform your life, a nod to epigenetics and Angelina Jolie

DNA-the code of life

     As a healer of change, I am often looking at ways to express ideas that will open up possibilities for transformation in our lives.  Today I want to discuss the idea that we are far more capable of change than we realize, and that change can occur with the basic building blocks of our physical existence, our DNA.  It's been about 60 years since the double helix structure of DNA was first identified in the laboratory and it has led to lots of scientific inroads, some beneficial and some that are questionable at best.  DNA is a complex conglomeration of codes that are the blueprints of all organic life on Earth.  For many years we've been told that "biology is destiny", but is that really the case?

     We know that human DNA is composed of approximately 3 billion pairs that are then expressed as 46 chromosomes.  Quite a lot, don't you think?  Well don't get too excited, we share 97% of the same DNA as a banana,  a good reminder not to take ourselves too seriously eh?  That brings up an interesting point.  It appears that the same DNA can express itself quite differently depending on what's encoded.  As far as I am concerned, it is the most incredible building block of life! 

     Why can change feel so difficult, let alone the concept of transformation?  I believe it is because we are addressing change at a superficial level.  Perhaps we change a few habits, and then after a while it seems as if everything has fallen back to the way of being we are trying to change.  It can lead to a lot of frustration and discouragement.  It may sometimes feel as if we are consigned to a certain way of being and living, when we know that there is so much more to live and experience.  There are many speakers and healers that work with people to overcome these blocks, yet I imagine that their success is much less than they would like.  So how can we address the desire to move forward and up the spiral of our life?  I think that we need to take a look at our beliefs and combine that with practices that embrace our potential for transformation through accessing our greater selves.  Let's take a deeper look at this.


     In the diagram above you will see a representation of the etheric body.  It is a field of energy that is closest to our physical selves and is a "double" of the body itself.  In Hindu literature it is known as the Pranamayakosha, which translates to "vehicle of prana", prana being the breath.  All life is activated through the breath- a combining of seldom seen energy through the chakras, to the trillions of cells which compose our physical selves.  These cells act and respond to this etheric energy.  We can also act on the etheric body by improving the physical health as well.  In this discussion we will focus on how to interact with the etheric body to create change.

     It is relatively easy to see the etheric body if your ajna(6th) chakra is somewhat activated.  The best way is to go into a completely dark space, relax your eyes and breathe. Hold your hands in front of you while you continue to breathe.  After a while you'll begin to see light grey or white sparks radiating around your fingers.  It's very fun and gives you an appreciation of part of the energy field that you are.

     Healing through working on the etheric body is spiritual healing and affects us not only in this physical dimension, but also in the spiritual dimension.  We come from the energy of the spiritual, we are differentiated energy while here in the physical and we will return to the spiritual upon our exit from this life.  We ARE energy and our goal is to become more conscious of this so that we can create what we wish to in this life.

     The healers that work today are each focused to some degree on healing various aspects of fear.  Fear is represented by blockages to the flow of energy.  These blocks are not random, but arise from the need to learn how to flow energy, be it on the level of physical healing, emotional healing or mental healing.  All of these are rampant in our society so there is a great need to find ways to assist people.  To heal means to assist the energy of the Now/totality to access us more fully in living our lives.  One of the main benefits of healing is that we will get greater access to co-creatorship with the non-physical or spiritual dimensions of self in our lives.  Things like miraculous healing, synchronicity, unexpected opportunity and others are experiences one will invite more of into one's life when we decide to heal.

     When a person grasps that fear is a tool of living only vibrant energy of the 5th dimension they will be able to re-pattern their beliefs about their life and their etheric body will heal.  This will in turn affect the physical body at the DNA level causing a healing of whatever the focus is in the body.  There is a catch, though!  As a person confronts the manifestations of fear in their life they must come to a point of making the decision to incorporate the belief that they are responsible for all that is present, and in their ability to change it.  One cannot truly heal without going thru a change in their self-concept and be able to accept responsibility for a higher vibrational choice/shift. 

     Now on to epigenetics and what it means.  Epigenetics is the study of how genes express themselves.  It has been described as the genes are the hardware and epigenetics is the software.  Science is beginning to realize that biology is not destiny alone.  Our scientific understanding of genetics is in its infancy at present.  Metaphysical oriented teachers have said that DNA is much greater than the observable portion and have postulated that we actually have 10 more strands of it than the two we know about.  Why is this so?  It's said that these other portions exist in a vibration beyond what we can measure with instruments, that they are multi-dimensional in their nature.  Even the part that we do know about scientists can only ascertain that a small percentage is doing the work of creating and the rest is labeled as "junk".  In my opinion epigenetics is the awakening that there is a force of energy under our control that we can direct to ourselves to create what it is that we want for ourselves.  We are witnessing an unfolding of awareness of human potential through science and spirit, what a great time to be alive!

     Why is this occurring?  It is happening because we have shifted into the 5th dimension and continuum of transformation.  This is huge, because we are now at the doorway to undreamed of possibilities and we are all doing our part to learn about it and bring it into our lives.  As we heal we release what no longer serves us, namely outmoded beliefs.  By examining our beliefs and bringing them to our awareness we are able to further the process of change and ultimately transformation of our potential to express.  We must remember that we're living life at only 5-10% of our potential right now, so there is plenty of room for improvement!

     As I have been preparing this article the news has been covering Angelina Jolie's preemptive double mastectomy.  Her decision was in part based on genetic markers that indicated she had a high probability of getting breast cancer, as well as her own experience watching her mother slowly die of that disease.  Obviously there was a lot of fear around this situation for her, and rightly so, as the incidence of breast cancer has been soaring in recent decades.  Fear was her motivator for action.  It would be interesting to see how the story might have played out in a version where she could come to the awareness that her fear could be a tool for utilizing the vibrant energy of 5D consciousness to not create cancer in her life.  Emotional discord is always a prelude to physical manifestations of illness.  Cancer is a malfunctioning of cell replication that goes on all of the time in the body, and is usually at such a low level that it does not affect one's health.  It is only when things go really awry that it becomes life threatening.  Just because other family members that share your genetics manifest a disease does not mean that you will.  You may have a higher probability of having it happen, and I believe that if you work to create optimal conditions of wellness for yourself emotionally and physically you can literally turn off the pathways that will allow cancer or any other disease to manifest.  Always remember that You have the power to heal.  Doctors, spiritual healers, counselors, etc.  can assist you with your process if you like but in summation it is your decision. 

     In closing I want to remind you that you can heal your life.  The spiritual dimensions of your being stand ready to assist you.  It is all about the evolution of consciousness while being in a body.  There are lessons to learn and you can choose them through the active use of your intelligence- not just your mind, but your heart and your spirit.  You are not a victim, nor do you have to be a martyr.  Just take that next step for yourself to open up to the belief that you can create a life of health and happiness, it is all you need to choose.  Be brave in going into the unknown of your potential for there is where total prosperity in all realms resides.



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  1. Hello Robert, Thank you for your courage and faith in writing. I am 63 and have had a wonderful life of experience; all good but some not so pleasant, and some very difficult to integrate. It is well and good to say to someone to evaluate their belief systems; but you must be sure to have sufficient new supports before entirely severing the old. Without appropriate supports in place an individual may find themselves in a very scary circumstance.