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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Your ascension journey - Polarity or Oneness, which is it?

     There is a push/pull we all experience in life.  Everyone feels it almost every day.  It has everything to do with our ascension journey.  It is a defining energy of the human experience on Earth.  What is it?  The yin/yang.  This symbol has been around for quite a long time in human history, originating in China around the 4th century BCE.  It is attributed to ancient Chinese thought believed to have come from Lao Tzu, the creator of the I Ching.

     Look at the symbol itself.  It consists of a dark and a light portion, with one portion of each other's color in a smaller circle within the opposing color.  Very simple, yet very profound.  When I first became familiar with it years ago, like many I thought it to be strongly associated with the dance between masculine and feminine, the divine interplay between the sexes.  While this association is correct, it stops short of the greater meaning of yin/yang.

     Yin/yang is the dance of polarity.  It is light vs. dark, woman/man, self/other, known/unknown and etc..  It is recognizable all across the planet as having meaning to all people in one way or another, all describing polarity.  Polarity describes the unseen forces that interpenetrate our world, driving our cars, running our computers, it is our experience.  What if anything, does polarity have to do with Ascension and the concept of oneness that so many hold in their hearts and minds?

     Take the metaphor of two magnets.  When you place similar polarities together they repel one another.  When you put opposite ones together they attract instantly, while maintaining their uniqueness as separate objects.  So it is with energy of all sorts, when the alignment is correct, there is an instant pulling together to connect and create a bond.  When the alignment is not complementary polarities, then there is a resistance to joining.  This concept is seen at conception, where to distinct parts of complementary energy then combine to create something entirely new.  Herein lies the physical representation of transformation.

     Our ascension journey, many of whom marked the initial date of Dec. 21, 2012, is a process of coming to know and understand ourselves in a new way, to act with our own inner complementary forces to birth new creation in our lives.  It is not something that is bestowed upon us from beyond.  The Earth is fertile with the new vibration of the 5th dimension.  In some areas of the world this is very apparent, yet in others it is less obvious.  Yet it IS happening.  We are individually and collectively moving forward each day!

     As I am writing this it is October 2014 and we are in the middle of the energetic occurrence of the eclipse of the full moon, with another one to follow on the 23rd.  Eclipses are symbolic of cutting things off that do not serve, a sort of short-circuit of energy on the planet.  The bulk of this latest eclipse focused on the Pacific ocean area and North America, two places that have known much geologic change over the last thousands of years.  While the physical Earth is in transformation to a "new" vibration, one not seen in many thousands of years, so are we at the cusp of transformation as humans.  What does this look like and how does one recognize it in one's life?

     It has been said that doing things the same way expecting it to turn out differently is the definition of insanity.  And within us there is a part of who we are that wants it to be safe and comfortable, not changing and predictable.  However, we also know that change happens all of the time.  For example, in the larger world there are many military and political and religious conflicts going on.  These are unsettling but if we take a closer look we can see the dance of polarity.  Those who say to another, "This is my way and it is the only way" end up trying to assert their will upon the other.  And the result?  War.  As we continue to look at something outside of ourselves as necessary to maintain our way of life, so then we embrace the belief of scarcity and win-lose.  No one wants to lose, so then the fight is on!

     We are in the energies of the 5th dimension, which has everything to do with living on vibrant energy.  While we continue to move into this, we are still beset with "old habits" of viewing the world and our relationship to it and other people from a 3rd-4th dimensional space which is all about separation and duality.  It is part of the experience of being human, the unique individuality we all embody as individuals is quite different than the experience of the spiritual aspects of self, which we also embody.

     Ascension in a way has seemed like an escape, we could do enough to be granted the right to live in a higher vibrational life, lifted up from the lower vibrations of conflict, separation and generally bad behavior ;).  Ascension into peace and oneness of all things, yes?  Novels have been written such as the "Left Behind" series where one day a huge segment of the "worthy" just disappear from Earth and the rest are left to deal with the trials and tribulations to come.  Clever idea, but I am not buying it!  Indeed we are, for the most part, all still here, still wanting ascension while experiencing a world of polarity.  What do we do?

     If you want to heal the world, heal yourself.  A very apt saying that fits quite well for each of us.  The same goes for the saying if you want love, love yourself first.  It all begins within each of our own "worlds" of self.  Polarity is expressed within each of us through our experience of self via our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.  These are real and distinct aspects of each of us.  So then what is the hold up, why can't we just merrily rocket ourselves forward and up the spiral to a better condition?  -Polarity.  When we are not aligned within ourselves we will choose to re-create life as it is.

     What is the impetus to be more, to do more?  It is the spiritual self, that part of us which is our ever present link to the other side, the non-physical dimension of existence.  It is where we sprang from and where we will reconnect to after we are complete with our present lives.  I've written often about our birthright being love, being joy.  If it is our birthright then why don't we always have it?  It is because we are needing to continue to work to attain the creative joining of our spiritual selves with that part of us which we know as the human.  And we do do this when we open our hearts to ourselves, to our healing, to love, to our passions.  Living in a 5th dimensional space requires us to practice conscious connection and alignment with ourselves as truly a family of consciousness that has distinct members.  Honor the spiritual aspect of yourself because it is from that space that the new comes.  It is from the alignment of the human that we are with the spiritual, while we exist in the now of being on the planet which is the crucible of ascension.  Ascension is a universal process and it is a very personal process as well.

     It is very true to say that we are in a period of years where we will each be invited (or challenged) to let go of that which is old energy, old ways of being and doing.  Especially in this month of October 2014 we have an opportunity to find fertile ground for going within and asking ourselves the question "How is it that I really wish to experience my life?"  Do you wish the same-old, same-old or do you want something else?  Often in the past, most of us would just give the default answer that whatever we were involved with was enough, and that worked.  In present time this default (old school) way of doing things is working less and less.  While some will cling to keep things like the "good old days", time and transformation waits for no one!

     Returning to the concept of the yin-yang, let's look at it as the interplay between our human self here on Earth, and our spiritual self, represented by our spiritual being of consciousness which is connected to our soul via our higher selves and the etheric energy that is part of us.  Right now, many of us, including myself, are in a pitched battle of old vs. new, not appreciating that on some other level it is already One!  Kind of funny when I think of it that way :).  We're still experiencing struggle and conflict of one sort or another, so let's find a way to mediate this inner conflict expressed in our outer world's by conscious choice instead of default.  The simplest ways we can contact our spiritual selves is through prayer and meditation.  The next thing to do is to pay attention to the messages that your physical self is sending - the aches, pains and discomforts, or the well-being.  Pay attention to your emotional self.  Are you feeling peaceful and expanded or are you tense and angry?  Pay attention to your mental self.  Are you distracted by too much work, too much entertainment (tv, internet, etc.) or are you happily engaging new projects?  Begin to value yourself as capable and deserving of more in your life if you choose it.  Of course at first it is difficult, and it is easy to fall back into old patterns and ways of being.  If you or I want more we must consciously work to balance these polarities of human and spirit to bring forth the new ideas each of us have that are waiting to be experienced, to be born into our lives.  This is what ascension is.  It is the conscious intention plus actions toward creating which unites the polarities into new creation.

     In this period of the rest of 2014, take some time to appreciate your journey in a new way.  Allow yourself space to seed and harvest new ideas for yourself.  Take action on insights, whether they be in dreams, meditation or while singing in the shower :)  The more love we bring in for ourselves the lighter and happier our lives get.  In these times of great change this sounds appealing to me!  I hope it does to you as well.  Remember, mediate the energies within yourself.  Invite your spiritual source in whatever way you want to name it, and take action.  Each of us that does this moves us one step further into claiming our space in 5th dimensional Earth.  I'll leave you with a few lines from the Tao Te Ching, written 25 centuries ago:

In Tao the only motion is returning.
The only useful quality, weakness.
For though all creatures under Heaven are the product of Being,
Being itself is the product of Not-being.

Blessings to you on your journey,




  1. Once again I thank my non-physical consultants for enlightening me to new ways to view this topic!

  2. Robert, many thanks for another wonderful, well-written, relevant article!!